Jason Mraz - (This Movie Is) Rated Ours Lyrics

You could be the song in my silent movie
It's you who put the motion in my picture
It's starting right now
I can hear the projector

Don't let the trailer be better than the movie
I plan on staying till the end
Dim the lights and recite your lines to me
Don't let it be a short film

You could be the star you are brighter than the spotlights
Who wouldn't cast you in the role
You got the part auditioning for my heart
You had me at hello

The orchestra rises up
Please don't let our scenes get cut
This is where we kiss and fall in love

So don't let the trailer be better than the movie
Don't let it have too many twists
You don't need no camera tricks
You have you're own special effects
And that affection keeps me hanging in suspense

quiet on the set, are you ready for your close-up
your a natural on the screen
with your eyes you stop motion
put my life into focus
you're the darling of the critics
but this movie's just for me

the orchestra rises up
please don't let our scenes get cut
this is where we ride off in the sun

the orchestra rises up
this is what I'm dreaming of
let's make everyone believe in love
let's make everyone believe in love

this movie is rated ours

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Jason Mraz (This Movie Is) Rated Ours Comments
  1. Nam Giang

    So much respect for this man. He composed the song, played the guitar and singing so well at the same time!

  2. Said Romadhon

    he seems high, no ?

  3. Migdalia Rebecca Ortiz

    Let's Make Everyone Believe in LOVE!!!

  4. Celine

    i hate the trailers u.u

  5. Joao Paulo Menezes

    Awesome song. Stunning voice. Heavenly!!!

  6. Lori Krause

    What an ADORABLE song!!

  7. aynk

    Why wasnt this on the album why. Its very lovey dovey omg ahhhh in love.

  8. Celina Togs

    @GuitarSurfgirl1 I did get to see him on his concert last year but sadly wasn't able to get backstage/meet and greet passes :(

  9. surfergeekinpink

    And? DId you meet him?

  10. k a y l e e

    seems rather uncharacteristic of him...?

  11. DreamlandExpress2007

    This is freaking amazing. Even if Jason feels that some songs are too cheesy to lock in on his albums, I'm sure they're more clever and fabulous than any other music out there. So....I'm all for his next album being "The Cheese That Never Got The Chance" ;)

  12. Emily St. Lifer

    @brieethecheese agree 100%

  13. brieethecheese

    He could've skipped Frank d fixer and put this on. My guess is he cut it for cheese factor, but look at how well I'm yours did! And that's pure cheese. So sad this didn't make it.

  14. ChocolatTherapy

    is this on his new album???!??! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  15. Adrian Cires

    i maked a chord list for this song... check out on ultimate-guitar .. search ”jason mraz - this movie is rated ours”

  16. Sander Hauan

    One of the most awesome choruses i've ever seen!!! Greeeaaaattt

  17. alexander wolfe

    I hope this is on Love is a four letter word.

  18. Diana Tsitlishvili

    :o oh god i loveeeeee him! his talent not only in signing, but writing lyrics as well, never fails to surprise me, when is this album coming out?

  19. sparklyAli

    Love this!! x

  20. Ryan Hellquist

    Anyone more talented than me want to take a stab at trying to do tabs? I really want to play this song for someone special.

  21. haisan16

    Tears running down on my cheeks explain all.

  22. Carlos Rivera

    this is most definitely my favorite one :)

  23. nickenthen

    great chorus!

  24. 5153riro

    @berybaribal ...hahaha nice

  25. Brian Bellof

    When is he going to put this onto an album???

  26. Lisa D'Alessandro

    haha you had me at hello

  27. berybaribal

    jason, i'm hetero but i can be homo - just for you

  28. Hala Z

    This is even better than I'm Yours!!...awesome lyrics!! and love the jauntiness for sure!!

  29. Karri H

    @JustaPaCutie Amen! I could not agree more!

  30. CharmOfGoodLuck

    adorable!!!! Such a sweet song!!

  31. elxium303

    Love this song! And especially this amazing performance!

  32. berybaribal

    if i was able to forget the lyrics or sth in such way....i'd be Jason Mraz !!!!!

  33. mayet adea

    yeah! you'll love him more when he forgets the lyrics! no put ons! he is so candid, some honest!

  34. Belu Ocampo

    he's so cute haha♥

  35. EJ Sulit

    The Wizard of Oohs and Aahs and Fah-la-las showing off his superb skills. Smashing.

  36. Celina Togs

    this song is too cute for words. and the way he sings it PRICELESS. I love how he can sing different kinds of songs. He can be emotional, humorous or just plain cute. couldn't stop replaying this song after i heard it. It makes me smile. am so happy and excited to finally meet him on Oct30. hope to get backstage passes/meet and greet passes. wish me luck,people! gotta get ourselves some Jason Mraz!

  37. Clara Pettmann

    @c4rL0s89 yep that's me!

  38. Carlos Rivera

    @claralapetitemouche yeah, lovin' the jauntiness :), BTW if you're the Clara singing with him :O pretty cool, i can only dream of him coming to my country...even less being so close to him

  39. Clara Pettmann

    @c4rL0s89 I agree! Such a good songwriter! This one has been stuck in my head ever since the show!

  40. smileydancegirl5

    <3 <3 <3

  41. Carlos Rivera

    of all the new songs, this has hit me the most...don't know why, i think it's brilliant and classy