Jawga Boyz - Plastic Bottle Lyrics

Jim was just an average guy
Growing up in a middle class world
He got bored bout the time he turned 16
He decided to try a few things, some bad things
Hanging out with a different crowd
Living the fast live and nothing to care about
There was a plastic bottle getting passed around
He learned quick this is how they got down
Soon everyone had done got something out
They put it in their mouth and washed it down
Told Jim it was his turn and hurry up
He took one out they gave him a cup
Then he closed his eyes and done what they said
It didn't take long for him to feel the effects
He felt a rush he could never explain
He thought it was good but it would never be the same, and he sang..

This plastic bottle always has what I need
You take away all of those bad memories
All of those times it used to make me feel sad
It makes me feel better than I ever have
This plastic bottle always been good to me
Takes me away where I can finally be free
I hope that one day I won't need what's inside
So I can feel how I felt before the first time

Fast forward about ten years
Now Jim has his own plastic bottle of pill
He can't go one day without one
And spends every last dime just to get some
It was a mistake that he can never get back
He'd give anything to get back on track
The feeling that he gets now ain't the same
It don't fight off rain and don't cure the pain
But now it's a new day and it's time
To walk into a new place and rewind
Take control of the light that he has
Take mistakes and leave them in the past
He knows it's gonna take help and lots of it
To take a disease head on and just crush it
And to think it all started on that night
And innocent decision that changed his whole life, when he sand

This plastic bottle always has what I need
You take away all of those bad memories
All of those times it used to make me feel sad
It makes me feel better than I ever have
This plastic bottle always been good to me
Takes me away where I can finally be free
I hope that one day I won't need what's inside
So I can feel how I felt before the first time

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Jawga Boyz Plastic Bottle Comments
  1. cumminsman82

    Pills alcohol or loss of love this song hits home to close to home thank you for putting out a song that is truly how a lot of us feel keep up the good work I'll keep listening


    This song inspired me to stop taking pain pills just be happy

  3. Alexx Phillabaum

    This song just speaks to me

  4. Kenneth Neece

    Thank God I've been off Oxys 4 years this song is so true, I've lost everything, I lost the love from my kids I used to thrive on being the best dad because I never grew up with a dad but it was like they wasn't all I cared about was getting that first oxy and then chasing them all day people out there stay strong

  5. Chris Mckee

    love this song

  6. James Burgett II

    I'm 4 years sober

  7. Josh Johan

    I love this guys music..so dope ! bumping this at 4 in the morn over here LA ... nieghbors love my music haha

  8. Joe Shelby

    What a true story... I'm seeing this for the first time right now. I relate perfectly to this. It's been three weeks and I still feel terrible. But I'm not goin back....not today anyway.

  9. james dees- jimmy

    2 years clean i'm thankful thank u jawga boyz and thank u lord for helping me get threw it

  10. Trisha crazy one

    All I have to say is one day at a time and please don't give up. Because I almost did .

  11. Preston Roundtree

    see so many people from high school like this so sad

  12. Weed Seed

    wish my fucking crazy ass ex would here this shit and take the message that this song puts out

  13. Brandon McBride

    2 1/2 yrs clean was addicted to meth and coke for about 13yrs

  14. Dawson Mann

    this makes a lot of sense and ik a lot of ppl have the same problem

  15. Jacob Grant

    powerful song speaks to the heart

  16. Cory White

    today I'm 162 days sober and clean. music like this helps me it tells me I'm not the only one that had a struggle. thank you

  17. Ryan Pokorny

    iv been addicted to norcos tramadol and oxycodone for about 3 years now uk it is very hard to write this bc it's tearing my fucking life apart I lost the love of my life and my kids I wanna make a change to get them back so I went to the Dr and got help and what he gave me is helping. Addiction is not worth it it's not worth loosing the loved ones specially ur kids it ain't worth spending time behind bars I haven't I'm looking to kick this addiction square in the fucking nuts.

  18. Brett C

    Anyone struggling. When you get to your limit... back and knees hurting... restless legs at night, the sweats, that pit feeling in your stomach.... FIGHT! Don't give in! Push harder! When you feel like falling down or giving in, take a multivitamin and strap up your running shoes and run your ass off! Keep running and trust me you'll feel better. DO NOT SIT AROUND SUBMITTING TO IT, GET UP AND MOVE! Kick its ass back!

    Jose Luis Aguilar

    thank you I struggled with pills after I lost my childhood bestfriend its good to know theres still people out there that will help others fight the urge

  19. Krazy G

    Love This Jam!
    from Irish Hills Michigan. - KG

  20. Nate Sullivan

    love it reminds me of me

  21. Jonathan Hyatt

    this is me I was sober for 5 yrs then I relapsed now I trying to start over again so hell this has helped me come to the light thks fam

  22. Ian Mcalexander

    I love it because I love the j awga boys

  23. David Washington

    song has alot of truth about the struggles of the pain from a addiction I'm 9 yr clean from pain killers

  24. Dale Savage

    This is the life that I live

  25. Rickie McQuiston

    I love music

  26. adamconley9

    love this song been clean from 80 oxys meth and heroine for 3 yrs now

  27. Erics gaming channel

    popping pills killed my uncle fuck the people who were suplying him

  28. Erics gaming channel

    this song really gets you thinking

  29. Bubba J Feltus

    This song gives me strength like no other. It's been 8 months and still sometimes all I wanna do is crush one up to take away the pain, to distract me from life.

