Jedi Mind Tricks - Kublai Khan Lyrics

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
God hates me, never keep my banger on safety
My mother raised me alone, you can't break me
My hearts pumpin the blood of Royce Gracie
My thoughts dumpin the slug and point straightly
You rhyme fakely, you still scarred
I'm studing deep thoughts like Bill Maher
I'm real raw, we just dumbin it out
And y'all ain't sayin nothin with a gun in yo mouth
Thats what I'm about, but Vinnie Paz go deeper
Y'all still under the spell of dose ether
The Grim Reaper, its all nature
And every word from Allah is on paper
We all hate ya, we can't stand you
Chapter 8, verse 3, book of Daniel
You like a candle, you just burn
You never worship Allah, you can't learn

[Chorus: Stoupe]
[Mixed Sound Clips]

[Verse 2: Tragedy Khadafi]
Chemicle, space ships, see dust splits, hit from the Matrix
Pig Destroyer, Anakis kiss, splatter your patriots
Make coast stops, injectin my pockets with Votox
Laytex bitches be chokin on cock like Blow-Pops
My flows hot, my glocks like a popular friend
Sniffin Oxy-Cottin, we rock till the popular says
Merciful fate, we at the gates, I hurt you for cake
Cause Red Planets like a Shit Magnet, it counters with Jay
Digital cuffs, runnin from the D's and the fuzz
Gut you out, rock Gas Mask, bleedin an stuff
Into the void like blue velvet, goons and clerics
New syntetic designer jewels for moods in deserts
In heaven and earth, barcodes to measure my girth
Thats like the J.D.L. joinin the zoo relation for turf
Birth of the solar, we did so, write for the cobra
God teks me, and we all stand with iced out clothes

[Chorus: Stoupe]
[Mixed sound clips]

[Verse 3: Goretex]
Check it.. yo.. yo

Now where it be's like, niggaz wanna stay tight, I stay right
Face fight, get your weak, split, shit then I spit
Most Acurate, Flex writin back a bit
range on the side of it Yo I'm tryin to get a lot of it
I rock that exotic shit, spit the hottest shit
Yo trial, might get the same time ya oughta get
Death before dishonor shit, gangster persona shit
Jedi Mind, 2-5 is who I'm probably with
When Im tryin to score the third, its who I holler with
Yo hood, its my project, exchange objects
Yo guns for my teks, yo range for my lex
Q.B. to Philly, we control sets
I stay splurgin, heads stay wrapped in Turbans
Tigher than a Virgin of Ford Excursion, nigga
So how you figure that we don't be reppin
Hoes sell weapons in the Dodge Intremped, nigga

[Chorus: Stoupe]
[New sound clips]

[Outro: Goretex]
Yo Stoupe, whattup baby, whats good
Jedi Mind, the gracious, 2-5 collabo

[Sound clip from Chorus continues]

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Jedi Mind Tricks Kublai Khan Comments
  1. S W

    Converted to islam after I heard this song 👈

  2. benadryl cabbagepatch

    "My heart pumping the blood of Royce Gracie"

  3. Ryan Warneke

    Goretex killed it

  4. Pimplepopingpimp it just Rhymes Neverforever

    Bx we here🧬♥️

  5. Pimplepopingpimp it just Rhymes Neverforever

    Bx we here

  6. Pimplepopingpimp it just Rhymes Neverforever

    Listen vinnie is top dollar

  7. Mike Holy

    That first line! How I feel at times!

  8. ienjoyblazing

    can yall overstand the candle tho?

  9. ienjoyblazing

    my interpretation of jesus is that he is a very old martian tiger that had been called the lion of Judah as as a joke.

    William Chikaonda

    ienjoyblazing he’s God in flesh read HIS words .

  10. Neaality Gandhi

    Trag’ the Goat!

  11. DemoN-Monkey-208

    underrated beat...

