Jawga Boyz - Jawga Lyrics

[?] to Athens you know I'm posting
85 to 316 we rolling
Pine trees, the summer breeze be browing
We back roads exploring and keeping my mind going

In Jawga
We keep it dirty in Jawga
I'm reminiscing my Jawga
I hold it down for Jawga

The wind blowing, my vision blurry, I'm holding steady
All 81 from Loganville in my uncle Chevy
And slipping two days, some days I need to feel my belly
I'm feeling heavy, just seen my partner get sent to heaven
Lord would you hit me, I pray [?] to go a new direction
[?] reflecting and realizing that I ain't ready
I pay attention and listen to what my loved one tell me
They tell me slow down, be proud and count your blessings

[?] to Athens you know I'm posting
85 to 316 we rolling
Pine trees, the summer breeze be browing
We back roads exploring and keeping my mind going

In Jawga
We keep it dirty in Jawga
I'm reminiscing my Jawga
I hold it down for Jawga

I see the pattern of [?] ladders inside the matrix
We can't escape, look in the mirror but can't face it
My mind is racing, I 'm chasing something that's so amazing
To be the greatest, creator's favorite so why they hating
[?] I'm contemplating the coup d'etat
So calculated, I'm complicated like shooting stars
So many comments, I promise Thomas to keep it coming
I want the money like Arnold Willis and Mr. Drumming

[?] to Athens you know I'm posting
85 to 316 we rolling
Pine trees, the summer breeze be browing
We back roads exploring and keeping my mind going

In Jawga
We keep it dirty in Jawga
I'm reminiscing my Jawga
I hold it down for Jawga

No disrespect but I feel that life is a game of chess
Maybe I tested I'm failing but see I do my best
And being southern's a disadvantage I don't regret
But we just talking, been waiting to get this off my chest
Slamming and bumming and grumbling ain't never got me nothing
I had to fight and grind use my mind to get something
It's so disgusting, we suffered [?] busting
My intuition got average so we straight readjusting, uh

[?] to Athens you know I'm posting
85 to 316 we rolling
Pine trees, the summer breeze be browing
We back roads exploring and keeping my mind going

In Jawga
We keep it dirty in Jawga
I'm reminiscing my Jawga
I hold it down for Jawga

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Jawga Boyz Jawga Comments
  1. Arthur Norman

    I'm 51,love country all my life and some rap, you guys are one of a million that REALLY knows how to pull it off perfectly, keep bringing them great songs.

  2. Arthur Norman

    Great song, you guys are awesome.

  3. Maurice Love

    This goes hard on the freeway yeaaaaa love it

  4. Kristal Brock

    Love this song ❤️

  5. Ami Melendez

    This song is my life

  6. James Thompson

    I'm just now hearing this...damn I just now fkn enjoyed that

  7. Josemanin Lima

    Good miusc

  8. Ƙαяяιɢαи Ɖαωи Ƭяαиιƨ

    2020 anyone ❤

  9. Ronnie Ford

    🤙💪💯 love it

  10. Jawga Boyz

    Wow.. y’all have pushed this one WAYYYY over 20M views! We want to thank everyone who’s been a part of that! Every second of this journey, we’ve done it 100%.. completely independent. It’s always been important for us to keep the integrity of our music.. Even though we had numerous major label deals on the table in 2012.. along with the possibility of much bigger fame.. they all wanted to mold us into something more appealing for mainstream.. and we said HELL NO. We’re artists.. we have to be in control of what we create.. otherwise what’s the point of creating art.. if someone else’s vision is forced on you. We will never sell out, and we will never pump out music.. just to make money. We only write songs, and record when our creative juices have something to offer. We’re not one of those bands who sits around and rewrites a song until we think it’s good enough.. The best songs are usually written by accident.. and fall together effortlessly. New music is coming! And if you haven’t checked out the most recent album “Reloaded 2” ...go stream it here on YouTube for FREE.. or on any steaming app!