  30. Devin Lankey

    this songs so good can relate alot to this song 2 yeara clean due to this song off..xanax ibuprofen bronkaid and adderrall

  31. Josh O

    this song helps me through a lot

  32. Blake Pickens

    damn... deep song...

  33. Sharon Walker

    thank you

  34. Caleb hard

    man.all I've seen is people around me with addiction and it's one of the worst thing is addiction and so many people judge people for problems that there never been through instead of understanding. .but it a very good song

  35. DTP vlogs

    and good

  36. DTP vlogs

    this is sad

  37. DTP vlogs

    yall are so good I like musing so much too


    good son

  39. Jack TheWarrior

    I know it's not long but 3 weeks sober of the beer and whiskey

    tyler Tarbert

    Congratulations man


    hits home.... damn

  41. Tyrone Walton

    this is true I started doing pills and just bout anything I could get my hands on I'd always be drink when I was 16 and couldn't quit so I turned 17 and was still doing it and the state took me from my parents and put me in rehab so I am of now 8 months clean and in a Foster home

  42. Mitch Austin

    aug 12 ive been clean 6 years

  43. redneck mudmad 1

    this song has hit home for me and I really need to take the message and run with it and never look back!!

  44. Beautimus Thomas

    beautimusthomas2- yesterday was the 10th anniversary of my sisters suicide. She was 42 left 2 beautiful daughter's and a husband because that bottle took everything from her. I miss her everyday and still I find myself picking up the phone to call just to chat then it hits me like a ton of bricks she is gone. When she was born she had a scar on her brain and had to take medicine to keep her from having seizures everyday. Over time it from 1 bottle to 8 bottles full of medicine that shouldn't have been mixed with one another. In the end it drove her mad and she took her life to end the pain she was in. So this song really hit home for me and my sister

  45. Destiny Fouts

    I made my aunt cry when I played this song, she's been clean for 3 months now :)

  46. braden peters

    And my mom use to do the same before she went to rehab

  47. Richard Allen

    this song is so true anyone who's ever been through opiate addictions would understand

  48. Kevin VanBuskirk

    My dads been clean for a year and 5 months... So proud of him and this song just seals it all together...awesome song keep it up...

  49. Matthew Barnett

    so awesome the impact this song has made on peoples lives, reading all the comments and seeing everyone who has cleaned up. its amazing!

  50. Winter Wolf

    'grats to y'all who's stayin' clean and sober and the ones who's over the drugs n are gettin' better from there addiction

  51. John strange

    good soung that a pretty good song

  52. James Wooten

    hi I'm James aka Jim I've been clean since 2006 it's 11 yrs I've been clean but struggle cause I was doing ,blow ,pills,heroin,I also was a drunk I did anything n everything I'm staying clean cause I got 2 daughter's who r my life n my world

  53. Jeff Cook

    my jams

  54. Ivan Davidson56football

    This song helped me out of my alcohol addiction. Been 5 months sober now and has reminded me that I don't want to end up like past family members dying of addiction.

  55. Aj Badamy

    I like all of songs

  56. Steven Reeves

    you guys helped me find god and get my life right thank you

  57. Kolin williams

    Jawga for life🤘🏽

  58. Tmg Entertainment Videos

    this song is true to

  59. Stacy Berry

    8 years today since my mom over dosed on pills...always have loved this song

  60. James Pugh

    so true guys . watch lot of friends and family go that route in in out of rehab and jail.

  61. Sierra Koch

    Jawga Boyz love you jawga boyz❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍👈

  62. Ean Sheppard

    6 months clean thank you God

  63. Disney Up, Boiler Up!

    This video hits me everything Derek. Thank You bringing light to things we sometimes don't want to see. It's such a blessing!

  64. Daniel Polites

    wow this song hits hard. specially now...

  65. Capt. E

    when you can make a grown man cry, you know you hit the right spot. This song hit home. I am sad to say that that plastic bottle took a very dear friend and almost took his cousin. i wish your song would have been around before that plastic bottle took. a great 19 year old life. Hopefully this song will help someone in need. You guys are awesome artist. Enjoyed your concert at Muddy Joes in Kiln, MS. hope you boys come back. keep the awesome music coming!

  66. terry h

    I just wanted to say I was once addicted to pills.when I heard this song it got me to think will I end up like this guy six feet under.it took a little bit but I am no longer addicted to the pills...thank you jawga boyz/D thrash...I hope to one day see you in person

  67. Dempsy Gilbert

    great song they need more songs like it

  68. Curtis Delph

    this is true for me I was addicted to pain pills and I am sober now but for years I was trying to get rid of the pain of losing my wife to cancer

  69. Dustin Reeder

    this song is so true in 2009 I was forced to retire from wheelchair basketball due to injury I then became addicted to cocaine and alcohol and pills anything I could get to kill the pain and depression I was at my bottom I am now two years clean and work as a computer repair technician I just wanted to say you can turn it around but only you can do it

    Frank Kelly

    Great to hear. God Bless.

