Jay Electronica - Annakin's Prayer Lyrics

Look at this bitch smilin in a nigga face I hate her
I can drill a hole at the earths equator
Fill it with dynamite and make another moon a craters
See ya later
She ain't know, that innocent shit with obi-wan behind the jedi back
Can turn anakin to vader
Shit your lack of faith in the force is disturbing
And if it wasn't jack daniels and parliament lights it woulda been murder
My eyes is red like ketchup
Tired of playin catch up
Laying on the floor starin at the dresser
Got on my knees and prayed til they bleed
Dear god, I'm a sick motherfucker
I even fool myself, I'm a slick motherfucker
I'm sick of the scandalous livin
I don't think even I'm equipped for a higher standard of livin
But if you give him one more chance and forgive him
Hell push that negative gene into oblivion
Heres what I'll do
Put you in this basket
And float you down to mississippi
Twenty miles from the bayou
Heres grace heres sty-le
Have faith cause I'm a try you
My mama introduced me to the scripture
The channel four news introduced me to the shit that produced hitler
I was a young lad, three stooges superman batman and riddler
Moonwalk, windmill, freeze for the picture
My grandma taught me courage
She told me never let the grizzly bears eat your porridge
Or you'll just be a carcuss dying slowly in the forest
I could never thank her for it
But I can slay a devil when I see one
Steady practice mastery of self so not to be one
Life is like a rerun
Season after season
Bums on the train bums (bombs) from the plane
Of disgruntled citizen being trialed for treason...

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Jay Electronica Annakin's Prayer Comments
  1. OrderOfWolves


  2. Eric Jones

    Classic 😎🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾boss life

  3. kryate ryu

    Whoa((woe))i didnt knoee tha skilla was so celestrial aand butter wolverine

  4. Manliké Esco

    still listening in 2019

  5. Practical Fitness

    I still practice mastery of so I don't be one.... #d'evils

  6. Willie Thomas

    Babylon the Bi***

  7. Shubham Deokar




    Annakin's Prayer

    Jay Electronica

    This is a song about Jay’s self-criticism, hurt, and the tribulations that he has yet to conquer… read more »


    [Verse - Jay Electronica]
    Look at this [bitch] smilin' in a nigga face I hate her
    I can drill a hole at the Earth's equator
    Fill it with dynamite and make another Moon with craters
    See you later
    She ain't know, that innocent shit with Obi-Wan
    Behind a Jedi back can turn Anakin to Vader, [bitch]
    Your lack of faith in the Force is disturbin'
    And if it wasn't Jack Daniels and Parliament
    Lights it would have been murder
    My eyes is red like ketchup
    Tired of playin' catch up
    Layin' on the floor starin' at the dresser
    Got on my knees and prayed 'till they bleed
    Dear God, I'm a sick motherfucker
    I even fooled myself I'm a slick motherfucker
    I'm sick of the scandulous livin'
    I don't think I'm even equipped for a higher standard of livin'
    But if you give him one more chance and forgive him
    He'll push that negative gene into oblivion
    Here's what I'll do:
    Put you in this basket and float you down the Mississippi
    Twenty miles from the Bayou
    Here's grace, here's style
    Have faith cause I'mma try you
    My momma introduced me to the scripture
    The channel 4 news introduced me to that shit that produced Hitler
    I was a young lad: Three Stooges, Superman, Batman, The Riddler
    Moonwalk, Windmill, Freeze for the picture
    My grandma taught me courage
    She told me never let the grizzly bears eat your porridge
    Or you'll just be a carcass dying slowly in the forest
    I could never thank her for it
    But I can slay a devil when I see one
    Steady practice mastery of self so not to be one
    Life is like a re-run, season after season
    Bombs on the train, bombs from the plane
    Of disgruntled citizens bein' tried for treason




    Written ByJay Electronica

    Release DateDecember 1, 2008



    How Spiritual Arabic Sayings Appear In Hip-Hop




    Scratches & Demo Tape Volume I (2008)JAY ELECTRONICA

    1.  Annakin's Prayer

    2.  Hagler

    3.  Not Too Far From Nothing

    4.  Who's Gonna Save My Soul

    5.  Swagger Jackson's Revenge


    MarkusAmaltheaMagnuson  175

    4 years ago

    This is the dialog from the sample in the intro of this song:

