Jay Electronica - Suckas Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
This goes out to those that choose to use disrespectful views
On the game of H-I-p-h-o-p
We terrorizing you misfits
These wack emcees got the game twisted
We don't give a fuck about your rings and your chains
Your four-dot six Range
Or Frankie B jeans
I came in the game motherfucka was deaf to the bling
Jay Elect reign supreme over everything
Meet the heavenly man mics in my hand I rip 'em
Brrrr-ha stick 'em ha-ha-ha stick 'em
Wack rappers we vick* 'em
And leave 'em for dead
For spittin' that wack shit
That they see in they head


[Verse 2:]
The last dragon, carrying weight like Oprah
Redeemer of Abnoloima and san koufa
I mash out more posses than Billy and Fame
Sucka emcees rock ice but they really in flames
Eighty-five think they free but they really in chains
Talking that big willy looking silly and strange
Earthquakes and rain, hail snow locust and bees
All of the above is caused by the dopest emcees
Back day I used to rock Adidas open with Lees
Windmill on the cardboard and close with the freeze
Silly suckas


[Verse 3:]
It's War with The Dragon, visit your day see god,
Spar with apassion, this is your day swing hard.
As I spark your imagi, nation it may seem odd,
This world is crazy hard, but it made me god,
Rock with the blastmaster of rock with a rap masters,
The Notorious BIG and 2Pac were the last Pastors.
I gotta grab the, torch and lead the flock to the pastures,
Return of the Jedi, who stud-eye-d under the master.
Jakes wanna creep me, The eighth B60 defeat me,
I'm feelin leepy, Homeland Security breechy,
They can't compete B, my Third Eye vision is 3D.
Saw you with Mouson, cuttin civilizin the BC,
Rappers a misfit, cheap trick covered with lipstick,
Yappin about free me, going plat with the...
War with The Dragon, I'm here to clash with the beast,
Harass the Police, in the process of establishin peace,

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Jay Electronica Suckas Comments
  1. Social Hill

    Fuck this beat and flow is sick...

  2. Mykal

    Still on heavy rotation. Incredible.

  3. Farouk TALEB

    If you’re still here i love you

  4. Michael Lopez

    i miss you so much Jay

  5. Ichigo Uzumaki

    This sound like a Busta beat😳😳✊🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    Jonas Pedersen

    That's cuz Busta spits over this beat on his collab with Dilla. The track is "Takin Whats Mine" and can be found on the Dillagence album

  6. Omoro Ragland

    I hope in heaven I live on hip hop block and we izrealites hear dope ass shyt like this

  7. Hernan Cortes Athrice Recordings

    What is the name of the beat? Who was originally on it? He sounds like MF Grimm on this track

  8. dean karamesinis

    Trap fans take notes

  9. Brown Scorpio

    J dillas beat be making me cry for good damn reasonü

  10. Jeremiah Williams

    whats the initial beat ?

    Marcus Bell

    joe jackson - steppin' out

  11. John Reder

    The beat is called HYDRANT GAME

  12. Big Ray

    He sound SOO much like BIG in that first verse

  13. KVSoriginal

    This is just on another level from most rap these days..

  14. Curtis Sego

    good shit

  15. Courtney Seward

    so I finally figured out the beat in the beginning of the song is a sample from Joe Jackson steppin out

    Carter Carter

    I've been looking for this song a whole fukn yr thank you thank you I don't know how to thank you I wish I could kiss you thank you again if you're a man disregard that last statement but thank you and God bless you and thank you a million times I heard it at work 1 day and was singing it the minute it went off I had to do something job related and forgot every word so I couldn't google the lyrics then I ran across this Jay Elect song and I knew it was the sample but everyone I played it for knew the song but couldn't remember the words either as a kid me and some friends made up words to this beat in the same key but I can't google that it was us just messing around I've been listening to a 80's radio station that plays a snippet of the track in their advertising forever but they never play the full song either whew you just don't know how many headaches and advils you've saved me from at last I can uninstall worthless azz shazam lol I'm so happy take care and thanks again sorry for the long post

  16. Brian W

    this world is crazy hard but it made me God

  17. Merchmula Nate

    what's the beat in the very beginning called

  18. Chris Carter

    anybody know the name of the song in the very 1st 15 sec. of this track


    Joe Jackson Stepping Out

  19. Mike Bard

    Heard this on shade45 this morning and had no idea what it was...doesn't sound like jay electronica at all to me. Luckily I was able to find this by searching some of the lyrics. Fire...dilla was a monster.