  70. Angela Necessary

    To my family in memory of Scottie Akers.....

  71. Zachary Hildebran

    crying because if it wasn't for my cousin I would have never gotten clean and I've been clean for 4 months

  72. robert garner

    Good job to those staying clean

  73. Young firefighter 440 746

    damn good song

  74. nate dietrich

    Tomorrow I'll be clean from Norcos and Oxycodone, went through a stage in my life where I thought the pills were the only thing I needed in life I threw away my football team mates and my Jrotc friends away for a min high, I regret ever picking up the bottle, I've had friends O.D. On pills and I still chose the pills, Now Im clean and proud of it. This song speaks more than explainable.

  75. Vikki Wolf

    I love this song! it hits home every time I hear it

  76. Kelly Allen

    #addiction no matter what it may be is rough I have seen a lot of folks including me have
    been on #theplasticbottle. Thanks for artists like #jawgaboyz #DTrash #bubbasparxxx and the likes for coming up with #reallife #tunes #musicmatters

  77. southern pride

    Jawga boyz is awesome I like all there songs I can listen to them all day long

  78. Johnathan Garrison

    Asome bru

  79. Paul Nickels

    Definitely makes ya think. Clean for 1 month from oxys, percocets, well any kind of pain killer I can find. Thanks jawga

  80. Courtney Waller

    Where can I find the lyrics to this song? I've searched & searched & can't find them.

  81. Allen Tipton

    The hardest thing i had to go through. Lost everything i worked so hard to get because of pills.. My wife cries when she hears it because it was me to a T. Love this song though..

  82. Rena Sellers

    I realy love this song it helps me realize how lucky I am ive been there there

  83. Amber Hirschmann

    My grandmother died from a pill she had her cup of alcohol and pill had fallen in it and desolved nobody knew till she didn't wake up the next mornin. RIP Grandma Carol whom i never got to meet.

  84. Ryan Callahan

    I wanna throw my percs away but it's hard!

  85. Jake Southerland

    Almost 3 years sober.

  86. Charles Parks

    One year clean. Thanks to my Lord and Savior. Jawga Boyz awesome song. Keep it up. Congratulations to all who have overcome pill addiction.

    Charles Parks

    I have to correct previous post. It's supposed to say half a year sober.

  87. Rachael Day

    This should go mainstream- After 8 years I'm off Suboxone & XANAX

  88. Bigbagof Trees

    been perscribed xanax since 15, n just now i was sittin at my computer just lookin for any type of good music to download to make another CD for my car, this song comes p n im sittin here zanny bottle sittin next to the speaker n my adderall bottle in my pocket, took 2 bout 15 min before n i was gettin ready to unscew the lid for 2 or 3 more n this song stoped me in my tracks, im not sayin tht ima go n flush them n never go back to my doc... but damn im still fuckin processin this song....

    Bigbagof Trees

    @Bigbagof Trees n i havent gotten high or zannyed out on these in sooo many damn years, just unable to anymore....... and im not askin for pitty or no bullshit, i hate tht.. i jst had to comment cus this song just blew my damn mind

  89. Larry Northrup

    I can relate to this Video SO Much!!!... Been Clean for 8 months now... cold Turkey on Pain meds!!... Is there anyone on this Site that can Dup a Lyrics Version?... Would be awesome!... Thanks

  90. Jacob olheiser

    Jawga boyz not only have helped me stay away from relapse on pills but helps my sever PTSD as well thank you guys for the great music

  91. ToKeR tHe KrAzY kId420

    @lia lia TY baby now I dont HAVE to GO there ILoVeYoU

  92. braden peters


  93. braden peters

    This is what pills will do.to you

  94. Tony Hicks

    I really like this song a lot Jawga boys are number 1 in my book good job guys

  95. karen wimberly

    This is my favorite song in the world! NEVER DO PILLS!

  96. William Couture

    I've was addicted to oxytocin since I was 13 and now I'm 29 and I'm about 6 months clean. So that's about16 years and I've had about7 over doses

  97. andrewupsidedown

    sittin here looking thou music an find this song as im missing my uncle jim he passed away 7 years ago of an bad OD from pills an a long life struggling with addiction an life. Smoke ur herb drink a beer but stay off the meds they do nothing but hurt everyone around you an yourself

  98. Brian Elliott

    I would like the Jawga Boyz for making such a song.  Lost a sister to drugs and I feel the the message of the danger needs to spread.  No better way than through music.  There is so much negativity in music today that kids want to duplicate.  I know it is call "art" but let's use common sense.  If more artist speak about dangers of drugs and not of violence who knows the world may be a better place.  Thanks again Jawga Boyz for showing class and please come to the Philly market.  You may be surprised by the turnout!!