  11. Michelle Pollard

    Good ass song

  12. Mcsheilda Gilbert

    Yeahhhh... that wtf I’m talking about. I fucks w/ this!!!!👊🏿

  13. Shane Campbell

    Watch out kidd rock!!! Chilling in the backwoods...

  14. Steve Smiley

    Ohio checking in. Got plenty of backwoods round here!

  15. Xeno Games

    Hate country but love this now my second favorite song

  16. Drake Robison

    Perfect y'all mix of rap country and rock

  17. Preston Ball

    This song takes me back home after a 3and a half years in prison... took me back to that very day I came home... thanks for the awesome home bringing song

  18. Ralph Spell

    This is the most relaxing song I listen to it when I wake up in the morning and I feel great

  19. Nick Meadows

    Damn this is my favorite song to listen to when I'm on that dirt road and working on the ranch you guys are awesome

  20. brandon ragsdale

    Best COUNTRY rap song yet. If you agree all my COUNTRY folk out there let me get a great big HELL YEA

  21. Chancie Coots

    I LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  22. coonhound queen

    D you need to marry me 😻

  23. William Daniel

    Good song

  24. Grizzlygaming

    I love showing friends this song when they first hear it the look on there face is funny asf but always close to the end I look over and there head is bobbing and there boot it taping

  25. jxy fire2

    Hey if you like country songs and rap songs this song is for you

  26. draken harris

    i cant wait to get home after 4 years in the army

  27. Alex Ewy

    Finally realized it’s Georgia boys

  28. Stanley Grooms

    Backwoods is where all the fin starts and where it ends love these good olboys!!!

  29. Casey Wildcat

    Now it's been awhile but this song reminds me of back in the day when my dad and uncle was here go play it boys

  30. Otis Thomas

    Grrreat. Nice beat. Praise the Lord for gifted music makers!!!!

  31. T Gaglione

    Hot damn I can relate to this song. Great song, instrumentally and lyrically.

  32. M F

    finally some rap I can stand good song

  33. Robert Snyder

    Jawga is where it's at, keep it up fellas awesome song

  34. Micky Smith

    Dude this is good. To bad I'm just hearing it.

  35. Charles Rowley

    Can I have this played at my funeral

  36. saul sanchez

    This song is bad ass man Jawga Boyz rule

  37. shadow leaper

    Yal are my roll models yea rlly help me through high school yall are so inspirational

  38. jeremiah white

    thanks jawga boys for this song it has gotten me thru hardships in life when i was down and out i would turn to this video and still do to this day

  39. Khenemet

    Didn't see that coming, this is actually pretty awesome.

  40. Iris Shupe

    Love the back woods from the Pacific northwest. You can only feel it If you live it.

  41. Betty Boone

    When I'm in the Backwoods it makes me forget about all my worries until the next day this is me

  42. nathan snowden

    Haven't been home in a year love the military but I need to go home chill for a while love this song he's me through sometimes

  43. Dasiy Marie

    I got to meet y'all your music changed my life please in ballplayer ala fucking hell yeah bama

  44. Louis Wright

    I'm African so is it bad or is it fine if I listen to it ?

  45. Bryan Tucker

    O G shit right here .... love it yall

  46. Rocking R Farm and Ranch

    Unless I have go to town for farm gear or groceries I'm always chillin in the back woods cause where I'm chillin is where I'm livin. Ribs on the somker bustin some lead down range. Take the dogs for a run on 4 wheeler. Mow field trim the trees feed and the Cows. This is how we chill in the back woods.

  47. Tim Jordan

    Chillin in the backwoods of Twiggs County GA!!

  48. Henry Dawkins

    Kicken ass

  49. Karen Dennis

    Love this song son.


    good job

  51. lane harris

    Ready to go back home in a couple day im in Georgia at my uncles been hog hunting and mudding aint ready for school to start back

  52. Benjamin Hamilton

    Jawga boyz remind me of where i came from love you guys

  53. Deanna Reed

    go gawga boys! 💘

  54. Deborah Ezell

    That's what I'm talking about

  55. Anthony Rayburn

    this song right here is badass

  56. tian_145

    It's very good song.

