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[Elijah Muhammad:] Don’t get me wrong now. Don’t make a mistake in thinking that I’m telling you this was the beginning of the man on the Earth. Fifty thousand years ago is like telling you thirty days ago or ten days ago or five days ago, to the age of the universe. We have no exact record of it but it runs way into the trillions

While you was blowin' X amount of dollars on a bracelet
The sovereign nation of France was openin' they files on the UFO phenomenon: i.e. spaceships
It's just the facts, Jack may as well face it
Every rhyme I write the seal get cracked in the chapter of Revelations
A atom get cracked in the blackness of meditation
Mysterious shit
Call me Jay Dogon, I'm on some serious shit
Scholars wonder why don't he bust
Allah blessed me with a Midas-y touch
Everything I lay to hands turn to Ethiopian gold: shiny and buffed
I got a firm understandin' on the minus and plus
So I ain't got time to argue with a rapper 'bout how he ain't got rhymes
That's fuckin' with mine's
I'm trying to kill Lucifer, so if I have to brake
Cause a rapper in my face tellin' me that he the great
You can bet a shiny nickel I'll blast his motherfuckin' ass way past Jupiter
You couldn't be stupider
Fuckin' with the nuclear
Mayan, Aztec lion
Asiatic Blackman from Zion
Quetzalcoatl supreme, lettin' off steam
Dimethyltriptamine make a man dream
But y'all would much rather hear me rappin' 'bout trash
The size of Erykah's ass, blunts and cash
We need savin'
Minds are consumed with swine we need bathin'

[Willy Wonka:] There it goes. Hold on tight. I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen. Faster, faster...if we don't pick up enough speed, we'll never get through
[Charlie:] Get through what?
[Willy Wonka:] Ah-ha!
[Grandpa Joe:] You mean we're going...
[Willy Wonka:] Up and out!
[Grandpa Joe:] But this roof is made of gigahashes. It'll shatter
Into a thousand pieces. We'll be cut to ribbons!
[Wayne:] Probably. Hold on, everybody. Here it comes

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Jay Electronica FYI Comments
  1. Aerial Penn

    Just saw this movie again and my eyes got watery when this track played, every beat hat plays in the movie now has a new meaning. This man is a magician, a wizard, A GOD. Simply incredible.

  2. Duo Flowerchild


  3. Enutrof Salta


  4. Sean Dafny

    nobody is on this man level.

  5. Tyga Taylor


  6. Tyga Taylor


  7. GQHarrison86

    The song is "Row" from the Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind the composers name is Jon Brion it'll be easier just to look it up through his name.

  8. Jacob Heinrichs

    Yeah is like to find out where the piano's from too

    Caine Able

    Jacob Heinrichs Row- Jon Brian

  9. Dreadful Controversy


  10. Dreadful Controversy

    This song is perfect, and I literally don't feel that way about any other song.

  11. Ab el

    this is literally the same as "Glass Everywhere". somebody please explain this to me

  12. BlackDynamite1983

    "Call me Jay Dogon I'm on some Sirius shit" Knowledge

  13. Pharaoh Six

    I want to try DMT

  14. Pharaoh Six

    Atoms get cracked, in the blankness of meditation/

  15. Pharaoh Six

    How can anyone dislike this???

  16. SlowChromeHand

    fuckin with the nuclear, mayan, aztec lion

  17. Badluck got cash

    This and departure are so short but incredible.... So effortless I wonder if he records on DMT

  18. Stephen Johnson

    Been rockin with this song for a while now and it gives me chills every time

  19. lamont johnson

    The Massah!!

  20. Alex Maffucci

    Jon Brion - Row

  21. HutchtheWizz

    Does anybody know the what song the piano is from, its sick

  22. MrKeepitmovin504

    that awkward moment when you thought about rapping over the piano song before you knew about Jay Electronica...

  23. Nail Amos

    Dimethyltriptamine make a man dream
    But y'all would much rather hear me rappin' bout trash
    The size of Erykah's ass, blunts and cash
    We need savin'
    Minds are consumed with swine we need bathin'
    WAKE UP PipZ

  24. DaHomieMose

    Man i love this :D i listen to this so many times and i nvr got sick yet ...jay elect... Showing us that hip hop aint gonna die ..cant wait for act 2 :)

  25. spektrumsworld

    you can bet your shiny nickel i'll blast his mothafuckin ass way past jupiter, couldnt be stupider, fuckin with the nuclear, mayan, aztec lion, asiatic black man from zion, quetzalcoatl supreme lettin off steam, dimethyltriptamine make a man dream... <---- on a whole nother level of thought, nobody can fuck with it

    Andrew Starace

    dude this string of bars absolutely blows my mind every time I hear it. nobody is on this level. its crazy.

  26. mrobin26

    i like for my rappers to force you to do some scholarly research!

  27. Tommy Long

    you can bet a shiny nickel I'll blast his motha fuckin ass way past jupiter

  28. Kalemosk

    @MrJenglish21 oh damn, you already answered Rt11011's question XD

  29. Kalemosk

    @Rt11011 its jon brion- row. but you'll have to extend,edit, & loop it yourself. infact, ALL instrumentals on this song are from the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind soundtrack; and to narrow it down, they're the jon brion songs.

  30. TonbiSnacks

    anytime when i sit down, i always turn on this song to calm me down and be saying man this is amazing
    best rapper: jay elect

  31. Just Ari

    If you wanna talk to know who was talking... it was The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

  32. Just Ari

    That was Elijah Muhammad speaking.

  33. Justin Case

    Jay always go hard!

  34. Jayda1230

    "I got a firm understanding of the Minus and Plus" Word up Jay, bring Hip Hop back as an educational tool for our children and our children children... As a person who grew up on Nasir Jones, Jay puts a smile on my face. Thumbs Up for real hiphop

  35. lohengren

    Call me jay Dogon, im on some sirius shit!

  36. drmyndbender

    @Nysp0X It's from the "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind" soundtrack. So are the rest of the samples from The Pledge.

  37. drmyndbender

    @Nysp0X It's from the "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind" soundtrack. So are the rest of the salpmes from The Pledge.

  38. David

    @1BlaK99 i agree man. euphoric.

  39. David Scott

    @ENYFir3 I think he takes something from all religions. From Judaism to Buddhism. I've heard him mention it all.

  40. wwefroogy

    @SoulfulBrutha5805 Jon Brion - Row

  41. E-Man5805

    I'd love to know where that piano is from. I'm DYING to learn how to play it, but I can't concentrate on it fully cuz Jay's flow over it is just as friggin' awesome.

  42. Andrew LeMond

    So good. Unfortunately a lot of listeners are probably confused thinking he is Muslim. Jay spits the truth.

  43. Alex Maffucci

    @1BlaK99 same here man that's why I cut this part out, figured I would put it up here for other people to enjoy too.

  44. Corbin Warren

    this is beautiful. out of the entire pledge this is my favorite (i find myself fast forwarding the entire song just to hear this). thanks for the upload.