Jedi Mind Tricks - Scars of The Crucifix Lyrics

[Vinnie Paz]
My brain's on another lever than yours
You could only comprehend half of what my memory stores
I only walk through the heavenly doors
And never try to see the penitentiary walls
I walk barefoot on the equator with the mental acumen of Bob Lazar
My frame can't be explored by y'all radar
My name can't be absorbed in god's quazaar
So why try and stay around this hell
12 tho from all the 12 tribes in Israel
They call me Ishmael, lord of the seas!
I take your life quick, gone in a fucking breeze!
You don't deserve to breathe, your brain thoughtless
While I'll remain in the same spain fortress
The pain's gorgeus, and love is torture
And anyone who tell you different is a martyr

[Vinnie Paz]
I'm from the pits of hell
Escaping from an egyptian cell
I dedicate this to the saints that's doing bids in jail
You fucking kids are frail, and we the purest form
And the biology of magic is a gorgeous psalm
My deepest thoughts are strong, and I'm unbreakable
You wouldn't overstand, you're humanly incapable
My appetite for blood is gruesomly is insationable
And I'm a righteous thug, that's brutaly defacing you
And you don't want no war, it ain't a game daddy
I spit a bunch of slugs into your fucking frame daddy
You just a fucking crumb, my click is hustling jums
I spit a rap at you to liquify your guts and lungs
But the devil made me do that
Fighting for the rights of islam-arm with two gats
But y'all knew that, we was coming for blood
And your body the perfect specimen to put in the mud

[Vinnie Paz]
I civilize the savages, while you support gay marriages
Evil demons and the Jesus of Nasareth
I keep my blade more sharper than the cactuses
I keep grenades in my parka for the pacifists
And you can't lie to god, cousin
You can't lie to the great master Thor, cousin
It's a facade, cousin
They wanna lie to you, they wanna tell you that the government is reliable
They wanna tell you that islam is dangerous
When everybody know the christians are the blame for this
Cuz it's the truth, deal with it
But you complain everytime I'm real with it
I'm bout to kill critics, and then take 'em to war
And teach 'em how to put their love and faith in Allah
Or I'm breaking their jaw, or I take 'em to burn
Cuz that's the only fucking way the pagans will learn

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Jedi Mind Tricks Scars of The Crucifix Comments
  1. David Sclater

    Also does that guy know his hair is about to go aflame?

  2. David Sclater

    You know when you talking to a somebody who never heard a track from Vinnie and Stoupe. It's like pure frustration. ACT RIGHT.

  3. Ecstatically Extreme

    144th comment, part of the 144,000 baby!

    Ecstatically Extreme

    And babygrande has 142k subscribers...close enough to 144!

  4. Ecstatically Extreme

    I been bumpin this shit for almost 20 years. Real classic shit.

  5. Ciprian Valceanu

    "My brain's on another level than yours. You can only overstand half of what my memory stores...". Talk about an opening

  6. James Catapano

    I’m a huge fan of Vinnie and his music and the movement but I’m also a true Christian. He talks about Jesus as if he wasn’t a real man that was crucified by his government to cover up the same system that Vinnie talks against. We understand that the CATHOLICS re-educated the people under Rome. The Catholics/Romans are the people that Jesus was crucified under. Jesus’ best friend Peter was proven to be afraid and corruptible the second he denied having anything to do with Jesus and our movement as he was arrested. Becoming the 1st pope. (Under Rome)Christians are true followers of Jesus and understand that he was crucified by the police “just doing their job” I have mad love for Vinnie and Jeti mind. But you can’t teach the people that the government never crucified the best man that ever lived in order to protect their taxation revenues. It’s a big part in knowing who your enemy is. I’m pretty sure Jesus is the most quoted profit in the Quran also. Most likely because he was the start of the uprising of the oppressed and the most important part of our history

    He was the first of us...

  7. Rashid KJ

    This beat is too ill

  8. JaziB

    Janis Ian - You Are Love

    You're welcome.

  9. randomv3iwer

    This world is lost



    John Doe

    ROBERTO A no, we are just waiting for you guys to push us too far with your threats👌🏻😘 we are more than ready for you

  11. Wujo Daro

    Is this e Real foto?

