Jawga Boyz - The Wise Man Lyrics

It was a sunny day, pushin' a hundred degrees
The windows rolled down I'm tryin' to feel the breeze
And rollin' on I'm feelin' good about life
And signin' songs, feelin' good about life
Until I hear a noise, and my right front's flat
So I punch the dash and now I'm thinkin' this is wack
So I see a country store just around that bend
I say great and I pulled in have it changed in 10
I'll be on my way, to continue my day
I might even grab a snack or somethin' to drink what the hay
So I pull to the right, limp into the lot
Slingin' dust everywhere so I'm gettin' kinda hot
Now I'm coughin' up dirt as I slam the door
I see an old man sittin' on the porch of the store
And his rockin' chair, had probably seen better days
Matter fact the whole place had probably seen better days
I said "you own this joint" he replied with a yes
I say "you ever think about pavin' this mess"
Well he pushed up the brim of his cap just a hair
And he squinted his eyes as he started to stare
He took a sip of his Coke and he continued to eye
I was gettin' a little antsy waitin' for his reply
He said "son you're a little cocky for your age
And there ain't really no call for your senseless rage"
Said "I reminded him of him long ago
A feisty young man had places to go"
I apologized but explained my frustration
As my flat had put me in this bad situation
"Look on the bright side" the man replied
"It's a beautiful day, with such a pretty blue sky"
I wasn't in the mood to hear his yappin'
But he kept on, and his jaws kept flappin'
He said

"It's time that you learn that things won't always go your way
You'll live the life you choose but at what cost will you pay
I lived life in the fast lane, back when I was young
Now I lay in the bed I made, so be a good man son"

The man kept on, makin' the small talk
He told me I was lucky to have a car at all
When into detail, 'bout when he was young
And how walkin' everywhere, wasn't really fun
And his daddy worked two jobs, they lived in a shed
And him and three siblings all shared a bed
And on and on one story to the next
I was kinda intrigued now though I confessed
This man had been sittin' around for so long
Waitin' on someone to just come along
To share his stories with 'bout love and life
He told me back in '96 he had lost his wife
They had planned to sell the store and retire with the money
Buy a boat and sail off to somewhere that was sunny
But the cancer took her soul took it far to quick
She passed after four months after fallin' sick
I saw tears in his eyes and I lost my pride
And we both sat there for hours and just cried
I saw this man's entire life, simply through his words
It was the most fascinating thing that I'd ever heard
There was stories of the depression, some of Vietnam
Even spoke of World War II when Truman dropped the bombs
He watched the news as it broke about Kennedy
He watched it on the couch cryin' with his daughter Emily
Talked about buildin' the Berlin Wall
And how he felt in '89 when they watched it fall
He traveled the globe seen it through and through
I then realized really how little that I knew
And what was out there, and what I could learn
And how honesty is key, and how respect is earned
And how gettin' money hungry won't fill your needs
It'll tear you apart as it feeds your greed
Then he said

"It's time that you learn that things won't always go your way
You'll live the life you choose but at what cost will you pay
I lived life in the fast lane, back when I was young
Now I lay in the bed I made, so be a good man son"

Well the hours passed, but the man kept on
In about a half an hour I knew the sun would be gone
He said he donated time, to various charities
Fed the homeless on Thanksgiving with his son Jeremy
Who lives overseas he don't see him that much
He has a great granddaughter that he hasn't even touched
And she'll turn four at the first of November
Or maybe it was five, I really can't remember
Then the man claimed "your a good man son
Listenin' to an old timer like myself let his mouth run"
I said "oh no I've enjoyed talkin' to ya
I'm tellin' the truth I wouldn't try to fool ya"
And you made me realize exactly where I stand
And how I need to chill out, become a better man
You've done much with your life what about me
I'm all about myself won't do nothin' for free
But now I understand there's a bigger picture
It ain't all about the money gettin' richer and richer
'Cause it's about the time you have a family and friends
And helpin' people out when you have a hand to lend"
I now realized that I had to be on my way
I have a family at home I have to tell 'em my day
So we changed the tire and shook hands for a time
And he thanked me, but the pleasure was all mine
He said "you know you're welcome around here anytime"
And I said "a return trip I wouldn't really mind"
How could I have know a day that started with strife
Could be the day that really ended up changin' my life
So on the way home I had time to reflect
I knew it was about time to get my life in check
And if I start to veer off the right path again
I'll return to the store and have a talk with my friend
So I can hear

"It's time that you learn that things won't always go your way
You'll live the life you choose but at what cost will you pay
I lived life in the fast lane, back when I was young
Now I lay in the bed I made, so be a good man son"

