Jay Electronica - A Million In The Morning Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jay Electronica]
I can't sleep at night, I toss and turn
Visions of my dead father, hoppin' out the urn
King James, Sigmund Freud, Mussolini, Nietzsche
If they miss me on the CD, they gonna get me through the TV
I'm sleeping and I'm dreaming, walking through the city streets
Hoping they don't see me, who?
Him right there with hands like a tiger, eyeballs of fire
Teeth like barbwire, feet like tires
He opened up his mouth and then out came the locusts
Real hocus pocus trying to make me lose focus
I can't wake up plus I couldn't run fast enough to make it to the truck
So I yell... but no sound came out
Teacher held me down, while the jackals ate my brain out
Then I woke (phew) close call
Stumbled to the bathroom, pissed all over the wall
Twisted up a nug, sippin' on Jack Daniels, watching True Blood
Sookie was gonna getta smashed by Eric and Bill
And out the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a few
The power went dead and on the beam of light
A ship carried me away at the speed of light
I said: please don't drop me, I'm scared to fall
Just another close call, the writing on the wall

[Hook: Jay Electronica]
Am I conscious or dreaming
Peep or Tom Hanks, Angels and Demons
Dear Lord if I die tonight
Then I'm looking for revenge
Once I step into the light

[Verse 2: Jay Electronica]
Fuck you Times Square, I'm losing my mind
Ice on my nutsack, trying to freeze time
Starbucks, Adderall, Nodoz, Hobos
The late Richard Simmons and a couple of limes
Blame Netflix, cousin of death was on the guestlist
Robots and Goldwatchers all over the setlist
Yes sir, Decon kills rats
I'm running with my wolf pack like Wolfman Jack
Crop circles under my eyes
Am I coming or am I going on this mushroom high
I can't lie, feel good to be me
Feel good to be free, feel good to be in 3D on MTV
Knock, knock, who is there?
Pop, slip down the rabbit hole
Back to another unending match of Scattergories (Uhh)
Snap out of it man because you got to save face for the politics and...

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Jay Electronica A Million In The Morning Comments
  1. Solea Makie

    It’s funny how much he mentions Tom Hanks now that everyone knows Tom Hanks is Pedofile.

  2. AMYP6

    The human body can only go 11 days without sleep. Missing sleep for too long is dangerous.

  3. Alan Gregory

    Gavin and this song are both awesome!


    The Best to Never Did it!

  5. Andre Baldwin

    We soldiers for Christ, we soldiers for God! You either with satan or God and that’s it! 💪🏾

  6. Lew D

    Decon kills rats I’m running with my Wolfpack like wolf man jack

  7. The Irony

    Guy in the video is a white supremacist and MAGA lover..jay elect stays around losers

    Jafar Salami

    I doubt Jay Electronica knew he was a MAGA lover in 2010.

  8. Joseph Salino

    Is the beginning excerpt from the indi film "Pi"

  9. Victoria Appiagei

    hip-hop real dope music spoke word

  10. Geron Fletcher

    This that OG Netflix original programming right here !


    Im here

  12. rich jones

    whats the dialogue sample at the beginning?

    Joseph Salino

    I believe it is from the movie "Pi" , its an independent film , highly recommend

  13. Kevin Keller

    Gavin, ma dawg

  14. Anton Hosley


  15. Mariah Chavez

    To much knowledge for!! You, You and you and also you...

  16. King Kodo

    This whole video is like an AD for netflix. Suprised Jay let this go down...

  17. Cwestlov

    Shout out to Jay Elec "woke hip hop" ass soundtracking a yt nationalist

    ACB Films

    Cwestlov tbf back in 2010 Gavin was still a hipster goofy ass comedian, he didn’t really expose his political views till a few years later

  18. Eric

    Wow. I listen to Gavin McInnes all the time now, but back in 2010 when I first saw this video I had no idea who he was. Funny how 7 years later I can go back to this video and it turns out that its one of my favorite media personalities in collaboration with a dope rapper.

    R S

    you listen to him all the time now but still listen to Jay Electronica... don't add up

    Malcolm Williams

    @R S lmaoooo you're 100 percent right, electronica is the exact opposite of a guy like mcinnes

  19. justin gilbert

    Jay E > Jay Z

    wes holland

    Absolutely no argument

  20. DTM444

    King James, Sigmund Freud, Mussolini, Nietzsche

    King James - Believe in this
    Sigmund Freud - Belief is illusion
    Mussolini - Belief isn't allowed
    Nietzsche - Belief is futile....

