Jay-Z - Threat Lyrics

Yo once a pimp gets threats
That's right, that's the - the that's, that's threats them
And I'm serious about mine, I'm so sin-surr
And I, nigga I'll kill ya, I'll chop ya up
Put ya inside the mattress like drug money nigga

Yeah, I done told you niggaz
9 or 10 times stop fuckin with me
I done told you niggaz
9 albums, stop fuckin with me
I done told you niggaz
The 9 on me, stop fuckin with me
You niggaz must got 9 lives
9th wonder

[Verse One]
Put that knife in ya, take a little bit of life from ya
Am I frightenin ya? Shall I continue?
I put the gun to ya, I let it sing you a song
I let it hum to ya, the other one sing along
Now it's a duet, and you wet, when you check out
the technique from the 2 tecs and I don't need two lips
To blow this like a trumpet you dumb shit
This is a un-usual musical I conductin
You lookin at the black Warren Buffett so all critics can duck sic
I don't care if you C. Delores Tuck-it
Or you Bill O'Reilly, you only rylin me up
For three years, they had me peein out of a cup
Now they bout to free me up, whatchu think I'm gon' be, what?
Rehabilitated, man I still feel hatred
I'm young black and rich so they wanna strip me naked, but
You never had me like Christina Aguiler-y
But catch me down the Westside, drivin like Halle Berry
Or the FDR, in the seat of my car
Screamin out the sunroof death to y'all
You can't kill me, I live forever through these bars
I put the wolves on ya, I put a price on your head
The whole hood'll want ya, you startin to look like bread
I send them boys at ya, I ain't talkin bout Feds
Nigga them body-snatchers, nigga you heard what I said

I make 'em wait for you 'til five in the mornin
Put your smarts on the side of your garment
Nigga stop fuckin with me
R. -- I. -- P.

That's right there nigga, nigga I'm wild
Nigga I keep trash bags with me
Never know when you gotta dump a nigga out
This sin-surr, this some sin-surr SHIT right hurr!

[Verse Two]
Grown man I put hands on you
I dig a hole in the desert, they build The Sands on you
Lay out blueprint plans on you
We Rat Pack niggaz, let Sam tap dance on you
Then, I Sinatra shot ya God damn you
... I put the boy in the box like David Blaine
Let the audience watch, it ain't a thang
Y'all wish I was frontin, I George Bush the button
Front of all you in your car lift up your hood nigga run it
Then lift up your whole hood like you got oil under it
Your boy got the goods y'all don't want nuttin of it
Like, castor oil, I Castor Troy you
Change your face or the bullets change all that for you
... y'all niggaz is targets
Y'all garages for bullets, please don't make me park it
in your upper level, valet a couple strays
from the 38 special, nigga, God bless you


Yeah I'm threatening ya, YEAH I'm threatening ya!
Who you thank you dealin with?
They call me Threats, nigga I been makin threats
since I been in kindergarten nigga!
Huh, ask about me, see if you ain't heard

[Verse Three]
When the gun is tucked, untucked, nigga you dies
like numchuks held by the Jet L-I
I'm the one, thus meanin no one must try
No two, no three, no four, know why?
Because one's four-five might blow yo' high
You ain't gotta go to church to get to know yo' God
It's a match made in heaven when I [blaow] 'splay the 7
Put you on the nigga news, UPN at 11
Where you been, you ain't heard, got the word that I'm
[blaow blaow] that I'm so sin-surr?
I'm especially Joe Pesci with a grin
I will kill you, commit suicide, and kill you again
That's right


Whattup? Motherfucker I keep three motherfuckers what?
Nigga I'll throw a Molotov cocktail through your momma's momma's house
Nigga what the - where everybody live!
Undercover nigga take your teeth out your mouth nigga
Chew your food up and put the shit back in your mouth nigga
and help you swallow
Nigga I take a mop handle off nigga
And sweep nigga - hold on, I'll be - nigga what?

