Jay Electronica - Cool Relax Lyrics

It's Jay Renaissance Man, On the Red Eye from France,
Passers by say the meteoric rise was happenstance,
But everything is illuminated in retrospect,
So I expect respect from the less introspect-
-ful on the next go, now let's go.
Jay Quezo, niggas need a manifesto,
Came in the game like presto,
Unsigned hype, the five mics,
Emcees is blinded by the light.
Blinded by the right, right hook off the jab,
Dip, I'm swift with the lyrical gift.
Niggas is stiff, I'm fluid.
That's how I pillage through the game like the druids,
Now everybody and they mama askin around who is,
Jay Electrotherapy, niggas in shock,
I'm a workhorse, sending rappers into the workforce.
It's the Chitown, New Orleans regime sprrrrrrrrat,
Take that, and bow down to the kings naamean.

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Jay Electronica Cool Relax Comments
  1. Jefferson Joseph

    We need more music from him

  2. Jordan Williams

    2018 still a vibe

  3. Rubikx

    "Everything is illuminateded in retrospect, so I expect respect from the less introspectful, on the next go"
    Its stuff like this that makes me love rap

    Alonzo X

    Rubikx real talk bro! Real Talk

  4. Kormega

    First guy raps like CL Smooth

  5. TetraCleric

    wtf is this shit? this is not the original song, and the beat does not match the ambiance of these two masters.

    Geron Fletcher

    TetraCleric this is the original beat used for this I'm almost positive. I like this beat better than the other one too. This isn't the full song though. Naked he has another verse after jay but this song cuts off before that

    Lykaias Deus

    Tf you talking about this sounds a million times better than the other one

  6. erodephs10

    Can't wait for jay to blow up,, then everyone will be on his dick..same thing with j cole

  7. wisdom7789


  8. Zoklo Jean Official

    @orgnice its a mixtape = compilation of your music...doesn't necessarily have to be your song

  9. orgnice

    Im confused as hell This track is a Floyd Da Locsmif track

  10. iqmom2

    @cueonenineteen oh hell yea but i hear doom not in the way he ryhmes but in the way his voice sounds.

  11. cueonenineteen

    @iqmom2 .......MF DOOM!!!!!

  12. MisterDopeTunes

    rawest shitttt. radio play this pleaseee

  13. iqmom2

    not saying whos better but i got andre 3000, nas, big l, guru ,and GZA in my top but all because jay gives me a feeling from them all when listening to him.

  14. ocblack24

    u know wat who care's right why fight over who is the best rapper when the world is goin shit right now, im srry man real talk this dude a trash i was just angry for no reason my bad again brah

  15. 407MikeG

    @ocblack21 guess we agree to disagree....it all good

  16. ocblack24

    @407MikeG big is wack and pac to but wat ever godbless i aint tryna fight my bad

  17. ocblack24

    eliminate biggiie and 2 pac then ok

  18. ocblack24

    funny thing is the top too j cole and cassidy is all i like and maybe alittle drake but whiz and the others i agree they trash im just sayin u could do better tell me have u heard tht lately, i mean i can start hating only if u make me :)

  19. 407MikeG

    @ocblack21 btw u didn't come nowhere near my top 5.... big pac jada SP Em since u wanna say I ain't hip hop

  20. 407MikeG

    @ocblack21 NEVER said I could name yours I said I must know...like u should tell me but I guess that's hard for a kid to understand....other than Cass and J Cole them other cats is average or they ain't never gonna get no real shine. Wiz K over Jay Elec? Can't be serious....this dude is all weed, hoes cars and money, just another rapper to me nothing special. Maybe if u said somebody like Lupe or Crooked I or Royce could I even give it consideration but these cats u follow is not all that.

  21. ocblack24

    @407MikeG ur not hip hop brah, lmmfao and im not worried about ur top 5 u said u could name mine so i took a guess and named urs, for instance j cole is better then all them he is one of my favorites, and yes there r people in the game that spit like him or even better whiz khalif and i dont even like him, cassidy nothing can touch him in all aspects, another one joell ortiz, all larsiny family ar ab monsta this dude asap who else kid cudi i dont like em but he better then jay, 10 more i can say

  22. 407MikeG

    @ocblack21 uhhhhhhhhhhhh no.......I am real hip-hop homie....only one outta them that u named I even consider in my top 5 is Em.....but why u worried about my top 5 that ain't the question.....if Jay Electronica is garbage, then who is better? That's all I'm asking. There is NO ONE in the game today that spits like dude does. The people you named is cool to listen to but as far as all-time greats they all got a ways to go other than Em and Wayne.

  23. ocblack24

    @407MikeG yes i did and there is no way for u to even know my top 5 cause they to nice for the industry and most are dead, let me guess jay is 1
    eminem is 2
    lil wayne 3
    niki manaj 4
    and drake is 5
    that must be ur top 5 lol step ur game up to real rap hip hop kid

  24. kevin neff

    i love u

  25. 407MikeG

    @ocblack21 you don't really mean that do you? IF JAY ELEC IS TRASH I MUST KNOW YOUR TOP 5

  26. Maze Koroma

    They call Him Jay Electronica...Fuck That!

  27. Ms Entrepreneur

    thsi beat is sooooooo heavy!!! love j elec

  28. Dmark X

    im not a porta rico but im speaking so dat you know, special ed

  29. ocblack24

    lmmfao hahaha @lyllern u are to funny hahahahahaha jay elect will get aten alive dude is trash just live with it

  30. lyllern

    Are you retarded? Jay Elect is levels above Cassidy, come on son.

  31. ocblack24

    this aint hip hop bra i mean he tryna spit real but ugh nothing makes sense like cassidy

  32. The Elements

    @chu1111111 It's even crazier when your high

  33. D Ragusa

    Naledge and Jay Destroy this! Banging ass track!

  34. alex luna

    Cmon sun go the fuck home lil wayne hes blinded by the light..haha jay is the most high rapper cmon mann just admit