Jason Mraz - Might As Well Dance Lyrics

I can't stop thinking about you
And dreaming of your smile
I can't stop reading into ya
Love, oh yeah, you're the best book I've read in a while
I don't just read you for the articles
I read you 'til my heart is full
You keep my heart a-beatin'
You're keeping me from sleeping
The only one I'm cheating is me if I don't take control

We got nothing to lose
Might as well hold hands
(Might as well!)
Yeah, we're already fools
So we might as well dance

I put your loving arms around me once more
And we'll go crashing in the folks on the dance floor
And you can walk all over my shoes if you want to

We got nothing to lose
Might as well take off our pants
(And jacket!)
Yeah, we're already fools
So we might as well dance
(Come on!)

Soon the song will be over
We'll have to say goodnight
Don't you want some closure
Before we turn out the light?
Honey, think of your heart
Yeah, the heart's too heavy to slow
Partly 'cause it's running the show
Partly 'cause the beat is connected to the feeling
And I've got the sweetest crush on you, baby, let's go

We've got nothing to lose
Might as well hold hands
Yeah, we're already fools
So we might as well dance

We've got nothing to prove
Might as well take off our pants
(And jacket!)
Yeah, we're already fools
So we might as well dance

Yeah, we're already fools
So we might as well dance

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Jason Mraz Might As Well Dance Comments
  1. jisseth fierro

    I love this guy!<3

  2. XaviTheLegend

    I see he's trying out something new.
    I guess that's what love does. :)

  3. Sonjay Asencion

    ... ¿ Linda Rogers?

  4. Ken Potter

    What an awesome and amazing video! love it

  5. chronicle PH

    Ed Sheeran is Good but Jason Mraz is HISTORY <3

  6. Todd Henderson

    Might as well just kick it up, great tune

  7. Mirge

    "Might as well take off our pants... and jacket (jack it)"

    I see what you did there Jason haha

  8. Everlade

    Definitely sounds inspired by Billy Joel!

  9. Raquel Soares Polidoro

    definitely made my night happier to see this

  10. Maria Cordovil


  11. K. Y.

    lol.....I asked my Google assistant to recommend a great song, it said are you sure? And I said why not I got nothing to lose...lol... it said here's what I've found.....

  12. Diane Jacinto

    Wow! His wedding!?

  13. Sweet Orange

    So beautiful and perfect and lovely <333333333333333333

  14. Juanita Tucker

    LOVE IT!!!!

  15. Keisha Belle

    Congratulations and Best Wishes ❤️

  16. Shannon Sexton

    Yeah!!! Might as well...😁❤️🙋

  17. Rohann Mathew


    Do check out our cover of Might as Well Dance <3
    Absolutely love this groovy vibe.

    Love from India 🇮🇳

  18. AllLove LeadsToHelp

    I need to marry someone like Jason mraz

  19. Love Love

    Love you Jason mraz

  20. Liliane Barbosa

    Amei!!! 😍😍😍😍

  21. Cj Molina


  22. Caleb Brown

    I’ve watched this entire song about _ times this week: 7

  23. 금가면

    I love you and your song too
    진짜 음악이 이럴게 아름다우면서도 군더더기 없이 깔끔하네요
    최고의 노래입니다.
    영화 음악인줄 알았어요

  24. Ana Magno

    Que benzinho está a viver esta comunidade... Viva a Música!

  25. M. Abdel

    Oooooh myyyyy ♥️ .. I love this man 🥰 Jason Mraz is the best ans he's back 😍

  26. Katya Müller

    What a fun song and video! And what a way to like forever celebrate his wedding! :D

  27. random stuff is cool

    My brother doesn't like Jason mraz

    Or should I say didn't

    Because I killed hem

    (But it's just a jokei don't want FBI coming)

  28. Shannon Sexton

    Love the way he's dancing in this.

  29. Shannon Sexton

    Might as well.
    We got nothing to lose.
    We're already fools so we might as well dance.....🎵🎶🎵

  30. Claudio Magnata

    Jason , u r perfection 😀

  31. tristan mandayo

    I like your songs.

  32. Ethan C Lynne

    I live about 10-15 minutes away from his wedding venue and birthplace.

    Jett Folino

    Really? That’s cool!

  33. Francis Guison

    Lovely Vid! :D

  34. Manong Avennoho

    What a joy of finding you and listening to your songs in this life👍👍👍

  35. Fry Vate

    Seen his concert last night at moa arena and it was EPIC!!!!!

  36. SΔD MΔN

    i don't understand why this song got dislikes. meh

  37. Rae ofLyte

    I've been in love with Jason Mraz and his music and his message for so long... and he got married to a lady named Christina. <3
    Well-played, universe.

  38. mastropoll1

    I’ve been struggling and grieving the loss of my husband since November. Your music never fails to put a smile on my face and make me feel good again.Thank you Jason.

  39. arion killion

    I got the sweetest crush on ya🤗🤗🤗🤗🌹

  40. Maria Cordovil

    How can anyone give an unlike to this jewel.

  41. Maria Cordovil

    How can anyone give an unlike to this jewel?

  42. Tran Giang

    My 1st impression on the wedding dress is that it looks like ao dai - Vietnamese traditional dress ^_^

  43. Cole Robinson

    Whitest music video ever

  44. Aloke Vineet Ekka

    Love u ja

  45. Barbara Blackburn

    I LOVE this song, and Jason

  46. Catinka B

    Is the woman who plays the guitar solos Sara Bareilles???

