Jason Isbell - Stockholm Lyrics

I've heard love songs make a Georgia man cry
On the shoulder of somebody's Saturday night
Read the good book studied it, too
But nothing prepared me for living with you

Locked me up tight in these shackles I wear
Tied up the keys in the folds of your hair
And the difference with me is I used to not care
Stockholm, let me go home

Once a wise man to the ways of the world
Now I've traded those lessons for faith in a girl
Across the ocean, a thousand years from my home
In this frozen old city of silver and stone

Ships in the harbor and birds on the bluff
Don't move an inch when their anchor goes up
And the difference with me is I'm falling in love
Stockholm, let me go home
Let me go home

And the night, so long
I used to pray for the daylight to come
Folks back home surely have called off the search
And gone back to their own

Ships in the harbor and birds on the bluff
Don't move an inch when their anchor goes up
And the difference with me is I'm falling in love
Stockholm, let me go home
Let me go home

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Jason Isbell Stockholm Comments
  1. Joe Donlan

    Does he write any bad songs? Each one I stumbled onto is pretty damn good.

  2. Besla Renee

    Jason Isbell... the difference with me is I’m falling in love. With youuuuuu. 😂♥️🤷🏼‍♀️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Simeon Teitelbaum

    I think the use of "Stockholm" might be a double meaning, and that the stockholm syndrome may refer to him being a prisoner of the road, loving it but wanting to be home. Just a thought

    Martin Malta

    Or he had a relationship that didn't work out that great with someone in Stockholm. He does picture Stockholm in the winter pretty good in the lyric so I don't think it needs to be a "Stockholm Syndrome" here. Maybe just a boy and a girl thing that didn't work out...

    Scott Russell

    He refers to Amanda as Home in Cover Me Up.
    "And the old lover's sing
    "I thought it'd be me who helped him get home"
    But home was a dream
    One I'd never seen till you came along"

    Ronald Pettifurd

    On point

  4. Ben's Poetry Channel

    Thank God for Jason Isbell! I love his lyrics!

  5. marie

    Omg love this song already

  6. Adam Clark

    my favourite isbell song...lyrics got me through my time stuck on 3rd shift...."and the nite so long I used to pray for the daylite to come..."

  7. Don Winter

    "Jason Isbell is the best singer/songwriter in thirty years."---John Prine

    Buckley Barratt

    You're right John, he sure is!


    He and Ryan Adams. I think Isbell is more consistent but Adams best songs crush all.


    Also they left out Elliott Smith. He’s undoubtedly no.1

  8. Helio Junior

    Dica do Tiago Arrais <3
    Amazing - Brazil.

  9. Jeff Paal

    This song gives me the chillies.

  10. Matthew Murillo

    Amazing on all levels!

  11. SuperRoginator

    @Dan Bloom, it's about Stockholm syndrome

  12. Dan Bloom

    but WHY is he in STOCKHOLM?

    Swamp Thing

    I assume it's a reference to falling in love being a little like Stockholm syndrome

  13. Dan Bloom

    re Nowhere is Isbell's gift of intelligence in language, metaphor, and imagery more polished that in STOCKHOLM ..., where he wrestles with falling in love .....The song layers innuendo, meaning and cliché within Isbell's typical narrative clarity.

  14. Dan Bloom

    what is the song about? please tell me here:

    Will Evans

    Stockholm syndrome

    Patricia P

    I think it's using Stockholm Syndrome as a metaphor for falling in love with something that is damaging you and separating you from everyone you truly love. In his case, it was alcohol.

  15. Dan Bloom

    love itm thanks Jessie Opoien

  16. Aran Hart

    I like it! The beginning sounds just like Jackson Browne - These Days.

  17. Benjamin Brown

    Stockholm Syndrome...common in secret restricted U.S. pit controlled cities and areas.

  18. J. Clayton L. Jones

    This is my favorite song. It reminds me of my whole life except for that time I had an accident in Denny's when I was about 4. I love you , baby.


    @J. Clayton L. Jones Does that part have a song too?

  19. Larry Deaton

    Jason debuted Southeastern here at our venue, The Warehouse at Mt. Victor. We believe it was by far the best album in 2013.

  20. Joshua Barsch

    Definitely a reference to Stockholm Syndrome. Not an accident he chose Stockholm as the title city, but consider as supplemental evidence:

    a) The chorus is "Stockholm, let me go home" -- exactly what a captive would say to a kidnapper.
    b) "Folks back home surely have called off their search" -- as they would a kidnapped/missing person.
    c) "Ships in the harbor & birds on the bluff don't move an inch when their anchor goes up" -- they're free to go, but choose not to, a la Stockholm Syndrome.

    419 Buckeye

    Way ahead of you anyone listening to Jason isbell knows this dude classic superiority complex

    Sleezy Clips

    I don't think the song is really about Stockholm syndrome. The song is about someone who is falling in love in an unhealthy relationship, and is not taking care of all other aspects of his life such as family friends or whatever. However, I think that the song makes a sort of reference to Stockholm syndrome to draw a comparison between obsessive, unhealthy relationships and Stockholm syndrome.

  21. MrBracht82

    Heard this on UT's 98.9 in Austin Texas, dont get much better

  22. carerocknroll

    Thanks to WNKU 105.9 Middletown, OH for the play.

  23. carerocknroll

    Beautiful lyrics.

  24. zossy100

    Nice job by Kim Richey on harmony vocals.

  25. Jeff Curtis

    He was interviewed on Fresh Air tonight on NPR and talked about this and recovery. Think I am going to have to get his album/cd.

  26. macfae

    at first I thought you/reviewers were reading too much into the lyrics but after going over them a couple of times, I can definitely see it is plausible. If nothing else, I enjoy the idea of it.

  27. ArthorBearing

    I think you're on to something. I know JI's recovery from alcoholism features heavily on this album... Stockholm Syndrome, falling in love with something that's holding you prisoner. It's a beautiful comparison to addiction.

  28. farrunner34

    Thank you for posting this!

  29. Justin LeGrand

    Beautiful song