Jazmine Sullivan - My Career Lyrics

My man just told me he’s leaving,
He swears to God that I’m creeping
I know it looks like I’m cheating
Cause he ain’t no fool

He’s tired of being alone
He says that I’m never at home
I won’t pretend I ain’t dead wrong
But it ain’t room for 2

So if you think that you gotta leave
I won’t shed a tear
Cause it ain’t a man that means more
Than my career

He said, if it’s a man just let him know
And that I must’ve met him after a show
The two of us work at the studio,
Cause you’re always there

I said it ain’t a man you should worry about
I don’t believe in him going out
But I am starting to have my doubts
And I know it ain’t fair

If you think that you gotta leave
I won’t shed a tear
Cause it ain’t a man that means more
Than my career, oh

Now that it’s out on the table
You’ll let me know if you’re able
Will probably never be stable,
This is good as it gets

So now you don’t have to wonder
You know that there is another
We might as well call him my lover
And it is what it is

And if you think that you wanna leave
I won’t shed a tear
Cause right now ain’t a man that means more
Than my career, oh

So make up your mind, cause I made up mine
If you can endure being second in life then we’re cool
But if you don’t, then you know what to do

So make up your mind, cause I made up mine
If you can handle being second in life then we’re cool
And if you don’t, then you know what to do, uh

So if you think that you gotta leave
I won’t shed a tear
Cause sorry baby you don’t mean more
Than my career, oh no.

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Jazmine Sullivan My Career Comments
  1. Simona Felice

    I feel you, Jazzy. 💚

  2. Tillonni Hamilton


  3. TS D'aishia

    This sounds like an Alicia Keys type of song

  4. Lady Bleu

    My favorite song till this day

  5. Shae Lawrence

    love that "ive gotta story to tell" rim shot yo! one of my favorite drum patterns. love her voice and concept!

  6. Jay Tynes

    Still one of my fav songs of hers

  7. Richie H

    Always out singing your favs! 😉

    Jay Tynes

    Richard Hutchinson she can't out sing mines because she is mine!! 😎

    Teflon Don

    Richie East she gat a wonderful voice

  8. Carnelius Teasett

    she is just beyond amazing!

  9. gelly Littlejohn

    Love this song

  10. Antonio Scott

    My Favorite Female Artist so far right now!!!!

  11. Whitney Grant

    This just became my favorite song.


    I feel u girl

  13. SuperHurricane75

    This chic is beyond talented! GOOSEBUMPS!

  14. Kandice Kendrick

    I have been listening to her since she came out...an she has yet to disappoint me......I LOVE HER

  15. Amaretto Prince of the Ghetto

    She's a murderer with that voice.

  16. Afro Bluee

    I like the softness of her voice on this track, it almost sounds like her voice is hoarse.

  17. Pernell789

    Jazmine is soo fly....

  18. michael thomas

    Cold blooded, But a Beautiful Voice!!!!!

  19. destiny matthews

    i like it

  20. imani bradford

    When did this song come out?

  21. Rod

    yo i feel u on this one...and im from philly and ive yet to see her live....but i will because i heard she gives U your money worth with every verse...

  22. Raven McRae

    iiLove her soo much

  23. loyalman11212


  24. datchick2000

    are you sure she can do soprano? That's really high. Most contemporary r&b vocalists are not sopranos.

  25. lajoi88

    I am most definitely feeling this song, she should put this on the think like a man soundtrack or something

  26. datchick2000


  27. Maurice Odell

    this girl can give you contralto (the lowest female range), alto. soprano, mezzo soprano, sweet whisper tones, chest voice, head voice, rasp, clarity, churchy, gospel, jazz, neo soul, alternative, jazmine is unlimited,wow!!! what the ham can she not do? Jazmine. WOW.

  28. meagob11

    that run @ 3:09! Ahhhh! I just love her!!

  29. datchick2000

    Her voice sorta reminds me of a deeper version of alicia keys right here and this is a very beautiful song. Can't wait for her next album.

  30. Cordelia Thompson

    This is SUCH a chune!!! Goodness.... <3

  31. hazel topaz

    JAZZY'S BACCCKKKK!!!!! :D #thankgod

  32. Mobettamuzik

    Her voice is unexplainable!! I love it!!

    King Jarrus Rico

    Mobettamuzik word!!!

  33. pika txu

    elle murmure trop à mon goût...

  34. coby billingsley


  35. R Parker

    Yessss! I'm so glad she reconsidered retiring from the industry!

  36. McLovin123XO

    Perfect yet effortless.. almost indescribable.

  37. ModelingIzMyPassioN

    Love it!! Feel this way about my modeling career!

  38. DonneeB79

    Go on Jaz! Neva lets us down.

  39. AsiaVanity

    I can relate to this in the WORST way.
    Good song, GOOOOD song.

  40. Brit112191

    omg i love this! ive been listening to it all day and havent gotten tired of it ....thats good music for ya! I love Jazmine!!!

  41. quasez54

    I love this song. It's so important for young women to be FOCUSED. It's refreshing to hear this, and encouraging!!

  42. Jiggaboo

    aw man, Gota have this song. When and where can we get it? LOVING this so much. anyone got info on these songs please.

  43. P Last

    Damn Girl!!!!! Your voice never fails... sounds breathtaking as usual:)

  44. Chxzzyyy

    tis joint is crazy...

  45. hasbey1

    She could sing the alphabet...her tone is just so beautiful and soothing!

  46. Jadis Hornsby

    Yep yep. She is one of the best.

  47. Miss Soie

    LOVE IT!!!! It isnt always another man or woman.

  48. Jauquese

    Jazyy yu better tell em ! Ik im feelin dis jawn rite here

  49. Brittney F

    Gotta catch her in concert before i die!

  50. Sayegh Devoue’

    Love it