    Big Ray

    DTM444 Far out man. Thats deep

    Omar Theodore

    My pineal gland just imploded thru my ball sack

  21. shırxsı

    what in the fucking fuck? proud boys meets nation of islam?

  22. Geron Fletcher

    I like when it cut off when he said "out the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a ..." I'm pretty sure he was gonna say wheel since it would have rhymed, and then right after he said it picked him up at the speed of light so.. yeah.... only a select few will understand what he's talking about there


    Ed Fred Yes, that. Is that what Fletcher is alluding to about above?

    Ed Fred

    I would guess so.. the song alludes to being taken into the sky, chariots, and the wheel so i would assume Ezekiels vision.


    No way its the fiery chariots

    Enrique Suazo


  23. Veerle Nivelle

    Mf doom??

  24. M.I. A.

    whats the beat @4:10


    Just saw on another comment, "Wax Tailor - How I Feel" :)

  25. Hussell James

    Gavin is a Boss Player

  26. CrackThoseClaws

    Who's the song producer?

  27. James Austin

    Gavin McInnes is the man every man should aspire to be... but exercise a bit dude... that's the only addition

  28. THE SHINY 1


  29. Gold Smith

    jay electricity!


    PBS mysteries

  30. Arthr

    more of this! :)

  31. Philip J. Cry

    Just realized this is the Gavin dude that was on JRE...wow, once again all of my favorite things somehow intertwine.

    Banned iT

    +ed boy Same here

    Eric Johnson

    Gavin mcginnis is a douche

    Philip J. Cry

    +Eric Johnson agreed.

  32. New Possibilities

    Jay Elect is the truth.

    Sedrick Bernard

    New Possibilities Wish he would actually release more music or put out an official album tho

  33. Mokbel VEVO

    Jay Elec THE GOD

  34. David Evans

    Yeah... I'm somewhere past the 72 hour mark of not sleeping... wasn't on purpose, I was just hard core studying for exams. But yeah... everything in this video is accurate... I'm kinda getting into it.

  35. paul reboca

    @lewd....fuckin liar dude."a dream world Ive been to before"wow,your comment just happens to go with the video concept huh?

    Lew D

    @paul reboca yea you're right guess you know me better than me kudos to you.

  36. Info Channel

    I jam this tune everyday .... Much love to Jay Elect from UK

  37. ElectronicMusicCafe

    Gr8 Tunes! Check out ours!

  38. Brittany Chapman

    I was the 666 like lolol


    This song is...what's another word for great???

  40. Kotkanone

    mushroooooms can take you to places where you stop being human and begin something undescribabbble babble biatch

  41. belegend

    Why the fuck won't Jay Electronica put out an album? Most talented and unproductive MC ever.


    Music isn't his top priority right now, nigga's a Rothschild.

  42. Derk S

    This song is so fucking dope.  Gavin Mcinnes is a funny dude, its strange how hard it is to find this documentary.  


    I know right. After some time I managed to at least find an online stream of it.

    Lew D

    i had to download it from itunes its decent but not as dope as this video.


    Please upload it on Google drive or something, I don't have iTunes.


    +NuBlaccSoUl it's on YouTube now.

  43. TheThirdWing94

    It's like impossible to find

  44. Sidy Baldé

    How I feel - Wax Tailor

  45. Sidy Baldé

    How I feel - Wax Tailor

  46. Sidy Baldé

    How I feel - Wax Tailor

  47. bingo

    Anyone catch tha bothamet head on tha decon at tha end. Opposite side of tha white tiger?

  48. bingo

    Wats tha song at tha end, anyone

  49. Derk S

    I wanna see the documentary this song was written for. Its fucking hard to find tho. Its absurd, Netflix made the documentary but its not on their site, its not anywhere actually. Fucking weird.

  50. Oscar G

    What song is the outro? 4:00

  51. wiiliam gray

    True blood seanson 6 is on and popin people. First episode was good as hell can't wait for episode 2. I can't believe bill is a supre vimpire now.


    wheres my inbox??

  53. heuvos963

    wax tailor

  54. TheThirdWing94

    Why the fuck is this movie $80 on amazon? Wtf??

  55. jxander38

    Final 24 seconds... What is the name of that track and who made it???

  56. John Snow

    Like if you think Jay's Hottest In the Game.

  57. heuvos963

    wax taylor- how i feel

  58. Colin Shanley

    whats that beat at the end?

