Jazmine Sullivan - Stupid Girl Lyrics

I'm a fool
And he loves it
He knows he's got me wrapped around his fingers with a glance
I do whatever he says
If he wants it
He gives a smile that snaps my little heart into a trance

Boys have toys too
You know they do
They call us stupid girls
They call us stu-u-u-u-pid girls
And when you love 'em like I do
You'll be a fool
You'll be a stupid girl
You'll be a stu-u-u-u-pid girl

Men roam the world
Looking for us
Someone they can fuck around with
Make us really trust them
And we never have a clue
We never see it comin'
Trainwreck headed for us
But we never think of runnin'
So which one are you
Because I know who I am
And you have to choose
To use your head or be a stupid girl
What will it be
Don't wanna end up like me-e-e-e
So use your head don't be a stupid gi-i-I-rl

You know they do
They call us stupid girls
They call us stu-u-u-u-pid girls
And when you love 'em like I do
You'll be a fool
You'll be a stupid girl
You'll be a stu-u-u-u-pid girl

Better learn from my mistakes
Because it isn't too late
For you to get up and run
Please just don't be dumb
Cause you have a choice
T-to run after the boys
Or take over the world
Don't be a stupid gi-i-i-irl

They call us stu-u-u-u-pid girls
And when you love 'em like I do
You'll be a fool
You'll be a stupid girl
You'll be a stu-u-u-u-pid girl

Boys have toys too
You know they do
They call us stupid girls
They call us stu-u-u-u-pid girls
And when you love 'em like I do
You'll be a fool
You'll be a stupid girl
You'll be a stu-u-u-u-pid girl

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Jazmine Sullivan Stupid Girl Comments
  1. Mrs. Baker

    I cant stop playing this....I love it

  2. VaranusVideos

    But Beyoncé gets all the props. This world fucked up

  3. Fur Dings

    2020 anyone?

  4. sweetmoraa1


  5. Jaz Jones

    She has a wicked low range: 2:44. What can't she do?

  6. Poh&Nessa Family

    .I will forever love Jazmine ❤️ Pure talent 🐐

  7. Excrucior

    Surely boys are not all the same but I have been unlucky through all my life. Girls listen to the lyrics even though they are painful, use your head, don't let others call you stupid or make you feel ashamed for catching authentic feelings for someone. The world is full of sharks ready to take advantage of your insecurities and weaknesses. Give your heart to people who are worthy, don't make the same mistake I made hundreds of times

  8. Tiffani Farrington

    Nobody heard the guy in the back at the end saying he wanna get down too?? 😂😂😂 baby this was NOT American Idol!

  9. Roberto Leveneur


  10. Shaun Crowder

    One of the best will love to see her in Memphis TN

  11. K Cole

    So in love with this Queen.

  12. Elaine Mays

    Her range is amazing

  13. Donnah SexciiSwaggah Callaway

    This was some SEXY shit right here!!!!

  14. MsGeigei

    This song touched my soul. 😁

  15. Stefan The Cannon

    Why not in my barbershop 💈

  16. Deidre Brown

    Damn I would have been glued eyed on her because I don't wanna be a stupid girl and I'mma teach my daughters not to be...

  17. Tiffany BeautifulMe

    Beautiful song! Love her 🎶 When is the tour?

  18. Shelia Paige

    Great song JS beblesssful always Shelia P🌺🏵️💮💐💐🌻🌼🌷🌺🌹🏵️💮🌸💐🌻🌼🌷💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

  19. Tondria Grimm

    Lawd 💃💃💃💃Your voice is so Beautiful😘.

  20. Brittney Grady

    I'm silly bcuz I be laughing with these people n I can't stop laughing I always did it with my family I knew they didn't like me n I still played with these bitches they love me but we love different n think a little different I think my broke ass is spoiled how that shit work tho😂😂😂😂lmfao! Dont fucking talk to me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

  21. Tiana

    That was awesome!

  22. Orange Blossom

    This song and the sultriness of that deep part. I just cant deal!!🙌🙌🙋

  23. RARAMUR1

    79 dislikes???...Stupid girls/boys.

