JayteKz - A Lost Dream Lyrics

No I, I honestly don't even know where I'm
Where I'm going with this song but
I just know that, we're fucked up, and
And I love you, and, I know you love us, but
There's some things that I really can't explain
Just listen

I hope you know I love you, I really do
And the day that you came home was a dream come true
When you hugged me and Danny and you held us tight
It's like the only time the world had ever felt so right
I just wish that I could pause or go back in time
Cause what I felt in that moment is so hard to find
Now I'm up all night constantly just reminiscing
Upon the days when our love didn't feel so distant
And I know you been through things we'll never understand
But you know we been through things you'll never understand
We're like two strangers coming from two different lands
With two different languages that we can't comprehend
And I'll shamefully admit that there's resentment in my heart
And I'll painfully admit I have no clue who you are
I've been trying to forgive but I'm so damaged from these scars
I wish this could be fixed but there's too many broken parts

I've been holding on
To a fairytale so long
And it's so hard to move on
When I know your heart's my home, and I've
I've been so depressed
Memories I recollect
Promises that were not kept
Break my heart when I reflect, and I'm

Tryna' move forward and leave this behind
But with no closure there's no peace of mind
I'm growing colder and bitter with time
Wish we were closer and our stars aligned
Hard to accept that we can't change the past
All these regrets leave me broken in half
You are my flesh, you're my blood you're my dad
But I can't help that I feel unattached to you

I feel like a stranger, don't feel like your son
I don't feel the love at all I feel so numb
I don't know what happened or what we've become
I just know we haven't came together as one
It might be too late for us to reconcile
Gotta' face the truth snap out of my denial
No matter what inside my heart you'll still be found
No matter what inside my heart you'll still be found

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