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Jay-Z Threat Comments
  1. Vincent Wilson

    NCCU in the house, whattup 9th

  2. Blak Brain

    Never knew Cedric the Entertainer was the voice of Threats!!!!

  3. 6 languages and 4 degrees

    this is R.KElly song and instrumental...

  4. Guille Garcia

    He venido a decir que es brutal y ya lo había puesto da weed

  5. Guille Garcia

    Joder es brutal


    Nasty face material

  7. Vintage Science - Beatmaker

    9th Wonder on Fruity Loops!

  8. D' Kydd

    “I’ll stick a knife in ya...take a little bit of life from ya”
    I might wanna slice you to prove that I’m quite bitter...
    I fight niggas with butterflies in my gut, I like jitters...
    I get too dark with the flow for you light spitters...
    I’ll put the guns to ya...I’m gonna bring them along...
    You think it’s fun do ya...they gonna ring the alarm...
    I’m slinging the arms like a cripple’s fashion...
    Quick to blast’em...I hate rap I’d rather stick to action...
    I’m sick of rats, I’m pickle Rick with the pistols snappin’...
    You fickle chattin, as soon as you spittle I get to laughin’...



    9th Wonder y'all

  10. lucky nnamdi

    I love hip-hop my man

  11. Jamal SMITH

    Drag on killed this beat

  12. ovechkin8able

    Yeah I done told you niggas 9 albums stop fuckin with me 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Demetri Rivers

    My favorite Jay z beat nigga






  15. Kevin Parker

    🤤...too dope
    HOV killed this.

  16. The Truth Channel

    The snare and shaker make this beat for sure.

  17. Steve Brum-hamilton

    Im going back to the 90s
    Man shit was mad crazy
    We all had morals and nowadays qell rappers arw plain lazy! Wanna fiat fight get a slapp.. come back with your boys and qe pull out straps! So behave or end up lile both of our brothers and its easy to say but irs the hand the rocks the cradle.. but the bullets that can put you in a grave. Its game over coz your era will never know how it was or how we had it.. you kids nowadays have it put infront of ya.. you dont have a dream to chase or the hunger to put down to scared to get ass kicked coz on homie will have a phone to put it up on the net! So what you learn be fakw wear your fake shit only the realest ballers in those streets will check me for it! And those old dudes are about there money! Any one on the rader so dont get caught dummy!

  18. Marvin Jones

    I keep trash bags with me, you never know when you gotta “drop” a nigga off...

  19. Khari

    Yo beautiful people, yes this is a message that I copied and pasted. (Trying to be time efficient)
    I Deleted my instagram to become legendary, focus more on musical creation and my goals.

    I have some songs and freestyles out on my page, and more freestyles on my instagram, that I can share if you would like to see. In addition to this im from Detroit, but Im currently living in japan. Usual things that I listen to are Nujabes, Bossa nova, lofi, boombab hiphop, japanese hiphop, foreign hip hop, pink floyd, frank sinatra, ninjoi, tyler the creator, the alchemist and 9th wonder.. I am a music head. I am looking for a producer to grow and dominate globally with! Hit me up if you see any similarities

  20. Mike Fragomeni

    Now if you speak
    I know
    Whatch your about to say
    That’s why
    I’ll go
    One on one any day

  21. Latiniron Beatz



    who is here

  23. Jesus Christ

    I come praisng the Christ
    Praying you gaining some sight
    I'm working like a thief in the night
    Beating the mic
    real deep in the fight
    still Being the light
    God got my brain switched
    He gavve gifts to me
    It ain't a mystery.
    There been a shift in me
    I get the victory
    History doesn't matter
    I'm a loving pastor
    Running after
    Family cause God's sons are captured
    And daughters

  24. Jeff Air

    The greatest style no denial
    Spitting the marathon mile
    Drunk on the skunk
    Bitch you ain't fuckin with a punk
    Shit I spit never going bunk
    You busted with the tongue
    Watched you slowy sunk
    Never give up do or die
    Feeling her up between those thighs
    Lookin at the pleasure in her eyes
    Leaving her 100% satisfied
    I told I'd be around but I lied

  25. Esaw White

    9th wonder created this track and its the 10th wonder!🎇

    Maurice Walker

    It makes sense

  26. Wicket1Blue

    Check my flow over this on Instagram TV an Sound Cloud. Real Lyrics.

