JayteKz - After All This Time Lyrics

I love you so much and that shit will never change
I really do wish the best for you and all your dreams
Even though you and I going separate ways
No matter what you will always have a friend in me
Only if we could rewind and try again
I would only try and give you the best of me
Unfortunately, we can't rewind and try again
So I hold on tight to these memories
These memories are all I have
Thinking of the happy times always makes me sad
Thinking of the good times, thinking of the bad
Wishing that we could find what we never had
And that's trust
What we both shared was more than lust
We had our downs and we had our ups
I'm glad I found you no matter what, no matter what
Regardless I love you and always will care
You had stuck by me when no one was there
You have supplied with love in the air
I feel your presence nearly everywhere
I hear your voice everytime someone speaks
I see your face, feel your touch in my dreams
Forever will treasure your time in my life
We last forever if timing was right

After all this time, you are all that's on my mind
After all this time, I still wish you were mine
After all this time, I still find myself crying
After all this time, I wish I could press rewind
After all this time, you are all that's on my mind
After all this time, I still wish you were mine
After all this time, I still find myself crying
After all this time, I wish I could press rewind

I know you will be fine and come across happiness
I can't wait till you do, you deserve it all
You deserve someone loving and compassionate
And when you find him you will realize you worth the fall
Even though it's hard for me to imagine it
You will be getting married walking down a church hall
You will gain so much more, this ain't the half of it
Promise you that one day you will have it all
I know one day you will have it all
And every once of pain that you feel will soon dissolve
Truly sorry for the tears that I ever caused
I love you dearly, more than you ever thought
More than you ever knew
Reminiscing every day just to get me through
Never thought I'd see the day that we will split into
Nothing ever feels the same if it's not with you
Baby, you're precious
One of a kind, don't you ever forget it
I know I was wrong for the times I neglected
What you were worth, I swear I never meant it
I never meant it
I learned my lesson
I was hard headed, so blind to my blessings
Don't you dear question what you meant to me
You were my future and my destiny

After all this time, you are all that's on my mind
After all this time, I still wish you were mine
After all this time, I still find myself crying
After all this time, I wish I could press rewind
After all this time, you are all that's on my mind
After all this time, I still wish you were mine
After all this time, I still find myself crying
After all this time, I wish I could press rewind

No matter what we been through
Regardless of our differences and the mistakes we have made
The times we hurt one another and let each other down
It was all out of love
Perhaps it was a love that was too powerful for us to understand at the time
Our hearts were ready but our minds weren't in the same place
And that's where things got blurry
But as blurry as things got
I still saw beauty in your eyes
I saw passion, I saw hope
I saw an angel that saved me from my own misery
And I will forever be grateful for you
Be grateful for the times you stuck by my side
For the times you made me smile and forget
About all the pain and disappointments
For the times you held me tight and wiped away my tears
I will forever from the bottom of my heart be grateful for you

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JayteKz After All This Time Comments
  1. X3 Lå Whïspêrs X3

    Who still here in 2019 forever more! 🌹🙏💯🖤

    Like if your a real fan of jay

  2. Randy Duran

    I dedicate this one to a beautiful woman from Hawaii she had my heart.. until one day she decided she didn't want it anymore I'll always Love you Alissa thank you for caring 😞😭💔

  3. Brian Ostovitz

    I’ll just say f relationships an be there more for my daughter

  4. Brian Ostovitz

    So sick of being hurt after all I do .....

  5. Brian Ostovitz

    No your not alone but my new girl makes me feel like this an the love is way stronger

  6. Corina Parras

    Hry now whats up with that new album

  7. Jimmy Elgo

    Plus love your songs mucho respecto y amor💓💪👍🙏

  8. Jimmy Elgo

    Bro love the way you understand 👍about life

  9. yt jonalyn

    Anyone still listening in 2019?

