Jedi Mind Tricks - Raw Is War 2003 Lyrics

[Vinnie Paz]
we heavenly divine, that's why we steadily divine
and put a steel mic through an enemy spine
my voice got power like a ??? rhyme
and gettin in my face mean it's weaponry time
look at you studyin my every rhyme
bangin this, listenin to every line
hit the rewind, Vinnie Paz will fight vicious
y'all easier to fuck wit than white bitches
we nice wit this, y'all better stand still
must've forgot the fact Vinnie Paz ill
I doubt y'all, Hologram the outlaw
ya mothafuckas is never right like southpaws
that's why I doubt y'all, ya ain't raw
wettin you wit a 45 caliber claw
you want to see the last kid I battled before?
then check his fuckin brains splatter the wall


[Vinnie Paz]
you forced to fight, when I'm scorching the mic
my source of life, holy like the corpse of Christ
ya lost of life, and I'm the source of it, right
and Vinnie Paz rhyme have you lost in the light
what, y'all mothafuckers think you flossin tonight
gimme that, matta fact toss me ya ice
but still, my clique is too ill
and y'all, ya more bitch than Dru Hill
but the true skill, that come through me
is from bangin All Hell Freeze by Cool C
y'all don't move me, ya'll at war with the veteran
wit a digital trigger finger like the Letterman
the vendetta ram, I know where my heart's at
I'm the better man, so don't start that
when I bomb back, burn fuckin leeches
send you to hell, and see more shells that beaches
we elitists, we from Hamburger Hill
science and math combined with supreme skill
the team ill, I send you to Hell fast
the cream build, you buried in Belfast


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Jedi Mind Tricks Raw Is War 2003 Comments
  1. Fn4cK

    13:10 Anyone know what this song's called?
    Been looking for it for over 5 years and no one seems to know..

  2. Артур

    Какую замечательную музыку своим гавканьем загубили...!!!

  3. GrimSwift

    So hooked🙌🙆‍♂️😲

  4. Luis Mota

    Instead he perfomed some other new wack shit n left that a way to show luv to ur underground fans

  5. Luis Mota

    Fuck vinnie man went to his show here in san diego the whole crowd wanted to hear raw is war before he left and over the mic he said he forgot the lyrics how do you forget the lyrics to this ? Bitch ass foo ! Never again !

  6. Jorge Urena


  7. p a t h e t i c

    javier Solis "tu voz" sample also former WWE wrestler Kane talking in intro...

  8. David Allard

    gotta rebuy the vynil soon since a dumb a** B*** stoled mine -_-

  9. Jeff

    As old as this album is i still bump this..fuckin gold.

  10. Dan Scarfo

    This beat is crazy stupid!

  11. Petr Trochta

    super album top

  12. Brendan M

    "Send u to hell to see more shells than beaches" 😲

    The Fungis

    I searched for this comment...also "Mother fuckers is never right like southpaws"

  13. Master Jedi

    Fresh likeLemons & limes!

  14. Nicholai Mayoba

    Ya'll easy to fuck with than white bitches...and this is the sad truth...just tell the white bitch what she wants to hear or act like you like her dog😂😂boom...

  15. Jeevan

    the beats are too raw too wicked!

  16. Söze

    Just to fill your head with knowledge till your mind goes blank

  17. Vaincre L'amour

    My favvvv one from paz

  18. Carlos R

    What is the song playing at 13:10 ??


    Carlos R nada cambia

  19. Gabriel Webinar

    stoupe geniusss

  20. andre aka dre trevor

    thats it not of blood and of blood line

  21. andre aka dre trevor

    we outside son

  22. Joel Lopez

    2016 Mothaphukas!

  23. Kenny Powers Gaming

    all praise to the god vinny

  24. Unknown-Zero Metatron

    Evangelio = Happy Messenger AKA Unknown Zero-Metatron

  25. Father Hate

    I've always wondered why it was called the "micky ward mix" I know Paz is big into boxing and Micky was a huge underdog in the ring. But that always crossed my mind when i listen to it.

    Kenny Powers Gaming

    +Cj Wooden thats micky talking in the start of the song.

    sb 0

    there's also the arturo gatti mix - which i think is the original

  26. Hazen Burt


  27. stormz media

    yes the production progresstion

  28. Ghostie_

    hiphop lives

  29. Juan Munoz

    This beat is like Vicente Fernandez with a fucking suicide bomb vest...


    +Jaysix Spartan Check out "Nada cambia" if you haven't already

    Argenis Valdez



    Es Javier solis, Juanitou

    Bolbii TP

    Juan Munoz what's the song called, the in the beginning??


    @Bolbii TP "Tu voz". It's a sad and nostalgic song.

  30. James A.

    '' Yo bust a motha fuckin' gat to this, y'all believe lies like y'all was Catholics. I rap in Arabic, so my message is just immaculate. My rap elaborate, drink a 40 and blaze a sack to it, my aim is accurate, take ya brain and blow out the back of it. ''

    Some of the rawest shit I've ever fucking heard. Vinnie is ill.

