Jay, Will - Nights Like These Lyrics

We got too busy just getting older
I hardly see you anymore
Both in the city, you should come over
I'm still at the same place as before

Tell me all about your life
Did you finally see the northern lights
Drunk on seven dollar wine
So bittersweet

I know everything has changed
We're no longer who we used to be
So take me to the glory days
And let's hold on tight to nights like these

We may never feel the same
Tomorrow this'll be a memory
So do it for the glory days
And let's hold on tight to nights like these

I've had some good times, bet you've got stories
So much has happened through the years
Let's make up for lost time, stay up til the morning
We'll still be laughing through our tears

Tell you all about my life
I finally grew up; crazy, right?
Drunk on seven dollar wine
So bittersweet

I know everything has changed
We're no longer who we used to be
So take me to the glory days
And let's hold on tight to nights like these

We may never feel the same
Tomorrow this'll be a memory
So do it for the glory days
And let's hold on tight to nights like these

To nights like these

Tell me all about your life
You finally see the northern lights
We're drunk on seven dollar wine

Tell you all about my life
I finally grew up; crazy, right?
So baby, here's to you and I

Tell me all about your life
You finally see the northern lights
We're drunk on seven dollar wine

Tell you all about my life
I finally grew up; crazy, right?
So baby, here's to you and I

To you and I
To you and I
To you and I

I know everything has changed
We're no longer who we used to be
So take me to the glory days
And let's hold on tight to nights like these

We may never feel the same
Tomorrow this'll be a memory
So do it for the glory days
And let's hold on tight to nights like these

To nights like these
To nights like these

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Jay, Will Nights Like These Comments
  1. Sophie Hewitt

    All these boy bands be getting back together, when is IM5 doing it ? ♥️♥️🤭

  2. Cecila skyes

    great song

  3. SimeonIsMyName

    Just found this guy and wow, loving it all! Great talent!

  4. FibCap

    Wow, Revival of the guitar solo 🎸. MORE SONGS LIKE THESES please

  5. Jrm N.

    ***feelings of nostalgia enter the chat

  6. Laura Bjork

    Came from disney dudez. Verdict, I'm impressed and still waiting for a full cover of true to your heart from Mulan.

  7. phinix

    Will Jay his music is really underrated. His music is really good and his voice is so calming!

  8. tsuruoka miho

    i love you are music!!! 💜❤💙💚

  9. TheToyBoxs

    damn how am I only just finding you now? Dude where the hell have you've been, your music is great!

  10. Jzzalf

    Maravilloso 🎶.💜💛 ❤💚💖 💙🎶.

    Included in my Youtube Canal: PLAYGAY, playlist Nº 476 (visit & subscribe, THX)

  11. Mahee

    Why !! This isn't fair y'all why the hell he isn't famous . 😩

  12. seanna pasadilla

    He is going to be one of the 2020 famous singers

  13. El Le

    It's criminal that he isn't famous yet

  14. Sudaraka Jayathilaka

    This song reminds me about my childhood .. just like castle on the hill.. wow man this is dope ....😍 .. need acoustic version...🎸 . Now I repeated this song 1000 times still cant get enough....wow masterpiece....

  15. Ken Martinez

    Listen to the song then think about how he was in Im5 a (boy band)

  16. Ken Martinez

    88r hook him up

  17. ckbear

    How do you capture the exact feeling? It's actually crazy how relatable and accurate this is.

  18. Riddhi Dutta

    First found never been in love and then I'm in nights like this 💞

  19. Sarah Hamizah

    The aesthetics of this video tho

  20. samiha mamun

    His texts are so deeepp

  21. Lucky Barbecho

    Upbeat naman sana yung song, pero bakit ganon instead na uplifting theres this sense of longingness.

  22. TheSuperKPLesboFan /Hi There

    Love this 🖤

  23. Juliia M

    I’ll honestly will never get tired of Will’s voice. I remember my 14 year old self loving Disney Dudez and now I’m 19 and still following Jay’s music hehe~ I’m glad he’s still active!! Thank you for keep making music :)

  24. lathifah

    why do this kind of masterpiece didn't blow up? heck yeah, this shit is hella good

  25. Greta Degutytė

    It's something about Will... I don't know how, but I always can't wait to hear what he will say in every single song of him.... Carry on like this! Big, big support from Lithuania 💛💚❤️

  26. Chuuuiie

    His voice is amazing 🥺

  27. Waldine Portelus

    just checking for new music I hope something is cooking miss your beautiful tunes

  28. lucie kossen

    If you're here, it means you recognize talent

  29. You don't Know me

    never get enough from his music ♥️!

