Jawga Boyz - Get Out My Way Lyrics

[Hook x4:]
Get out my way
Jawga Boyz
You see the truck
I'll run you over boy

My tires roarin', I'm on a back road
It's rides ruffer when I'm ridin' on a flat road
I'm ridin' in a sky scraper with no brake pedal
And while I'm ridin', I'm eatin' on a steak dinner
I got a case of beer, I keep the liqour clear
If you a city boy it's best that you don't come here
And I sit so high that I think I'm flyin'
I'm winnin' truck show trophies without even tryin
Yes I coulda rode lower and I'd been more legal
But I'd rather hit a mud hole alot more deeper haha

[Hook x4]

My truck sits tall, it's got big balls
It's built tough and it's stronger than a brick wall
You know the deal, we ridin' high
Rollin like a redneck in the sky
I'm gettin' hated on when I'm ridin' thru the town
They say I'm ridin' way too high up off the ground
But I don't want it down, I love it how it is, cause I don't need a boat
I use my truck to fish
Got pulled over by the state patrol and he said
There's only one thing that he had to know
He said to tell me whats the point of you ridin'
So high cause you know that it's illegal and I'm gonna tell you why
I said...

[Hook x4]

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Jawga Boyz Get Out My Way Comments
  1. Skylar Smith

    Love it

  2. Geramia Marsh

    Sick ass f-350

  3. bud mann

    See the truck? I'll run you over!

  4. Shayla Shaver

    I like the truck I like the cameoflage on that truck

  5. Ayden Snow

    that bass

  6. Zach Slick

    jawga boys needs to do a song with upchurch.

  7. MrDrakePrice

    Sending yall some love from Cali, loved the ending, I'm a big truck boy myself

  8. Brent Bella

    that's good song

  9. Riley West

    look at all that Money at 130

  10. redneck outlaw

    I like this song

  11. Donny Hawkins

    jawga. Boys. are. tha. shit......keep. up. tha. good. work. Boys

  12. Isiah Bell

    yea buddy that truck is badass

  13. destiny cole

    bad ass video

  14. Kenny Overman

    that aockward moment when a officer has to get a ladder to give you a ticket

  15. Que Dawg

    i fucks wit jawga boyz all day

  16. Angel martinez

    thats how i want my truck

  17. David Giese


  18. erika wallace-gomez

    i wanna move to georgia....

  19. McKenzie Vaughn

    I LOVE YOU GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. connor pisky

    in NC height is at nost 13 foot 6in. no other limits.

  21. CubCadet129

    You know what they say, it aint high enough unless you need steps to get in hahaha

  22. robinj357

    dam GA does it right! love tha vids

  23. RedneckForLife

    That moment when the cop has to look up at you. Haha

  24. Caroline miller

    I love this song soooo muchhhhh ❤️👌

  25. Seanoe Hayden

    I thought for sure around 4:57 that black dude fell flat on his face haha
    . That woulda been hilarious

  26. TBone


  27. Tina Hughes

    love your music love the trucks and keep flying the flag you are awesome keep having fun and doing what you all are doing.

  28. Tj Mccreight

    Awesome fucking song good video too lol

  29. William Mcmurry

    I think it's awesome !!!

  30. Tonie Gibbs


  31. Brianna O'Dell

    Damn, I love that Camo truck way too much. 😍

  32. Teresa McMillin

    lovin it from The Glades ...south Florida

  33. McNielGaming

    In Minnesota, it is 6 inches for the lift. I was born in Arizona, living in Minnesota. Damn proud of my Southern heritage.

    Luke Decent

    Im in mn but born in California

  34. southern pride

    Get out of my way

  35. Inwood Alberta dippers s

    what the song at the end of the video

  36. Doug Walker

    I see big tirck

  37. tasha mason


  38. Jeff Cook

    Riding High Jack up in my four wheel drive

  39. Mike Randle

    I love this song and d thrash is hot

  40. Julianne Wilson

    get out my way JAWGA BOY I RUN U OVER BOY XD

  41. Kyle Morgan

    In the state of georgia you must be atleast 42 inches from the ground. i welded a drop bumber on mine. just i piece of exaust lol

  42. Karson Kriger

    Its only illegal lift when it over the certain high limit

  43. California School Bus Driver

    I dont see any trucks. all i see is greenery.

