Jawga Boyz - That's All We Know Lyrics

Kick back in the saddle
with some hank turned up
got the pedal to the floor
12 gauge in the truck
with a Bible on the console
that’s how these boys roll
we take it slow
and this simple life is all we know
that’s all we know

Y'all know how we ride down south throwing dust in the air yeah buddy that’s automatic
Swerve to the left and the right sitting back in the saddle well you know we’re driving so erratic
Yeah so the clock hits high noon, roll around while I listen to my iTunes
doing doughnuts spinning like a typhoon, man this country living always puts me in the right mood
in the backwoods feeling like a million bucks, talking about it on a daily basis
hard day at work but I’m finally headed home, sorta like I done went around the bases
Yeah I see your faces riding through this oasis
cocked back and we let it fly in the air going through them shotgun shells by the cases
hey is this that Dez individual in general animal mislyrical chemical spitting with the interval that’s mendable independable stuck up in the middle while the world is pitiful
Ima try to talk a little bit of sense into them, ain’t sure though that it’s gonna work
till then Ima keep it backwoods, hold my ground, keep my boots dug deep in the ground yeah

Kick back in the saddle
with some hank turned up
got the pedal to the floor
12 gauge in the truck
with a Bible on the console
that’s how these boys roll
we take it slow
and this simple life is all we know
that’s all we know

Down by the creek we living that good life, by now everybody feeling right
I know it’s gonna be a good night with a sight, got a hundred folks chilling out till the daylight
Little bit of that Heaven on Earth, yeah man said we in the clouds
been at it for a little minute now and we ain’t about to quit, no we can’t stop now
we just getting going, gas tank full, bout to spill over
fish tailing on the back, dirty road, with the 4 wheel drive hopping all kind of boulders
kicked back with the music turned up, I don’t know how to do it any other way
got a shotgun riding shotgun in the rig son, if you wanna get in let’s play
what y'all wanna do, maybe throw a few back in the boons
open the doors and crank the radio son, got the Jawga Boyz on and we let it boom
you don’t even know how we do it down here, unless you’re like us man and you’re from the woods
bible in the middle of the console with the windows rolled down and we feeling good

Kick back in the saddle
with some hank turned up
got the pedal to the floor
12 gauge in the truck
with a Bible on the console
that’s how these boys roll
we take it slow
and this simple life is all we know

We gonna turn up till the lights get turned off
drinking homemade liquor, no Smirnoff
riding with a 12 gauge and my bird dog
they hating on me, am I concerned, naw
see daddy always told me I would know whether
Cause when we’re doing it right is when folks get up
taste is outta their mouth it is so bitter
spit it out and it’s spelling out yo letters
as in B U B B A A I N T S H I T
I say that’s ok by me cause see Bubba he pray nightly
And I know G O D got me so I ain’t stressing nobody
I’ll achieve my goals watch me that T A L K won’t stop me
I’m just trying to lay back in the Duramax
with a cold 12 pack, Ima murder that
what’s riding down low, I never heard of that
we sitting way up in the sky where the birdies at
me and D E Z got the Hank cranked
so loud that a hillbilly can’t think
but I don’t wanna think, I just wanna drink cold Bud Light till the pain I’m feeling ain’t pain no more

Kick back in the saddle
with some hank turned up
got the pedal to the floor
12 gauge in the truck
with a Bible on the console
that’s how these boys roll
we take it slow
and this simple life is all we know
that’s all we know

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Jawga Boyz That's All We Know Comments
  1. Fabio Junior


  2. Vance Kruse

    Yee yee. From Oklahoma

  3. morris Bearden

    killed it son

  4. Tanya Brunsell

    This is an awesome band

  5. Joseph oOLordAbaddonOo

    Hell yeah..keep it real

  6. Crystal Simmons

    I love this song

  7. Mike Guinn

    Would love to see jawga boys and upchurch do some stuff together

  8. Jay Huddleston

    When yall gonna do a concert ir field party


    I love this song because it lets my anger go

  10. Ali Piriyaie

    great song!!! regards from germany

  11. Christian Lively

    Keep it up


    love this song

  13. Patrik Gelis

    Makes me wanna fill my cheek with some redman!