  30. Ri 2418

    This makes me nostalgic about a night I haven't even had yet.

  31. vania

    im going to be a senior next year( which is basically next week haha happy cny folks) anyway
    hearing this song makes me really sad yet excited that my friends and i finally got to live and pursue our different dreams:) but yet im going to miss them so much. im scared that our graduation is soon it feels like yesterday when we just entered highschool and now we’re going to be adults.

    just imagining hearing to this song while going on the last car ride together with my friends before us going to different cities and countries just makes me sad:( yet happy:) like idk man the feels

  32. Meili Monk

    or idk move on?

  33. Daryl Park

    I found this fuckin' hidden talent. From now on, I'm gonna stan u!

  34. Rach !

    Still my favorite underrated artist ever ❤️❤️❤️🥰

  35. Aung Zone

    I'm still in highschool and I'm having great moments with my friends right now... and this song kinda makes me sad how we'll grow up and grow apart... but I'll just live as much as I can with them and try to stay connected.

  36. dyra

    Ohh my heart 😣😣😣

  37. Keerat Singh

    On Will Jays' spotify there used to be a upbeat (had a hip-hop/R&B style beat) song, unlike the music he is making now. I believe it also featured a female singer. Bit of a stretch but it popped up in my mind and has been bugging me ever since it was removed... any chance anyone knows where to find it?

  38. Sandra Riverol

    His hairstyle took my breath away! ♥️😍

  39. Tevin Slippy

    This dude is hella underrated.

  40. noona

    I really wish I could relate to this song but I just don’t get to leave my house and have friends /: but I look at this song as just thinking of when you were younger.

  41. Kaitlyn Diep

    I really love all your songs 😍😍🙌

  42. Mei Chi

    Will jay music's are so calming and unique ♡ Beautiful!

  43. Joalin Soh

    Love the chill vibes!! You’ll go far ◡̈

  44. Xray Vision

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  45. Rei Rii

    LDR with bestfriends hurts the most. I miss them so much, it's been many years and we've changed so much. I just wish we atleast remember our memories with each other, I love you guys so much. Thank you for being my friends and this bitter sweet memories 😭😭😭