    Klytus: Your lover, Barin, is harboring Gordon in Arboria, is he not?
    Aura: No!
    Klytus: This lying is such a waste of time!
    Kala: You left with a pilot, and returned alone. Wasn’t he Gordon in disguise?
    Aura: No!
    Klytus: Who do you imagine you’re protecting? The Imperial Surgeon, who revived Gordon in his tomb? Another lover of yours!?
    Aura: Your jealousy of me has made you mad!
    Klytus: Seize the Imperial Surgeon on suspicion of treason.
    Aura: You’re mad!
    Klytus: Prepare for torture!
    Kala: Confess, and we won’t hurt you anymore. We don’t like doing this at all.
    Aura: Never!
    Klytus: Bring me… the bore worms.
    Aura: No! Not the bore worms!

    It’s from the movie Flash Gordon (1980).


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  8. Simtho aquasoul

    For the travellerz

  9. FaceThemillion

    🐐 verse

  10. Aerial Penn

    Jay Electronics and Ab Soul would make some real next level music if they ever got on a record together.

  11. Mariah Chavez

    Cypher after Cypher....


    Thats my akh

  13. King Ceaser

    I can see him and killah priest doing something together


    King Ceaser I been thinking that for a while

  14. Rasheed Edwards

    The production reminds me of an MF DOOM track


    Please stop with the Doom references. This guy is in his own lane, as is Doom. Just let him be who he is and stop comparing.

    Jarek Kopicki

    Rasheed Edwards I’m ashamed to admit that as a hip hop listener I haven’t gotten into MF Doom as I should.. I know he’s incredibly gifted too.

  15. Sorue Poscendo

    when they make a star wars origins of the sith, this needs to be in the soundtrack

  16. Enutrof Salta

    I recite this better than I did "twinkle twinkle little star" as a child. It's like John 3:16

  17. iceman777

    yo this track is so hard. Beat is on point, got mad flows, bars are fire af!!! jay elec in a class of his own

  18. Jarek Kopicki

    into oblivion

  19. Beverly McFadden

    Much Love Brotha ...

  20. Al Simmons

    gotta love that pimped out Darth Vader theme

  21. Brian LaFeve

    dear God, I'm a sick mufucka. I even fool myself I'm a slick mufucka

  22. tom fraser

    imagine an album with: jay elec, krs one, nas, jay z, black thought, pharoah monch, talib kweli, ghost face killah, vinnie paz and jus allah.

    African Herbsman

    forgot mos def

    Evander Holyfield

    I'd rather just jay electronica

    Big Dog

    elah Williams naw left styles p off

    Jarek Kopicki

    tom fraser so I’ll on so many levels

  23. Emerild Nicolas


  24. parqbench

    censored version?

    Louaista MC

    +parqbench why lol

    Zeno Planets


  25. David Bowie

    I could slay a devil when I see one instead I practice mastery not to be one - third eye open


    1:55 the channel 4 news introduced me to the shit that produced hitler.......if he did drop an album I don't think this generation would appreciate it! He's way too heavy with what he be sayin! You gotta already know what he talkin bout! Gotta be in tune already

    John Doe

    steady* not instead.

  26. He-Ay TM

    his voice is lower here for some reason

  27. 錬金術師

    jay respect from Haiti

  28. 00fraser

    this guy,man all i can say respect from zimbabwe.

  29. aswatful

    Sampling flash Gordon. Jay elect is next level

  30. 19Atticus

    this is The real dope shit. jay elec is the unknown king

  31. Aesthetic Horton


  32. Darth Kryate

    Imperial motosaki cloak of thy emporer palpentine's kryate dragon ahn private yorido japanese x wing shuttle of tha yung lord darth vader sa er sterling starring at tha dresser shinobi battledress kriest tue impress empress leia toking cess like ladie like spunn recording needle still rumble in tha woods tha dark forests fottress and tresured gate no hall pass of real estate evictionss tue contradict my credits worth cause creditiaulz shine imperisl memorbillya

  33. IAMprolifik

    Everyone check out my version of Exhibit C by Jay Electronica on my channel and feel free to leave feedback by liking or commenting on the links. Thanks for the support and make sure you subscribe to the jgip64 channel as well. I discuss various topics on that channel.

