Jazmine Sullivan - Silver Lining Lyrics

I may not have a reason to think so
I know, but today I think I'm gone win the lottery
Or maybe when I finally get home
That job I need they gone call to hire me
So if I'm looking up don't mind me
But I can't be, (I just can't be) I can't be down no more
And if you don't know where to find me

I'm out looking
I'm looking for the silver lining
The silver lining, and I don't know where
But I'm hoping I'll find it
I'm looking for the silver lining

Everybody's looking at me like I'm crazy
And I am maybe, but my bed is changing right now
Hands up cause motherfucker this is a stick up
But don't be scared cause listen I ain't come to hurt nobody
I just want all your money in your wallet out your pocket

So if I'm looking up don't mind me
But I can't be, (I just can't be) I can't be down no more
And if you don't know where to find me
I'm out looking
I'm looking for the silver lining
The silver lining, and I don't know where
But I'm hoping I'll find it
I'm looking for the silver lining

Listen I'm a good citizen, I'm not a criminal
But I ain't holding up off of the minimum
I got kids that I gotta support
But doing this was my last resort
But you can't be me when you've got mouths to feed
When you've got bills to pay and rent is late
I bet you'd do what you have to

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Jazmine Sullivan Silver Lining Comments
  1. lyriczby pae

    Yall probably not finna expect me to be here cuz im 12 yrs old. Yall probably think I'd be listening to some ghetto city girls or something. But this is my type of music.

  2. Tough Shit

    This song is my air it's gotten me through rough days and long nights keeping my hopes alive and eyes to the sky

  3. UTubeuzername84

    This is such a good and smooth song.

  4. Shar Jones

    I can't relate any song better than this one right now and it makes me sad

  5. Patricia Sims

    This song is sooooooo dope. Yes ma'am

  6. Brandi Hill

    Love this song her voice is like the most expensive silk.

  7. Jihad Paige

    Real sangin!!!!! Yes... Not singing...... sangin!!!!!! Love you jaz!!!!!

  8. Mekah L


  9. Wiley's Dirty Forehead

    This is one of my favs on the album. Still 🔥🔥🔥

  10. L. Bay

    Y’all my silver lining is in Jesus ! Hey

  11. Victoria Taylor

    Still listening in 2019

  12. Jeff Davis

    I'm real late on this song. But it's my life in a nut shell.

  13. Jeff Davis

    This song touched my heart. In tears. Because i found it

  14. Legacy Bridge

    Cold song. They clowned all the way around on this song. Phrasing tight. Voice top notch. Instrumentation is off the chain. Can't miss with this song. Would love to write and shoot this video. #film #photography #legacy

  15. Hunit Days Of Summer

    I been listening to this non-stop! Jazz is like getting my Lauren fix, but with the new beats. Her harmonies put me in a place...

  16. Maysa Latukefu

    this song is so underrated!?!? I need to hear her doing it live !!

  17. adrian duke

    This is my fav song from the album

  18. T P


  19. Erlesia Larkins

    I love thisssss song! SING IT JASMINE GIRL. You rockin these songs

  20. Kayla Costin

    Anyone in 2018 listening to this amazing down to earth song?

  21. Sam Honor

    So if u lookin up don't mind me


    My mother birthday twin April 9th

  23. Dezmon Tillman

    Frank oceans a male her

  24. K.A. Jackson

    For some reason this songs makes me cry every time I try singing to it feel it like could see myself in that place and I could feel the pain of it

  25. NikStratus

    Thank you for taking me back, Jazmine! My grandma used to spin this record✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  26. Harve' Beckles Harve' Beckles

    Killed it..if I'm looking up, don't mind me..true, I be in my own world most of the time..just thinking bout that Jamaica comfort😁

  27. Carmen Rivera

    Thank u jazmine for this uplifted me through a lot of struggles

  28. Navia Bacon

    She is so underrated and shouldn't be this album, her voice simply amazing.

  29. Devona Sanders

    I love this song because I can most definitely relate JAZZY. Love all your music! One of my favs of all time!

  30. Ahryi Acoff

    Bruh this is exactly how I'm feeling right now

  31. Harve' Beckles Harve' Beckles

    Lovely JoInt..

  32. lil bby

    she and luke james should do a collab if they haven't already

  33. Bwifeforlife Harris

    I remember looking for that silver lining and I found it 3 years later after hearing this song I never stopped looking I just couldn't be down no more! Thanks for the encouragement Jaz

  34. Junie M Jr.

    Miss Sullivan know she's badd!