  24. Lamont Royster

    Love it.

  25. sognodiangeli

    Music as it was meant to be!
    Thank you Ma,
    Love and blessing from Toronto

  26. Slim Gem

    i love the way the bald head guy behind her is vibing to her music

  27. MuhammadsDaughter

    Idk kill to hear the conversation after the song!

  28. JustMister13

    Really wish they released this version as a single. Love this version.

  29. Thato Mogane

    I love this song

  30. mscurvy

    The industry is busy pushing the watered down white version Adele to take our place and we falling for it 🤦🏾‍♀️

  31. Anthony Thomas

    I'm a fool
    And he loves it
    He knows he's got me wrapped around his fingers with a glance
    I do whatever he says
    If he wants it
    He gives a smile that snaps my little heart into a trance

  32. Noemyskillz

    nigga n pink look hella mad

  33. Shumon Johnson

    And run... 1:00



  35. KayJay Purks

    Shes so pretty.

  36. Sonshine Singz

    I just played a Stupid Girl for a guy who just got his heart broken. I knew better making me even more stupid. Me....will you please forgive me please?!?

  37. Vian

    Does someone know chords to this song?

  38. EffinDre

    My Lyft driver (who might be the most beautiful woman in the world) brought me on to you. Said you were her favorite singer (she is a singer) so I gave it a listen. I can’t argue with her. Damn. You’re good.

  39. Rico Marcel

    When she got to the chorus that man in the chair getting his hair cut was looking like "yeeeea that's about right lololol."

  40. M Vismale

    Her voice is pure gold

  41. Miles Bell

    the acoustic version is soo good

  42. Christina Persona

    They sleeping on you baby

  43. TighTTune

    The greatest vocal of this generation!!

  44. Zjanair Frohm

    Honestly if I had this voice I wouldn't talk I'd sing everything... 💕

  45. Dionne M.

    Somebody know where I can find these chords???

  46. CARMEN Estrellas


  47. J t

    Best singer going

  48. Norton A

    man at 1:30 the only one that looks like he feeling the music

  49. Dkerrick ThehippieArtist

    She is dope but why in a barber shop my fav singer but I don't understand the scenery

  50. Christine Bey AllRightsReserved

    Dude @0:42 wasn't with the shits, and all Jazzy did was walk in and greeted them with a "heey"! Men got real quiet, but I'm sip this wine 🍷🍸🍹 and listen to my boosky sang 🎤🎼🎙🎸📻

  51. Jenae Andrews

    why were they just sitting there looking dumb..........i would be too excited

  52. Kay L

    This girl can sang...she touches my soul with every note. There's only a few artist that can touch me like this!

  53. Sher Mia

    Just wow Jaz!

  54. dareal9thwardgucci

    New Orleans

  55. Tj Harris

    I'm in love😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  56. Alione

    I remember someone sharing this video with me, and I immediately ran to iTunes. This entire album is STILL in heavy rotation!

  57. Xavier Bryant

    One of my top musical influences! !!!!!!

  58. Xavier Bryant


  59. King 1985 legend

    pure talent i love this women

  60. Hope Forrest


  61. Ty29


  62. Karima Kebir

    magnifique voix

  63. memoirs of an imperfect baritone

    Her lower register KILLES ME

  64. Nasir Foster

    jazmine's register is aMAZING and her lower register shakes me every time

  65. Gabe Michael

    So amazing. Like medicine

  66. Ms Queenlyminded

    my boo needs more shine... seriously

  67. L downey

    loooove her voice ..

  68. Miranda Anderson


  69. Miranda Anderson


  70. Cancerian Queen

    This women can sing anything and it sounds wonderful! Such a Gift....Will forever be a fan....

  71. Teri Montgomery

    Sing Jaz! Sing!

  72. TEM LeMAY

    ...the scat at the beginning get me everytime 🙌🏾

  73. That Guy In a Hoodie


  74. Joe Mill

    I love the performance but i wish dat the men would be more in tune to the singing than haircut. A celebrity came in to sing to women but came in to a room full of mens.

