Jay Electronica - The Day Lyrics

Whack niggas sleep rappin' and woke up in trouble
Whack niggas with that sleep rap and then woke up in trouble
You were cool ten years ago, you fucking lex bubble

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Brand new tires, Rollin down the same old strip
New party same old chicks
I'm so sorry
If I don't look happy to be here
In your label office but they said I can't smoke weed here
Man fuck it I'm out black on
And I'm bout it fool
I got a studio in my house
Along with some the perks
That come with my work
Pretty twenty something sleeping in my Diamond Supply shirt
There is not a adjective to describe how I work
Hard is not enough brother I'm tougher
Whack niggas with that sleep rappin' and woke up in trouble
You was cool ten years ago you fucking lex bubbles, bubble
You gotta know when to hold em', know when to fold em'
Learn how to roll with the punches
Take em' to school give these niggas brown bag lunches
If it ain't the jets then it ain't nothing

[Hook: Yasiin Bey]
Yo the king closed his cloak the set was overfull
Such a excellent moment, so emotional
He rushed out on the field, so devoted for
Final victory clutch they went postal cold
Glory overload, hold up hold my coat
Please remember this day
This changes everything we can do anything
Until you show anyway

[Verse 2: Jay Electronica]
My momma told me, "Son, always call a spade a spade"
Be like Chuck D never be like Flavor Flav
But that clock around his neck is so fly
And the way he complimenting Chuckie with that bow tie flow
Make me feel high so I'm gon' spit it my way
Excuse me as I do me cruisin' rudely down the high way
I'm young, black, intelligent, elegant, blasé
Back to the thesis
Back to to shooting kraps and talking smack to the polices
Back to black and gold ballys
Dickes with the creases
Pulling youngins by the coattails
Schoolin' em' who the beast is
I pray this flow is dumb enough ugh
I pray my heart is DMC and Reverend Run enough
Cause I'm a throw my number up
I'm a throw some chicken bones and feathers on a hundred bucks
And summon up the thunder what?
The voodoo man is coming bruh
Can't see the forest for the trees
It's okay, I got my jigsaw and my lumber truck
Tell them boys their run is up


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Jay Electronica The Day Comments
  1. Leighton Brown

    That hook fire! Got to loop this joint right chur!!!!

  2. Jackson State

    Run dat shit!
    That's what I'm talkin' bout
    Real Rap

  3. Aerial Penn

    I'm so sorry if I dont look happy to be here, in your label office
    Cause they said I cant smoke weed here! Man fuck it I'm out.

    Spitta took the foundation Snoop, Redman and all the other smokers left and took it to the next level. He created an empire off this.

  4. Ryan Bradford

    po!!p shit in a WACKASS BITCHES FACEPEOPLE!! WHAT!!!!! KING1.. 💖📀💣💖

  5. Alan Quezada

    I miss Jay.

  6. MeteoBlitz

    in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Alahym....

  7. Sandro Garcia

    2019 we ready for anything !!!

  8. TangoChaser88

    Give these Ni¢¢a$ brown bag lunches


  9. Damian Jones

    How Mos def make me feel like im Superman with a chorus?

  10. William Murray

    Jay E top 5 of ALL TIME!

    Baba Dioum


  11. Sandro Garcia


  12. Big Dog

    That new currensy & jay electronica picture brought me here

  13. Jacob Wallace

    They worship my walter its so gay

  14. MeteoBlitz

    too much illness in one song

  15. YUNG ILLY 5600

    Came here for Mos Def

  16. Johnny Speedy

    Wow Currency is Trash

  17. Stephen Junior

    whats the original called?

  18. Creamatic

    I kill to live this era again man :/

  19. Justin Ewing

    but that. clock aound his neck

  20. Terry Dixon

    Pullin younguns by coat tails, hoodlum who the beast is??????

    Mansa Nze

    Pullin youngins by coat tails, school em'(them) on who the beast is...