  35. Brandon Collins

    cold.....i love this woman

  36. Queen Jee

    love love love never disappoint. I admire you and your work. keep the hits coming. this gives me chills. I'm a Singer/songwriter

  37. Kevin Venable Jr

    this song use to make me cry... man, if anybody know about this struggle they know its real out here and how she was able to put life in a 3min song will forever be a question. great job!

    Goldie Lee

    I Agree. One Of My Favorites off The album..

    T P


    T P

    @Goldie Lee Agreed

  38. soulneo 84

    when I have a bad day I love this song so uplifting, love it

  39. soulneo 84

    so inspiring 😍😍😍

  40. Jacqueline Brown

    why is this song making me cry?????

    Enida Brito

    makes me emotional too

    lovey mcclain

    Jacqueline Brown your silver lining is coming... thats why😏✌

    Jeff Davis

    Because it's real.

    Brittney Brown

    Because if u really trying to make it, it hits harder than a tyson punch in 91

  41. Ricardo Sanchez


  42. SirSaxy

    bruh... I first listened to this song in my car while cruising down I-95. When those sirens creeped in at the end of the song, it scared about 3.5 years off of my life, lol.

    Porter Shabazz

    😂😂😂😂 not 3.5 years off your life though.

    checkMyChedda !

    I threw my 3.5 out the window. Was mad as shit

    Midnight Mermaid


    Ivory Williams

    SirSaxy LMFAO FACTS. Literally today

  43. Carrie Jones

    the brighter side of life😇😇

  44. Robin Prince

    this song is so old but I love this whole album

  45. Father Cosmic

    kind of makes me think of Manhattan New York at nighttime

    Father Cosmic

    well At times square in nighttime

  46. Erica A

    I listen to this album at least three times a week..just amazing!!!!

  47. Anais Mx

    Listening on repeat for a few days now lol

    Shannon Byrd

    lol me too! She's a beast, and this song is everything

  48. TD Long

    I just can't be down no more......I'm looking for the silver lining....yes Jazz

  49. Flyzel Washington

    Pandora brought me here

  50. msneicynola

    i need this album

  51. Kristy Ford

    just be in chill mode all day with this song playin...

  52. Pats Ballin Out This Year

    Now I see why this was a Grammy nominee last year

  53. norman baker

    Everybody's looking at me like I'm crazy and I am maybe

  54. LIL _ REDD21

    so relaxing

  55. Amiyah Cachee

    I wonder when she's going to have a new album.

  56. jalen johnson

    I just stumbled upon this but I'm glad I did. This is good music.

  57. Gia

    Why is she not getting more attention then all these other celebrities .. This women is awsome!

    Amiyah Cachee

    because she had a break for a while that it's hard to get people know you when you get back in the game that for talented people is hard to get famous nowadays.💯💯💯💯

  58. Danzel Kings

    R&B diva bad asssssssss sanggggg girl

  59. Daryl S.

    the people who gave the thumbs down are haters.... they must don't know good music

    Ronie Bryant

    Truthfully there is always the haters and misery loves company and haters come from jealousy lol but ur right some ppl just dont under stand good music.

  60. 1oo% Cuban

    Silver lining is da shhhhd

  61. Marq Tagg

    Real recognize Real she the truth and nothing but the truth.

  62. anointedhands

    real music in a time where it's rare

  63. Dr. Jay

    LOVE this song although the lyrics frighten me :-)

  64. Ivan Cohen

    The piano under the chorus of this track is sick!  One of the best albums of 2015!  You have a new fan Jazmine.  Keep making great music!!

  65. YAY Music

    i'm looking for the silver lining

  66. Jahlil Thorn

    Love this song. Did frank ocean write this?

  67. craig terry

    Jasmine's whole reality show album reminds me of how it was back in the day of  Vinyl's.

    craig terry

    Thanks for that Andre.

    Andre Hightower

    Your Welcome Craig

    Marlin Ross II

    Not being able to skip to the next song, better yet not needing to skip a song

    C Charles

    +craig terry It so does Craig...

    Mary Wilson

    Yes it dose , remind me of the good old day .

  68. Shemeha Haynes

    I listen to her whole album at least twice a day if not more I wish I would have seen her in concert when she came to Chicago

  69. Kev JB

    But today I think going to hit the lottery!