  59. Ibrahim Jalloh

    Thanks Jay....i needed this sh##>>>> TRUE RAP , TRUE TALENT ...WE NEED YOU MAN

  60. T.M.G Bang 1325

    yeaa i got em from himm

  61. Jonathan Jones

    listen to this all the fuckim TIME!

  62. A O

    i have been listening to this ALL day.
    jay electronica > all

  63. TheThirdWing94

    Hoooly shit. I was bangin this song last summer. I was in a bad way. lol. Real fitting with this track. I was poppin Vic's like Flinstone vitamins, stayin up all night. I was actually gonna try and go for 5 days just because of the concept of this Movie.

  64. alexliebach

    That doesnt explain why only shit rappers make it to the top. They give away the rights to their musical and lyrical content in order to make some more money. To sell out is the only way to make it to the top. Its sad but true

  65. daszigan

    @marcus3131 Hell yeah

  66. god fools

    trippy Track & trippy Clip

  67. Junebug2031

    @haydenthebrown No, other 8 contestants challenged for longest movie watching record and the man interviewed them. record breakers were given million or ten thousand dollars i cannot exactly recall the number. even though he took some naps, I think he showed some incredible patience. because he kept walking around the block, interviewing people around and talking to the camera for 5 days.

  68. Marcus Millar

    he looks like Josef Fritzel !

  69. Jose Lopez

    Rebel 8 3:07

  70. Jack Goodson

    @EastVanProductions Nas? It's almost like a carbon copy of Killah Priest.

  71. RaminMe2

    does anyone know where the voice saying ''it's as though his normal dreaming pattern began to show itself'' comes from?

  72. RaminMe2

    @haydenthebrown he did some powernaps

  73. senoreo

    @JiMMyJaM08061991 He is a legend and a myth bro.... No one knows what the fuck is going on.

  74. JiMMyJaM08061991

    please od somebody tell me his full body of work. i downloaded a torrent with an ep and a mixtape called act 2 but wiki said he aint released act 2 yet. i need to know which is real and which is fke.

  75. Nysmokes2012

    @LilMaxo4President your comment may have droped my IQ lol "is like a hood ass space traveler" LOL

  76. youngfase5

    @benthebarbarian tru story i can relate

  77. youngfase5

    @LilMaxo4President word, a universal multi-cultural style nomad from the hood

  78. Brian Tate

    Smdh. 3 people can't tell if they're awake or asleep right now. This track is TOO ill!!!

  79. Matthew Schmidt

    @LilMaxo4President word

  80. Ranman551

    @EastVanProductions I agree, i've always thought jay says things in his own unique way like doom, but jay is actually SAYING SOMETHING unlike doom most of the time. doom always seems like hes rhyming just to flex his skills, while jay electronica is dropping alien-like commentary on us

  81. Sanduo

    @illTuck No, I'm talking about the song... what is being said at the begining of the song? is it "if you see everything ------ there while you're awake, you're mad; if you sleep you're normal and having a dream..." ???

  82. RaminMe2

    0:38 would look great if it was painted..

  83. Sanduo

    Who speaks on the first line of this song???? and what is he saying??????

  84. GusKillah23

    who is talking and from where 0:25 to 0:45

  85. Amricn

    @MarcoOrBust No I wish I even have Netflix and you cant watch it on there

  86. THECREAMkillah

    @LilMaxo4President thats killah priest

  87. Marco Nguyen-Cote

    dope track. Anyone know where i can watch this documentary without having to pay anything?

  88. Nysmokes2012

    @patrickthadude lol im not sure how i used to do it but i would stay up for like 3 days straight smokin indicas LOL and would listen to this song in the process i mean just staying up for 3 days is tough add a high quality indica to it and that shit is a challenge

  89. TheIyah1

    @DeaflyBlind Thanks, I ended up looping the first part anyway.

  90. DeaflyBlind

    @TheIyah1 Wax tailor how i feel

  91. TheIyah1

    What is the beat at 3:59? Sounds very DOOMesque.

  92. GreenEight

    @NathanIsWard It's also called "A Million In The Morning" - it's a documentary check it out

  93. GreenEight

    this is so under rated/watched

  94. M One

    @patrickthadude wrong sir. that shit is laced

  95. rj689

    mf doom said it best. hooks is extra. jay electronica is the fucking man hook or no hook

  96. SymbolicL

    @EastVanProductions lyrics arent like Nas, more like Killah Priest

  97. Tee Jay


  98. SaRa DHwty

    2:38 - 2:51 lmfao..