  12. Iak Sakkak

    Lives up to the original song title by Deicide. Love the death metal references “I’m a Cannibal Corpse” - when all the light dies

  13. ienjoyblazing

    on a side note, na shit it aint a game...why the fuck you decide to play it?

  14. ienjoyblazing

    our universe is infinite, that means our beings are infinite. that being said, even though our conscious existence was created by other lifeforms (which you can visit by ingesting dmt, so i have heard) does not mean that we cannot surpass them in some sense at least.

  15. ienjoyblazing

    freedom is free, you were born free. anyone who tells you any different is a fascist and/or brainwashed. that being said, i will quite literally eat anything. i hate Christianity cus they took my dickskin! i will eat lamb, goat, pig, really anything i can get my hands on, fuck ill mix it all together. el tigre - 1993.

  16. ienjoyblazing

    el tigre - 1993.

  17. ienjoyblazing

    the hypocrisy found within all religion is only rivaled by those who preach it.

  18. C A D S


  19. Mike Holy


  20. Rashid KJ

    This track is not fucking around

  21. Citizen O

    This track is gully!

  22. Lonewolf Bundy 1973

    Jedi Mind Tricks own Hip-Hop AOTP 4 life.

  23. Barack Hussein Obama II

    Whats dadi mean?

  24. Brian Whitman

    & you don’t want no war, it ain’t a game daddy.

    Dr. Agon Brät

    I couldn't care less it literally makes little difference to me.

    Barack Hussein Obama II

    “Dadi” is a word meaning attack in Telugu, a language predominantly spoken in india

    Barack Hussein Obama II

    I believe this is what he meant but I could be completely mistaken, I just don’t think someone like vinnie Paz would refer to someone as “daddy”.

  25. Mr. Towers

    If they wanna step up to me,
    Its an eye for an eye unkind of thing,
    When I find ya,
    Gonna show you what I'm designed to do,
    Hook ya round the neck and squeeze,
    I'll leave your body riddled with more holes,
    Cut up in slices, KCuz that's what the price is,
    Like Swiss cheese..

  26. satanpep


  27. Faktum Stream1Beatz

    "I finally understand what all this is..................................." >:)

  28. blank et

    vinnie went hard on this track!

  29. Ronald Rockmann

    Vinnie is like the shittiest representation of Islam possible. I feel sorry for Stoupe for all the beats being slaughtered on this album


    Ronald Rockmann fuck up bitch

    Lonewolf Bundy 1973

    If Vinnie Paz is shit then Lil Wayne is the best in the world lmao.....................................................NOT!!!! JMT is pure dope Hip Hop can't get any better than this unless u r brain washed like lol :)

    Lonewolf Bundy 1973


  30. Anonymous Watchers

    I am a Christian and love this song.

  31. Exigentable

    stoupe the gift to mankind

    David Sclater

    1 and only

  32. Ashley Tuft

    "I'm from the pits of hell, escaping from an Egyptian cell!" this shit is lit

  33. Outrageous

    shit if I wanted to quote my favourite line here I'd have to quote the whole JMT discography... they are the dopest hands down

  34. Lightbulb Head

    For press use only, BLEEDING EAR SYNDROME!


    It's a facade, cousin, they wanna lie to you
    They wanna tell you that the government's reliable
    They wanna tell you that Islam is dangerous
    When everybody know the Christians are the blame for this.........So true.

    Wasted Spam

    Christianity, Islam, Juadism... Stop killing each other over semantics; you all claim to worship a loving god yet you murder, bomb and terrorize each other. Make love, not war. It's what your god would want


    what people do not understand is that killing is in our gentic make up, we were made to hunt and kill, adrenaline is there for a reason, so is anger, without death there is no Life and without dying living would not be possible.... you would merely exist and nothing would matter. i laugh at people who say world peace! it will never happen! humans, if you want to believe it or not are still part of nature .... and we all know in nature there must be death

    Christina Tso

    ISA OfTERROR Islam is dangerous!! same like Vatikan and Judaism !!
    The little people are good but the books all shit and the ruler of the religions all shit, too.
    God is outside not in the books

  36. Maccas Pope

    Was kinda confused when I saw this, because I was looking for the Deicide song of the same name.