  34. juvaugn

    man i replayed this like 37 times now..

    Rodrick Wimberly

    lyrics are slow and still flying over my head

    Antonio Merriweather

    38 here!

    Just Tense

    I found my favourite song.

  35. Jumbo 380

    Have faith cause imma try u!!

  36. BadNewz Verb

    @William Gatune Correct (control verse). Jay the bidness.

  37. BadNewz Verb

    @William Gatune Correct (control verse). Jay the bidness.

  38. William Gatune

    never a wack verse..best verse on control when you understand it 


    @Griimnak God is love. Jesus Christ is God.

    OTF Mexican

    @ryck2006 jesus is lord, and i still listen to j elect


    @OTF Mexican Fine. God bless!

    Eshauri Russaw

    @Therealfrankcandid I swear People are so dumb I always Thought He Have The best verse On Control. Kendrick Was trying to hard and it Didn't make sense

    Eshauri Russaw

    Everything that kendrick said in control Go right back to big sean verse

  39. Selah Beats

    [My momma introduced me to scriptures/channel 4 news introduced me the shit that produced Hitler]......i don't know what it is about this particular bar, but to me, it was deep.

  40. RickThaMonsta

    by saying his name once in a verse? lol whatever you say...

  41. leaderofnow

    Jay Electronica!

  42. ray allen

    oz young

  43. Nazariy Diamond

    Kemdrick lamar slaughtered this nigga

    Dezz Carter

    Nazariy Diamond bullshit

    Big Dog

    You sound STUPID, jay electronica is on a whole different better HIGHER LEVEL THAN KENDRICK



    Eshauri Russaw

    Are you on that pcp?lmfao

  44. doubledballa21

    U sound surprised... Gems are located all over this country, just bullshit covers it

  45. Sorue Poscendo

    lol, this shit tough!! dark vader flow

  46. Harv.

    Well Shad K, is the only one that I can compare to Jay. No one comes close.

  47. Labcabin96

    what is this nerd shit?

  48. jeremy martinez

    how many song you going to write this on?

    manofentity official channel

    A whole album no lies Jay is just not like any human

  49. Chemist productions

    i was just watching that F.G flick

  50. OuterHeavenX

    real talk!!!!

  51. TheBridgeValid

    He's suppose to be, it's they way he has chose to vocal it

  52. FayariOfficial

    Nobody and I mean NOBODY is on Jay Electronica's level of ingenuity and lyricism right now in the game.. He's that breath of fresh air hip-hop desperately needs, but I can't help feeling depressed that his album may never see the light of day because of Jay-Z..

    Nuri Dickson

    FayariOfficial 4 years later guess who was right? 😢

    Humble one

    was he blackballed?

  53. MrKoopa9

    cause jigga is weak af

  54. ammuniki wood


  55. chronicsofcoldchamp

    I can drill a hole at the earths equator fill it with dynamite and make another moon with craters... see you later

  56. king killebrew

    j dilla

  57. BeatsbyEbcott

    Jay aint even spittin like Jay right now haha..dude needs to drop somethin soon.

  58. Dj2FrSh

    This scares me. :O

  59. Andre Baldwin

    We The People Have The Ability To Make This Type Of Music Mainstream....Because Honestly I'm Feed Up With The Garbage Of Today.... So Lets #BringBackRealHipHop

  60. Rocky Marciano

    A disrungled citizen being tried for treason.

  61. James Trammell

    this was not made for ya mainstream

  62. Definitely A Black Guy

    He'll be nicest in the game MAYBE if and when he ever releases that album.

  63. HutchtheWizz

    I wish i could bring light to jay elect so that the whole world could appreciate his music like i do, they just dont understand how awesome he is

  64. Gary Nolan

    Push that negative gene into oblivion.

  65. tmoney88888

    This beat is crazy and how is he off beat?

