Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder Lyrics

You're now tuned into the motherfucking greatest
Turn the music up in the headphones
Tim, you can go and brush your shoulder off nigga
I got you, yeah

[Chorus: Jay-Z]
If you feeling like a pimp nigga, go and brush your shoulders off
Ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off
Niggas is crazy baby, don't forget that boy told you
Get, that, dirt off your shoulder

[Verse One]
I probably owe it to you all, proud to be locked by the force
Trying to hustle some things, that go with the Porsche
Feeling no remorse, feeling like my hand was forced
Middle finger to the law, nigga griping my balls
All the ladies they love me, from the bleachers they screaming
All the ballers is bouncing they like the way I be leaning
All the rappers be hating, off the track that I'm making
But all the hustlers they love it just to see one of us make it
Came from the bottom the bottom, to the "Top of the Pops"
Nigga London, Japan and I'm straight off the block
Like a running back, get it man, I'm straight off the block
I can run it back nigga 'cause I'm straight with the Roc


[Chorus Two]
You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulder
You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulder
You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulder
You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulder

[Verse Two]
Your homey Hov' in position, in the kitchen with soda
I just whipped up a watch, trying to get me a Rover
Trying to stretch out the coca, like a wrestler, yes sir
Keep the Heckler close, you know them smokers'll test you
But like, fifty-two cards when I'm, I'm through dealing
Now fifty-two bars come out, now you feel 'em
Now, fifty-two cars roll out, remove ceiling
In case fifty-two broads come out, now you chilling
with a boss bitch of course S.C. on the sleeve
At the 40/40 club, ESPN on the screen
I paid a grip for the jeans, plus the slippers is clean
No chrome on the wheels, I'm a grown-up for real

[Chorus + Chorus Two]

[Verse Three]
Your boy back in the building, Brooklyn we back on the map
Me and my beautiful beeeeeeeitch in the back of that 'Bach
I'm the realest that run it, I just happen to rap
I ain't gotta clap at 'em, niggas scared of that black
I drop that +Black, Album+ then I back, out it
As the best rapper alive nigga ask about me
From Bricks to Billboards, from grams to Grammies
The O's to opposite, Orphan Annie
You gotta pardon Jay, for selling out the Garden in a day
I'm like a young Marvin in his hey
I'm a hustler homey, you a customer crony
Got some, dirt on my shoulder, could you brush it off for me?

[Chorus + Chorus Two]

You're now tuned into the motherfucking greatest

Best rapper alive, best rapper alive

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Jay-Z Dirt Off Your Shoulder Comments
  1. jennifer Chambers

    2:45 “got the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain”. ( Beyoncé)

  2. Connor Hartley

    James Franco born April 19th 2001 age 18

  3. Leigh Katen

    the wildddd aspect ratio

  4. Devon Russell

    mood 😤


    The dark age time best best artist in the world

  6. MrSouthsideMuscle

    If the shoe fits

  7. Gregory Campbell

    Jay z the greatest of all time

  8. alex goodridge

    Jay's the real deal.

  9. K Thegodinfinity

    This ain't a movie dawg

  10. Laura White

    Do something about Beyoncé

  11. Sir Claver

    Rolex, komm in meine Stadt ich bring' den Vibe back - oh Junge!

  12. Nimbus_SA

    Here in 2020. One love from South Africa.

  13. 迫いくみ


  14. Nick Sealy

    What if Jay would of really retired after 2003 would his career be where it is today?

  15. ll Savage Butcher ll

    I came from back in 2003.... 🤗

  16. bogdaneduard Matac

    2020 :3

  17. Shaw Farrow

    The Black Album, a classic album!!!!

  18. Alayane Cristina

    Está de parabéns ..... Ta bom então

  19. Gregory Campbell

    Classic hip hop

  20. Luke Whitten

    *Now tuned into the mothafuckin greatest*

  21. rciesi1

    All I heard was a dope Timbaland beat and some nonsense

  22. Dead Democrat


  23. -ShadowDragon-

    America's got Telent 2019 <3

  24. Eric Williams

    You can rap. Wish you weren’t so demonic( no tea no shade)

  25. aDrijuxaZ

    Great song i like it

  26. Caje

    Vintage böllert schon ordentlich auf Englisch

  27. Nicholas Edward

    No more questions

  28. Nicholas Edward

    Let the beat drop right there ....u gotta get
    Dirt off ...

  29. Nicholas Edward

    It’s a gift to pick talent
    Drop a verse on the mic
    I don’t need the limelight
    But yea I shines bright

  30. Nicholas Edward

    I weather the storm y’all ll be swept away
    Idk what I’ll be doin
    But it’s gonna be great

  31. Nicholas Edward

    Your Industry sucks and full of lames

    This fad will die quick

    My window closing?
    What you talkin bout mane

  32. Nicholas Edward

    They on my nuts before rap, you’re late to the party

    It’ll keep rocking whether u like it or not

    And that’s what I got

  33. Nicholas Edward

    I got Ellen and billy posting already... is that something

  34. AKALOJI23

    R.I.P. Kobe and Gianna, this song was playing in that video where Kobe’s explaining stuff to Gianna.

