Jay Electronica - Higher Lyrics

[Intro: Swizz Beatz]
Y'all ready for this?
I need y'all to put your lighters up like this

[Verse 1: Game]
Guess who in the building, send New York a fax
Tell 'em I'm rollin' chronic up with Jay Electronica
Tell 'em it's (Game time!), yeah let 'em know son
I’ve been swiss cheesing beats since ‘01
I put the Range in the Rov, the 6 in the hundred
Stay blunted nigga I gets money
You niggas just spittin' to get cars and cop cribs
Can I live? Drive that bullshit off a bridge
With a Jesus piece under my polo
Entourage, never that, now I ride solo
Roll up backwoods and smoke with finesse, yes!
I said a prayer then I took off my vest
Now I’m walking with disciples, fully-loaded rifles
Back on the top like I’m sittin' on the Eiffel
Tower I devour MC’s
I’m dope aka a hundred keys

[Hook: Swizz Beatz]
Put ya drinks in the air and get
Higher, higher, higher, higher
Put ya drinks in the air and get
Higher, higher, higher, higher
Game and Swizz in here we get
Higher, higher, higher, higher
Put your hands in the air and get
Higher, higher, higher, higher

[Verse 2: Jay Electronica]
Nas already told you
The rap game is like the crack game, cut throat
You got to pull your own weight nigga, tug-boat
I’m out West now bangin' with the Game and them
California top shelf kush to the cranium
One love, one blood, the legend is real
Word to @Iamdiddy, the President Seal
Has been stamped and approved
We rock every crowd, you get trampled and booed
It's the phantom of the chakra, slum dog opera
Rap Radar, Nah Right, Okayplayer mosh up
Everything was all good just a week ago
What happened to your clique, nigga, where your people go?
I got a message for you homie, let your people know
We got the game locked down from Inglewood to Tupelo
Jay ElecYarmulke and Westside Red
Breaking bread like black kings, fuck what you said

[Hook x2]

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Jay Electronica Higher Comments
  1. Matt Matt

    New album coming

  2. Al Livingston

    Bruh I was high as fuck when I first heard this back in the day

  3. Lyrical Myracle

    Hidden gem wtf

  4. Stargate 246

    love it man

  5. BossFLOYD29

    Still fucks with this!!!

  6. YeahItsSteven

    here for jay elec. 

  7. sean lavis

    the game is killing it as always.. go go go go

  8. itsbowtie

    Jay elec's tooooo good

  9. *dijanibrown*

    the game is so under rated but he good

  10. SuckaFree101

    @hulk5099 Lol Swizz always does some bullshit ass choruses. Buying his beat means you're screwed with what he thinks is ' a hot chorus '

  11. adilson carvalho

    Didnt see this collabo comin

  12. matthew rozkowicz

    dope track

  13. maccabiallstar

    @SOHOMO1987 drive that bullshit off a bridge

  14. tbY94

    games verse werent up to standard