  47. paulareeveslmt


  48. Tesia White


  49. joanna marie nieves

    Most of He's songs make my mind relax and leave the goodvibes in my soul😊😊😊
    Thank you Jason


    Dobijają mnie te reklamy

  51. Richele Grenier Chatto

    This is the CUTEST!!!

  52. Christian Dave de Chavez

    This was uploaded on my birthday ♥ Btw, to the one asking what genre this is, it's country-funk as Jason himself stated.

  53. Fox1nDen

    my grandma departed sadly in 1938 used to make lace like the lace her dress is made from and sold it to Marshall Field's in Chicago. Best lace ever made, good choice, bride. Crashing into folks on the dance floor- well that would have been my Dad and Mom doing the polka twirling around the whole floor--his way of showing her off and making her dizzy at the same time. They knew how to polka.

  54. Kiim Guevara

    Just love it

  55. Karla Pesce

    Awwww so beautiful 😍 ❤️🥰😍 soooo cute

  56. Fox1nDen

    lucky bride

  57. Fox1nDen

    might as well dance. nice crossover to the heartland, Jason. nice. My heart is fine loving it from a distance but I get closer to the dance floor every day. Time and love have proved I am already a fool, so true.

  58. logan k. strong


  59. Nada Hassan

    You've so much energy, i've got the sweetest crush on youuuu

  60. Katgirlsings

    Is this inspired by his wedding?


    Good god , thats it right there ❤

  62. Rosemary Bloom

    The first part of the melody to this song reminds me of an oldies song I can't quite put my finger on it. I think it might be an Elvis song?? Yes, the beginning is from Don't Be Cruel by Elvis! Now I can go back to sleep. Love Jason Mraz and this song is so catchy and lovely. So happy to see clips from their wedding.😍😍

  63. Liwia Mickey

    GREAT! !!!!

  64. William Mendes

    Sou fã desse cara. Simplicidade e boa música.

  65. Yogi McNovendy

    Shit more genre from this man is country. Whata legend, Your song in every genre

  66. Kendall Forsythe

    Oh I love this sound! This is so great. Im so happy this exists!

  67. Hijrah Ijah

    Wow...jason ure amazing ... love U

  68. cess23 Imperial

    Jason mraz😍😍😍

  69. UsAnG T

    Really Sorry to have missed the wedding have been very busy lately... And congratulations

  70. Letícia Coelho

    Its impossible not to love you

  71. Dom Carson

    I love the reference to Elsa from Curbside Prophet.

  72. Pamela Miras

    Remember when he refused to get married because back then, marriage isn't free for everyone? And when same-sex marriage finally got legalized, he decided to get married months after. He's so pure. 💛

  73. Pamela Miras

    This made me really happy and now I'm crying happy tears. :')

  74. Gian Totos

    Amazing song...
    Thanks j'son

  75. Dylan Prescott

    Who knew Jason Mraz could dance lol love this guy!!!

  76. Marcelle Eybers

    I LOOOOVE this song 💜 it just makes me so happy. Thank you for such good music, it's rare these days.

  77. سجاد محمد

    This Song is Amazing, I Love You Jason Your Songs Always Give Me A Good Feeling And Always Make Me Happy And I Don't Know Why This Song is Underrated You Are Better Than Justin Bieber.

  78. Samira Garzon

    She is a very lucky woman !!!

  79. MedSou

    99% of *You* won't read this but...
    you are the 1%, *Have a good day* ❤❤❤

  80. _gongster

    fucking cute!

  81. Taha Araz

    I love you so much from Turkey 💚💛 I think you have a great sound and could be happy for this, only if you ask me you know what I mean god sake! I can't believe i'm talking to you, it feels good. anyway take care man and be happy everytime and go on the music 💜💜

  82. Jegglydotcom

    I’m absolutely in love with this entire song! It has such a positive and free feeling to it. Every time this song pops up on my iTunes, I can’t help but jam out or at least sing along! Amazing job Jason!

  83. Joanna Connelly

    Even though I spent years hoping I'd be his bride, I have to admit this is a very precious tribute.

  84. Beatriz Batista

    Thanks God this song is a single!! I've waiting for this moment for months since I heard this in Planeta Atlantida on 2017 february

  85. J S

    Thank you ♡ are you sure married? ㅠㅜ

  86. Erica Moniz

    Coisa marlinda modeuso! Esse homem é maravilhoso!! Melhor casamento 😍😍

  87. Deria Design

    nice song jason mraz

  88. ilker

    This song is happier and faster version of "Pink Floyd - Fearless"

  89. Lizzie L

    This song makes me 💃

  90. joanna marie nieves

    Another song that will make me dance 😊😀💃

  91. Elizabeth Fearon

    Truclear Jason, it’s TRUCLEAR, run with it...I wanna hear it!

  92. That1AnimeTomboy Aj

    Jason came to my school. Hendricks elementary.

  93. Nancy Perry

    I'm going to his concert tonight! ❤ Getting the Good Vibes on while still at the office.

  94. miojo dourado estranho

    I love it jason❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  95. WhatDaHeckYT Animations

    Hi Jason, my uncle works for you and thanks to him, i can't be believe I'm gonna meet you tomorrow!!

  96. mlgkayd3n ツ

    Dude I love your song I’m yours can make it again like 2018 please