    Azja Taylor

    Kev JB That line gave me all the life

  70. Tasha N James

    You damn right!! enough said!!!

  71. The cock that pounds all reason

    This is my life right now. She penned it eloquently.

  72. Quiana Carter

    I love this song and the entire album is amazing!

  73. Quiana Carter

    I love this song and the entire album is amazing!

  74. Will H

    Been a fan since "Fearless". Loved "Love Me Back". And she's back with Reality Show. Love me some Jazzy

  75. Janiyah Thomas

    I fell in love with this cd been a jazmine Sullivan fan since Day 1 with I need you bad

    Reign Clouds

    Janiyah Thomas yes i need u bad was a song that was about a messed up relationship, u may not believe me but that song was stolen and i wish i had my proof to prove it.

    Reign Clouds

    people get rich off of other people shit and when your stuff gets destroy where u have not proof. it's a hard statement to show

  76. Daniel mom

    Ms. Jazmine Sullivan has her own way of expressing herself in song and she is awesome at her craft.

  77. dennis burnett

    sliver lineing should, be a single 💯

  78. Jasmine Jordan

    I think she is under rated to the max, easily the best in the biz right now! Her voice is incredibly soulful an warm's my heart!!!

  79. Tev Simon


  80. ty py

    I was there when she busted the windows out now we sticking up people,,,,,, she must think I got bail money like that.

    shakeera griffin


    jonae boyd


    Azja Taylor

    Phil Greene I’m not finna play with you today 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Azja Taylor

    Phil Greene she just an all around criminal huh? 🤣🤣💯


    Phil Greene 😂

  81. beautyfromh2t

    BASS LINE!!!! Ahhh I love her music!!!!

  82. Compton CutiE

    I don't know if it's me, but seems as if REAL music like this don't get played in the radio? And it's a shame! Well maybe KJLH or Sirius satellite radio something like that. But ask the other Major stations only want the RATCHET music.
    I do RATCHET sometimes too. But mix it up sometimes ijs....

    Carmen Rivera

    Compton CutiE she made no.1 on the billboards

  83. Nikki Howell

    Jazmine killed it with this! I been on it since I stared listening. Everrry day!

  84. luncky08

    Got this whole album on REPEAT! Luv it!!!

  85. demar cokley

    Jasmine Sullivan just became my favorite female artist... She n Kendrick Lamar just saved music for 2015

  86. corie cason


  87. Janelle McIntosh

    Positive flow!! On repeat, my mood right now, feel this

  88. Dee Rich

    Again, I must say...this is the album of the decade. (along with Kendrick Lamar's new album...REAL MUSIC STILL LIVES!) Music that speaks to the soul, represents the human experience...music that is true artistry!  Thank you Jasmine!

  89. promisemethis

    Her music melts my heart. From the music alone you can feel her passion

    Queen Jee

    it's spiritual


    Tarajee Pleas yes it is!!! Her Masterpiece is a song i think every woman needs to hear

    Amanda Lu

    promisemethis yessss agreed that song will remind you of the woman you deserve to think of yourself to be


    Amanda Lu exactly. Such confidence in this song. I know when i was in a terrible relationship, this song was my light bulb moment.

  90. James Tatum


  91. Fem Fatale

    I love this whole album from front to back this is her best album !

  92. Aisha Smith

    Kelis would sound nice on that Sliver Lining song

  93. Stanley

    I love Jaz! Gives me motivation

  94. Carrie Jones

    I love this song and love her

  95. Bianca Nauls

    We have got to support her. This music is ridiculous

  96. MissClayOkay

    Looooove this! I'm getting the cd this weekend, 'cause she's so DOPE!


    just remember they didn't make an explicit version of the CD only the MP3 is explicit


    @nationofmillions Thanks for the lookout!


    @MissClayOkay no problem. 

  97. Rolanda Downey

    YESSSSS!!!!!! I'm loving it

    Simeon Dockett

    Yess She came back hard ....Love this Album

    Rolanda Downey

    @Simeon Dockett​ yes she did..

  98. citygurl0105

    i kept purchasing one song at a time then said forget it... I will just get the whole dang album!

  99. E Micheal

    So brillant..I love having to listen closely to her music to understand and really get it.  I love studying this album.  I find little things all the time.

    knick fan

    If you study the artist that mean it's a go!!! Hot album man..