  31. Bryan Bologna

    yo whats the name of this version of I against I? def a different version then the one on violent by design

    Los Angeles Lakers

    raw is war 2003

    Rick Rick Rick

    It's called I Against I Revisited on Genius.... It's a remix

  32. Alfredo Abaunza

    ya'll easier to fuck with than white bitches!!

  33. Raw Verse

    Young Vinnie kills it!!!

  34. QuietBliss

    lagit as shit, nigga!

  35. Joel Lopez

    One of the most lagit music I have ever heard.
    Did I spell Lagit right ?

    Asa Spades

    legit *

    Nicholai Mayoba

    Joel Lopez you tried twice and you failed twice😂😂

  36. Ever

    Name of each track? Wanna find them individually...

    Boris Lgl

    5:17 I against I 


    9:09 Animal Rap (Micky Ward Mix)
    13:09 The Army feat. Esotheric, King Syze

  37. Juan David Moreno Barreto


  38. Hoss Delgado

    ' y'all easier too fuck with then white bitches'

    Isak Rousk

    your mom is easy

    Hoss Delgado

    You mad bro?

    Isak Rousk

    Hah nah its all love

  39. Jouni

    Song 9:09

  40. Jouni

    Song 9:09

    Bradley Barwick

    animal rap remix by jedi mind tricks feat. kool g rap

    Bastard Devin

    "Animal Rap (Micky Ward Mix) ft. Kool G Rap"

  41. Foulmouthed

    Outerspace killed I Against far!

  42. Oscar Quinones

    the last song which one is it, i haven't been able to find it

    Bradley Barwick

    "the army" by army of the pharaohs

  43. gilbert valencia

    Viva paz!!

  44. Argenis Valdez

    RAW AF this makes me wanna go a boxing round or 2 with Mike Tyson 

    Marak Lia

    two rounds is pushing it.. baby steps bruh

  45. clos garcia

    Put a steel Mic through a Enemies Spine

  46. xMRKiWiix

    first song?!

    Alexander Arce

    Raw Is war Vinnie paz

  47. Dresli Lifestile

    00:07 the first song?


  48. Anton

    5:18 Jedi Mind Tricks - I against I

  49. Andrew Williams

    The song at 9:08 , i need it.

    Bradley Barwick

    animal rap remix by jedi mind tricks featuring kool g rap

  50. j.dirte

    yeah men its just part of raw is war.. best part of the track huh

  51. AussieAce

    why? they brought you this song

  52. denis berg

    Ahahaha its cuz the cock suckers a rapist.

  53. yung pseudonym

    this song makes me want to fucking box some mother fuckers jaw.

  54. John Spiliopoulos

    whats the first song?

    Bolbii TP

    John Spiliopoulos
    Do u know what's it called now? I can't find it anywhere in the comments lol

  55. HanBurritoz

    0:36 what does he say?

    Josh Graziosi

    HanBurritoz look at you studying my every rhyme, bangin this, listenin to every line, heavy rewind.

  56. HanBurritoz

    Animal rap, but there are multiple versions. One is with orchestra.

  57. WannaExpressYourSelf

    ass to mouth style!

  58. WannaExpressYourSelf

    tryed to find out alot of times too, i dont think it have a name.. haha

  59. AF Twice

    This was the last track on the album, the other tracks were hidden tracks.

    Teddy Coons

    I Against I was originally released on Violent by Design.

  60. laxman87

    why is there that 3 minute gap in between the 1st song?

    Vic Speaks

    Back then, artists like to treat their fans with "hidden tracks". Hardcore fans who would listen to the whole album and instead of switching the player off or take out the CD, they would just sit down there, soaking in the awesomeness they just heard, and then BOOM, they get shooked with a treat of the hidden track(s).

  61. Niki -

    Animal rap

  62. Felix Dzerzhinsky

    I fill my head with knowledge until my mind goes goes blank...

  63. Philippe Lima

    Id like to know too... awsome rythim!

  64. Cap'n Ginyu

    Funny thing, I own it and have the song I wanted.


    goin hard JMT

  66. Kayne taylor

    heard this track for the first time yday..... soon as it came on i couldnt stop smiling, they straight killing it !!!!! this is real hip hop

    Bolbii TP

    Kayne taylor what's the first song called??

  67. Jammin Sidarta


  68. Micky Burns

    Exertions but there is a few versions or it so you will have to search them till you get this one.

  69. Phil Tron

    You know the name of the first song? I dont want all 17 mins just that first track.

    Bolbii TP

    Phil Tron do you know what it's called now?

  70. Alex Thompson

    0:00-5:18 -9:09

  71. hellohello194

    Crypt the Warchild

  72. Nothing1753

    who got down on the second verse of i against i

    Vic Speaks

    She did, she got down on me

  73. Libor Cabejšek II.

    9:09 - Part 3: Sevenes - Without You

  74. Juan Gaviria

    The sample is Tu Voz by Javier Soliz.

  75. Kenneyp89

    JMT is the shit. Any1 know the name of the first beat or where i can get the instrumental?

  76. Micky Burns

    I love this version of the first song, ya'll motherfuckers is never right like south paw's EPIC