Jay Brannan - Christmas Really Sucks Lyrics

It's cold, but light outside
another sleepless night
and Santa never made it

it's just another day
at least it feels that way
it's Christmas, and I hate it

the streets are empty
and so am I
to "Merry Christmas" I reply

don't put your trust
in happily ever after
fall if you must
for simple things like laughter
you said you'd always be here
but then you had to go
well, Christmas really sucks this year
thought you should know

I'm craving pancakes
so much my stomach aches
but there is nothing open

you're on the telephone
sounds like you're not alone
it's been so long since we've spoken

has your day been merry?
cuz mine's been blue
hey, can I stay in love with you?

don't put your trust
in happily ever after
fall if you must
for simple things like laughter
you said you'd always be here
but then you had to go
well, christmas really sucks this year
thought you should know

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Jay Brannan Christmas Really Sucks Comments
  1. Dan Burke

    God, I love this song! I think we've all had Christmases like this one at least once in our lives.

  2. Joshua Malfoy

    I'd love to see a remake of this.

  3. Thành Tâm Nguyễn

    can you give me the chords?? please

  4. H K

    welp. here come the waterworks. the passion in your music Jay... gets me every time.

  5. isloha007

    Wow.. Youre good man! You have a new fan!
    PS I share the feeling. Hate being alone in this time of the year

  6. Marilyn Monheaux

    i can't believe it's about that season again and here i am. the third year listening to this song and still feeling it.

  7. TheJasper808

    u have a new subscriber! - Isaiah

  8. Selena Wellington

    I love how it says Copyright 2008 by Great Depression Publishing

  9. Stone McKade

    Glad to see i'm not quite so alone with the Bah HumBugs. Yeah my Bf asked if would be ok if he went to the annual "Family" Christmas-Eve dinner alone. To top it off he stayed the night to truly leave me alone for both days. Yeah he got back 6 pm Christmas day. Sux, sux, & a humbug kinda suck to. Love your voice, your songs, & thanks for being there when "he" wasn't. (0_~)

  10. Eilan1108

    My favorite Christmas-Song !!!!

  11. julzabro

    Very nice!

  12. Susannrm

    I like this song Jay :)

  13. justin jus

    this is great dude i write songs also!!!

  14. Todd Sharpe

    I found you Jay Brannan while I was searching for Good mother By Jann Arden I never knew what I was going to find when I clicked on your cover I wanted to hear one of my favorite artists through somebody elses point of view and in turn I found my Fav all time male artist you.Thanks you for everything you do .your music soothes my soul I love you.I relate even more I think because of the lyrics you write seems like you know my life :)

  15. Todd Sharpe

    I have listened to artists like Jann Arden on repeat throughout my life because because at times when I felt broken and theres a hole where my heart use to be this music sings me back to life, makes my heart beat again and helps me feel.

  16. Rock

    Respect man respect... this what i give u.
    And this what i asked santa this year lol...

    Hard to get a happy christmas when people purposely sh*t on u...

    Peace bro take it easy, merry Xmas

  17. roger dukeshire

    I like this song. I understand the lyrics as I am a widower of 6 years now and no it doesnt get much easier with time. However,christmas was mine and Noahs best times together. So even though its lonely and empty and sad, I find the strength to remember the happy times and so christmas is still my favourite time of year even though I cry alot, I can still smile with the memories.
    Jay, I wish that you will find some happiness in your sadness and find a way to feel as good as I do at christmas

  18. Eilan1108

    My favorite christmas-song, so sad, so touching and so true. This song tells how I feel these days.
    Merry christmas!

  19. Hei Wong

    Jay, just happened to watched this song at the perfect moment, just ended a 5yrs relationship, perfect song for my christmas this year. love from Hong Kong.

  20. DruggedxAdolescence

    You submitted this on my birthday.

    That made me really happy, plus this is a really, really good song.

  21. Paige Collins

    I hate Christmas, always have and probably always will. I love this song.

  22. Tim Cornett

    Very poignant song...luv it!

  23. vitek147

    Amazing song and great lyrics!

  24. JJ n/a

    Please Jay make this into a single and put it out for Christmas 09' !!!

  25. taddoo7

    Event beautiful well into the month of June.

  26. taddoo7

    what a great comment..

  27. Georgie Murray

    these are simple words and simple music,
    but played together it's just magic :)

  28. GentleTaipan


  29. dcl93

    gives me chills every time.

  30. Chiara Cestari


  31. Diane Noles

    I really hope you're together soon and that your boyfriend beats cancer. I am a Breast Cancer survivor :-) and myself had a Christmas alone during treatment. That was 8 years ago, never give up hope :-) Love Light and Laughter Diane

  32. thunter34

    As a gay man brought up in a very religious household, Christmas always feels to me like being forced to attend the birthday party of the bully that picks on you all year.


  33. Taran Elijah

    Hahaha ha ha.

  34. jefgain

    I agree.

  35. johnnywhoa

    christmas did suck. but hopefully this new year will be much better.

  36. TonyP

    Loved it! Good job Jay!

  37. lakeguydreams

    wow I like it

  38. Freddy Simões

    Brilliant! You're amazing!

  39. bassguitar95

    my christmas sucked this year too

  40. stopthemovie

    Oh god, Christmas DOES suck this year...

  41. Kristallkrona

    You know what i think. I have no words.

  42. Risa O

    the song is really great
    I love it <3

  43. Toteys McGoatees

    brilliant! i am in love with you

  44. Mikmikonet

    Just beautiful, Jay. the lyrics are so touching and amazing, and the music is great too.
    Big hugs... and love

  45. ShadesOfViolet

    absolutly beautiful. and btw, you didnt crack your jaw by the end of your concert in vancouver

  46. allieoop7

    if this is about you, i'm sad to hear you so sad. his loss. things'll get better...hang in. if it's not you, but another example of your amazing songwriting talent, well, you've hit the nail on the head.