    I love this ignorant indian kid (or wherever the fuck he is from) that thinks he knows everything, thinks he's so hard and ghetto and hood, people like you get shot up son...
    And by the way... Death, thrash and black metal are all superior to this piece of shit. And forever will be. But none of you retards will ever understand that... Cause you've never tried. Too bad you won't get time cause either a white guy will shoot you or a cop will either way you fucking deserve it, hope ur trolling kid


    Chronic Agreed. Extreme metal blows this rap shit out of the water. In fact, extreme metal is better than anything else.

    Brian Whitman

    I think that’s why vinnie named it that

    Jan Hamza

    Maccas Pope Vinnie likes heavy metal, it's paying homage.

  37. A M

    "pain is gorgeous
     and love is torture
    and anyone who tells you different
    is a martyr"

  38. mike LaBroly

    wish Vinny didn't have to talk about fuckin religion in his raps just use basic words like God angel devil demon don't get into details of religious wars an bullshit wtf.. I can't vibe to that I'd rather hear about a story or feelings of substances..

    Donny Ten

    he takes niggas ta waw.. what did you expect?

    Vicious Warmong

    mike LaBroly you have a gay taste in music

  39. Backyard Bully

    Christianity and Islam since like ad tomes, like Jerusalem. .

  40. Backyard Bully

    big bang coincidence? lol

  41. Offensive Voiceovers

    we're not evil because of the evil we do, we do evil because we are evil..


    Fuckin word. 👍

  42. Efekt imortal Juarez

    Efekt can rhyme for days.

  43. Jeff

    about to kill critics and take em to war and teach em how to put their love and faith in Allah

  44. Nelly Nel

    This song is beautiful

  45. Lazaro Bautista

    12 thou, promoted 12 tribes of YISRAEL!

  46. Justin Comer

    >believing in any god in 2015
    >brain being on another level 

  47. Sarah Mackay

    Jedi Mind Tricks makes fantastic music with a refreshing new perspective. Even though they are talented and I love their music, I will say I have some issues with some of their messages.. mostly the gay bashing. But still, I enjoy being able to see things from a different perspective, even if it conflicts with my own.

    James O

    +jdbankshot lol you're gay and upset


    Unnatural or not, they will do what they do and not reproduce. That's good. Let them be lol


    I'd say you deserve the same

    Psilent Music UK

    jdbankshot You know what else is unnatural? Cars. Sell your car, now. Stop being so unnatural. Disgusting.

    Masni Burkek

    Hes muslim, hes told to hate.

  48. afropunk90

    cause that's the truth deal with it, but you complain everytime im real with it

  49. Solomon Prentice

    Im Christian,but this song is great

    Renny thomas

    This... you don't have to agree with what hes saying to enjoy the music. Why cant more people be like this


    I'm not religious, therefore I couldn't care less for Vinnie's homophobic and religious bullshit, but the rest of his lyricism is bomb. You don't have to agree with what Vinnie says to like the song, this is true, but it's also irrefutable that having contempt or lack of interest towards the lyricism diminishes the quality of the song.


    ye and you know what else is great? a pitch fork thru your bitch heart


    i hate all religion and this is still a great song.

    Brian Mosser

    Ha this song says everything you know is a lie but it's great? Ok i like you

  50. Daniel Jenkins

    im not religous and i hate religion but honestly if being a muslim makes vinnie happy then who gives a fuck get a life

  51. Walter Black

    Pains gorgeous and love is torture

  52. Ricci Willis

    the only way the pagans will learn 

    David Sclater

    Its bigger than hiphop. I dont even think 'hiphop' when I listen to my tracks. It neXT level.

  53. Corrupt Krown

    dislike for shitty watermark

  54. revolverAE86

    im a Christian and I love this song. I don't care if he bashes us. im not gonna get all pissed about it


    @Seth Tillapaugh Like I said, you got your opinions and I got mine. Being a Christian is being real with myself, homeboy. 

