Jason Mraz - Curbside Prophet Lyrics

I’m just a curbside prophet
with my hand in my pocket
and I’m waiting for my rocket to come
I’m just a curbside prophet
with my hand in my pocket
and I’m waiting for my rocket, ya'll

y’see it started way back in nyc
when i stole my first rhyme from the m.i.c.
at a west end avenue at 63
the beginning of a leap year, february, ’96
with a guitar picked up in the mix
i committed to the licks like a nickel bag of tricks
well look at me now
look at me now
look at me now, now, now, now

i'm just a curbside prophet
with my hand in my pocket
and i'm waiting for my rocket to come
i'm just a curbside prophet
with my hand in my pocket
and i'm waiting for my rocket, ya'll

well you’re never gonna guess
where i’ve been been been
and i have no regrets
that i bet my whole checking account
because it all amounts to nothing up in the end

well you can only count on the road again
we’ll soon be on the radio dial
and i been payin close attention to the willie nelson style
like a band of gypsies on the highway while
i’m one man pushin’ on the california skyline drive
up the coast I brag and I boast
i ’m pickin up my pace and makin time like space ghost
raising a toast to the highway patrol with the most
put my cruise control's on coast
cuz i'm tourin' around the nation on extended vacation see
I got Elsa the dog who exceeds my limitation
i say, "i like your style, crazy pound pup!
you need a ride? [*woof*]
well come on, girl, hop in the truck!"

i'm just a curbside prophet
with my hand in my pocket
and i'm waiting for my rocket to come
i'm just a curbside prophet
with my hand in my pocket
and i'm waiting for my rocket, ya'll
i'm just a curbside prophet
with my hand in my pocket
and i'm waiting for my rocket to come on
i'm just a curbside prophet
with my hand in my pocket
and i'm waiting for my rocket, ya'll

see i'm a down home brother, redneck undercover
with my guitar here
i'm ready to play
and i'm s a sucker for a filly
got a natural ability I'm geared to freestyle
look at my flexibility
dangerous at the mike
my ghetto hat's cocked right
the ladies say, "yo, that kid is crazy"
the backstage betties taking more than they can get
they say, "what's up with m-r-a-z?"

hey, hey, something's different in my world today
well they changed my traffic sign to a brighter yellow
hey, hey, something's different in my world today
they changed my traffic sign to a brighter yellow
i'm just a curbside prophet
curbside prophet now
curbside prophet now
come on, now
curbside prohet
waiting for my rocket to come...

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Jason Mraz Curbside Prophet Comments
  1. Kyle Ramz

    It has been so many years. I'm hoping jason's making songs again like this. I miss the old jason

  2. Vivek Wally

    S U P E R C OO L

  3. Garrett Poltack

    This dude is underrated. He’s a more polished version of G Love

  4. Richie Ray

    DOUBLE Z (ZZ) thumbz UPZZZ. EYE LOVE DISS. RICHIE RAY FROM MASSACHUSETTS., L&P 247,. https://youtu.be/aIIfx_UbnHI

  5. Dew Right


  6. Dew Right

    Please dont

  7. Lurdes Almeida

    Just know i discovered It is from New York minute 2004 movie ❗❗❗

  8. Maru Rodriguez G.

    2018, 10 years past and I still love this song ❤

    Arianne 1234321

    Maru Rodriguez G. No wonder non of my mates know who he is

  9. Arkitellery

    esta canción nunca pasa de moda ... las canciones country de Jason Mraz son realmente las mejores ...

  10. Christine takada

    ya he does!

  11. { Luxanna }


  12. Adam Lewis

    Dude you rival brad knowels, and that kinda praise doesnt come easy. Keep rocking on bro

    SiM0N LeMoN

    Who is brad knowels?

  13. Herp Derp

    Simply da best the banjo is not OP it's great FYI try acoustic live version Simply fantabolous

  14. TheLoredOfBored

    Banjo OP. Sakurai! Plz nerf.

  15. The Atlanta Green Diva

    yeah / no more to say / just: yeah.

  16. Pal6572

    next, try banjo AND harmonica together! mmhmmm

  17. Gwen Sink

    great 🎸

  18. Lukas Lii

    Rito pls nerf Banjo... thx

  19. Brian Brownrigg

    The banjo MAKES the song. Very nice.