    Mujtaba Siddiqui

    AKALOJI23 I was there bruh the Nets win

  35. Zakaryae Meftah

    I come from kobe's video with his daughter in the Nets vs Hawks game.
    R.i.p black mamba, rip Gianna 🙏💔

    Mujtaba Siddiqui

    I was there we were all awed by their presence that’s when he congratulated Dinwiddie for a good game I’m 14 btw

    Mujtaba Siddiqui

    Gigi was a trae young fan

    Mujtaba Siddiqui

    The Nets won as I had hoped

    Zakaryae Meftah

    @Ivaylo Ivanov get a life

    Ivaylo Ivanov

    @Zakaryae Meftah lame American phrase.

  36. Brenden Mingo

    Beat is ahead of its time


    This is fire

  38. Captain Κομματιας

    2020 mfkers keep it up and dirt off your shoulders

  39. soul76can

    Timbaland was way ahead of his time with this beat. Timbaland created the canvas and Jay finished painting the picture = masterpiece. 🔥🔥🔥

  40. kingCong3e

    Jay and me are real good friends so I always fall through to drop a comment. This one hot Sean, this that new new. THE ROC

    ~Kong Roc
    ♦️Verified Boss

  41. Timemaster f

    "The Nororious" Conor Mcgregors theme song against Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone this weekend.

  42. Abraham Van Helsing

    This song is Amazing, but with "Lying From You" of Linkin Park is over 9000!!

  43. Richard Marshall

    Hey shawn ur ego....is strong

  44. Backyard Music Feedback

    One of few rap songs I fuckin BUMP.

  45. Holly Smith

    One of my favorite JAY Z

  46. Grase Suddy

    Dirt Of Your Shoulder

  47. Oskar Kokoszka

    Daddy's home

  48. Mr V

    Best rapper alive best rapper alive,he makes the rap games to an other level

  49. Sergio Bello Rincón

    "No chrome on the wheels, I'm a grown up for real"

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    Great beat. Too bad the rap suuucks.

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    Definitely one my favorites

  53. Tarot by Layla

    Why am I just now seeing this video? I’m loving the female empowerment aspect!

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    Now you chilling with a Boss!!!!

  56. Sean Stout

    This song is almost 17 years ago, Doesn't really feel like it.

    Moltex 2.0

    govorish doesn't seem right . ITS write nacheli 17 years ago in 2003 and withdrew she in March 2004 is obtained songs still 16 years there what there 17 .
    to be exact the song was released on March 2 2004


    The song is just timeless dude

  57. Scott Geoffrey

    The instrumental really makes this song

  58. Isaiah samuel

    Jay z: get that dirt off your shoulder

    Ti: where they at doe?

  59. Marina Nina

    and dates

  60. Marina Nina


  61. Marina Nina


  62. Marina Nina

    VV | Empire ~

  63. Yes Chef

    2020 ? 🥂

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  66. isaac idris

    Bumping it before 2020

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    The best yeah!

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    Idk but this jay Z was the best version of him imo 🤷🏾‍♀️

  69. Jhamel Wade

    This is the video and the song of 2003! Good music bring out the best of way back 16 years ago of my life!

  70. Michael Martin

    I love this song

  71. Christian NotQuiteHuman

    Dirt off your shoulder = Beyonce 😎

  72. The Great T.O.P

    I want to experience being in a crowd chanting this song word for word with him on stage

  73. Marcus-Aerilius Maximus

    Before big lips became clown....

  74. NuclearQuantumLasers PewPewPew

    12/25/2019... Allow me to reitroduce myself

    Lil Benz

    Ok, asl?

    NuclearQuantumLasers PewPewPew

    @Lil Benz Asl in a acronym for American sign language 👌 👍
    Pick another acronym kid.

  75. nils. yeee


  76. HrodX4

    Who like this song in 2019 ...like ...

  77. Hegins christianstrong

    This sucks

    bruh moment

    So do you

  78. Diop Dawkins

    Jay sounds like he was literally spitting on the mic.

  79. Landon TheWolf

    “Now tuning to the greatest”

  80. David Bujold

    I really dislike how all potentially offensive words or profanity is edited out. It does a disservice to the song and Jay-Z's talents as a rapper. I mean can't the video just be labeled 'Explicit' or have a maturity label (by YouTube) so those of us over 18 or 19 can watch the video with all the lyrics?

  81. Joseph Lampo

    the dirtiest beat in rap history. Pun intended

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    Censor off your shoulder

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    This album was my life soundtrack that fall/winter