Jason Michael Carroll - What Color Is Your Sky Lyrics

Evening sun is almost done, setting behind the pines
The way it always does, the way you used to like
I wonder if it looks the same out where you are tonight
When I see it all that runs through my mind

Is what color is your sky? Do you ever think of home?
Did you find a horizon, better than we used to know?
Did the rainbow you were chasing, lead to a pot of gold?
Does the sun always shine? Is it blue when you cry?
What color is your sky?

When you left I know I said that I wished you the best
And even though it hurt like hell I swear that I meant what I said
But since that day it hasn't rained a single drop til now
But your memory's back and it's really coming down


Do you ever feel like going home, with no one to hold?
Or do you get by? Are you just fine?


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