  20. Kevin Federline

    I knew this shit was real when I heard the dilla siren

  21. Hector Ruiz

    Jay DILLA Jay Electronica Jaydawgg Fletcher Jay Z... I see a pattern here

  22. Tray'Von Little

    Jay electronica need to do a song with joey badass that shit would blow my mind.
    Negus keeping the culture pure, spreading knowledge through their rhymes.

    Tray'Von Little

    @Sean Dafny like Dimethyltryptamine even intellectuals missed the point of that song.

    Sean Dafny

    @Tray'Von Little
    I agree with you to a degree but overall nah man I dont think that Joey can hang tho a song could be nice and probably would be. After all, Elect has done songs with J Cole and others who are not on Joey's level but good in their own right.  To be honest I believe that Jay Electronic is the best MC alive as of right now so i mean my argument could be invalid but I try not to be bias.

    Tray'Von Little

    @Sean Dafny if you like the content of jay electronica then you should listen to killah priest "the winged people"

    Sean Dafny

    @Tray'Von Little
    And yea with DMT thats what im saying Joey could never even conceptualize to even create those type of lyrics but that doesn't necessarily take away from his ability so yea actually i think a song with Joey would be an ok thing. still think that joey wouldnt be on that level tho

    Tray'Von Little

    @Sean Dafny I think joey can go that deep into it though, he just doesn't because he doesn't want people to be puzzled, joey badass is a 5 percenter apparently, he knows some shit. But rappers aren't going to make it far with conscious rap, j. Cole tried it, wale tried it, kendrick tried it, pusha t tried it, all niggas wanna hear about is ass shaking and niggas dying that's that DMT effect. But you could be right, people don't understand how great that song DMT is because they don't understand the symbolism. You're probably right, I don't think anyone in this era can do what jay electronica does, better than he does it. Unless hell razah, killah priest, or nas pick the mic back up.

  23. YuupTheGreatness

    Real Hip hop heads know this is legendary Jay & Dilla #A1

  24. Kristyle117

    4 thumbs down=4 suckas..

  25. Afro Records


  26. Matt Kelley

    this shits fire beyond belief

  27. Ryne Eichman

    Mr. Candyman, the parables parabolic
    The poetry's like the poems and psalms of Ecclesiastes
    Lightning should strike the stone and then Moses should make a tablet
    The Judge will bang the wood up in parliament with the mallet
    And yell "Hear, Hear," finally some order to this rap shit
    Finally some sort of water to soil these cracked lips

  28. Barton Funk

     "...I mash out more posses than Billy & Fame/ Sucka MC's rock Ice/ But they really in flames/85 think they free/ But they really in chains/Talking that Big Willy/ Looking silly and strange/ Earthquakes and rain/ Hail, snow, locust and bees/All of the above/ Is caused by the dopest MC's..."   Lyrical crack!

  29. clinton shamis

    Been waiting on Jay Elect since '04!! Shape up or ship out!

  30. Daniel N


  31. jmartecep

    Without telling my age, this song brought me back life! Hip Hop lives in the underground! This song is sooo serious! Peace.

  32. Schama Noel

    Yo I have a verse to this song, it's crazy man


  33. Your Greatest Ally

    ok i have been waiting for this guy for almost 2 years now.... to come out after being signed can someone tell me what is going on with this guy

  34. erodephs10

    Doooope ass lyrics

  35. felixdadeathcat

    What's the name of the Dilla instrumental? Always escapes me...

    Noah Nine

    It was made by Dilla for Busta

    Alexander Shimrat

    Its called Hydrant Game - J Dilla

  36. Moe Al.

    @nmf1047 i want to kno that too

  37. nevasober88

    only little kids and white people compare every new rapper with potential to pac and big...and for the record his style sounds more influenced by big just with a enlightened revolutionary twist on it

  38. Kenny Boyd


  39. King of Black Diamonds

    i downloaded the mixtape victory

  40. DutchMastaKillaNYC

    is this instrumental on any j dilla records?

    John Reder

    the beat is called HYDRANT GAME

  41. Jay Kay

    @SeanChiruchi yeah sounds like tupac hit em up

  42. Jay Kay

    @SeanChiruchi i can hear the biggie lol

  43. ruffneck168

    this is the only way jay elect and suckas are meant to be in the same sentence

  44. nmf1047

    what is that song in the beginning.sounds real familiar..Jay went in on this

    Chris Hargrove

    I recognized it instantly. Its Stepping Out by Joe Jackson, an 80's classic.

  45. think2wice516

    I love this sample (The Weavers - Kisses Sweeter than Wine). This is one of my favorite J. Dilla beats.

  46. Roy Sumpton

    Hey people...
    When you find this tell you're
    friends to check it out.
    This song has 422 views right now!

  47. I Don't Like That Shit

    Thanks for the lyrics, your work is appreciated.