Jay Electronica - Jazzmatazz 2010 Guru Tribute Lyrics

[Intro - Martin Luther King Jr.:]
We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn’t matter with me now
Because I’ve been to the mountaintop; I don’t mind
Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will. And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over. And I've seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land!
And so I'm happy, tonight
I'm not worried about anything
I'm not fearing any man!
Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!!

[Verse 1 - Jay Electronica:]
Boom bash dash
I had to break, I had to get away
Pack my bags, headed for Greyhound, it was a Monday
Time to start my mission
I felt that burning feeling in my soul, I had to listen
I had this re-ocurring dream from the stage in a suit with a fade
I had set the game ablaze and they threw me a parade
I stacked a little change and took my family out the caves
But I was trapped in a maze like a lab rat
And at the bottom of the barrel where they keep the crabs at
No Geico, no Aflac, nothing to fall back on
But the streets where niggas cussed out the police and sold they crack on
Better known as back home, where they treat the Arabs and the Spanish and the blacks wrong
There he go with that song
You may be tired but I spit what I'm inspired
From the Lord of the worlds cause the devil is a liar

[Hook - Tone Treasure:]
Say, I've seen the lightning flashing (yes I did)
And I've seen the thunder roar
But you can't (you can't keep me down for long)
Because I'm getting stronger (Because I keep getting stronger)

[Verse 2 - Jay Electronica:]
My style is like a shot of Jack Daniels, a baby grand piano
Lightening Hopkin, smokin' cigs, strummin' on the banjo
The son of man's the son of a gun with hella ammo
Sheriffs shootin' Bob Marley, John J. Rambo
Six sextillion, 19 million, the holy pyramids say we all Allah's children
Voodoo for the pilgrims who bring weapons and conceal 'em
They silence you with force and then indoctrinate the children
Yo Gabba Gabba, Ahmadinejad will blow up your apartment if you don’t observe the Sabbath
I look the devil in his eye and say abracadabra
Then drown 'im in the mighty light his brain couldn’t fathom
Scrappin' every day, just like fight club
A thriller and a smooth criminal like Mike was


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Jay Electronica Jazzmatazz 2010 Guru Tribute Comments
  1. anich2011

    "Yo Gabba Gabba, Ahmadinejad will
    Blow up your apartment if you don't observe the Sabbath
    I look the devil in his eyes, say Abracadabra
    Then drown him in the mighty light, his brain couldn't fathom
    Scrappin every day, just like Fight Club
    A Thriller and a Smooth Criminal, just like Mike was" SHEESH ! I need a Jay Electronica feat Cyhi the Prince collab asap

  2. 911Ranger1

    I've listened to this song countless times over the years and just caught him shoutin' out the legendary Lightnin' Hopkins. Makes this song even doper which I didn't realize was possible

  3. mason miller


  4. GoodxJ

    Respect! the great 1



  6. Patrick Tarver

    That SHIT Was S M O O V E As [email protected]! GURU Your Legacy Will Continue! RIP Beloved 7 & A Crescent!

  7. Joe Yo

    A thriller and a smooth criminal like mike was

    WTF 🔥🥵

  8. DUstIn hoCkInG

    He killed this GURU would be proud

  9. She runs

    Thank you Jay for always giving me hope through this song. It’s got to be more to life than this..

  10. SammyTTS8

    damn. even thw way he flows on this song is reminiscent of GURU

  11. Mike Rodriguez

    Son it's 2019/2020......and this shit is still amazing

  12. Joe Yo

    Can’t even finish the song without rewinded the verse. So many gems inner week esch line my minds cumming rn

  13. leojay60

    This brought tears to my eyes. #Truskool

  14. millenialbroadcast


  15. Benjoelcarson Roseman


  16. Can We get 1000 Subscribers with no video?

    $1000 for whoever tells me the whereabouts of Jay Electronica. I WILL KILL for an album...

  17. LGKids

    Jay Elec is your favorite rappers favorite rapper....Peacs!

  18. 5burowz

    Jay Electronica------->Group Home

  19. Letlovehavethelastword


  20. H_ cipher

    i still come back to this greatness

  21. leconte blue

    Dunno why at the beginning I thought Madlib was singing dropping those fire vocal bars

  22. jay bey

    Yo Gabba Gabba?!!!!