    Stephen Morrow

    Birmingham,Al 1999 107.7the x radio stations live in the xlounge 7 cd has the best acoustic guitar version is one of his best. Dude can write great music.

  20. Polexia Aphrodisia

    Would have loved this song except for that damn banjo! Why a banjo and not...a ukelele? Or something?


    Eryn X I think the banjo makes it!!


    @maridepp53 get off your high horse this music is talent and s combo of great instruments and a great lyrical sense


    @maridepp53 sorry...I agree banjo makes it everyone else shhhhhhhhsshhhhh it


    @whatisthis922 I was wondering about your first comment! 🤔

    SiM0N LeMoN

    What r you talking? Woo r u?

  21. Fox923

    makes me sing along and play an air guitar

  22. Chinook Skier

    Absolutely Excellent.

  23. Jeremiah Dyson

    He went in tho

  24. Jeremiah Dyson

    He went in tho

  25. mzprincess1996

    "Whats up with M r aaazzeee" ! :) -My favorite line !

  26. mzprincess1996

    This was always one of my favorites :)

  27. ray cohb

    Mraz needs to go back to making songs like this

    David Armstrong

    ray cohb I agree, this album was immense. Fell into by mistake, was playing in a pub I happened to drinking in on one afternoon

    David Armstrong

    Where is he now?


    ray cohb Love it, so upbeat and happy.

    Enzo Rivas

    He did!!!!

  28. Kirk Brown

    I still think that "hand in my pocket and im waiting for my rocket to come" is a masturbation reference lol

    Larry Whinnery

    Kirk Brown I thought it was.

    Christina Dickerson

    It obviously is. Double entendres for the win!

  29. GameAce Plays

    I grew up on this

  30. Sandra Marie Brown

    my 7 y/o son is showing signs of wanting to rap.. so. I will start with YOU... 


    How's he doing

  31. princesscutyfacee

    My boy friend showed me this song and I was like crazi!!!!!!!

  32. StingaB1


  33. Erold Banzon


  34. Jorja Queen

    I agree with Francisco, Sublimes awesome, but Jason is the atom bomb. Very talented, good buds with Jack Johnson. Check out his music...written I'm talking. I can't even attempt to play his shi...skills.

  35. Pat Lopez


  36. Jorja Queen

    Love ya Jason Mraz!

  37. Tobias Marian Spanjaard

    They are both good artists? I don't see why you would compare eachother anyway..

    Is it really necessary to divide? :)

  38. Francisco Antonio

    Sublime aint got shit on jason mraz :D

  39. Raina Sauce

    Love love love love Jason Mraz forever!!!!

  40. mortic0n


  41. Charlie Jones

    haha :)

  42. Palestrina's Masses

    naw shucks. haha :)

  43. Charlie Jones

    Fact: your pic makes it even more likeble :)

  44. Wade Wilson

    "Hand in my pocket and I'm waiting for my rocket to come"

  45. Logan Nowicki

    reminds me of falling asleep to this as a kid

  46. Soraya M

    Been a long time since i''ve heard this, i miss this music, don't like ''i wont give up'' liked him alot better years ago

  47. Alain Boudreau

    this reminds me when i was 18 years old! time passes by at a a BLAZING SPEED lol

  48. Ron Hopping

    Sublime was awesome. Jason is interesting. pretty good or at least this song is pretty good.

  49. mylittleponey12341

    I love this freaking song!!!

  50. oliviawa1000

    When you hear something dirty- it's not what they said, it's what you heard.

    *No offense I thought of the perv. meaning too!

  51. lightleproductions

    Hand in my pocket waiting for my rocket to come?...what a pervert

  52. Cat Leschin


  53. Katie Sievert

    "Im a curbside prophet with my hand in my puppet"

  54. Katie Sievert

    the bomb diggity
    the bomb.com

  55. Brittanie M

    How could anyone not like this?!

  56. danieladougan

    I tried to do karaoke to this song...BIG mistake. I had no idea what I was doing...this cat has some mad skills.

  57. eAtAnDeNjOy Desalination

    23 people dont exsist within the correct exsistance.

  58. Dee Strongfist

    Man I haven't heard this song in forever.