I also heard about this wise old man
So I decided I would go and try to find him myself
But they said he passed away long ago
Turns out that his spirit still lives on
How many times did he help someone
Was he just a ghost or was he real
Now I can't explain just how I feel
I can never repay what he did
Teachin' how this life was such a gift
Now I wonder if he will come back
Then I hear one story after another of how he
Has been helpin' people for years
He's been there, wipin' away all of the tears
The more I look I keep on hearin' about folks that he helped
Suicides were stopped, unborn babies were kept yeah
He never asked for a dime, just payed him a little bit of time
So he could ease your mind
He showed how nothin' is ever worth bein' upset
Your life is too short for stress and regrets
And keep knowin' there's a reason that you're here
Steer clear of road blocks and change gears
If you ever find yourself in a bad situation
Known to rise and wait for patience
So I wonder how long he's been gone
Or if he ever really existed at all
Was he an old man that used to live a life
Or is it a myth and then I see a bright light
And I hear

"It's time that you learn that things won't always go your way
You'll live the life you choose but at what cost will you pay
I lived life in the fast lane, back when I was young
Now I lay in the bed I made, so be a good man son"

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Jawga Boyz The Wise Man Comments
  1. Austin McKay

    if this was remastered, and a video made for it.. Would be amazing for sure... sounds better on spotify, play it everyday because i can really relate to it. anyways. keep on keepin on.

  2. Joseph Sinnott

    Watch what u do n say young bucks if u live long enough the past will come and see u in the present in any way if you got a heart it will nawl it away drive you beyond what you think is crazy now I'm a 70 model lived in Vietnam but never was there my dad was seen shut as a kid that will scare a monster the shut they seen and done over there I've seen good days and grey days the grey will never leave me when you put your child to rest and thy good lord called your baby home at 18 those are real tears

  3. Linette Murphy

    OMG yum

  4. Brennan Barrale

    This song helped me through tough times when my mom dad and brother died in a car crash. I know it doesnt relate but I listen to it every morning 3 times a day. Thank you

  5. disapointing_Day

    Thanks jawga boyz this song has helped me so much depression.

  6. Michael Stidham

    Yo this needs a music video for real man

  7. Russell Vanlaanen

    Values to keep

  8. idcisoldmysoul666

    I wish I could find the wise man feeling like my life is falling apart.


    idcisoldmysoul666 turn to Christ brother. He makes all things new.

  9. Luke Erb

    No matter the years that pass, story will always ring true

    Eric Cheek

    It may not make no sense to no one but I lost 2 sun and then to loved this Ed¿

  10. Chris Holcombe

    Be a good man son

  11. Chris Holcombe

    Be a good man son

  12. Michael Philipps

    I love this song

  13. Lilly Branham

    I Love Jawga Boyz music so much .I love the mud

  14. Zombie Fox

    If there was one wish I could have, I'd wish to grow up to be like that old man. The last part of this song hits home every time.

  15. Michael Stidham

    Jawga boyz plz plz plzzzz put more songs out like this

  16. Brad Bumgarner

    Meaningful song makes you slow down and be more thankful

  17. Alex Teetsel

    This song reminds me of my popop hes on of the best ppl ik he always help others and has lived a long hard full life

  18. Wesley Mercer

    This legitimately the best song y'all have ever put out. So deep it gives me chills everytime I hear it.

  19. nick kaltsis

    every time man WTF it reminds me of a very wise man I knew he helped me become who I am today although I haven't seen this man since I was 17 he was a huge part of my life always had just the right words at the right time and not an ounce of anger in him... I Love You Grandpa so so much, this songs for you.

  20. Kimberly Robinson

    This song reminds me of a man that I considered my Dad. He passed several years ago but he was always helping others, being there for his family, and even included me as his daughter. His birthday is today so how fitting i find that this popped up today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!

  21. robert hoagland jr

    very inspiring, i pass this on to anybody that can use it. i listen to it every time i feel im off my path. it try to incorporate it into my life as much as possible, passing on my knowledge and experience to others. keep up with the great stories jawga boyz, ill be listening.

  22. Korban

    The 38 people that disliked were not that wise of people

  23. Chris Davis

    This song has helped me fight my depression every time it appears I play this song and it just helps.. thank you jawga boyz

  24. Alex Mckinstry

    this song reminds me from when i was young

  25. CaptainKill98

    I like to think that every time I hear this song it's a different guy talking to the wise man. I love this song as well

  26. RowdyMajor18

    It's pretty weird how Country music today doesn't really have any meaning, yet all this underground stuff has meaningful songs. This might not be classified as country, but this song has so much meaning behind it. I personally wish Hick Hop had its own radio station. I understand that a lot of people hate it, but it's more original then anything coming out of Nashville today.

