Jay Electronica - Candy Man Lyrics

You look pretty today baby what you smiling at this time,
You got a nigga hooked like salmon on the fishline.
Smell like baby powder, strawberries, and cream,
The candy man from New Orleans would like to dip you in the stream.
Your rear view is panoramic,
Let me hold your hand take you to my planet,
Throw on some Atlantic,
Star, sippin on some glasses.
Sit back relax watch time roll past ya,
Now you caught up in the rapture.
Better check the NASA, I'm out of this world,
My dissertations be stumbling blocks with scholars at Yale.
I had a double shot of Jack Daniels, no rocks with lemon,
She said she could'nttrust me cause I know lots of women,
Plus you might be too much with your alpha male syndrome,
Girl you something else with your carmel skintone.
That Gucci got you feelin extra sassy,
That Alexander McQueen is classy,
How the hell you get pass me?
Well... I guess that's yesterdays mixup,
Now blast that Carter III real loud and twist the shit up.
We broke bread, she let me taste her lips just a lickle bit,
You the type of nigga I imagine huffin nickels with,
You the type of bigoting they pattering the scriptures with.
Jay the most treacherous set banger,
Electric neck wrangler,
JVC stereo cassette mangler.

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Jay Electronica Candy Man Comments
  1. Kariem Laporte

    Love is sweet but it can also rot you. Like candy. This track is so dope. I wish he’d drop the album already.

  2. Daniel Carle

    insane track

  3. Sean Dafny

    this nigga is too cold to be just sitting back we need a coalition to find the whatever cave this nigga is meditating in and get his ass in the fuckin studio

  4. Daniel Perez

    Its finally released, Minutes of Moog...

  5. Alice Hagan-Brown

    Heavvvvy!! :)

  6. Ryne Eichman

    Hear, Hear!!!

  7. Bad-Jet!

    Still waiting on that album. Its like the new Detox. Get it together Jay man and stop dealing with those Rothschilds.

  8. AV Ramnath

    Beat produced by dj khalil (westcoast)

  9. Dominate the weak and wicked

    anyone know the name of the instrumental?

  10. Aloysius Jetson

    That's lyrical dexterity.

  11. de8struction

    Could you PM me the whole first album? I actually bought pre act 2, but I really want where this is from so I know I didn't miss anything. Hehe ACT 2 SOON!

  12. Orlando Soto

    he did this beat to wrong.

  13. Nathaniel Ryles

    Candy man and Voodo Child

  14. Electrochemicals

    yeah fair enough but its still out of context, the saying swag in a line and saying swag by its self isnt the same thing

  15. Electrochemicals

    lol nas and jay elec dont use that word. not getting involved in this lil debate, just thought i'd put that out there

  16. taylorcherie07

    Its only right if i tell you people that fuck with this artist, that you would fuck with ELG so heavily. He creates music that has substance and relevance and he is THE MOST UNDERATED RAPPER OUT HERE. His new promo video " ELG DEADSTOCK" is on repeat. You'll never listen to the whack ass radio again. foreal, feed your mind.

  17. jmercado916

    Simplest juxtoposition inherit the mind.

  18. 19Gui86

    the suckiest part comes at 1:50 ...


    @SmooveTheKing <------DUMBASSS everybody knows you a fake faggot if you use swag. some artist make fun of it, thats why they use it, some like jayz and kanye are tryin 2 appeal 2 the teenage white kids who dont know hiphop,, just lkke the pop artist on young money, and although you are black, you have no tast and dont know music so they appeal to you too. Your so far into the fake you cant tell, its a sad sad day . wake up man, all swag is is personality, loser wannabe fucks cant tell, like you!

  20. gzarza

    this is rhymn'

  21. Arrington Douglas

    Way to start my year with some good ass music

  22. Brandon Whiting

    @MRXNINJAWHO So you used it to get views? No offense but that sounds as gay as Lil Wayne

  23. hiphopcirca81

    why are all the best songs so short....its worse than a dick tease

  24. Ollie August

    is this a dilla beat?

  25. Electrochemicals

    @smartiestar96 this was the first mixtape that i heard this track on

  26. Tijera Easley

    @xAdrammelechx i thought it was off his Victory mixtape??


    @iqmom2 There is no ggod mc who sais swag, and seriosly means it. You got 2 be fuckin kiddin me, lmao, how old are you like 12 or 13? i bet your in your teens, noone cool sais swag, and if a mc sais it and aint makin fun of it, he needs 2 have his career ended, possibly by murder!


    @iqmom2 I aint got wayne on my fuckin channel , i got a pic of him and game on some of my videos 2 get more views, fuck what peope say or think if you havent noticed most people in this world are fucking idiotic bitches who have no taste in music and only listen to this pop shit, thats why i got a pic of wayne, and it got me 30,000 views, BUT IF YOU USIN THE WORD SWAG YOUR A FAG, theres no gettin around that, period, theres no cool thing about swag, its a stupid word 4 stupid people!

  29. iqmom2

    @MRXNINJAWHO talking about real hip hip and you have wayne on your channel??? but hey im not a hater do your thing but think before you talk about others beacuse they could say the same about you.

  30. iqmom2

    People its all good music regardless of who says what
    There are a few good mcs who say swag also, you soundlike a real clown arguang about who says what.


    @CovilleR no, you are wrong, people who know real hiphop dont say swag. period. I dont care what it means to anyone, 2 me it means stupd wack ass grammar, if a artist sais swag its cuz he cant think of anything else 2 say. Your comment means nothing to me, swag has no place in hip hop and really has no place on a jay electronica video.

  32. Prince Gravy

    Fuckin #swagg

  33. Shellz386

    jesus christ DJ Khalil...

  34. adamfizzle

    One of my favourite raptracks ever oh man what a beat. I had it on loop for 2 months when it came out.

  35. luckyjustas


    Thank you just downloaded it

  36. Electrochemicals

    @luckyjustas it was on a mixtape called Jay Electronica - Electrochemicals (Instrumentals). its supposed to be an intstrumental mixtape but its just another mixtape.

  37. luckyjustas

    what mixtape did you get this off?