  10. Bernsss650

    You deserve it all. We tried so hard but I was never enough for you or your family , you left, found someone that was and I don’t oppose it I’m just glad you’re happy I know one day I will be too

  11. Katie Germek

    Love this song

  12. Kelly D

    Here cause of iris ❤️❤️❤️💀

  13. MrDr King

    Fuckin great song...it ain't a oldie but damn this is a goodie

  14. Katie Germek

    This song goes for my baby daddy

  15. Daddyop


  16. Earth Angel

    This is why you should never let a true love slip from your grasp..

  17. Kingzek121 lit

    @JayteKz I've been making music for a while now, and you the person that started it all ,i listen to your music every day to get me through all i ever wanted was to make a song with you

    After all this time your music took away my crying after all this time your music kept me smiling after all this time I felt like some one was bye my side

  18. Jaden Mcelrath


  19. 360CEA725

    I’m not crying my eyes are just sweating 😥

  20. brianstine 1980


    We started of as friends
    Here we go again
    Why do I get close
    When its all the same in the end

    I couldn’t take my eyes off you
    When I saw u every day
    But as long as u weren’t happy
    My days were dark and grey

    I stayed close even tho it hurt
    Watching u in pain
    With the wrong person
    Who was only selfish and vain

    I tried to show
    A better way
    How u should be treated
    Each and every day

    I fucked with other girls
    To keep my mind away
    That it’s u I wanted
    Each and every day

    Then I told you
    How I really felt
    It’s like the knot in my stomach was gone
    Like I loosened my belt

    To u it was no surprise
    Never told u lies
    Told u everything
    Loved the look in ur eyes

    U were my everything
    Finally had my heart
    Fell in love with u
    Could never be torn apart

    Ur family became mine
    And ur problems too
    All I wanted was better
    For u and lil Bella too

    I loved ur little girl
    Just to see her smile
    It made me happy
    If only a little while

    But the more I tried
    Seemed like u couldn’t let go
    Of everything u went thru
    In ur past, how could I know

    It wasn’t the same
    The way u were
    U pushed at me
    Every corner every curve

    But I was still there
    Trying to be there for u
    But something was wrong
    I already knew

    U were pushing away
    Saw it in my dream
    Told u about it
    It just didn’t seem

    Like it was just a dream
    I knew it was real
    Told u what’s on my mind
    Told u how I feel

    I was waiting for it
    Knew it was fate
    U got it in ur head
    Now it was too late

    U thought I hurt u
    Gave something to a another girl
    While we were together
    Thought I broke ur world

    But u were wrong
    It was before we were together
    I was only urs
    Never wanted another

    But I told u about it
    We weren’t together
    U even said it was nice
    Tho u don’t remember

    I could show u proof But what’s it matter
    U say I’m always right and never u
    This whole shits killing me
    And u don’t have a clue

    U say I’m an asshole
    Being a dick
    Don’t know what u expect
    When this shit makes me sick

    How u can walk away
    Even when ur wrong
    From what we have
    Tho it hasn’t been long

    It makes me wonder
    Is there another reason
    Is there someone else
    Made ur feeling change like the season

    I loved u girl
    Hope u never doubt it
    But now can’t be around
    I’m not about it

    My heart is broke
    Don’t know what to do
    I don’t know how
    It’s so easy for u

    I’ll say goodbye
    Because I’m not mad
    I don’t hate u
    I’m just sad
    That u ever thought
    I could do u wrong
    That’s y I took this time
    To write u this song
    I leave u alone
    That’s what u want tho not me
    Wish u would have talked
    So u could see
    Just how loved
    U were by me
    I’ll let u go
    Tho I don’t want to
    I let u go
    Because I see we’re through
    I wish u the best
    I wish u well
    I hope when u think of me
    U can tell
    That I wasn’t everyone else
    Make fun of me for this
    I don’t care
    It’s how I feel
    It’s just part of how i heal
    Just wanted u to know
    That I loved u
    U were my Bella ❤️😢

  21. lil Mitchell

    I all way think about my ex in the past. I wish I never done silly things. I hute my myself 😢😢😢