    Jacob Turner


    Jacob Douglas

    thats because they are rebels outlaw rebels

    Landry Johnson

    WVRedneck3551109 amen

  27. Damon Jones

    jawga boyz are the shit....coming to j-ville aug 6th hope i get to go

  28. Tj Muffoletto

    I cry when I listen to this. It reminds me of my daddy.

  29. Tj Muffoletto

    Its perfect. Reminds me of my dad and I. U rock!!;)

  30. Amos Ebey

    this song helps me everyday it really makes you look at your life differently and want to help people just cause you can thanks jawga boyz this song is life changing

  31. Glenn2142

    This song is so touching, It has a good message to it. You can learn from this song on how to live. And have a good life.

  32. Jeffrey Stancell

    This song really helped me a lot and really changed my views on life.its so sad that people work there whole lives not knowing the true meaning of life.lifes all about love and family and how u live it and doing everything u can before you pass on.leaving a legacy is nice but I'd rather just do what I can while I can and show love as revived from others.but anyways good job with the tunes as always

  33. Jeramiah Brown

    it takes me back to my papa thanks, love him and miss him sooo much thanks for the memories papa. and thank you guys for the song breaks me down every time.

  34. Brandon Nutt

    this helped me to stop being so pissed cuz this girl lied to me

  35. brien sullivan

    this song helps me every day as I fight that battles I gotta fight from b n a work alhoic too staying off meth a battle I fight everyday love this song thanks for it

  36. Lance Gillespie

    do any of you folks know where I can get a copy of the lyrics?

  37. Jesse mcmunn

    jawaga boy forlife

  38. colton zamacona

    i love this song im only 14 and i think everyone should listen to it i look at my life different now i wanna give everyone a hand to lend so i can become a better man

    Victory Aj

    colton zamacona aaaaa I agree 100%. I'm also 14 and just listening to this with my dad changed me a

    Jacob Douglas

    i heard this the day this came out with my dad we cryed

    Beau Anderson

    @ØC ØC

    Robin Rucks

    That's right! Thanks again

  39. colton zamacona

    i love this song im only 14 and i think everyone should listen to it i look at my life different now i wanna give everyone a hand to lend so i can become a better man

  40. Nathan Zimmerman

    Barely a song but I'm nearly crying

  41. Backwoods Baby

    this song made me almost cry as I saw how my life was going in a direction I would regret and I had to change it before I ruin my family

  42. Gretta Prevette

    DEZ? Drummer... 12 :)

  43. Clayton Froman

    it opened my eyes

  44. shannon haskins

    this song just reminds me of the country life

  45. Daryl Mclain

    This helped understand life from someone wiser and thank you lacs for making this song helped me out

    Daryl Mclain

    this song is an insperation

    Trevor D

    +Daryl Mclain I know this comment is old but its not the lacs xD
    Its the Jawga Boyz

  46. David McDonough

    My brother told me to listen to this song.  Our father passed away when we were just kids, and just recently, our grandmother (our father's mother) died at the age of 99.  One year shy of the mark she was aiming at.  Nonetheless, this song reminded both of us of our father - a good man; always willing to lend a hand to someone who needed it if he had the spare time.  He, just like the old man in this song, taught us that life isn't all about money, and moreover, you'll get more out of life for yourself if you help people when you are able.  Friends, family, strangers, it doesn't matter.  If you have spare time and someone needs a hand, it never puts you out so badly to help someone out rather than worry about what it'll cost or how you could be doing something else.  Doing for others is a way of showing them respect, and in turn, earning respect for yourself.  It makes you that good man that you should be, and more people could use a wise old man influencing their lives, even if only by learning the lessons this song teaches.  Great tune.

  47. MAXI P4D

    Damn I shed tears that was sad and it made me think.

  48. person who exists

    WWWWWWWHOA!!! I wasn't expecting that. I LIKE it!!!

  49. Zachary Jones

    this is amazing, when ya'll comin to nc?

  50. Timothy Swan

    Such a great song really makes you think about your life especially when your young.

  51. Dustin Miles

    This is my first time hearing this song and Its made me want to change my life all together

  52. cody hauser

    This song is AWESOME I hope jawga boyz keeps makein good music

  53. shirley Sheppard

    Omg wasn't expectin that fellas but I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Dustin Ellis

    I love this song. I had my wife listen to it and she teared up and then she heard her name in the song and couldn't believe it the look on her face was priceless. Now my wife Emily has been playing it to everyone in her family

  55. Chaz Gilmore

    This song is amazing it makes me sit and think but at the same time I feel as if they wrote this just for me.