  57. jennifer kahre


  58. dianna otto

    I love this song

  59. Dieter Rehm

    Love it peace frome Germany

  60. Barbara Wabs

    from the back woods of CA ( yah they exist) makes me miss home so much .. D Thrash ...just awesome

  61. tortureyou

    sub'd, liked, I-tuned, Pulled up to a mud drag this weekend with some Jawga Boyz blarin outta my 4 woofers and musta had a dozen people come up and ask what I had jammin. Indiana rep'n, sendin out some props to the hick hops.

  62. Karen Dennis

    God I love his song

  63. proud rebel

    this song takes stress away

  64. Karen Dennis

    First time I've found your music on utube. Love your music. will order it from Amazon. You all are cool.

  65. Johnathan Reid

    listening to this in the summer of 2017 and much more hell yea keep it up boyz

  66. Racing Wolfe 2017

    I just recently moved to Texas and yalls music is what keeps me going everyday. this song especially explains how it was to come here thanks guys

  67. Rob Hys

    I am black and a country boy raised in the sticks don't normally listen to country but this shit country rap is good as fuck will buy this type of music all day kick it country boys

  68. Robert Donnelly

    chillin in the back woods of new Hampshire

  69. Clement Junez Beatz Romans

    Brooklyn New York, feelin this.....country boys got flava. Keep up the great work

  70. Becca L.M.

    Love, love, love! One of my favorite Jawga Boyz songs!!🎶💜💚💙💛💖🎵😍😍😍

  71. Brandon Evans

    great song

  72. Country Boy

    One on my favorite songs

  73. Robby Christman

    I love this Song!

  74. fla playa

    My old buddy showed me some of this new Southern Rap/ Country/ Whatever. This group caught my ear. Nice work hear... God only knows how messed up the south is as "Mayberry" is gone forever ya'll. It's the 'down right dirty nitty-gritty south' now.
    Take it easy out there people, remember to just straight up chill with good friends out in the woods with a few dozen beers.

  75. starlighter57


  76. Wesley Drury

    from north florida,love this

  77. rogette bishop

    go mets OKC ga teach ravens

  78. DBiehl

    Nice work I can totally relate to this song!


    bad ass song

  80. Lanny W

    Great Rhythm... Bon Fire Song........

  81. Natasha Capps

    I love all these guys their music is amazing up beat and still country that's what I love the most. Not only can they rap but they can sing with amazing voices.

  82. Andrea Sullivan

    Apalachee Don and Jawga Boyz are my 2 favorite groups. Keep up the good work.

  83. Hunter Wuesthoff

    Why is this song not on Apple Music

  84. Tyler Broco

    I miss my tonw

  85. Holly Pena

    fantastic song!!!!

  86. Allen Beaumont

    Fuck yeah backwoods no cops, no shit head neighbors! To the backwoods boyz!

  87. Keisha Isham

    this song is the best. laying down thinking my bday sucks and these guys make it better even if I am missing the country. man wish I could go back to the woods.

  88. killerjc2003

    this song has got me through some hard times

  89. Amy N Tim Nevels

    reminds me when I was younger hanging out with my buddies

  90. Torri 'TOJO' Lambert

    So different but I am loving these guys and the songs they sing about.  Hits straight  home with me out here on the farm in VA.

  91. Allen Beaumont

    I been chillin in the woods since I wiz young son

  92. bri creel

    i love it

  93. scott archibald

    awesome tune

  94. Mike Jones

    yep they sure did

  95. Joshua Sanders

    this is me in the back woods

  96. Summer Peachwhisper

    Simple but yet such joy to my soul.

  97. Beasleys BBQ

    can't wait to c yall

  98. Nobody trapping

    chilling in the back woods best thing to do nothing beats chilling in the woods place where you can go to clear your mind raise some hell and shoot some guns gotta love the southern way of living