  44. Travis Lyman


  45. Matthew Hoffmann

    i want that old chevy so bad

  46. Lucas

    googoo gaga boys

  47. tommy2chips

    Not bad. Not bad at all. In fact this is pretty good.

  48. KcDaGoat

    i like the end he takes his money

  49. Noah Cochran


  50. I hate green beans I like carrots

    @Matt Henson in different states there are different high requirements!! So it depends where you live and what your state allows!!

  51. Kenny Hicks

    When I come through u. Get out of my way

  52. Jacob Crab

    In some states it is in the state of Oregon it depends on how wide it is

  53. Blazinggunstv 223

    Good to see nobody arguin the jawga boyz has that effect.... they make the best music out there rock on d.thrash

  54. Bs6.0pstroke_ 28

    "cuz I don't need a boat. I use my truck to fish!!!" Hahaha

  55. Jenni Turner

    Good song!!!

  56. jacob nicodemus


  57. Xxclarkexx

    Get out of my way bitch!

  58. full send crew

    that moment when the cop has to look up at you to give you a ticket

  59. Megan Worley

    Get out my way

  60. Dalvin Stewart


  61. derrick h

    that truck is awesome but I would of went with a cummins

  62. jason kellogg

    this is a great song

  63. james weimer

    hell ya thats what my truck i gonna look like here real soon

  64. logan matthews

    best song i have ever herd

  65. Dottie H

    Jawga boyz

  66. Steven Beasley

    Mickie Thompson "Mud Kings" Camo Ford F-350

  67. Antonia Colyer

    love to have that big truck

  68. Fukyour Namepolicy

    I wonder if he's made enough money to afford that truck and house or if its just for the video. I contributed to that. Bought all their albums :D Good shit! Just hope they are a success and not WASTING their money. 

  69. Tyler Arnold

    That f-350 is sweet

  70. Karen White

    Georgia represent

  71. RedRival

    Tennessee loves this song

  72. Brandia Smith

    I love this song like omg.

  73. Brittany Marie

    I love this song, and that truck is awesome :)

  74. christianh.78

    I like the camo truck and video

  75. Chris Oppenheim

    Pulls out role of cash black man like give it beatch points gun and stads up yells I'm ridin high lol runs and he's like da fuq?

  76. Spiritual Divine

    Seriously think Jawga Boyz r soooo hot! ;)

  77. william councilor

    only way to roll

  78. Andrew Bridgeforth

    Nice ford

  79. Peachezz131

    What is the song that plays at the end???

    Keshun Wells

    Dirty for weeks

    Anthony Hendry

    Dirty for weeks and its by them

    Brain smacka

    Jawga boyz "Dirty for weeks"

  80. mathewparrett -

    Hick Hop

  81. hockeyfreak043

    the trucks r bad ass

  82. Deadpool Sanders

    thats a crap ton of beer at the end 

  83. Amber Hanlin

    love the  end

  84. SlyGuyRy

    sick truck 

  85. Barbara Grant

    I love this song is the best way for me to be honest with you and your friends

  86. memphis mowen

    come on CHEVY all the way

  87. Rosaleen Flett

    luv it <3 White rap

  88. pantherfan 4055

    fuck city slickers!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. pantherfan 4055

    man i gotta move to the south beer trucks and football 

  90. Chase Brewer

    I'm ridin' high!😂😂

  91. Tadem Marie

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 LOVE this song!!!!!!

  92. CountryBoyK5

    Coulda rode lower an been more legal but id rather hit a mud hole alot more deeper! :) Hell Ya Yee Yee!! :)

  93. Kyle Windham

    I set so high that I think im flyin

  94. brandon reschner

    we need more hick muisc NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. leslie jensen

    love the music

  96. Holly Sullivan

    Totally enjoyed all vidos

  97. Greg Farley

    Love the silverado

  98. Austin Roed

    I really want to meet them and how old are they now

  99. Rodney Griffin

    Get out my way!!