    Anthony Smith

    Chaz Gilmore same here

  56. Kyler Thomas

    Bad ass song this right here made we think about my damn life will i listened to it and uh comeover to willkillya county in flo da 

    Kyler Thomas

    (florida)<- ur a dumbass if u didnt know what flo da ment

    James Stephenson

    @Kyler Thomas hell yeah I'm in Tampa

    Kyler Thomas

    Ya nigga I gotta dip and ready to watch outlaw @James Stephenson​

  57. Drake Hendershot

    Solid song.👍

  58. william caldwell

    My Ridin Song.

  59. little dipper

    hey jawga boz this song i love it o mch i wanna make my own song with my band and we go and album comin out in october

  60. Nick Corello

    i ffeeel ba d for the old man thats really bad and kinda sad the song sorry to hear tht and its true thats things are not always are going to go are way

  61. mjones

    I don't usually comment on anything but this is such a wonderful song as a mom I hope my children listen just as I have and think about their decisions also. You cannot change the past however you can achieve for better in the future. Thanks guys

  62. william jake

    Being 17 and being able to relate to this is pretty sad on my part but I'm willing to look past my wrong in life and try and turn my life into the most it could be. I have done many wrong things in my life that I regret but now its time for a CHANGE.....

    A funny name

    It's been a year since you wrote that. I hope you're doing well. However being able to relate isn't a horrible thing. Here's how I think of things like this, God will put his strongest soldiers into the strongest battles! Hope you are doing well at 18


    Well, it's been roughly 4 years since you wrote that, now; and I just found this song today. I guess I just wanna know how you're doing now.

    I remember back when I used to be just like the young man, jealous with envy of anyone older who had lived a full life. Seen and done things I had yet to experience. Now in my 30's, I've seen more than I've cared to. Battled depression, and fought against suicide. I lived thru war but the price I paid was to watch my best friend die in front of me. I've done things I can't take back, and no matter how much I give back it'll never be enough. I've buried my head in the sand, but no matter how hard you try, pain will always find a way to break you down every time. Enjoy the good, because these times are fleeting. Forgive and move on, because hate only breeds more hate. I spend more time at work than I do with my wife, and even though we struggle to make ends meet, no matter how hard life kicks us while we're down, just having each other makes it all worth forever.

    MSHotMess 2010

    Wise words from a young man!
    Hopefully now 5 years later you're still doing good 🤗

  63. william jake

    Man this has to be the most influential song I've ever listened to bast on my past. Me being only 17 and can still relate to this is sad. But I gotta live with my choices right?

  64. mark whitecotton

    Such an Awesome and meaningful song. Great job guys, keep up the superb work !!!!!

  65. Richard Smedley

    very touching song good words to make you think back on your life thank you guys for such an eye opener

  66. Cindee Decker

    Sexi sexi. Great. Music

  67. Sherraine Lindsey

    I like this song because it's true I been through thi

  68. the yetti

    fuck , i was having a fun time now i'm thinking about stuff
    did this song bring me down or pick me up
    well done.

  69. Cosmo Comeaux

    Jawga boyz are awesome they done did it again

  70. Danielle Gore

    Can you guys put up Dream Chaser ?

  71. Mike Rogers

    Dam good song

  72. redneck fuktard

    this song has helped me on a daily basis but really helped when i lost a good friend last weekend

  73. J Carl

    Do these guy's ever stop making good music? Every new song shows how great the JAWGA BOYS are. Amen

  74. brandon reschner

    good music to live by

  75. valerie faler

    This is amazing...i love it....i heard this song at the right time....i needed this....thanks guys for what u do....

  76. Bobby Brown

    very inspiring song

  77. Ben Denard

    Good song and great lyrics they speak to me

  78. Eric Brinkmeyer

    Just love all these songs all the beats its some music id love to hear blasting out of some speakers driving by on the streets

  79. Timothy Hoffman

    Great song .

  80. Mike Haley

    Good song I know I have met someone like that before I'm sure everyone has one time or another if you haven't you need to

  81. Tammy Hynes

    Love old-timers

  82. Rebecca Combs

    why isn't this on the reloaded CD?  I Love DEZ

    Rebecca Combs

    I don't know why they didn't do it but you can get it from iTunes

  83. Justin Sifford

    good song

  84. Matt L

    I have the CD and have not heard this song on it

  85. Tommy Oliver

    That's awesome!

  86. Steve Baker

    Awesome song

  87. Vladee V

    Great song !!! Love from Orygun

  88. White Male

    amazing song

  89. Austin-Bradwisch91

    This is one of the best songs I've herd. 

  90. Theyoungrepper

    nice. reminds me of my wood shop teacher.

  91. Jaysen Ballantine

    that is a FUCKING AWESOME SONG!!!!

  92. Tabitha Delilah Cowan

    I think this is my favorite song on this album!

  93. colby lail

    Love y'alls music!