  21. Mansa Nze

    My momma told me, "Son, always call a spade a spade"
    Be like Chuck D never be like Flavor Flav
    But that clock around his neck is so fly
    And the way he complimenting Chuckie with that bow tie flow
    Make me feel high so I'm gon' spit it my way
    Excuse me as I do me cruisin' rudely down the high way
    I'm young, black, intelligent, elegant, blasé
    Back to the thesis
    Back to to shooting craps and talking smack to the polices
    Back to black and gold ballys
    Dickes with the creases
    Pulling youngins by the coattails
    Schoolin' em' who the beast is

  22. Winston 1875

    Somebody tell me who produced this please

    Evan Gilmore

    ski beatz he made jay z Dead Presidents beat fun fact


    Ski beats produced the whole album

  23. Betty Williams

    Curren$y was crazy

  24. terrell lacour

    This is some dope shit i've been waiting for

  25. yakuza moon.

    Broooo. This is what the fuck you fly out to lol.

  26. Daniel

    Jay elec gon drop an album better than GKMC, he got the potential


    ROFL, boi stop (big boi voice).


    im still waiting for the album...

    Akhim Nazareth

    2019 and we still waiting LMAO

  27. Wordsplay

    Currensy was garbage on this.. Jay Elect and Mos killed it!

    Clifford Maurice

    His verse was straight... Jay's was just better

    Big Dog

    How was mos better & mos didn't EVEN spit a rap you clown

    Sandro Garcia

    FUCK YOU!!!

  28. Play time

    Jet life til the next life

  29. Javon Cox


    Scotty McGrady

    @Javon Cox oh shit..I came back to the same video and seen my comment from my old account. real lifer here

  30. gibran paris

    just cause jay electronica raps about more intelectual topics it doesnt make him a better rapper, curren$y has dropped at least 20 mixtapes and still stays consistant that alone shows how good he is, he doesnt rap about pyramids but lyrically he can match jay electronica on top of that for every jay electronica verse theirs 20 curren$y verses, curren$y is the bret favre of this shit, dont get me wrong tho jay electronica is one of my favorite rappers but saying hes clearly better is disrespect


    gibran paris theres level to this shit currency nice but the real ones know jay on another level

  31. DdoubleDs

    still waiting for electronica to drop an album, hurry up nigga you taking long

  32. El Chungus

    on the fucken real bruh!

  33. El Chungus

    gtfo nigga, obviously you havent listened enough to andretti #tillthenextlife

  34. Lupin The 3rd

    i don't fuck with jay all that much but if you're telling me this is one of his best verses then he isn't all that.

  35. JAMs

    Hey I'm a hip hop producer and love making beats like this. I'm tryna produce for Spitta one day if y'all could check out my beats that would be awesome! You won't be disappointed! Thank you and God bless!

  36. Donavan McDabb

    spitta and jay electronica... fire ass track

  37. Jaylah Fleming

    yes yes yes lmao!!!

  38. AskWhy09

    You the gate keeper of this video? lmfao FOH this is youtube with a comments box

  39. The Official Nonchalant

    Mos Def brutalized that hook, Jesus Christ...

  40. norfillyson


  41. Woody McAndrew

    if you aint here for spitta leave? don't get me wrong spitta is that dude but if mos def and jay electronica on a track don't make you wanna check it out then you dont know shit about hip hop and i feel sorry for you. fuck outta here

  42. monstermikekjr

    I came for all three. They all dope

  43. enrique mendoza

    what mixtape or album is this from?

    Aerial Penn

    No mixtapes. This is on Curren$y album Pilot Talk (the first one) you can actually get all 3 together now in a bundle deal.

  44. Will Lean

    Im a throw some chicken bones and feathers on a 100 bucks, and summon up the thunder, What! The voodoo man is coming bruh.......wow, so southern

  45. HinduKush23

    Are you kidding me? I listen to Curren$y but to compare him to JAY ELECTRONICA? Jay is one of the most intellectually stimulating rappers I have ever heard and his verse on this song is one of the best he's ever spit. Spitta doesn't even stand a chance against a true lyricist like Jay Electornica

  46. Josh Knight

    Me when the bass drops after the hook -----> :D

  47. J Jizza

    9 people like Little Wayne and dont understand what real music is

    Zach Adam

    J Jizza curren$y would tell you himself wayne is better

    The Soldier

    @Zach Adam hell no spitta has better bars, while wayne mumbles in half of his songs.