  27. Snickeymo Pena

    Yo do it for me, not others mf,
    Show ya suckas, pussy ass nikkas, no duckus, when you see us in the street dont be surprised, stun to see us why o why? Cus imma type of dude to leave his wife to ask for your ride pick her up in it while you in the back leaking, squeezing that plastic yellow tape around your bruised up face, Mo you lost the case it wasn't your ride, okay

  28. Loyal Philly fan

    Lloyd banks sliced this instrumental on his song I’m back on the “motion picture shit” G unit radio mixtape

  29. Alycia Chiputura

    This beat legendary

  30. Stargate Amadeus

    Bernie Mac on the intro?

    Jemma Ledá

    No cedric the entertainer

  31. Wicket1Blue

    Check my freestyle to this on Instagram. @wicket1blue

  32. Abel Silva

    9th Wonder is the best

  33. ovechkin8able

    I done told you niggas, 9 albums stop fuckin with me 🔥🔥🔥

  34. chi jiggy

    Ndauya ka pre emptive strike
    Waizvita mambo we rap ,u motherfuckin imposter take knee
    Bow before the king ,midas I got that golden touch
    Ndosaka ndikupedzerai tunan godilocks
    Fairytale flow ,jiggy tipe somore
    I'm here to run shit take over u city iwe tsaga go
    Ruining fuck shit up ,u worst nightmare nhaiwe zviziveiwe

  35. Loyal Philly fan

    Lloyd Bank$ killed this beat on I’m back.

    Joseph Blanchard

    How you know?

    Loyal Philly fan

    Joseph Blanchard cause I heard it

  36. The Marvelous One

    There's something missing here. I'm not hearing a sound I usually hear. Regardless, loves this beat.

    buck porter

    The Marvelous One the vocal lol

  37. Lee Johnston

    My rhymes are oh shit you rap atroshis make that bogus heres my beer hold this
    im rapping like a royal flush I'll never fold this
    my flow is as Cold as the snow is
    I suppose its explosive I blow with the touch of the mic
    destroy everything leaving nothing in sight
    Give a fuck if you write your word is cheap
    You never heard of me well than your asleep
    I murder beats black in a herd of sheeps
    If theres aprice on your head I got the currency
    You'll need surgery burns to the third degree
    Cause I'm so fire I could burn the sea
    You'll never beat me at this game better learn to cheat
    Hate on me all you want I'll just turn a cheek
    It's not just a blind man who doesn't see me write
    Cause my frees are tight when I squeeze the mic
    I fly sky high and use my minds eye to write lines better than all yours times 9
    My dime gives me head and tail
    Can you speed it up never said the snail
    Mumble rappers are just escargo
    Bless my foes the hate made me the best fo sho
    I confess my soul has demonic traits
    Ill eat the earth's crust on Tectonic plates
    With the devils pitchfork and deaths scythe for a knife

  38. Langa

    Did he sample R Kelly- A woman's threat?

    Berg Mode

    good ear. yes

  39. Akbarrel Yeshua

    I will kill you + commit suicide + see you in the AfterLife + and kill you again

  40. Jalinni Canzamba

    someone can send me the original song, because here it is not available on Youtube

  41. Tactical Brotherz

    I let it sing to ya now its a duet & u wet

  42. Troy Barzilla

    This is not the real instrumental

  43. Han Lee

    yo you didn't leave enough for the third verse

  44. Liquid


  45. C. Young

    TWY 9th Wonder documentary brought me here!

