Jay, Will - Leading Man Lyrics

How do I lose out to a guy who's average at best
A face that's easy on the eyes, but a name you'll soon forget
He's just more of the same, so let me take his place
That should be me, and you know why

I'll never let you down, never let you down
If you give a guy a chance
He'll only let you down, only let you down
You'd best believe, I'm your leading man

So let me tell you I can do it all, I'll walk on a wire
Anything that your heart desires
And to be frank, I'm cool like Sinatra
The kind of guy you'd take home to mama
Try me out, I swear I'll deliver
Soon you'll see in me there's a future
So pay attention, I've paid all my dues
I'm what you're looking for, nice to meet you
All the other guys they are so interchangeable
Little talent, yeah, but you know that's debatable
Toss them to the left, to the left irreplaceable
And put your money on me, I'm bankable
Don't count me out, I guarantee
That I'll make you fall in love with me
What am I doing wrong, I've waited far too long, long

I'll never let you down, never let you down
If you give a guy a chance
He'll only let you down, only let you down
You'd best believe, I'm your leading man

You'd best believe I'm your leading man
You'd best believe I'm your leading man

I've been stuck in the background
Always kept my head down
I was admiring you from afar (no more, no more)
I've been stuck in the background
Always kept my head down
I need a big break, don't you go break my heart

I'll never let you down, never let you down
I'll never let you down, never let you down

I'll never let you down, never let you down
If you give a guy a chance
He'll only let you down, only let you down
You'd best believe, I'm your leading man

You'd best believe I'm your leading man
You'd best believe I'm your leading man

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Jay, Will Leading Man Comments
  1. Amber Love

    This isn't an underrated song , he is AN UNDERRATED SINGER at first place

  2. Lovely Shipper

    How come this reminds me of jesel

  3. Sherece Cox

    I wanna hear him sing I'll Make a Man out of you. Dang those vocals...

  4. Aisha Jobarteh

    Man I wanna be ur friend 🤗

  5. King Kookie

    White Will Jay is the scariest thing I’ve seen ever

  6. Abby Ferris

    Such an important message!

  7. Bertha Mumba

    Why am I discovering his music now, 😭😭

  8. Yisho

    Welp, this is the day I fall in love.

  9. Mike Wazowski

    If one day he becomes a main character in a musical it would be a dream come true

  10. Hindac Cay

    This is a life lesson just be yourself you don't need to be different just be YOURSELF!

    Hindac Cay

    Your beautiful the way you are

  11. Isabel Rentoul

    When I first heard this song, I thought it was just a fun kind of jokey song. But now that I've seen the video I see just how deep and personal it really is!

  12. Nistha Goyal

    Truth 😇

  13. bella babcock

    Racism at it's finest.

  14. Gregoria Garcia

    Wow “iron fist”

  15. Acess Emanez

    I love how happy your music is.. It makes me happy 😍

  16. Flora_ Momo

    How didn't i know about Will Jay before??? Anyway, you're amazing Jay and superrr talented ♡♡♡

  17. Liana R

    Will Jay has a beautiful way of conveying unspoken messages through his songs, he is unlike any other artist

  18. half-frckld-face

    All white kung fu movie 😂💕

  19. Eli Bailit

    Will's dancing is INCREDIBLE!

  20. Will Jay

    I have a new song out called "Nights Like These" You can listen to it here on your favorite music service. https://ingroov.es/nights-like-these Please be sure to add it to your playlists. Thank you for your support. It means everything!

    pigeon overlord

    Can I just say . . . you're amazing


    i absolutely love it!!

  21. Able Xu

    太有东西了 每首歌都是

  22. Liana R

    this is a bop

  23. Kaylee Dollar

    Wow he has the most charming smile I've ever seen holy shit

  24. Kessi Pereira

    I'm in Love

  25. Shazi Gets Sober

    I'm really glad that you're still pursuing your dreams.))

  26. Epic Otaku Cherry

    Every music video I see, the more clear it becomes to me how much of YOU you put into every piece you release. Your heart and soul into the lyrics and music itself is obvious. But your dance, your other art loves, your directing taste, the storylines you make up in the videos, all of it is so you and there aren't many artists I can name who seem to have so much control and are able to make their personality show through every facet of a music video. I love it so much, and hope I can learn to emulate that in my writing in the future. So that all of it feels like me and even I'm happy with the product.