  46. JustJ

    TL;DR is on the bottom.
    Hi, I have two stories. One is about my brother and one is about my best friend. I don't see either of them anymore.
    When I was younger my parents never go along. My brother, who was two years older than me was adopted, always told me tales of our parents going on adventures to castles and caves to distract me. Every time our parents fought my brother would carry me into his room and let me lay next to him. I remember countless time falling asleep to his breathing, my head on his chest. When I started grade nine it was horrible. Our parents started fighting more and I found bruises on my mother. At the same time, kids teased me for not being able to afford new clothes. I didn't tell anyone about it because there were so many problems going on at the same time. A few months later my parents started fighting again and my brother didn't come to my room. I ended up walking to his room. When I got in he wasn't there. I ended up sleeping on his bed without him. Around three in the morning, I felt his arms scoop me up and carry me to my room. I thought nothing of it. From then on he was never home and I would have to stay up until three if I ever wanted to see him. I barely saw him at school either. When Christmas came around I didn't expect any presents. When I woke up there were four garbage bags full of new clothes, all purchased by my very own brother. He was working all night just to get enough money to support me even though that was my parent's job. I cried more than I ever have in my life. Then he stopped. Just stopped everything. Locked his door, stopped working, talking, loving. He shut down. I remember one day our parents were fighting I sat outside his door and I listened to his soft sobs, afraid to do anything. My brother never cries. I did this for months until it just stopped. I walked in, the door was unlocked, and there he was. Tears still fresh and blood still dripping. He slit his wrists and didn't even leave a note. At our school a few days later we went to an assembly. Two boys and a girl were in the front crying and apologizing to a teacher. It turns out my brother, who protected me all those years, was the one who needed protecting. For months he was being called names that I knew stung. Every day it was the same thing over and over again. Faggot, Dyke, Bitch, Pussy, Fairy, Gay, Cake Boy. And he didn't tell a soul. You don't know how many nights I slept in his room curled up in his blankets wearing his football jersey and glasses that were too strong for my eyes. He died a terrible death and his blood stains my hands and the carpet. It was my fault. I didn't protect him as he did me. I let him down. And he will always be with me. His blood is shared with mine and it doesn't matter the mother. He was my brother and I still love him. I would kill for him. The only thing I have left of him is too small clothes and his boyfriend, who he left in sorrow.
    My best friend, I'm going to call him Alex for now. We've been friends for forever. Or, that's what it seems like. It's just been since the beginning of the school year. I get him though. He gets me. We match. We fit together like two puzzle pieces. He's tall and strong and his eyes are a beautiful green. He plays varsity hockey and he loves it. I love him. I LOVED him. For a month or so. He's my absolute best friend ever. Better than my friends that I've had for years. He's my life and soul. If you believe in soulmates, he's mine. I look up to him (not because he's tall, but because he's amazing :D) I want to be as nice and sweet and kind as him. When we started becoming friends I didn't know what I was getting myself into. He had problems that I didn't know about until a long time after. There was this girl a year before, Abby, he loved her. The soul-crushing kind of love. That's what I saw. There were gifts and smiles and rejection and heartbreak. I believe that was when it started. He was depressed. I knew it, I could see it in his eyes. I ignored it though. I didn't want to interfere. I thought he had help. He didn't. He hid it so well, nobody knew, it was like it never existed in his life. It's been a year since Abby. I didn't know they had a history, I barely knew they knew each other. All I did was bring up her name. That was all I did. Just her name. "Alex? I was talking to Abby and she wanted to know if you were okay." "Who did you talk to?" "Abby?" Everything spiraled out of control. It was a Tuesday. A normal Tuesday that ruined everything. I went to all his classes walked with him everywhere, hurt that he would ignore me like he was. It hurt me so much. Wednesday I talked to him. He didn't say anything. I didn't bring her up at all. Just say things like: "The weather, right? "Did you know my favorite color is green?" Things of the like. No answers, Tears though, so many tears. And at lunch? I saw him. He wasn't crying or not eating or staring at the ceiling. HE WAS LAUGHING. I walked with him to his last hour. He didn't talk at all. I just walked in silence. Before he went into the classroom he looked me straight in the eyes and he took out a pair of scissors. He dragged them over his arm, not that they'll cut through skin, but so that I could see that I hurt him. I saw him after his last hour and I dragged him into the hall where he broke down. He broke down crying and crying and crying. He leaned against the wall and he just. He just collapsed. I think I screamed for help. I didn't know what to do. I was crying and maybe screaming and I don't know, I freaked out. I was asking him if he was okay and he wasn't breathing and it hurt so much to type this up. He opened his eyes and I felt, not relieved, but a mixture of happy and mad. Happy that he was alive; mad he would pull a stunt like that. I watched him walk home. I made him promise to come to school tomorrow. He did. After he walked home I went to counseling in the school. I told him everything. Everything that happened to use. They called his parents. They said I was lying. I was a liar. A girl looking for attention. Thursday he was happy. He smiled and we ignored everything. Friday I brought it up as he was leaving the school. And Alex, poor Alex, he closed his eyes took a deep breath and looked me in the eyes once again. He said: "I'd rather kill myself than have you know that stuff about me. Goodbye, J (that's me,) don't miss me tomorrow." I let it sit until 8 that night. I wrote a two-page story, like the one I'm writing now, about everything, like it was going on a record. I put it with time stamps and got witnesses together and they believed me. His parents were called up and at that point, it was out of my hands. On Monday we were okay. Skip until this week and it happened. Another Tuesday. He did it. He decided it was his time. He called up Abby and they have a recorded 2-hour conversation. They talked and talked and talked and while they talked he was slowly cutting himself and making short lines over his arm. And from what I heard, at the end of their conversation. After he called a suicide hotline, he slit from his wrist to his shoulder. And he bled onto the carpet. I don't know what's happening to him, I don't know where he is, I don't know anything. All I know is that the last time his dad got a call his dad smashed his head against the wall. I don't know anything now. And it hurts. I miss him. I miss you Justin.
    (TL;DR: My brother always held me and covered my ears when our parents fought. Later he faced difficulties because he was gay. Three kids from his school called him names. He killed himself and it was very unexpected. He didn't write any note. I miss him. Similarly, my best friend had a major crush on a girl and she rejected him. He spiraled into depression and it only got worse when I said her name. He tried to kill himself and I lost all contact with him.) If you need help don't be afraid. I used to starve myself in control. I recognized it was getting really bad so I asked for help. You can ask for help also. You can do this. You can stay strong.
    Suicide Hotline In the US: 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK)
    Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-422-4453 (1-800-4-A-CHILD)

  47. Madison Campbell

    Your music is so underrated! I hope more people will be able to hear your music!

