Jay Electronica - Girlfriend Lyrics

Girlfriend, I don't know what you did to me
But it sure feel like something good for me
Stay on my mind all day and all night
I'm seriously contemplatin on makin you wife
Yup, I'm twenty-seven girl I need to settle down now
I don't need to be up in the club chasin the brown round
You don't need to to be up the streets chasin these clowns down
Let's say we catch a matinee today, downtown
So I can tell you bout this dream I had lately
The one with the house on the hill and the baby
The picket white fence, in the field full of daisies
The amg kit on the silver mercedes
Would it hurt you to try me, huh mami
Every good man got a good woman behind him
And every superhero got a good woman beside him
Girl stop playin... I wanna hold your hand

Look chocolate,
Lately I been feelin awkward
Finally found someone to talk with
Walk through the park with
I'm on some joan of ark shit
I need a rider with me
Sometimes I sit and wonder why you even bother with me
Look shawn
Looked in your eyes and seen dawn
Dewdrops on the leaves in the lawn
I breathe calmly
Read Qur'an see
Sura sixta
Love heals all past wounds you assist me
You with me
The butterflies came to get me
Cupid cocked back the four pound, squeezed one of the shot hit me
North of the kidney, and now I'm head over...
Wait heres... [cuts off]

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