Jazmine Sullivan - Break My Little Heart Lyrics

You can predict the weather
but you cant predict love
if my heart could speak you'd know
if my mind could speak you'd know
cuz I would say these words to you

If you could read my mind
You'd know I'm for real this time
I been made a fool so much
Til I'm scared to fall in love
Please don't be a fool like the rest
Give me a hundred percent
Show me that the others wasn't for me
And you'll be sure to get the best out of me

(If you find a way to turn me on)
If you find a way
(maybe we can make a deal)
maybe we can make a deal
Promise me boy, don't you lead me on
(boy don't lead, lead me on)
You don't know how, don't break
(You don't know how I feel)
Please promise me

If you knew what I've been through
You would let me not be used
So abused I can't explain
Never thought I'd fall in love again
Feels so right (so right)
Something I been missing all my life
Say you won't do me wrong
listen to the words I sing in this song

(If you find a way to turn me on)
If you find
(maybe we can make a deal)
don't break my little heart
please please please, promise me
(boy don't lead, lead me on)
ooohhh You don't know how
(You don't know how I feel)
you don't how I feel, feel
how I feel, feel

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Jazmine Sullivan Break My Little Heart Comments
  1. Ogdatboyro218 Ttvs

    Prefer the other version but she a beast on both damn

  2. K Cole

    For anyone who has never heard the original version of this song "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0iPn_N5u2I" You will not regret.

  3. Shunta Carter

    2019 ❤️

  4. ALYSSA Harding-Saleem

    Stumbled across this song again & I remember why I LOVED it!!!!!!

  5. Iris Twine

    Still listening to this in 2018 💋

  6. LadiLish

    go listen to other version... you're welcome.

  7. Beautiful Bliss

    This beautiful spiritual women I love her she sings my life in words!!! Lord so underrated💟 love her so much!!!

  8. Naturally Curious TV

    Love this. But it doesn’t beat the original version.

  9. Brittany Sanders

    I like the original version better! This is my song❤

  10. Jeffery Burnside


  11. MISS Bow


  12. Bvlgari Mosa

    It’s a Missy Elliott Production🗣🗣 #EXCLUSIVE🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯🔥🔥💯♥️🔥🔥👑👑

  13. Natasha Ebonee'

    I've been looking for this for literally 9 years 😩

  14. SuaveBaby

    STILL in 2018

  15. Baby Girl

    I ALWAYS come to this song to soothe my soul... Jazmine Sullivan is the truth!!!

  16. Shireen Christopher

    I will never get over this song

    Angel Adams

    I'm here many many many years later!

  17. Toria Alexander

    this song suck

  18. Jerry Grimes

    The BEST Jazmine Sullivan performance... raw and unrestrained

  19. Mindful Thinker

    Sounds so beautiful!!

  20. Velveeta

    Still love this song! 😙

  21. Misha Neil

    Love the beat, melody she got this from, too. She sounds so good on this.

  22. Monica Chantelle

    So beautiful ❤️

  23. Antonio Scott

    Those Runs!!!!!!..... Beautiful....

  24. mm sre bms

    Gorgeous voice

  25. Billy Larkin

    I hear Tweet too

  26. nonameneeded

    candice glover did a cover to this song they both sound Amazing

  27. Latoya Joplin

    Is she doing anything now?

  28. Edson DJEdson Bolinha

    sensacionallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,linda melodiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.,(sampleou bemmmmmmm).

  29. MsGibson777

    aint this a blue magic sample


    Sideshow Blue Magic

  30. Connie Banks

    This has always been one of my favorite tracks by Jazmine Sullivan. This collabo with Jazmine and Missy is amazing.

  31. The Usually Quiet Scorpio


  32. Tommy Reginal

    Got flow....

  33. Afro Bluee

    The beginning melody she sings sounds like the mjb song everything, idky i thought faith sang that song though.

    Raheema Davis

    She does they both do

  34. nicole st.denis

    The music in the background is a sample from "Side Show" by the Stylistics. The melody i cant pin point to a Faith song

  35. Josiah Brady

    so clean.... oh my gosh

  36. stuntdevil44

    first time hearing this but not the last time

  37. Keshyra Cohn

    Im just now being introduced to her music and she is just great.. my phone is full of her music.. she need to get back in the industry


    Y'all hear fantasia back there lol

    Zach Simmons

    No lol this song was done before Fantasia was even discovered on Idol .this song is over 12 years old

  39. WoodsView PRO

    Will somebody tell me where has she been, damn R&B soul music needs her back in the game!!

  40. Afro Bluee

    Wait. the melody of this song isn't it from a faith evans song?

