Jazmine Sullivan - Forever Don't Last Lyrics

I had high hopes for us, baby
Like I was on dope for us, baby
Chasin' after a high that I'd never get back again
So we turn into three long years
And it became painfully clear that we,
We would never see those days again

But I guess forever, doesn't last too long forever
Doesn't last too long forever
Doesn't last too long these days, hey
And I tried to believe that we could make it
But trying don't work, so I just have to face that forever
Doesn't last too long these days, hey

Still think about the good times we had
And how you used to make me laugh
But, baby, I know most times we were miserable
So every time I wanna call, baby, what always helps
Is when I think of the pain, and I realize
I'm better off by myself

'Cause forever, doesn't last too long forever
Doesn't last too long forever
Doesn't last too long these days, hey
And I tried to believe that we could make it
But trying don't work, so I just have to face that forever
Doesn't last too long these days, hey

Lord knows I gave it my all and
I couldn't save us from falling
'Cause some people ain't meant to be together forever forever

'Cause forever, doesn't last too long forever
Doesn't last too long forever
Doesn't last too long these days, hey
And I tried to believe that we could make it
But trying don't work, so I just have to face that forever
Doesn't last too long forever these days, hey

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Jazmine Sullivan Forever Don't Last Comments
  1. Nina Ndounga

    Those first 5 seconds are just killing me

  2. Yameir Lacy

    She really remind me of Aretha Franklin

  3. BeingKeshia 100%

    True story 💕

  4. shianne lake

    She’s dope I love her songs and her vocals

  5. Nicole Thorpe

    I’m just now hearing this song I think I found my fav Jazmine song

  6. Whitney White

    I needed to here this song almost 3 years into my marriage and it's over and it took me to here this song to realise there is no point in fighting for my marraige anymore.

  7. Big Boy

    13 years I been with that man I’m about to be 30 you do the math 😞

  8. Lachelle Walker

    Chasing after a high that i will never get back again.. 😞💔

  9. Pso Phly

    whew Chile!

  10. Dessy Bellvania

    Ada yang kesini karna cover ziva?

  11. Courtney Standard

    2019 I'm still jamming

  12. Sierra Daniels- Peterson

    I still listen music like this in 2019. They don't make immense singing like this anymore. People can't accept the fact that there still good soul foul music

  13. MsDree75

    She is so underrated. This song is 🔥. I just stumbled across it...Thank God

  14. Mz Show Out Honey

    Where You At Jazzy Baby 2019 Need More of this FaSure😍ForEva Don't last To Long These Days Talk Yo Shit

  15. Will Is vlone

    I need the tabs for this

  16. FraggleRockz

    This.girl.....wow 🤯🔥

  17. latrice johnson

    This is hitn hard divorcing after 3 years and im still in love with my husband the pain i feel i wouldnt wish it on no one

  18. Mukhtar Abdul-Jabbar

    Get em Jazy!!!

  19. Sydney Arianna

    "Chasing after a high, that id never get back again."

    Sandra Scurlock

    I FEEL YOU!!! 🙏🏾♥️

  20. Anomaly

    J.S. is a vocal goddess.

  21. Bomb Bae

    Literally just got dumped 4 hours ago.. and my pitty party is in full effect 😒💔

  22. YÎZZ & LÊII TalkShow


  23. cakenurse

    My 5 year relationship came to an end! This song right here!!!! 😭

  24. Nthabiseng Tsoele

    If it’s not meant to be then it’s not.

  25. tasha Gardner

    Who still listening in 2019??? OMG her voice is just so soothing..I have a deep voice and to hear how she change levels motivate me not to sing 🎤😆 but love her for not letting it stop her. she is definitely underrated.She went to church from 2:22 -252(humming🎧)..I would pay major cash for Jasmine, Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott, H.E.R, India Aire, Music Soulchild, Erykah Badu to name a few artist that music have great meaning. 🎧🗣️🎤

  26. Jessica J

    The first 7 seconds of this song is a classic itself 😍😍😩😩🔥

  27. K Reeves

    Timeless classic...forever lasting long for this song 🙌 The soul in her voice and truth in the words so touching

  28. Josh Ousley

    I literally played back the first 5 seconds 3 times. Jaz you cant be singin like this. And then gon sing like a guiter! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. Maria Bellamy

    Forever may not last but I wish this song did


    All i can say is damn jaz

  31. Chat B

    Like i was on dope for us baby!!!😭😭😭😭😭

  32. Meg Srini


  33. Kai Gosa

    Lord knows I gave it my all but I couldn't save us from falling.

  34. Shay Mathis


  35. Jameel Buntley

    When she started harmonizing with the guitar, I liked to shoot my phone across my room. GOAT statis right there👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾

  36. Brandy Wells

    Real talk... 2019

  37. john lothian

    Voice like Honey

  38. Ana Moura

    H.e.r's inspiration!!!!!!! Sure!!!! 😍❤️

  39. Jaree Aki

    She always help me get through a bad break up

  40. Teresa Irvin

    still singing it in 2019!!!