  23. Ryan

    Don’t know if you caught it but... “my style is like a shot of jack Daniels”, guru said his style was “smooth but rugged” in moment of truth. A shot of jack Daniels could be described as smooth and rugged. Insanity, super high level shit man.

  24. yusuf1608


  25. It's Common Sense Wake Up

    Lol blow up your apartment if you don't observe the sabbath 😂😂😂😂 shalom

  26. Bernard Tyler

    This is soul food, RIP guru. J.E. You the one bro but keep the pressure on these wack rappers neck

  27. Njadaka73

    I rewind the intro at least 3x every time I play this track. Long Live Dr. King!!!

  28. Per Hjort

    To another poet it's no conundrum why J Electrolux do not drop music regularly or even now and then. He has very high standards, like any great artist, also he writes with inspiration. It can not be predicted or forced. Also, he might experience periods of Writer's Block, like I do. The "work" of poetry is not like a normal profession. False prophets can easily churn out their garbage regularly, but the real deal takes time folks.

  29. Mourad Awad

    i wanna loop this forever

  30. MF DOOM

    Boom bap boommm bap boom bap bap bap

  31. J Cella

    Keeping NOLA not only the city but a Magnolia Project spitta alive forever with this one Uptown 3rd Ward.

  32. John Limberg

    Most underrated song in his catalogue by far

  33. Alex

    One of his best songs. J Elect always fighting the devil in his rhymes I love it.

  34. Alonzo X

    I helped this get a million views I bump this every week

  35. Magic Johnson

    This song has been on repeat. Dr king into in the beginning makes this song great

  36. Native Sun

    Damn he got the guru flow mixed in with his lyrical skill. Those background singers sound silky af! 🔥.

  37. Resiidue 2Times

    Ain't this sampling mathematics by Mo's def

  38. Kyriakos Angelis

    whoever don't like these bars stay out of hip hop

  39. Cozman sibbs


  40. Anthony De Freitas

    boom bash dash

  41. Geronimo Swope

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 classic

  42. Wayne Clark

    This shit hard as hell! GODKing308

  43. SnowboardinMA

    Imagine we get an album from this guy

  44. max Manfred2030

    The Alchemist he is always on the transmutation...Peace and respect to Guru may he rest in eternal peace in the celestial Temples......

  45. Franklin Velez

    The greatest rapper alive. PERIOD

  46. Wilderness Productions

    I listen to this and just cry. So beautiful how he delivers his message everytime lifting God up and always denouncing satan

  47. Keith Miller

    Wow I'm young white and privileged.. Nas is my #1 but this kid is my new Hero.. imagine that... Just Listen... Tought a o'l dog New tricks...

  48. Keith Miller

    I Luv u Bo... I thought Was the King... U Got the Crown...

  49. Roy Garcia

    "The holy pyramid says we all Allahs children" DAM

  50. Dopey Joe

    This is beautiful .

  51. Kevin Frazier

    One of the greatest

  52. Richard M.


  53. Deandre White

    R.i.p to Nipsey a real street legend

  54. Ohshii

    This is one of the best rap songs I ever heard in my entire life holy shit RIP Guru

  55. Pedei Z

    This shit🔥

  56. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    Well I will finish without posting while I am listening. I understand

  57. taylz1200

    Cot damn, Jay needs to get some more stuff out on vinyl. Also, I have always loved this beat...

  58. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    Very sad we lose so many greats

  59. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    I hope someone likes it I need some ghostwriting credits, smiling

  60. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    Always do your rewrites

  61. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    That's how I feel when I hear a hot track!

  62. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    Soul stirrer,
    Guess I'm stuck between the layers,
    Les mcann over boom bap,
    Beats 4 the players,
    most prolific, so unique,
    Peep the total picture,
    Clearer I'm voice,
    My tablet,
    like a scripture
    Cold stare, got em geeked,
    glaring at the mic stand. Going hard in the paint,
    All for them rap fans,
    Rhyme immortal,
    light shines through a prism,
    My aura shinning Tru above all religion
    Notes echo,
    through a portal.
    Wise Dome,
    course steady,
    seen the heavens, God made me audible.
    Devil's run, when I come,
    Malik firing off the top,
    mothership connected,
    channel off a beat drop.
    (Here if u need me,
    Kept it flawless always greasy

    )except of an unreleased freestyle...
    By Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez aka Malik Dawood Goines

  63. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    Soul stirrer,
    stuck between the layers,
    Les mcann over boom bap,
    Beats 4 the streets,
    and the, most prolific so unique,
    Peep the total picture,
    Clearer I'm.the Victor,

    Cold stare, glaring at the mic stand. Going hard in the paint,
    All for them rap fans,
    Rhyme immortal,
    light thru prisms,
    My aura shinning Tru religion
    Notes echo,
    through a portal.