  48. Zique !

    This makes me miss my friends 😭😭😭

  49. Solo W

    2nd year in uni and the time chill has basically become zero because we are all so busy and far from each other
    i will forever remember getting fast food at night because its open and cheap at night, driving around while listening to music and just chilling with the bois
    i miss yall already

  50. just mel, not perfect

    I feel this

  51. Syw Asf


  52. 끄응차

    I listened to this song today while searching for some good songs. He is EXTREMELY underrated
    This song moved my heart and I think I've become a fan of him :3

  53. BeLate !!


  54. Jasmine Trinh

    I’ve found my new favorite artist 💖 thank you for your music!

  55. Agathe Beinat

    Really nostalgic and beautiful song .w. but also is that soran in the video??

  56. chickenskin

    this song hits me home

  57. Flora_ Momo

    I got to know about this beautiful song thorough wave music so thank you wave music and what a beautiful this song is ♡

  58. HanHan 94

    most underated singer this decade. fucking sad man. fucking sad. but i love you will my man <3

  59. Ruby not putting my last name

    he's great, but with headphones, his voice is magic🎶🎶🎶

  60. gudetatally

    Me and my closest friend who I've known for years and that i consider my sister -- we've been drifting apart. And this song describes every aspect of it and makes me sad and nostalgic I ALMOST CRIED AH

  61. Candy Jar

    You always create the most beautiful songs <3

  62. Kalei Suzuki

    makes me think of what it will be like to see people from high school after we are adults

  63. Joie Ocampo

    Love how this song captures that feeling of enjoying yourself cuz you know you won’t be able to do this again. So talented!!!

  64. Charly

    how can he hit me so hard with every single song he does damn

  65. Mae Verse

    Ur songs always have a story that everyone can relate to❤❤❤

  66. John Srey


  67. 홍조

    I love your song

  68. andi choi

    You are so underratedd huhu

  69. gillian owens

    I love song

  70. wahida abdullah

    who know sean lew? will and sean lew, their smile same and they so handsome

  71. Lei B

    That build up before 2:08 is what I'm living for

  72. Abigail Cotney

    This song makes me in my feels

  73. ash v

    Cannot wait for the day that I hear ur songs on the radio. 💛

  74. Adrianna Guffey


  75. Trần Hoa

    Wow. Will Jay has improved so much in his writing skill. He has found his sound and his own color. I'm feel so happy. His career will take off from now on.

  76. Faithtasticness

    This makes me homesick for 2014.

  77. chui wah lee


  78. ot7StanAlways

    Also idk why but throughout this entire video I kept thinking "this sounds like something Jungkook would use in his GCFs"

  79. ot7StanAlways

    I love that the ad is at the very end of the video

  80. Katie Evers

    so beautiful!

  81. The name's Elaine

    This is the type of song that I'll close my eyes to and remember the things that happened this past few years

  82. Hoe ForSeok

    My blood pumper clenched and now my eyes are leaking

  83. Tristan Loui

    I badly miss IM5

  84. Adeola Ash

    I just made the likes 4.2k 🥰 love you Will, proud of you!

  85. Black Ninja

    Being in love with songs is so much easier than being in love with people

  86. LeendaDProductions

    yayyy will!

  87. jayda lived

    At least ypu have friends ypu trust.

  88. Alan Zaharia

    We miss Sonika Vaid in your Music Video!!

  89. Franziska Busse

    Beautiful👍🏻👍🏻Sounds so good

  90. roi blue

    Please please please
    Just keep making music.
    You'll make it.
    I know.
    We know.
    He knows.

  91. Charlotte Surjanto

    this song reminds me of when will jay was still in IM5

  92. Brix Jude Patente

    Friendship is not forever but the memories will remain until our last breath. To the one who's reading this create now a happy and good memories with your friends before its too late.

  93. Serene Kwok

    When there's a Will, there's a way. 💙

  94. Kala Ngaue


  95. Gini Jarms

    I love the way his voice sounds 😍 edit: this makes me want to cry 😭😭😭😢

  96. Riley G

    You can really just feel his emotion and sincerity in everything he sings, and that's something a lot of artists these days can miss when making music

  97. Morvven

    Will, you are one of my fav's along with Sasha Sloan and lana del Rey. Be proud to be on that list! <3 You deliver fantastic work and I am certain it will pay off greatly at some point!

  98. Amel Sisi


    your the best WTH

  99. Rlx_Maja

    Thank you! This reminded me so much of my hometown friends, a bittersweet but still so loving memory

  100. Elsa O

    Such a beautiful song! I love it!!