Jay Electronica - The Announcement Lyrics

My view is aerial
Your crew inferior
My crew imperial
MC Killers, Milk & Serial
Get it? Forget it.
You'll still be connecting the dots with smoking holes in your fitted
Those that got it be all at the shows throwing fits
The light from the dynasty sign froze all of the critics and nary a soul got on they frog toes to ribbit
Shhh... t'was the night before the coming
Sugar plum candy coated lines for the dummies
Decoded hieroglyphics in the shrines for the mummies
We not illuminati but out eye is on the money

My minds on the scripture
It's beautiful, I see every line on the picture
So when the leaves Russel and the cock Crowes winter just know that the Black Gods mingled a bit
Then the fingers got pricked
Then the single got picked
Man I'm living out my brain I don't dream about shit
If I say dream, I meant Dream, Fresh not Hampton
I got a date with destiny I'm definitely not cancelling

The Stone
The Roc
The Throne
The Elegant Celebration sent tremors through every nation
The Stars aligned like cars at grand central station

Yours Truly,
My duty in obligation: The newly appointed ruler who moved with no observation like W.D.
Say my name on a record, W.W.III
I'll put you niggas in a box like the WB
Here's a footnote on the Blueprint
Whoms fucking with We?
Bad grammar
Widescreen panorama
Paranormal activity seen on the camera

So if you want that turmoil
I'll Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Worldstar you
Rap Radar, Nahright, 2dopeboy you
Your plans is foiled
Your guns is borrowed
We living in tomorrow
A tissue for your sorrows

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Jay Electronica The Announcement Comments
  1. Mr.knowitall Rants

    Fam we 2020 still on this!!!!

  2. Mr.knowitall Rants

    It's something about his delivery in this damn song

  3. GoshhhJosh

    We not Illuminati but our eye is on the money.....

  4. K . O


  5. alimuh007

    Why does Rice play Texas?


    Kennedy's speech was delivered at Rice University. Rice at the time were perennial underdogs to the bigger Texas University. The famous line was a powerful appeal to the listeners of America's ambition. Even though Rice are the underdogs they still play Texas believing they can win.

    Calvin LaFleur Jr

    Li0nBar he wasn’t asking for an explanation, he was admiring the line(bar).

  6. Brooklyn Style ☑️

    "throwing f-id-its" (its a black thing)

  7. Josiah Henry

    lol can't even read the lyrics

  8. William Licerio

    That's some thoughtful lyrics but he makes it look so easy

  9. Xavier Rocha

    Woah.... First time just now 3/27/19

  10. Kiera Martin

    Jay is too ill. Can't wait for his album to drop

    J.G. Arutoff

    Don’t hold ya breath

    LeBron's burner account

    Wow how sad.


    Still waiting.


    🤣🤣🤣🤣 did you like it ?


    This comment is everything

  11. marcher

    the stone! the rock! the throne!