Jason Michael Carroll - Stray Lyrics

Last night I saw you standing by the window in our room
You had your hair down on your shoulders
And the moonlight kissing you
I could hold your perfect body, I just couldn't reach your heart
And that fire that burns between us
Slowly faded in the dark

You're gonna stray and leave me standin alone
You're gonna stray, baby your loves already gone
You don't wanna be here its perfectly clear
And you think you got it hidden away
I know you're gonna stray
You're gonna stray

I don't know when it started happenin
But I can tell its closing in
There's a change on your horizon
And that hour glass is running outta sand
And I'm no longer in your plans


Away from me and taketh you everything
I thought was true and every ounce of love I've held on to.
You're gonna stray
You're gonna stray
You're gonna stray
You don't wanna be here its perfectly clear
And you think you've got it hidden away.
I know you're gonna stray

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Jason Michael Carroll Stray Comments
  1. TD Petersen

    How am I just now hearing this song? This should have been a major hit and it is by far my favorite Jason Michael Carroll song now. Amazing I just wish I would have heard it sooner

  2. allie emmons

    He is apparently amazing!!! he is a great person and has and awesome voice. he deserves every bit of kindness and love. 😍💖💕

  3. Kenzi D

    Love this song!! Saw him live he melted my heart!!!!

  4. MrCaseybartlett

    one of my absolute favorite jmc songs. im proud to call myself and friend and big fan of this man. he had such a big start in his carrer and after hurry home he just didnt get the play he used to. if he had released meet me in the barn as his single he would be getting daily plays. such an underrated artist amongst his non superfans.

  5. Southerneagle83

    WTIF 107.3 will be anything you request, My hometown radiostation, people request songs from country singers who wouldn't normally be on a radio. Go check them out on facebook or online

  6. Dustin Donahue

    I think with Jason being on an indy label now, pretty much anything that he releases is gonna struggle. "Numbers" only scraped the bottom of the charts at #60. It seems lately the big labels don't want good musicians on their labels and would rather stick with the same cookie cutter pop/rock influenced stuff they play every hour, its harder and harder for good musicians to get their music played.

    TD Petersen

    This should have been massive hit. I mean this is good really really good music.

  7. Rambling Movie Takes

    He should have released this song to radio instead of the one thats struggling to get air play " let me "

  8. hirokisa234

    i saw him in concert tonight he sang this song

  9. MikeT.V Production

    @racergirl1003 dont worry your not the only one

  10. Aimee C

    this is definitely one a my favorite songs by this man, i am addicted to his voice!