  47. Uwe B

    I like Christmas, maybe you "should" listen to the Carpenters Christmas Album :-)

  48. Sfrante stagione 1

    very nice song again Jay... iPodding it right now :)

  49. sennosc

    another lovely and charming song:)
    how i love that voice:)
    merry whatever-you-celebrate. hugs

  50. wrt3

    Wow. I'm gonna sound like a total wuss, but that brought a little tear to my eye. xoxoxox - - Rob

  51. Antonio Ramos

    Wow,how real and completed connected to so many of us during the season. U are not alone. Sucks 4 me 2. :( Hang in there and be Merry. :P

    Antonio, ;)

  52. Josephdav

    simply beautiful x

  53. mudskipper1977

    Love it Jay. MERRY CHRISTMAS! x

  54. ethanpschwartz

    ...merry christmas?

  55. ultrafina

    really nice song. :)
    hugs from argentina

  56. Andrew H

    Even though this song is really sad, the tune is great. I really enjoyed this depressing song :D lol. good job jay.

  57. C.M. Chandler

    I love your voice. I'm just sayin'.

  58. Hector Reyes

    Merry Christmas Jay, I would come over and fix pancakes if I could =(

  59. betoline69

    merry christmas handsome jay!!!

  60. martin wesoly

    jay you sing the way i feel... and you feel the way i do...

    love ya...

  61. Robert Brown

    *hugz* Jay even when u r singing something sad u still sound like an angel to me <3
    Hope u feel happier soon!

  62. spitspotmichael

    Jay - don't be too down - there are so many of us out here that love you and care about you. To quote a Rod Stewart song - "You're in my heart, you're in my soul. You'll be my friend should I grow old"
    Trevor x

  63. suffolkguy

    Stop falling for the wrong guy!

    Merry Christmas , anyway.

  64. carlitaelhada

    I was wondering what happened to you and your sweet songs! You are awesome!

  65. carlitaelhada

    Ha! ha! ha! very well put!!! :-D

  66. bnvus7

    FUCK X-Mas! Save yourself the hassle and become an Atheist like ME!!!! Holidays are so much easier.

  67. elub

    I guess this christmas sucks for a lot of us:)))

  68. RockaRecord

    wow. just what i needed. thank you (:

  69. Michael Miller

    I'll love you this christmas :)

  70. CostaSusana

    Beautiful and different =)
    Merry Christmas =)

  71. Tom C.

    Awesome song which hit home for me. Yes Christmas really sucks this year! Thanks Jay.

  72. Water Dreamin Ophelia

    I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! You are so talented..please don t ever stop singing xxxx

  73. Ryan Donovan

    right before you sang, "thought you should know" you let out this short little laugh.

    I died a little inside. That's how adorable that was.

  74. BrewsterWINS

    somebody needs to go hang out with this kid for reals. i don't live in NYC; so it's up to one of you guys.

  75. Hekerui

    I don't want to spend it with my family, rather someone I love.
    Is this song inspired by "Blue Christmas"?

  76. puppypatrol26

    I want this for my iPod so I can play it obsessively over and over while I work on Christmas, and come home to an empty bed. LOVE IT! All of Jay's songs are the top of the list on my top 25 most played song list! Love your music buddy!

  77. Chris O'Gorman

    christmas does suck..... i think i might be getting a visit from 3 spirits this year lol xx

  78. Camilla Algrøy

    you are good! :)
    I hope you do have a Merry Christmas :)

  79. haracas

    do you EVER cheer up?!

  80. trev iott

    Great song Jay.
    I await Goddamned in the post soon, couldnt get it in the local disc-factory! lol.

    I hop you do have a Merry Christmas...

  81. Imagirlk

    Your music makes me want to fall in love and I'm usually pretty bitter about that kind of stuff...love and such. Your music is amazing.

  82. Jack Fowler

    i heart jay brannan, marry me please! lol. not a stalker hehehe, i love your music.

  83. danny k.

    you have a way with words. great song bro 5 stars!

  84. yammylow

    merry christmas!!

  85. intrepidsquatter

    I love all your music. You're amazing. If I could see you preform live in person I would. Even if I had to fly to do it.

  86. RedVolly

    Love your music and your voice...amazing! :D

  87. Genna Clayman

    I will, ive pieced some clips together, and i'll upload it tonight. :)

  88. Robert G

    You Kick Ass!! My Ipod has never been the same since I downloaded your album!!! I listen to it all the time. Cant wait for you to come to Michigan or Chicago so I can come watch you live!! Merry F*!%ing Christmas Jay!!

  89. Colin McCormick

    Wow, nothing surprises me any more with your singing Jay. YOU ARE JUST BRILLIANT!!!! Hope you do have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Peace.....<3

  90. Dale Everett

    Waffle House will be open on Christmas. They have pancakes.

  91. Eric Kochis

    Nice. Very Nice.

  92. zaielle

    i love this song

  93. Being48

    You have a wonderful talent. :-)

  94. sparkers70

    you always get to me....
    well, if we don't see ya before then, hope you have the best xmas and new year. love ya!

  95. danydc

    Im spanish boy. I meet you from Youtube. I love your songs. I would love to see you in a concert and I can to meet you... it's only a faraway dream.

    sorry for my english... :(

    Kisses from Spain!!

  96. Katiethecloud

    I love his voice. It moves me. Like Goddammned the best

  97. Lauren Bentley

    ah, i love it.

  98. Edwin Alvarez

    Babe, that hurts, but know how you feel....

  99. darren irwin

    he has returned
    to nail the moment
    and move our hearts

  100. Diego A. Ocegueda Rivera

    I Love You Jay :)