    In regards to representation in the media, I feel that struggle, too. Asians and Asian-Americans, in particular (beat out only by Native peoples and Pacific Islanders), are one of the least represented groups in media right now, and in music alone, I can only think of a handful of English-speaking Asian or Western-born Asian musicians that have careers in the West (meaning I'm excluding kpop, jpop, etc.). There aren't many Asian actors, and Hollywood still hasn't gotten around to the idea that they can have minorities as characters or even protagonists in stories that aren't some kind of tragic "struggle" story related to their race. People can be black and lead movies that aren't all about racism, Hollywood. The same goes for everyone else.

    I grew up never seeing black girls as protagonists to anything, and while slowly there are movies and books where the protagonists are black and it ISN'T a "struggle" story, we are still lacking. In the stories I write, I want to include more minority communities (regarding race, sexuality, neurodivergence, etc.) and hopefully by the time they are published, it would be too hard to sell the idea that people want to read a story primarily composed of minorities and that such stories are more commonplace.
    Hopefully soon, with you and your music, the same will be happening in the music and performing arts communities.

  27. scott mcgonigal

    just discovered you.... never ever stop doing what you do !!! because you are very talented and i am looking forward to watching your career shoot for the stars !😀😀

  28. Treeshalikesspaghetti beepboop

    "That I'll make you fall in love with me" 🥺🥺💕💖💖💕💕❤💞 yes, you sure did, keep being amazing, Will

  29. zoey moni

    Just recently came across your videos and songs and i have to say i love all of it and you and being asian myself i just have to say i'm so proud of your songs and the messages it sends...

  30. Argen Aklm

    какого черта он еще не популярен во всем мире????!!!!!!!

  31. Terry Lin

    this man deserve all the views in the world

  32. _Inkysnow _

    First of all, MY BIRTHDAY IS ONLY LIKE A WEEK DIFFERENCE FROM WILL YEAHHHHHHH BOIIIIIII!!!! But also, tbh, I forgot that guy’s name by the time Will started singing XD!

  33. Lisa

    I need him in an musical or Disney movie.

  34. CloudyElle

    “how do I loose out to a guy who’s average at best”
    this spoke stars to me. I worked so hard to make student council this year, putting up posters, making buttons, I wrote an incredible speech for the election. But then again, of course, a white student who was average at best and put in no effort was elected due to the fact that white people are higher up on the food chain at my school.

  35. Kaytha MLG

    Ur songs are so 🔥.
    Thanks, ur one of my inspirations.
    That's why, now my skills in playing instruments is improving. 😊

  36. Kaytha MLG

    Ur songs are so 🔥.
    Thanks, ur one of my inspiration.
    That's why, now my skills in playing instruments is improving. 😊

  37. kamixyz

    I hate identify politics but this song is a catchy bop

  38. Laorin Filet

    This video really gives understanding to those who don't realize that theres still that lil racism and whitewashing that exists in the movie industry..... Will Jay...... you're doing amazing, sweetie (: (: (:

  39. Satan

    *All white kung fu movie*
    Me: TF

  40. Cyan Egg

    I think I'm in love

  41. Onceuponafail 05

    You are so amazing!!

  42. iTube2550

    This reminds me of Micheal Bubble'

  43. Jamie-Lee Saitzeff

    I’ve just fallen down the best rabbit hole possible. I’m in love 😍

  44. Tfg 4life

    Hi will jay hope your doing well and I think you have a amazing voice and this song is catchy love you will I hope the best for you and I wish you the best life and year for you😇❤️🥰💗🥰💗❤️💗🥰❤️

  45. Fridgey

    Danny can sing better than I ever could #idol

  46. Larnington

    the fact that this deserves millions of views but doesnt yet upsets me this is so good

  47. Vitoria


    by the way I loved his voice, wow, now I'm a fan

  48. Charli Ansell

    I just love songs that tackle these sorta issues and they're usually so hard to find, but I found you last night and now I have a plethora of them! Thank you so much, you're music is so inspiring.