    Alexander Kropp

    +comrade9191 Bro the Christians and Catholics have always been bashed in rap because what you believe in is wack

    Rashid KJ

    @revolverAE86 I am muslim, I know.this is old as f...but I admire you standing strong for your belief..peace


    @Rashid KJ respect to you brother. stand strong in these times all of us need too, not divided, but as one.

  55. Victorypenis

    all abrahamic religions have been infiltrated by pagan beliefs

    Vicious Warmong

    Victorypenis except Islam

  56. Jared Sharon

    easily better than pac! glad someone has some sense.

  57. Sublime understanding

    Vinnie paz > 2Pac

  58. Rick james

    You don't deserve to breath, your brain thoughtless

  59. Q- Soul

    paz mentions jesus in a lot of his tracks lol

  60. AF Twice

    "Yall got small hammers, yall must be the son of Thor" -Vinnie Paz

  61. AF Twice

    "My fist hammer of Thor, I Tyson the game" -Vinnie Paz

  62. AF Twice

    "Minds splatter from the grind of my devine hammer" -Vinnie Paz.

  63. AF Twice

    "Walk around like Thor wit a sacred hammer" -Vinnie Paz.

  64. MC Genesis

    no you fool, "Great Master Fard". its Islamic.

  65. كنعان البوسناوي

    It’s supposed to be “ You can’t lie to the great master Fard, cousin”. Wallace Fard Muhammad founded the Nation of Islam. The followers of the Nation of Islam refer to him as “Master Fard Muhammad”.

    Isaiah Lujan

    What up

  66. Rico Araya

    What can you do if everyone involved is Jew?

  67. Rico Araya

    Hes Muslim, why does he mention Thor?

    anakin singh

    Vinnie paz is not Muslim he is agnostic I believe but I know he's not Muslim cause he said he wasn't in 1 of his songs! So know what u listen to herb

    anakin singh

    Thats like saying oh I'm Mexican so he only speak Spanish lol u suck just because someone is Muslim doesn't mean they cant talk about thor I mean come on peace word is bond

  68. Rico Araya

    Are you Jewish?

    Unless you do your history research you don't know anything.

  69. Sankofa Ma'at

    Pain is gorgeous & love is torture. & anyone that tells u different is a martyr.

  70. James Allen

    all races are bad. you little retarded fuck!

  71. C. Galvan

    And anyone who tell you different is a martyr

  72. AF Twice

    "You can't lie to God cousin. You can't lie to the great master Thor cousin".

  73. TheBuddhaSamurai

    This tune has some of Paz' best verses ever...

  74. hughwoodford

    how is this a top comment lmao?

  75. beats74519

    Im bout to kill critics and then take em to war and teach em how to put they love and they faith in allah or im breakin they jaw or i take em to burn cause thats the only fuckin way that the pagans will learn

  76. kushsmoka42523

    ssoo dont judge all of them its not a race thing but think before u say all of them are the way they are when its not true

  77. Ahonk Honkler

    Jews are among the worst of them (Human Beings), it doesn't matter if they pretend to be any other religion (even Islam & Freemasonry), they are small in numbers and dispersed everywhere, they still work as a tribe (even so far as to covering up the crimes of their most greedy thieves aka Money-Changers) They are behind every economic crisis who can think of & it is one of the main reasons why War continues to exist with the USA as the empire leading it, since 1800's

  78. ruhtra619

    Human beings are violent....doesn't matter if they are atheist, pagans, christians or muslims. Buddhism is the only truly peaceful "religion".

  79. ruhtra619

    You're one of the dumb fux he's talkin about on this track

  80. Henne C

    @hurley OC your name proves your ignorance, vinnie has studied Hebrew and gives it props to, if you don't know what the "deen" means...when vinnie says I'm on my "deen" then don't speak...shits to deep for you

  81. vwrdccsdcsdc

    This shit goes both way for fucking decades give us a brake kid. You surely dont wanna start this kinda topic in here.

  82. hello

    Best song on Albulm. True shit JMT