    Devil's run, when I come,
    Malik firing off the top,
    mothership connected,
    channel off a beat drop.
    (Here if u need me,
    Kept it flawless always greasy

    )except of an unreleased freestyle...
    By Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez aka Malik Dawood Goines

  64. The siljkovic Family

    Nice song but Where is the GURU tribute?

  65. Jonathan Holleb

    "I had this reoccurring dream from the stage, in a suit with a fade, I had set the game ablaze, and they had threw me a parade."

  66. Dusty Atomz

    Ive always loved this beat from Dj Premier! Group Home!

  67. Armond Donae


  68. ALI ESSA

    It just hit me how little tributes seems to be released dedicated to Guru.... What the fuck

  69. Mel175

    Classic , thankful for rappers like jay electric and immortal

  70. Laurent Armstrong

    just beautiful...

  71. Risky Business

    Man I remember listen to this late at nite when I was 17 working at my 1st job good times

  72. Aldon Tate

    "Voodoo for the pilgrims who bring weapons and conceal them/ They silence you with force, then indoctrinate the children/ yo-gabba gabba, ack-medina- jabbwha/ blow up your apartment, if you don't observe the sabbath."

    Talk about it brotha!!

  73. Abu Aljada

    Official Issue

  74. Daymon Wilcox

    I'll tell you what's crazy with all the gifted rappers out there and all the days you sat back and listened to the legends one of them being the Guru I thought for sure there be at least 20 different tribute songs to the man. What I realized that doesn't matter his lyrics live on through his songs, peace gifted Unlimited... never will I forget you turn this white boy on to the gift...

  75. Arturo Galactica

    Hands down the most underrated artist from New Orleans because he is speaking knowledge and not talking about drugs, twerking, and bouncing

  76. AverageOnes88

    this will be my Victory song when i overcome all my adversities


    AverageOnes88 Claim it now!

  77. Beverly McFadden

    Don't Play With Me At All .... Respect Vanguard !!!

  78. Junk Vood

    "You may be tired but I spit what I'm inspired. From the lord of the worlds cause the devil is liar" 🔥🔥🔥

  79. Junk Vood

    Who does shit like this? I gotta admit I'm pissed that you didn't keep making music jay electronica. You was on to something smh

  80. Serenity Section

    this reminds me of the feels from when we first started smoking good weed. nothin but love <3

  81. Micro Draco

    Check out oswin Benjamin doomsday cypher 2015

  82. khalid ali

    Amazing. Artwork.

  83. Enrique Suazo

    Voodoo for the pilgrims/who bring weapons and conceal them/silence you with force and indoctrinate the children.

    New Orleans the home of the Civil Rights Movement. The blackest of the black.

  84. House Nebula

    They should jail this guy for not making more music. Its a crime to spit fucking lava and then do nothing for 10 years... smh


    The Mountain Top...

  86. Sankofa Sun

    DJ Premier and this beat tho...

  87. Andrew Toy

    Sir I thank you for your tracks they really do help

  88. Russ Niles

    Rhythm And Poetry......RAP at its finest !!!

  89. Melvin C. Davis

    New Orleans? Really?

  90. Victoria Appiagei

    awesome Cool good music poetry lyricist hip-hop

  91. Clarence Julien

    Pardon me Guru.

  92. Clarence Julien

    My boy Jay Electronica. Alwsys on point. God Bless Giri slways.

  93. Joshua Montoya


  94. Joshua Montoya


  95. Adam Scott

    I need like a 12 min free style from you jay...just keep rhymin

    Waka Paora

    Eternal Sunshine

  96. Do DAT

    thank you

  97. Jamal Payne

    The Black Man is god!

  98. Z Z

    Shout out to everyone who appreciates this track...