  22. Kim Gow

    dam, I just lost my gf of 10yrs an we split up an I moved ,changed my number and blocked her an she reached out to me on here YouTube messenger and I was harsh. after 3 wks I calmed down an wanted to make it rt an she was dead. committed suicide on Dec 2nd..... I am a f n mess now! this song got me in my feels! RIP Jessica

  23. Angelo Santiago

    It's been nearly 2 months since the girl I loved deeply and still do left me, if I could rewind I would do it in a heartbeat, if only I realized my mistakes then, I wouldn't be broken and destroyed

  24. Chris Gee

    Fuck .. jaytexz everysong gets to me brotha 🔥💎

  25. Emily Pack

    I'm sorry for everything I said to you and did I wanna be happy again with someone new all I ask is for you to not to hurt me like he did🚶‍♀️💔😔😢😭😭😭😭😭🙏

    Larry Jr

    Don't. Worry. I still love u

  26. savana hislaw

    when your phone freezes at 0:37 😏😂

  27. Mads Risbjerg


  28. Wynona Chant

    😌 this is true

  29. Bernsss650

    Man, I miss her so much. Don’t ever take someone for granted you’ll regret it.

  30. Armando Armijo

    It's so ducking catching and it's so true as well a true love will neva fade😢

  31. Anónimo

    A year later and you still in my mind Monica 💔😞

  32. Vi Lawier

    after all thos time .... 2018 ... no matter what been through ..vi..

  33. jordan mcclain

    you in spired me bro keep that head up and never give up

  34. Jason Voorhees

    *Always* If u get it 😂

  35. Zayan

    Another banger 🔥

  36. ElSuperFeliGT

    damn bro. this shit hard man. going through a though relationship right now. thank you for your'e song bro!

  37. Luca Brasi

    I still miss my girl its been over a year n im still cryin over her n i still thinkin about her n still dream about her😩😖💯💯💯 i still love n miss her but i want her to be happy too..

  38. Jordan Blaze

    Why isn’t this on SoundCloud 😞

  39. Love Innz

    I miss this one female .. she meant so much to me . My word play can’t explain it . She’s was the one . Is the one . Could of been the one . But she was the one who didn’t stick around

  40. Private Property

    Every time you comment it is so SAD

  41. Saints 24


  42. Jamie Frease-Steele

    Fuck once again in my feelings 💔

  43. Charmed Wharft

    Snape: Always.

  44. Janice Zeno

    JayteKz is a great Artist. This songs is real and meaningful. Take care of my 💓 always.💎💎💎💎👸👑

  45. king WILson

    My EX need to watch this video
    #selean 😖😖😖😔😔

  46. Jamie Frease-Steele

    This song makes me cry thinking bout my first love

  47. Jamie Frease-Steele

    This song is so amazing

  48. Locky Clarke

    Bruh your lyrics are so real everything u say in your songs not just this one I can realate to every word I'm sick of this depression cuz st 16 cuz it ant right this world is crazy it gets u on ya knees and kicks u while ya down and theres nothing u can do you ever feel like just giving up?

  49. Ev in

    So different from deep skies

  50. Malikie Gibbs

    Hey Jay whats your real Instagram

  51. austin Oakley

    Bro my ex loves my again

  52. Mr. Benis20

    I really needed this rn thank you.

  53. Quentin Johnson

    This song makes me think about my ex

  54. Maricela Delgado

    Collab with phora bmike Joyner Lucas akon

  55. Keegan 4

    can someone please make an instrumental of this ?

  56. Codygamezz

    My ex dedicated this to me... makes me cry everytime I listen

  57. Matthew S

    I will forever be grateful for you
    Be grateful for the times you stuck by my side
    For the times you made me smile and forget
    About all the pain and disappointments
    For the times you held me tight and wiped away my tears
    I will forever from the bottom of my heart be grateful for you

  58. Mike Huckabay

    I know how it feels I can relate to all your songs

  59. Sammy The Wizard

    This song alway make me cry

  60. Racquel Mosqueda

    This song is so cute'❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤'

  61. Avic Nation

    It's been two months that she decided to end the relationship between us. And till today even though we are not together she doesn't want to divorce me

  62. alyssaaa 2020

    he's so underrated 😴

  63. Morgan King

    i cry every time I hear this :///

  64. Audrey Cantu

    some guys don't realize what they have EVER......

