Jason Michael Carroll - Tears Lyrics

I paid first and last month's rent, I wondered why I even carried in that old bed of mine
Cause Its not like I ever sleep
All I do is think of her, and wonder how im gonna make things work
Cause I know as a dad I've got a lot of responsibilities
And even though God gave this gift to the both of us
Some how every other weekend is how it ended up

So when the telephone rings, I drop everything
Cause when all you got is that 8 o'clock, nite nite daddy miss you a lot
I stop in my tracks, and I try to act strong when she calls
And I thank God she cant hear tears...when they fall

Now its her Dr. Seuss and me shes learning how to read
And I cant see the pictures, but I can hear those pages turn
And her momma says it bath time, so she blows a kiss through the line
I don't know whats worse saying goodbye, or talking to her
Cause im the one who should be there tucking her in the bed
But since her voice is all I have im thankful for what I get

[repeat chorus]

If she knew I was crying she might think its her fault, oh but that's just me missing her
Every time we talk, every time we talk

[repeat chorus]

"Bye daddy" "Bye baby, I'll talk to you soon alright?" "alright" "I love you" "I love you too."

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Jason Michael Carroll Tears Comments
  1. Katrinia Lester

    My parents never wanted me. I'm so blessed my grandmother loved and wanted me

  2. Katrina Maynard

    Sometimes I wish I could make my dad really proud but sometimes the things I do I never good enough I guess it's just time for me to move on and keep trying it hurts me to say that but you know how it feels to never grow up without dad it hurts so much 💔😭

  3. Michael B

    Still love my girls . Best thing that has ever happened in my life

  4. Michael B

    I feel this man's pain. It's happening to me all cuz she hates me since we didn't work out

  5. Jennifer Dimon

    This should have far more recognition. Got me through my divorce 10 years ago. 💚💚

  6. Aiden Roach

    This is my daddy and my song because my momma and my daddy are divorced and he only sees me twice each month every other weekend

  7. Cauy Davidson

    I cry when I listen to this song I have that with my sister as I’m only 18 I cry when we talk

  8. Hugo Rivera

    This song goes straight to the heart !

  9. Markus shook

    Doesn't get enough recognition

  10. Derrek Dampier

    Man this song seriously made me cry !! I miss my little girl so much when i don’t have her and it’s even worse being a shift working dad. I see her when i can but it’s not enough

    Debbie Santos

    I'm sorry you and your baby girl have to go through this. Keep the faith.

    Aiden Roach

    Oh you stay strong okay ur baby girl will always be ur baby I got me

    Johnathan Futch

    I understand that i dont have baby brother and sister they tell me night night bubby miss u a lot . i miss them every day .

  11. ricardo ochoa


  12. Kayla Maack

    I wish my dad felt this way about me. He's moved on though and has his new family. Still hurts and this song made me wonder if he had tried would things have been different... but his new family was more important. Going on seven years now and I've only seen him twice. Calls have stopped coming in, I guess it's time to move on. I'm just wish he knew the tears I've shed missing my daddy....

    Emily Bourke

    Kayla and Bailey, I was a daddy’s girl through my entire childhood. He always told me and my two sisters he would NEVER let a woman come in between him and his kids. I believed him, until I was 18, got into some trouble, his new wife (I will NOT call her my step mother) will not allow me over still, I am now 34. I honestly don’t want to go over to his house or go to any family gathering. It’s amazing how family judges and strays their children. I feel your pain, I finally just had to accept it.

    Cauy Davidson

    Kayla Maack I know how it feels I was always getting attacked by my father cause I wasn’t his new wife’s son and I am sorry you have to go through this I pray no one has to your in my prayers

    Aiden Roach

    Oh hone you stay strong ok

    Katie Michelle

    Kayla Maack so sorry for your heartache

    Katie Michelle

    Emily Bourke so sorry to hear this had a father like that too but God has bigger plans for all of y’all!

  13. Peyton Davis

    😘😘😍😍😚 I LOVE THIS SONG

  14. Tulsa Cajun

    I am crying. Dammit.

    Hannah Nyambegera

    Don't say that

  15. Tyler Hughes

    damn it JMC got me crying an shit .. my daughter is at her moms an I'm missing her

    Hannah Nyambegera

    Tyler Hughe

    Hannah Nyambegera

    Don't say that word

  16. Isaac jr Rojas

    very good song 1st time heard it made me cry cause I'm going throw this n going on 2 yrs

  17. Carl Hudson

    2 years ago my youngest son's mother decided it'd be best for them to move to Florida, all the way from Wyoming. My son and I were always together, I miss him so much. It's always so heart breaking to talk to him, I should be there raising him, tucking him in, and waking him up for school every morning. But I can't and it breaks my heart. When he calls you up bawling cause he misses you so much, it takes everything in your body to not break down completely. Now he's heard me cry and he knows it ain't nothing he's done. Love this song and it keeps to keep me striving to one day be able to afford to go see him. I won't go another year. I love you Brayden Zayne

    Spencer Allen

    Man my ex and I broke up and I'm on the road working so my daughter is with her mom it's the hardest thing ever to go through missing your children grow

    Susan Clark

    Hang on to god you will see him again

  18. ray rossel

    this my favorite song by him and. another song that didn't make it on the. radio or Kareoke it reminds me of my beautiful. daughter. Selena mae Rossel

  19. Dave W


    Cyndi Loar

    was it a good concert

  20. Cheyenne Woodson

    I've heard this song last night

  21. Cyndi Loar

    great favorite song

  22. Brent Lamadeleine

    one of my favorites...

  23. Denver Rollison

    Nice song

  24. Kayla lynch

    my absolute favorite