  46. D MidnightOne

    It definitely PAYS TO LOVE R&B if you love hip hop. Ima tell y’all why. For some who don’t know how 9th Wonder Sampled this beat, listen too R. Kelly - A Woman’s Threat. It will all make sense 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I love samples !!!

  47. Stéphane Bambini

    Merci Le règlement 😍😍😍😍

  48. Walker Wolff

    9th wonder of the world. What a producer

  49. jangkro

    Happy 15th anniversary

  50. Anfmethodjor

    9th Wonder!!!

  51. James Brooking

    9th is hands down a top 5 producer all time. Jay Dee, Madlib, Premier, Nujabes, 9th


    swap nujabes with pete and then its correct


    I’m keeping ni swapping madlib

  52. BillyDonohoe

    lol another beat i know from lloyd banks

  53. Edo Abso

    9th showed his inner Rza with this one!

  54. MarkanVaran7

    9th wonder one of GOAT producers

  55. sosefo vatuvei

    hold up I'm selling master stories. i remember sipping on 40s player hater always on me. like we best friends but he wanted to harm me. when he did he didn't get far. coz that boy don't reside in the farm. uh uh nope not no more. this haystack city full of entrepreneurs just tryna bring the doe in. family lost in the wind but we must keep who we got unless you wanna do it all over again? I don't think so. if u a risk taker do it for your family or do it for your people. im done with the talking coz this shit wasn't simple. ya watching me like ya ain't sinful. let God be the judge I no u all gotta grudge. well hold it in for a long time coz ima be a thug. i don't think I can change that soon plus ima hustler and u hate what hustlers do.

  56. Domdon

    Family guy brought me here

    C P

    Don D what? How

    Tha King Of Ghetto

    No it dont!!!


    Lol the Son of Cleveland Scene

  57. Jack Azz

    Put that knife in yah.... take a lil bit of life from yah... Am i frightening yah? Shall i continue...

  58. Jermalfelder Felder

    I'll wait for u till five in the morning put ur smarts on the side of ur garments nigga stop fucking wit me RIPim so( sin)"sear"!!!

  59. Mike Williams


  60. kojo asare

    9th Wonder 👊🏿👊🏿

  61. Joshua Gamboa II

    It samples A Woman's Threat performed by R. Kelly.

    Jack Azz

    Joshua Gamboa II You mean “when a woman’s fed up”.

  62. Arturinis Cos

    Listen up you idiots no one's gonna read your rhymes
    You're just Easton everyone's time
    So cut it out with all these bum ass lyrics
    We have no time for this shit I'm serious
    :p so stop commenting on random instrumental videos like I just did ya hos

  63. david ramos

    9th fucking wonder people

  64. BobbyW0nder

    R. Kelly sample here

  65. Sackings

    im so witty
    i like to suck on a titty
    my flow is gritty
    i need about tree fiddy

  66. Jimmy The Gent

    "Put that knife in ya, take a little bit of life from ya
    Am I frightening ya? Shall I continue?
    I put the gun to ya, I let it sing you a song
    I let it hum to ya, the other one sing along" -HOV

    Ant Range

    @Gun em down Villy SAME





    Mosuli Mbonyana

    "now its a duet and you wet,
    fo' you check out the technique from two-tech"


    exactly b...

  67. Marshall Warren

    Holy heaven bout to hit you boo. Through mic jitzue. Katana karma.

    Marshall Warren

    diamond coated flying swords shining while they slicin through these frauds. pause what you get chopping block. over where we take the top.

    Marshall Warren

    here let me reel you in
    . over there they pealing skin. over they parking doe.

  68. Dro Briggz/AAG Axel

    I'm here because of Mike Classic

  69. Juan Mendez

    Hustler state of mind

  70. Jonny Bravo

    i still think phonte murked this harder then J


    whats phote version of this ?

    1's Bundy

    No ..... he did not !

  71. ism519

    This was made in 25 min. 9th Wonder is a beast!