  59. Andrew McMaster

    Amazing how he takes music and just makes it a hell of alot better.

  60. AdvWild

    "Hell YEAH!!" was my first reaction on this song ;).

  61. Palestrina's Masses

    @whenchachais13 Jason does is better than Amy did, in my opinion.

  62. jennaynay99

    Memorized :)

  63. Charlie Perena

    @IpCrackle So is Amy Winehouse.

  64. Charlie Perena

    @fitme4astr8jacket Hahaha. Funny ain't it. I think a mix of them will make an Ed Sheeran... =))

  65. Bryce Fejeran

    @TheRealJenny4001 ...LOL

  66. Scherezade Mendez

    They changed my trafic signs to a brighter yellow.... pure genius:)

  67. Emily Rose

    @fitme4astr8jacket Totally. Some of their songs are so alike. It would be epic.

  68. fitme4astr8jacket

    Mr. A-Z and The Mayer should do a single together! Thumbs if you agree!

  69. Scherezade Mendez

    This song.... changed my whole mood:) made me have a happy outlook on life... Don't you love that? one song can change your whole mood :)

  70. Marta Lønne

    He's just a curbside prophet...

  71. Palestrina's Masses

    Fact: Mr. A to Z brought back scat.

    (i think jason would use that line in a song lol)

  72. Vichewy

    @Beatles4eva3 I'd say Bruno Mars is dirtier than Jason Mraz. I like both of them, but Jason Mraz is better

  73. Daniela Morera

    @Namorinha i hate Bruno Mars, he's like the new, wannabe version of Jason Mraz. Im Jason all the way!!

  74. Sr. istb

    it's the best

  75. ArticSandstorm

    this song always plays on my MP3 every time i walk on the sidewalk

  76. Lauren Phinney

    Voice so soothing. mmmmmmmm
    Takes away all my troubles

  77. Emi Ibañez

    @basura0918 first of all, jason is a guy.

  78. noreaction

    I'm just a curbside prophet

  79. ShanghaiShark

    So weird, I remember when the traffic signs changed to that bright neon yellow. I was driving along one day about a month after I got my license, and I was like, "Wait... WHAT THE F*#% IS THIS?!?!?!"

  80. john johnson

    Just before people started going crazy over him. I think this is def in the top 3 songs of his though

  81. IfRainFallsIDance

    here's hoping everybody's rockets get here someday

  82. MrPafrican

    A cool geek.

  83. freeribs

    I went to a mraz concert a few years back when this was his newest album... no idea he would become this famous!

  84. soraroxas365

    Ah!! I have this album!! I guess you would call it that :) Either way, I have the CD~Love this song X3

  85. Sophie-Alexandra Pinard

    @basura0918 Indeed, Bieber I'll vomit, Mraz I'll sing lol!
    But well... yup. xD

  86. Carmela Toro

    is this like a very old song or something like that?

  87. Frezgames

    Just so epic
    Never sucks

    A same as first
    Zebra not many words with z but he is cool u get the point

  88. AmyIncarnate

    Man I can't wait til he comes out with a new album. Mr. A-Z FTW! He just rocks. Period.

  89. Jeff Garrison

    @littlewag7 lol alright, your right... He just wrote that because it sounded cool. You're an idiot.

  90. Jeff Garrison

    @SmileBig100 This song is about masturbation, not an actual rocket ship. Hand is his pocket waiting for his rocket to come = masturbation.

  91. Jeff Garrison

    @SmileBig100 This song is about masturbation, not an actual rocket ship. Hand is his pocket waiting for his rocket to come = masturbation.

  92. QuickBurn70

    Chicken on one side...a Pinto on the other. Hi-rollin yo hahaah

  93. xPsychoxTaylorx

    17 people were bit by a chicken

  94. Isabela Reid

    This song was in New York Minute with the Olsen twins xD

  95. xshoryukenx

    cum xD

  96. Sean T Waiss

    @yayer8230 you think thats bad, listen to "Butterfly" by him....

  97. AmbieBambie93

    @yayer8230 hahahahahaha, dirty mind. but who knows he means that ;-)

  98. Robert Howells

    This song cussing good!!

  99. michaelgrella


  100. Cassidy Kleinlein

    What's up with M R A Z?