  12. Mike Que

    This shit bumps so hard

  13. Jonathan Soko

    it sounds like stoupe made this and canibus cemantics the same day lol

  14. Bad Jim

    God hates me, never keep my banger on safety
    My mother raised me alone, you can't break me
    My hearts pumpin' the blood of Royce Gracie

    makes me wanna roll 6hours straight until I die

  15. cristian romero

    holy shit men, this is good 🙌

  16. javier rosario

    im a muay thai practitioner and this track makes me just want to just put people in a coma!!!

  17. G.M.

    Paz bodied this track....

  18. DemoN-Monkey-208


  19. Captain Aomaru vom Exekutivkomitee

    that beat just changed my life


    gore elohim is a fucking beast. he fucking shreds.

  21. turquoise


  22. M F

    check out goretex most hated

  23. Itssoulamazin

    Goretex one of the most underrated rappers. all of dudes verses were incredible when he was in his prime

    Lord Goat

    @Antoine Savoie New stuff coming this year ..haters die slow


    cant wait to hear that new heat! gonna be pure goonism

    Boom Bap Original

    @Lord Goat Respect G. Underground Legend. First verse I eEard was verse on 14 years of rap when i was like 15 back in 02/03.

    Another Day

    Goretex is my all time favorite rapper. I haven't gotten to listen to much of his newer stuff because I just did 7 years in the joint. But I'm gonna have to look around and check it out. I'm from Detroit and not alot of people know about him unless I show them.. The best in my opinion.

    ReliK SiriuS



    does anyone know the sample?

    Hooked on Chronics

    JXVNI MIKVXL which one?


    that one, what plays in the background, start 0:12

  25. Al SJM

    So hard...goretex murks


    +Frank nitty gore elohim is the illest out there. he killed this ish... i wish we could see gore do some electric lucifer live on the NP reunion tour

  26. xTRBL6x

    Whats the Name of this dope Beat! Greetings from Germany 

    Zaphod Vierauge

  27. Luke Dugas

    The Revival of the Roman Empire

  28. al deeb

    Vinnie Paz- 
    "..The Grim Reaper, its all nature / and ever word from Allah is on paper / We all hate ya / We can't stand you / Chapter 8 verse 3 book of Daniel / You like a candle, you just burn / You never worship Allah you can't learn !!!! "

  29. RyanQ87

    goretex ripped it apart


    +RyanQ87 gore elohim stole the dope

  30. Juan Munoz

    Sick shit!

    cristian romero

    Juan Munoz colombiano 🙌
    creí que era el único que oía esto

  31. SmoothDaHustla1985

    Awesome song. But what the hell has Kublai Khan to do with anything in the track?!

    94 Crates

    Kublai Khan will eat your damn skin and make bow and arrow of your bones!


    And if you don't believe me just look up "Razorblade Salvation" We all know and love that song, its a classic. It for sure had a few millions views at that.... BUT NO NOT NOW! NOT ANY LONGER! If you Youtube it the highest viewed video is babygranderecords 6months ago 250,000 views. when the original was uploaded yearssssss ago and had MILLIONS of views. BUT Babygranderecords are faggots and took down the video and uploaded it onto their channel for views, because like i said. Heartless bastards




    They have been doing this with every song they own to get their channel more views and subscribers. However I think its really fucking bitch of them to be going around removing peoples uploaded videos. I know if I was one of the people who uploaded a JMT or Snowgoons song and I somehow received over 1million views I would be hella proud. And if it got taken down after years due to the new copyright laws from google.... Babygranderecords are cold heartless bastards.


    Did I say anything about this song being not awesome? Learn to fucking read. If you youtube this song now, There is no upload with over 1million views. That's what I was saying by where is the original version, aka the original upload. Because this song had over a million views once upon a time. Now Babygranderecords tho probably got it removed due to copyright because I can't find it anywhere. Babygranderecords has been doing this with almost every song they own, especially snowgoons songs.

  36. John McNulty

    Shut up, the songs awesome

  37. Anime Heroes

    I want this as my walkout song

    jm bruce

    Good choice, mine would be sacrifice

  38. lrbaldridge

    lol fuck hip pop. this is where its at

  39. king kong

    this song makes me want to go around punching people. love this song

  40. Frye Pod

    Thanks for the tribute, Vinnie.:)