    Well it's a dope rendition but its from a pretty simple sample from an R Kelly song "A Woman's Threat" - you can even hear R kelly saying "This is a warning..." .... lyrics. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLnNUK9vVS0

    Will Powr

    Yup Jay Z gave him the original and said I'll be back ... amazing story

    Ivy Cloud

    On fruity loops at that!


    @JohnnySwantoola Does that make it any less great?

    Joher Meah

    @JohnnySwantoola From a technical standpoint, it's fairly straightforward. But the ability to identify a great slice and then create a song with a whole new vibe from it, that's still an impressive skill.

    Dilla, Premier even early Kanye has shown us keeping it clean, tight and simple is quality hip-hop production.

  72. Dezz Carter

    Jay z killed this fucking beat. No remix can out do the og

    Gakot Lol

    I disagree ;)

  73. Julian Stringfield

    Jay z killed this

    Joseph Blanchard

    How you know?

    Jon Doe

    Because mf he probably listened to it. Just because you can't find it on YouTube lol

  74. 방구석 예술가 탈출기 BluPrint

    맨살을 부대끼며 살지 오늘도 어김없이
    스쳐지나가도 주고받어 people talkin
    그중 반은 가식도 많이 보여
    대게 그들은 미래가 대충 보여
    필요하다면 바닥까지 내릴수도있지
    품위 유지에 필수적인 조건
    조금씩 다르지 미래를 바라보는 방법
    각자가 불안함을 느껴 없잖아 그것에
    대한 확신
    잘 나가는 애들에게 다리를 한번 걸어
    넘어지면 느끼겠지 현실에대한 안도
    근데 넌 못 쫓아가 그 애의 반의 반도
    말도 안되는 논리를 풀어내 주제에 안맞게
    술자리에 또 풀겠지 주제에 안맞게
    재능 없는 친구의 특별해지는 방법
    특별한 친구와 친구가 되는 방법
    어쩌겠어 네재능엔 필요한데 방범

    한심한 네 한계를 넌 고민한적없지
    내가 올라가진못하니
    남의 불안정함을 까내리고 있자니
    올라 가니 네 품위?
    좀 멋은있네 여친앞에서 가오잡는 폼이

  75. GAMBIT

    i'm still / on my shit /
    threw a grill / on my whip /
    big wheel's / on my whip /
    as i peel / thru the strip /
    pop a pill / with a chick /
    Big will / with the chips
    spent bill's / on the chick's /
    now / i feel / like a trick /
    now / they / feel / like / i'm rich /
    plus / i still / like / to pitch /
    when / i feel / like / and shit /

  76. hollowpointkid

    I’m just an ordinary white dude,
    Graduated high school, college was the right move,
    Moved up to Connecticut, round the ladies quite smooth,
    Tanqueray and Henny sip, show her what that pipe do,

    Dorm room freaky shit, waking up my hall mates,
    Know she’s gonna eat the dick and tell me how my balls taste,
    Finished up I need to piss, stumble down the hallway,
    She followed me in, we in the shower now, shorty gettin soaped up,

    Barely room for both of us, get her legs to open up,
    I finger fuck she kiss my neck, you already know whats up,
    Switch it up I kiss her chest, all I smell is coconut,
    Really need a cigarette, she just wanna smoke a dutch,

    Keep the story short we dated 20 months and broke it off,
    She was doing well in school and transferred down to Florida,
    And even though you’ll never read this baby
    I wrote this shit because I miss you Dana...

    TheAdamSmasher Multiverse


    Umpz Jerm

    lol i never like youtube comment raps, but yours I did :p


    Trash...but at least they rhymes were on beat for the most part...keep practicing though....But the bars were trash.

    Justin Gonzalez

    hollowpointkid can I buy this from you if you finish it I can pay you

  77. UnidentifiedFruityOwnage

    insert shitty lyrics here

  78. jgk381

    what is this? sounds different pitch than I recall

    El Ultimo Pibe Piola de Internet

    Youtube would take it down otherwise.

