Jay Electronica - Walking (J. Period Remix) Lyrics

When the musics in my system
Ain't no tellin' if he Muslim if he Christian
That's what they be yellin'
I'm god by blood
Not relation
So what a bum bum is from creation
I never got hated on directed to my face
I never got tased
I never got maced
I never went to jail without rumbling the cops
Who thought a nigga was a slave trying to put me in my place
And that's just the preface
A universal message from the land of the lepers
The camouflaged wolves stealing lambs from the shepards
Your average John Malkovich
Transform myself to the wind like The Alchemist
You know what the outcome is

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Jay Electronica Walking (J. Period Remix) Comments
  1. samax amen

    This joint rah'chere!
    "transform myself to the wind like the alchemist..."

  2. Richard Joiner

    One of the best tru

    Richard Joiner

    2 use XClan (suga shaft )greatness

  3. ptony77 77

    “I’m GOD by blood, not relation...” Peace to the Gods n Earths....

  4. mari esatia


  5. DreadInNY

    That was nice of Jay Electronics to allow Nas to still lay a verse when he wasn't needed after his.......

  6. samax amen

    yes. Yes. YES!

  7. clothes2theheart

    can't walk too much even if it hurt the kankles
    eye see no pain no gain, success gettin mangled

  8. couchlock4dub

    i first heard j elec bout 4 yrs ago and i love his content and how he keeps u anticipating the next line. in my opinion a one of a kind emcee and is reviving the roots of hip-hop. AMAZING MIX KINFOLK THANK U

  9. couchlock4dub

    one word "goosebumps". like the whole track. all of it as i wuz typing heard the kanye insert "pray that my feet dont fail me now"

  10. PartyAddicts Worldwide

    do you have a download link for this track please?

  11. ImproveTheGrooveRecords

    Its soooo NASty how they used the biggy verse like that

  12. Philip McKimmie

    yea so im probably gonna get this and take the lyrics out and spit to this on something fierce. definitely will credit you for it. this is too good man. Logic & Maschine are the greatest arent they? :) lol

  13. Philip McKimmie

    awesome dude. this needs to be on the radio

  14. mon3ybagz

    this is the 1st mix i've heard on youtube that sounds like it should be a REAL song,. good job

  15. motive

    This is dope as hell man. Good mix!

  16. Verde Terrace

    please put up a download link for this ... my music library is crying cos this remix isn't in it

  17. justinwashere

    You rly mixed this?? This is professional man. Nice mix, rly appreciate it.

  18. Romantherollman

    can anybody tell me the name of the blues sample at the beginning????



    J came with it on this one!!!!!!!!!

  20. Shiv Kalola

    this is dope! nice work

  21. Bianicman Epic Videos

    I love her voice