  41. noelle hoskins

    Anyone still listening to this masterpiece.. 🥰

  42. Lakesexy Pager

    Jaz sing it babe 😌😘🙏👸💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💋💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  43. Chat B

    Where tf is the album jazz 😭 Your absence is getting ridiculous now

  44. Dominique Grice

    I just love her man her voice makes me melt 😘😘😍🤞🤘🤘

  45. NinaB0307 T

    I’m better off by myself!!!! Sang child

  46. Zeporia

    Swear don't listen to this in the middle of a break up. Mannnnnnnnnn I cried! Sannnnggg hunnnnnyyyyyy sang

  47. david lyons

    We will never see those days again

  48. madison lyons


  49. FancyFrancey loveyou1st

    I sent these words to my ex after he called me from ghosting me. 6 days later and I told him to forget about me and leave me alone...This song omg love it!!


    KP Incorporated AKA Selfloveyou!! I’ve been there literally...my ex ghosted for 7 days ...it was a wrap for him and never looked back

  50. Mike Hardin

    Imagine the studio session. When She was making this song🎙🎹🎼🎻🥁🎷awesome energy

  51. deidre simmons


  52. Ivory V

    Song hit different when you go through some shit

  53. Drea Goody

    You can sing love you Jazmine your friend love your songs don,t last forever

  54. rashanique moss

    Going through exactly this at exactly this moment!😥 She's way to amazing at capturing the emotions of 1's soul......Damn this song is accurate.😢💔😥

  55. Jorn Kirkengard

    Who is she so good!?

  56. Chat B


  57. Dennis Griffin

    Just listening to this song makes me want to Break up with my gf.. This song the truth😪

  58. CliffHuxtableSweater

    My goodness... She look good layin onnat wall...

  59. Deja Davis

    Still listening she be doin her thang. 7/2019

  60. creole king

    I LOVE HER beauty, FIRE and passion!!!

  61. Alisha Kennard

    These lyrics ain’t never lied

  62. Rah Martinez

    So painfully true that forever doesn’t last long at all these days! It’s been 2 months in2 my break up with my X thus far. It’s still hard for me not to mention we tried to work it out 3weeks ago, he still couldn’t deliver the simple things i needed from him! 😞 I finally got the courage to let him be free like he wants to be! Crazy how u give a person all of u and everything only to get nothing but a broken heart in return! 2 and a half years of my life wasted but my healing process definitely gets a little better everyday 📝

  63. Ivory V

    2:23-2:53 she hit them notes so perfect I just realized she was singing the exact note of the instrument. Is thank a electric guitar?

  64. Shatya Boyd

    This song puts me in my feelings. Here in 2019!!!

  65. Ivory V

    Her lower range 😍

  66. beautifullyflawed

    Yaaaaas. I feel it i. My bones

  67. Mr. Fairplay

    Forever doesn't last too.long, nothing lasts.forever. BRAVO Jazzy.

  68. King Arthur

    So underrated if you believe so like or comment


    I love this song it tells what a women goes through having high hopes for a man that was meant for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also helps you get over it knowing you weren't meant for him (LOVE YOU) I love your voice

  70. Sonny Williams

    SMFH....You would think that after 7years of lies, humiliation, and disappointment, as smart as I am, I wouldn't be laying in a cheap motel room alone with nothing and nobody. Well, I guess the toughest lessons in life come with a lot of pain

  71. Kalin Reed

    Tell me y I broke into tears

  72. Clebson Lima da silva

    Som! Muito bom

  73. Keee Keee


  74. Chat B


  75. Sandra Scurlock

    Still listening in 2019 with tears streaming down my face😭I know some of you out there can understand & relate to my tears..When you’ve lost a LOVE ONE who was your FRIEND your CONFIDANT your LOVER & your SOUl MATE who you thought would be with you FOREVER😭

  76. aspiringcreative 1

    Like a modern day Mahaila Jackson.

  77. Asina Lashay

    This goes Hard!!!😢

  78. Juliana Motta

    Beautiful song... Beautiful voice.. omg

  79. Mckever Lewis

    It was like there were 6 evil versions of my wife beating me down, kicking and punching me in front of the kids when she told me it was over ( new dude smiling) while Jazmine was singing this song.

  80. Phillip Jennings

    How she has never received an award is beyond me. 2:23 sing it love.

  81. Adora Brownlee

    Wheeeeeew!!!!... She know she can SANG!!!.. I STILL LOVE HER in 2019🤗🙌🏽😍😍😍

  82. Roy Mane

    This song been getting me for years, I love it💕💕💕💕💕 even though I cry sometimes

  83. Damion Washington

    Wow Jaz!

  84. Rae Nunnery

    When you don’t want it to end.. but you know it’s coming. That’s when It hurts the most.. 💔

  85. anjeliek Comeaux

    On Saturday December 8, 2018 my husband shot me multiple times and let me for dead at the church we were married at 5 years earlier. I hear this song and I can except that am more blessed then I initially thought.......

    Truth'b Told

    GOD Is good ...... every breathe is a blessing....#Blessed

  86. Erica Monique

    2019 I'm still listening to it ?

  87. Rena

    Who else is still listening to this in 2019??😩😩

    Meia Walton

    me bc i do not have nobody no but boyf and my bf that all

    nitin jacob

    Me cuz my boy friend left me too for some another cheap hoe😪😪

  88. Tynesha Hardy


  89. Lynette dunn

    This is my really hitting home right now

  90. Author Tonya D Simmons

    True Song and sing it Jaz!

  91. Tam Dawson

    On repeat off my Playlist 2019🔊🎧❣️

  92. Josanne Joseph

    Omg beautiful song

  93. Fowomola Hakeem

    Oh my God... this song is everything

  94. Buffy Montana

    Gives me chills and a sense of direction 👌