  79. loud&luxurious

    So gritty...
    Shorty gotta go if the hoe sadiddy,
    it's no pity
    The flow is often silly
    The bars are chilly
    but like the broads,
    they not gettin involved
    if they all not witty...
    Sorry mami, we just hard to please
    I got a squad behind me & we guard the cheese
    so just freeze
    thinking you finessing a come up
    smoking the trees
    and leaving the session when sun up

  80. belizenigg

    That NY bounce

    El Ultimo Pibe Piola de Internet

    You're right, he even sings a little in that song, i was probably tired.
    Premo produced N.Y. State of Mind, other song in Illmatic, probably what i was referring to, got confused with the names.
    Also, i really love The World is Yours, a lot, probably my favorite beat on the album.
    Thanks for being so polite.

    Karmon Dhindsa

    J. Cruz jay asked 9th to put in a n.y bounce and I believe 9th is a boom bap producer

    Joseph Blanchard

    @Karmon Dhindsa NY doesn't have "bounce". NY was always known as Boom-Bap beats. The whole Northeast and ect was. So they were always referred to just as "East coast" beats tbh. The South is what's known for that "bounce" in thier beats; like Manny Fresh for instance.

    Don Catalog

    This isn't New York bounce. New York don't bounce, and if they did, it was for the lames!

  81. Adalberto Pereira

    9th Wonder on the Beat

    Kendall Jones

    CLASSIC much respect Jay Z 🏆🏆🏆legend

  82. Timothy Cooper

    uh, bringin more to the table than one can carrytryna stay as far away from the shot like larry, yall birds don't get im the shit you lucky to feel, just nasty but to realwho else can cook a potion that's more soothing than wine or lotin, let it marinate you joking somebody will ready it, they got to nobody can top you, except the crown who got it, ill box you, beat em to the punch, them lips wont do no more talking

  83. City M

    Tell pop I'm goin ahead ain't turnin back
    Whatever the case
    I'm down for whatever
    For the love of the money tho my faith in lord is better then any material thing
    I can't live this way forever
    You need a pack moved
    I might push several
    You need a stack pulled
    Locked lets go get it
    when the storm comes
    I pull out my umbrella
    Liu Lang the thunder
    Finish off the weather
    This ain't a threat this animality
    Shao Kahn go on put them boys to sleep.

  84. Ryan012

    Why I cant find this song with lyrics on youtube? Only instrumental links...

  85. Taylor Southern

    I went ahead and made a remix to this so can you check it out? The video on my Channel is just a snippet so keep that in mind. The full video will be up soon!


  86. Motoi Pearson

    one of the greatest beats ever.


    Motoi Pearson from R.kelly Women's threat

  87. Todd Gessling

    just think 9th wonder is such a beast he didn't even give jay-z his best shit 

    Dujohn Mcleish

    @***** wow

  88. Daniel Cousar

    this is a service announcement to get niggas nervous i got my reasons why i do this for a purpose circle the yard in the hood you got gods walking the odd til you put em on they side

  89. YuupTheGreatness

    Imma threat to this world , my moms hates me y'all , I'm only blowing green , to spark that creativity in me , I make beats all day , destined to be the next great , in less than a week a nigga gonna be 18 , no pressure , no stress , fuck the government , my nigga got shot , guess what ur next , I'm bloot proof like ghost face wallet back in the day , don't be offended by my exotic taste , I realized I'm a don , & I doubt that'll change -Mustafa

  90. Frankie Pulido

    Ratpack repping right here Got 100 bitches chill in at the crib & watch out cuz yo bitch my be in the kitchen dont worry tho i wont cause am no harm just a little pleasure is her charm I dont deal with snitches so if you gonna test me better bring an army cuz you aint come straight to me

  91. aptaun1

    Tetris !

  92. Cjguinness

    Better its the beat who needs jay z's wack lyrics


    Fuck off jay z murdered this beat

  93. Max Villarin

    The intro ctfu