  65. nicole manintezes

    love this song so much ❤❤

  66. Rogue Ghost9

    This song reminds me of Trang Nguyen

  67. Andrew White

    Shit goes so fucking hard man i just started hearing ur shit its fire bro keep it up

  68. Brandon payan- pine

    JayteKz I want you to become a millionaire, You deserve it. From your oldest to your newest songs, they’re all quality 🤙🏻

  69. cuz imryte

    im gonna get some awesome tats while sporting tie dye threads.....LMFAO!!! This vid is the epitome of millennial confusion.

  70. Jaslene Aguilera

    Its sad cuz i already gave up on love 💔

  71. Nate Ray

    I cant stand life anymore this song says just as much as the song if i should... I just wanna give up

  72. Adrian Martinez

    JayteKs and Phora?

  73. julianslays 05

    Jaytekz u are the best and the best singer keep up the good work ^_^^_^

  74. Ashley Hulme

    This is exactly what mine and my ex relationship was like waiting for the day we can get back to gether

  75. Rita Moreno

    Damn after all this time,finally somebody understands my feelings, loved it Jay keep it up!

  76. Brian Perez

    How come this aint on soundcloud tho😢

  77. Cody Pantherbone

    Who’s the guy talking in the beginning

  78. Brayan Sanchez

    It's the best song ever and so sad also deep

  79. Sean Huesman

    Green day sample

  80. Jazmine Valencia

    Great song. And I love the video.

  81. Joey Smithmeyer

    Reminds me of 2 girls one was my ex who left me for my (best friend) n moved to Colorado that i truly loved and the crush i had in highschool that i tried so hard to get with for years....well when my ex left me i finally got a chance with my dream girl from high school.... I started to get over my ex and started to fall in love with my highschool honey.....n she actually caught feelings for me .....well my ex moved back and i was stuck....i loved her Still after 4 years of living together and being a team but i finally could be with my crush who i have wanted since middle school...are love for eachother grew in the 3 months my ex was gone....now after 4 years it just didnt feel over with my ex...knowing she left me once n prob would again but she begged n begged so i got back with my ex like a dumbass...i broke highschools heart n the way she took it i knew i made the wrong choice. ..ofcourse after 2 or 3 years the bitch left for another dude.....it took a long time but... ...now im friends with my highschool crush... but ill never get another chance with her😟 worst thing is i knew if shed leave me once shed doit again n ofcourse 2 years later she did. ....im glade me n the highschool. Beauty can be friends but shes with a loser and shes very faithful to this loser......its been about 3 years and shes still always on my mind.....i know if we would of started dating we would still be together....my ex was/is so manipulating. I wich i knew how the highschool honey i chased for 8 or 9 years really felt about me.........but if i had one more chance id never mess it up😰💔💯

  82. Joseph Ibarra

    Things will never be the same I will always love you and care about you baby we would last forever if timing was right

  83. End Times

    Sounds like a lil girl.. wack az

  84. sarah shinault

    Seeing you in Denver cannot wait. Your music inspires me to keep on pushing. Thank you. Got through my Meth addiction. Thank you and all the work you do.

  85. John Pena

    My gf is the reason I am listening to this song

  86. Jairo Montelongo

    Made me tear up....

  87. Alexander Genchi

    I feel bah for him

  88. Alexander Genchi


  89. Kenneth Chambers

    This one hits deep as fuuuuck

  90. Bre Lane


    July 22, 2015🖤😔

  91. Peter Carpinteiro

    Heart breaking. Going through the same thing right know 💔

  92. Ashley Lewis

    big track 2018💪🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  93. Mariano Linares

    May sum 1 tell me if there is a real istremental for this song and if there is May sum tell me the name of the song?