  14. joey meissner

    Hell yeah!!

  15. Rydin Hi

    "sorta like I dun ran around the bases." I like that.. Just found y'all and subbed about a min and a half in... Good shit dude's keep it flowin..

  16. Nick Comella

    Ayyy miss this country love

  17. vsdfv3

    10 / 10 all i kno

  18. joey meissner

    Hell yeah!

  19. Steven Evans

    That's all we want to know

  20. Bob Buff

    Nice, love the sound

  21. music fan

    UGA forever....💯

  22. jdueces420

    Jawga boyz is the only way ..

  23. Andrew Lollich

    Hell yeah you guys are awesome

  24. Kristine Pratt

    This is going to be my wedding song

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    Keep it coming from TN

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    Y’all fuckin killed it man keep up that good shit

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    Dudeeeee glad to see y'all doing good. Been watching y'all forever. This is dope

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    Dez killed it!!!

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    We love y'all in G.A.

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    Love this song

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    This shit is tough never thought there would be a music genre like this but I like it!

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    That's how I am am kickin in the Pacific northwest.

  35. Davis Turner

    Man! I cant stop listening to this song because i just love it so much.

  36. MrPerfect1986

    I miss my GA small town life. Grew up in Duluth inthe 80s. We mudded atthe powerlines and hung out at the quarter coke

  37. Rachel Nelson

    This is AWESOME I can't get enough of these guys. I also really LOVE your voices and Bubba is a badass addition!

  38. LJWALSH15


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    I can't get over this song you guys did awsome😄😄😄😊😁

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    That's all we know that is my song 🤠

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    love the music keep her come yee yee

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    Y’all Jawja Boyz bumpin it up here Nor’Kacky wid dis crusty 49 yr old hick!!! Yeeeaaaaaa-eeeaaaah!!!!


    Hecuva hook!!!

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    i sing it when im sad

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    You guys are awesome love your music .

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    Where you boys live

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    You guys are the best I love your music a lot I listened to this song a lot of times a day.

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    I don't like hick hop, but these guys can't be ignored. these guys imo popularized a dead genre.

  52. countrylife productionz

    simple life is all we know.... enough said!!!

  53. Loreen Gregory

    I love jawga boyz!!

  54. Anthony Sam

    I can relate to all my country boys.....(I'm fucking with Jawja Boyz,Boondock Kingz,2 Cup Tommy, Preacher Teacher, D Thrash for leading this movement. I wanna party with these guys one day and that's my truth.)

  55. countrylife productionz

    very nice track deez kills it

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    Love yall❤🤘🤘

  57. Chet Wise

    This is fucking AWESOME!

    My knee hasn't stopped bouncing since the song started... First time hearing it, Love all y'all! Since hearing Bubba's Country Folks, I have a new favorite, Back Woods Rap and Hick Hop!

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    One of the best songs i got this shit cranksd real loud🔥🔥🔥🔨⬆

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    this song is awesome and addicting!!!!!!!!!

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    Love the music that Dthrash and the jawga boyz be playing

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    So in love with this song jawga boyz keep up the great work I download all y'all songs 😍😍😍😍and listen to it in my truck yee yee

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    my name is terrylee hicks i think its time for country hip hop made it to reach every hip-hop sound this is real music to my ears love it guys keep them coming

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    Great track addition of Bubba is dope

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    I can say honestly that between the Jawga Boys and Bubba Sparxx is all I listen to anymore. These boys are not just singing about the simple life down there way. It's the same for me up here in Tennessee. Thank you all for the great songs.

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    Dez is so f!#& ing awesome

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    Half the views is me

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    I know G O D got me so I ain't stressing nobody!

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    smoke sum southern kush to this song, so damn good

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    Man you guys rock love your music found your music on YouTube by mistake first song I listened to I'm hooked great music

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