  49. Hannan Miranda Cavalcante Ribeiro dos Santos


  50. Sakara _Flower

    This is so true

  51. Gasmin Steven

    His songs gave me such a nice feeling

  52. Kendall Almazan

    I just came across you five minutes ago and now I’m in love with all of your songs!!

  53. salmanaf

    Him: I'll make you fall in love withe me
    Me: uuh I already did 🤤😍😍😂

  54. James

    Nice calling out of Iron Fist at the beginning, well done

  55. a little butterfly


  56. CJ K

    He looks so much better with his natural look :3


    I was always bullied because of how I talk my accent and how I present myself . People never excepted me to talk white and present myself with a multitude of proper behavior. I was once asked was I from a different state? Also I am a brown girl so yeah😇

  58. Pika Mochi

    I LOVE YOUR VOICE!!!😙😘😍😍😍

  59. ThirrinDiamond

    Why is no one commenting about how creepy he looks when stereotypically white. The whole time i was like BEGONE DEMON BRING BACK WILL

  60. givenDreAms takenSucCess

    asian michael buble with a hint of pop

  61. Georgia Reid-Scott

    This dude NEEDS to be on Broadway

  62. 문성민


  63. Minty Mischief

    Somehow, this cutie is my goals for my own existence? idk I wanna be so bubbly and adorable!
    But also this video is.. very much important.

  64. Robert Lopez

    Damn, Danny Hand and Finn Johns? I sense a lot of shade being thrown at Iron Fist hahaha


    Please never change


    Please never change

  67. Annaliese Gogadi

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!♥️♥️

  68. Chocoklate Pancake

    Speechless, what i can say is i love thiss\(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

  69. Karasu Ootori

    The eye widening fact that White's are on top of the food chain since history until now all countries are also affected by this sterotype...

  70. Alexa Seijas

    I love this =,D

  71. Mandy Jax

    im so glad i found you! i only wish i found you sooner! spreading the word on your awesome music. thank you!!

    Mandy Jax

    p.s. happy belated birthday!!

  72. shine moon

    This song is like sooo goooooood
    Like.. why i only know this now😣
    Also this deserve more view😍

  73. Dikshya Tamang

    Will gives the sweet message in a best n simple way. He's songs n videos are the first thing I watch till end n not just these but every one of them😍. U c that's the influence he had on me❤

  74. ligia a.

    me when i don't get the leading role in a musical

  75. K R K

    hey she's from sing it on!

  76. Artesion

    This was in my rabbit hole my whole life.

  77. Kayla's Korner.

    some pretty hurts, beyonce vibes

  78. LillieMae

    Dang why did he look so scary white? Lol

  79. No pe

    I love your voice

  80. Kulsum An

    he's underrated

  81. Anthony J. Crowley

    Song starts at 1:00


    I love your voice ♥


    "And to be FRANK I can be cool like SINATRA"

  84. Zinnia Perez

    man I love this

  85. PriusRaj

    Flashback to that time Simon Cowell wouldn't even let Will Jay finish his audition before he buzzed him... geez that was awful and unfair.

  86. Delusional-Shadow

    such a catchy song!

  87. eden zahney

    when he turns white he looks like the guy off of Disney's starstruck

  88. Haley Manigold

    This is amazing love music with a true message behind if

  89. Alex Russell

    Danny HAND... Instead of Danny Rand... Nice one "nice handshake haha iron fist"

  90. Annastasia Chandler

    Just found you because of Mike Judge post about Lilly so glad. Love your music Will follow you can't wait for more Awesome

  91. Emily Morris

    if they make the luner chronicles a movie I want will jay to play the prince in Cinder. I believe his name is Kai?

  92. Gissele Agustino

    Love the song😂💞💞

  93. Pretty Peacful

    So cute UwU pls become big I really support you with All my heart hopefully others will too

  94. Maya Saheb-Ettaba

    Awesome song

  95. sofia t

    absolutely snapped

  96. Christina Smith

    I feel so bad I've missed on your incredible talent for so many years! Love your voice, so smooth and your dancing is flawless :)

  97. Colappsonme

    You would be amazing in Broadway :oooo