  41. The LeonaT

    One of my favorite songs ever... I miss her so much

  42. The LeonaT

    Omg come back... Girl music needs you

  43. Mr. Winrow

    YO she chuckled at the end and kept pushing thru it . Her techniques are unmatched

  44. Stephanie S

    Pleas please promise me

  45. Stephanie S

    Ridicolous in a good way them riffs and runs was >>>>>

  46. Stephanie S

    Her ad libs ridicolous

  47. ThatGirlTee

    Im still doing that lmao

  48. ThatGirlTee

    One of my favorite all time hands down!

  49. Abigail barrett

    Love this song so much

  50. Jevon Jones

    anyone have her 2 mixtapes been looking to download them "Break my Little Heart", and "Always have Jazmine"


    Love love love this song!!!!

  52. Jasmin Wimberly

    My favorite song <3

  53. PapitoX

    No worries

  54. Sam Ojeda

    Wow thnks for the Info bro !

  55. PapitoX

    It was an unreleased song from her album when she was 16.. then she got dropped from the label... (Jive)

  56. Sam Ojeda

    This is a Single right????? Cuz I cant find it in none of her 2 albums

  57. Mical Roy

    Yea, this one goes...and goes.. Forever dope!

  58. Alwayz4music

    What album iz this on? amazin song!

  59. Shakerra Boyd

    I'm gone foreva love dis song.. jus plain incredible..

  60. Kierra Clay

    i love that beat wen it 1st com on

  61. Kierra Clay

    God damn i still love this song,... shit man i love this song so much

  62. Rafiaah Ummjennah


  63. Duwayne Tyree

    wWho could do this loke her???

  64. TheStarbaby7

    This whole song is sick!! Love it man, especially at the end where she say "feel" and she chuckles. The riffs and runs are just amazing and i can't! Love you jazmine

  65. Dajanay White

    the runs she do in this song is crazzyy *chills* especially at 0:15 ... shes one of my fav artist <3

  66. Deanna Green

    What a beautiful song this is. I love it when an artist of todays time sample old school music & in turn present a beautiful song & the artist is amazing. Jazmine is awesome.



  68. meaniesweetie

    i love the old school beat

  69. John Thomas

    beat hot

  70. utterbullspit

    @classOverTrash Thanks! (^_^)

  71. utterbullspit

    Blue Magic - Sideshow

  72. Jacqueline Stone

    @Candrews1221 i know right oh my god i never seen any of alot of the songs i've just heard by her but i've fallen in love with all of them especially the jazz ones

  73. cmeeinspire

    i LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEE this song! lol.

  74. Rose That Grew 4rm concrete

    love this song itssssssssssss deeep

  75. Duwayne Tyree

    Where can I find this mp3?

  76. Glampossible

    Love Missy, but does she really have to speak all over the majority of Jazzmine's songs?

  77. Joyce Hendersoon

    @mjroypr Love me some Jazmine!! How tall is she?

  78. Mical Roy

    Feel good record for sure. The harmony be crazy on her records. Reminds me of Missy and Tweet!

  79. Mical Roy

    Jazmine doesnt make a bad record apparently!

  80. Shae Lawrence


  81. Mical Roy

    Indefinitely wicked to death! OUCH! The harmony is all in my eardrum.

  82. mistyday

    these are the tones & riffs and runs that i fell in love with jaz.. i want her to stop screaming and singing at her highest octaves and get back to her soulful tones. i love her voice just hate the record labels push her voice to the max to fit into popular music.

  83. Tootie Montanna

    Swear I Love This Song<3

  84. Indhira Aceved

    love her cuz she is different she is an r&b singer but she is not like the other ones her style n voice r so unique n thats why i like her music

  85. Mee Chee

    I love the "feels" (good song!)

  86. Candygirl

    I LUV IT

  87. Candygirl

    I love it

  88. Jamilynn Armstrong

    i love it

  89. BangYourHead79

    i feel so right!

  90. chesa harris

    love this song


    I LOVE this girl such a beautiful blessed lady...

  92. TheDivaWearsPrada

    Bless her vocal chords that woman can SANG!!! Gorgeous girl, gorgeous voice, gorgeous collabo!!! Talent rite here!!! We don't get that anymore nowadays :/

  93. Eireee17

    love dis sng 2 death plus shes n concert n my city 2 bad im not old enough bumer

  94. Eireee17

    love dis sng 2 death

  95. MyVir2

    what CD is this on?

  96. jahster33

    ughhhhhh i love the raspy voice like kim burell nd the deep voice like toni braxton ughhh i love it

  97. iamLILkayla

    please . watch my videos , and listen 2 my song support me pls !! im a young female rapper