  75. Jay Markel-Pratt

    Her range is incredible. I'll go as far to say the best that's out there with her control over it.

  76. Jay Markel-Pratt

    That VOICE!!!!

  77. KC Nwokoye

    Beautiful woman with the loveliest smile...keep shining boo

  78. G P

    I like this version better than the album but I still like them both

    Caribbeanbbygrl C.

    Ik, when I got the album I was what???? But I love it anyway.

    G P

    Yeah, I heard the uptempo version on the album and was like what is this? Lol but I love Jazmine music eitherway, so its all good.

  79. Isra Sabir

    My baby girl just introduced me to this song yesterday. I've been playing it over and over since then. Tears in my eyes because her voice and words have touched my heart. Not comparing anyone but she goes up there on my list with Lauren...

  80. Jonny

    Dave Chappelle's loving it at 1:30

    Jermaine Jennings

    Jonny hahahahaha

  81. Dante

    I wonder would she marry me

  82. Keahna

    There is so much crazy talent in NOLA...you have to understand what these people are exposed to on a daily. Totally not negating that Jasmine is incredible...js.

  83. antonia maldonado

    she sings so effortlessly, she's a beast!

  84. Obeid David

    repeat button just died.. XDD

  85. jpurify08

    Just good plain ole raw vocals. The relax and the control that she has when she sings..... Who just goes into a barber shop with a microphone, a guitar, and a video camera and just sings effortlessly from their belly? One, Jazmine Sullivan. Just natural and rich. Ugh God! 🙌🏾

  86. olivia k

    those runs give me life

    shalon Jackson

    ain't it tho!

  87. ayonna beverly

    I get goose bumps by her Singer any one else I love her and her everythang 😍😍😍

  88. Tanisha Laguerre

    Those people didn't realize that they were in the presence of a gem

  89. shamari thomas

    You betta fuck it up jazzy

  90. Lakesexy Pager

    my boo jaz so beautiful full of love and soul i love listining to her sing so sweet

  91. Adlet Zhazken

    Smb please, give me chords of this song, exactly the same as in this video. Thnx a lot!

  92. Rook Rude

    The only one that needed a haircut,,,was the guitarist

  93. Jeff Cee

    i enjoyed this so much

  94. Missyijael Bannister

    you are right girl

  95. Beluya Bee

    i dont think most of them knew how to take the song haha...

  96. Lewis Fugeman

    I'm so sick of sleepy fux sleeping on this perfect angel WAKE UP THX BYE

  97. Autumn Langston

    SHE IS JUST...

  98. Leah Ellise

    ha-ha she's dope and was bold!! mygurl

  99. Eddie Appleseed

    Definition of a 'try hard' but that's just my opinion..
    Too many people are trying to imitate Amy Winehouse since she's passed.. But artists with real talent sing effortlessly and the ones that do put a ton of effort into singing they usually sound brilliant but this just screams imitation and that sucks.. But that's just my opinion Im not saying I'm right and she's wrong I applaud her success or whatever you call it.. I just see imitation though. Glad she's milking this one song though

    Princess Mitchell

    +Eddie Appleseed Clearly.You have no idea what you're talking about..so this may go right over your head. However lets start with this..AMY imitated Billy H...and Ella...the greats.God rest her soul Amy could NEVER hold a candle to Jazmine vocally . She doesnt have to copy Amy, because Amy's sound is not her own....and much like many UK artist who borrow the black sound, they try to make it their own. This is not a race card but a hard to swallow truth. To say that Jazmine is imitating Amy implies that she is the original. She needn't try to imitate when she has so many icons to inspire her. #culturalappropriationatitsbest #learnyourhistory

    Weena Bus Company

    +Eddie Appleseed wtf, dude?


    +Eddie Appleseed Have you listened to Amy??? Jazmine sounds nothing like her, she's a pop singer...

    Also don't be so hateful, it ain't cool.

    Tyrell Johnson

    Eddie Appleseed Jazmine Sullivan is still alive and knows how to say no to drugs, so🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️.