    Just Tense


  66. Terrence J

    god.damn. hahaha "fuckin skanks...jagerbombs" get'm jayman

  67. de8struction

    It seems like this video has a bit of back masking, if someone knows how to play this backwards let me know what's there!

  68. LordSupreme26

    oh by all means i agree with you but what about what is being said though thats just as important as staying on beat i see where you are coming from though in this world of hip hop that we live in. one thing i can say is that you really can't compare Jay Electronica to Freeway. listen to each rapper and tell me the message that each of them is strvivng to convey and the points that they emphasize in their music.

  69. Johnathan Pine

    And look where Freeway is now... Im just sayin, rhythm is everythin in hip hop.. he's usually good, but here hes just totally off. You can have a flow thats rides the beat at a different pace or a different rhythm than the norm but it has to still ride the beat some how.. its almost like he recorded this acapella and then pasted it on a beat..

  70. Jason Cespedes

    Feeling it... I just hope that Jay-Z and def jam don't strip Jay Electronica of this side of his persona. I want more of this

  71. cali correa

    thats what i said rocky is not at his level lyrics need soul

  72. cali correa

    he aint lyrical like jay but who knows maybe he changes like mac miller... kendrick lamar and ab-soul are around, his or above his level ddepend on people taste

  73. ChompingDiMystik

    I've never noticed that Jay Elec is off beat though.. maybe im just used to his flow but i dont think he sounds bad when he does it though..

  74. ChompingDiMystik

    lol.. yea im a huge JayElec fan but i gotta agree wit ya. That fuckin beat is all over the damn place.. i dont have a problem with weird beats (i do listen to MF Doom afterall lol) but this shit literally gave me a headache.

  75. LordSupreme26

    you don't always have to be on track with the beat though. look at freeway for instance he never rhymes on beat

  76. Johnathan Pine

    No I dont think you do lol Music has a rhythm to it and he was off.. I understand music fine

  77. Johnathan Pine

    I like acapella too but there was a drum rhythm to it and he was off.. making it sound bad. That's all I'm sayin

  78. ZenzybaR

    I kinda like it when rapper seems to be rapping off the beat. Almost accapella on a track.

  79. Johnathan Pine

    Sooo I like Jay alot.. but no one else thinks this song is terrible?
    He is never on beat.. why even use a beat?
    Use a movie score again or something, the drums were everywhere and just made the shit sound bad..
    If this was the first song I ever heard him on, it would have been the last...

  80. BossmanKnowledgeDrop

    What is the first movie sample?

  81. thehognias

    Acting overly macho and abusing homosexuals is what secretly homosexual people do because they are angry with themselves for being gay. And also as an attempt to convince themselves and others that they are not. You should take a break from watching The Notebook and try reading a real book every once in awhile.

  82. Harold Woodson Jr

    Great Track Jay Killed it. One of the most Lyrical Southern Rappers out.

  83. thehognias

    Your homophobia means you secretly desire to place a man's warm genitals into your mouth and gently suck until his semen explodes down your throat.

    Good luck with that.

  84. BlackDynamite1983

    Why is your gay ass still posting on this video?

  85. thehognias

    You're wrong again. I do it out of despair because I'm a miserable human being.

  86. thehognias

    He reps the south kid. That's not random at all. Oh yeah you was educated in the south so you think 'randomly' means the same thing as 'logically'.

    Do you have a ice cream cone tatted on your face?

  87. thehognias

    Thanks for your input, Gucci Mane

  88. Josh Phuck

    @prosper199981 the kid electronica is appearently taking his masculent energy to the Rothchilds, kate rothchild to be exact.. appearently she manages him and he had an affair with him...

  89. prosper199981

    where the fuck is jay electronica!?!?!!

  90. nialicious77

    13 people have ish for brains

  91. qwopask0

    eyes red as ketchup, tired of playin ketchup

  92. Tony Saleh

    he outta this world

  93. peter K

    annakin turned to the darkside i wonder why his name is in the title.

  94. Sam Ritz

    the best thing the star wars prequels produced

  95. A Hill

    I really dont understand how ppl can dislike this

  96. johnnycage435

    @JesseKolp nah he said it was MF doom in thrasher Earl follows doom flow also

  97. BrokenGong

    New Orleans!