  48. J Jizza

    Curren$y is the fuckin man

  49. haggel fuggui

    I love Curren$y but Jay Elec makes him look like an amateur when he drops his verse

  50. noremac387

    jay never ceases to amaze me.

  51. Nakai Flores

    came for all of them, jet life

  52. frankiesanchez000

    very homo, actually.

  53. NapalmProductionsTV


  54. 1L4MK


  55. Loco18

    Wut about legend Mos Def? :S

  56. Burninmyleather

    AYO u gay. & no he is not. that nigga ugly

  57. Schama Noel

    whats the instrumental for this

  58. Trey Wright

    u can't see the forest thru the trees its okay, I got my jigsaw and my lumber truck, TELL THEM BOYS THEY RUN IS UP!!

  59. soud aldokhy

    then you came for the wrong reason... what about mos def?

  60. Jango Fett

    Man i really wish mos wouldve had a verse...

    The Soldier

    Hell yeah Mos Def was cold on the mic

  61. Killafire7

    not mos def aswell? one of the best hip hop artists ever in the game.

  62. BeeAndBee

    Jay Elect>your favorite rapper

    Baba Dioum

    totally approuved

  63. HazyLikeDays

    These comments have got to stop LOL.

  64. Joshua Stewart

    you can't say no homo to that dogg. lol

  65. samuel munonyedi

    lmaoooooo never heard that one before..........

  66. ENJ4321

    Homo very much. You can not, no homo a statement like that...that's not how it works.

  67. Looneveli

    How in the hell can you no homo that statement?!? lmfao, hilarious tho

  68. BeeAndBee


  69. Craig Weston

    Word Up Bro, That Clown Is Straight homo..

  70. Mr.Calculus/TheUnBiasedDude

    Jay Electronica sounds exactly like Killah Priest...

  71. Kidd Richie

    currensy and jay = best fuckin' combo

  72. PurpleBeerCup

    go Curren$y go!

  73. Oskar Mleczko


  74. abrahamnaledge

    Jay Electronica absolutely slaughtered this shit. Ridiculous verse...'back to black and gold Bally's, Dickies with the creases/pulling youngins by the coattail, schoolin em who the beast is'. Outrageously sick

  75. Kayos KeyiD

    cool but check out "Kayos Keyid feat J Dilla"

  76. Joshua Rose


  77. J Ochoa

    this is so nipple hardening.


    @Broyale26 winner of youtube comments forreal doe.

  79. Poundgame23

    Be like Chuck D neva be like Flava Flav best part lol

  80. Julian Spaltenstain

    @1godapex lmao

  81. WiiCON

    This shit is fucking sweeeet!

  82. Andrew Peck

    @strayandotherthings Pause.

  83. alex koty

    i only came for jay electronica

  84. FuckYeahBra

    is there a man on this earth that is a better rapper than jay electronica? tread carefully..

  85. Swaggajackson

    @0xd34dx0 Best comment I've read all day haha

  86. TheMostHigh


  87. Caped Baldy

    Jay Electronica >>>>>>> Yo fave rapper... even if it is Jay electronica lmao... he better than him self..
    (Unless its Nas That a whole different story)

  88. Eli G


    Eli G - No Matter What

  89. alberts1985

    s,=w chem dawg__;__

  90. Justin Simmons

    @ImDevonLol Mos Def and Jay are both better than him but together they're monsters.

  91. Fryd Boy

    @sumballaboi that dont say much

  92. jmoneyballin93

    Spitta wouldve went way harder if he was in the studio with Jay Elect...they all killed this song though

  93. dev c

    jay used curren$y as a toilet

  94. Liam Kennedy


  95. sweatpants1212

    see Jay murder