Jason Isbell - Last Of My Kind Lyrics

I couldn't be happy in the city at night
You can't see the stars for the neon light
Sidewalk's dirty and the river's worse
The underground trains all run in reverse
Nobody here can dance like me
Everybody's clapping on the one and the three
Am I the last of my kind?
Am I the last of my kind?

So many people with so much to do
The winter's so cold my hands turn blue
Old men sleeping on the filthy ground
They spend their whole day just walking around
Nobody else here seems to care
They walk right past them like they ain't even there
Am I the last of my kind?
Am I the last of my kind?

Daddy said the river would always lead me home
But the river can't take me back in time
And daddy's dead and gone
The family farm's a parking lot for Walton's five and dime
Am I the last of my kind?
Am I the last of my kind?

I tried to go to college but I didn't belong
Everything I said was either funny or wrong
They laughed at my boots, laughed at my jeans
Laughed when they gave me amphetamines
Left me alone in a bad part of town
Thirty-six hours to come back down
Am I the last of my kind?
Am I the last of my kind?

Mama says God won't give you too much to bear
That might be true in Arkansas
But I'm a long, long way from there
That whole world's a lonely, faded picture in my mind
Am I the last of my kind?
Am I the last of my kind?
Am I the last of my kind?

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Jason Isbell Last Of My Kind Comments
  1. rockinred101966

    there's no disc jockeys any more . they were influenced by the stuf they recieved. it's how bands got past regional notariety

  2. Jason Anderson

    How can you not like this?

  3. AmirSadegh Rassouli


  4. Brian H

    Mainstream music and radio really sucks these days. Give me some Sturgill, Isbell and the like. Last vestiges of real music.


    Search out your local college radio stations. WXPN in the Philly area and WTMD in the Baltimore area are good choices .

  5. Midwest Gent

    I'm here because of Jason Isbell

  6. Hinata Uzumaki

    Cool guitar

  7. YesSirNoMam

    This song and Chris Knight’s “That’s What I’d Do” is the reasons my friends are always confused when I give a dollar or 5 cigs at a time or one of my beers to a less fortunate person. Trust me, buddy. There’s a good amount of us. Unfortunately the cynical and ruthless are much more common. We’ll always have something they don’t though. Big hearts and happy souls.

  8. Seth anonymous

    Anybody else catch the melody of "In spite of ourselves" by John Prine?

  9. J A Z Z P E R

    Yes Jason, you are...

  10. Stanley Pugh

    I love every one of his songs.  What a presentation...puts you right in his spot whatever song he sings.  And, yes, I caught him immediately on Yellowstone.  Great.

  11. Chris Troupe

    "Ima a city born kid dreaming of the Texas plain, an old soul leaving the city and what it stole, going back home to where my daddy was born, Houston aint where Im going..but Im headed to my Texas home..my Texas home, goodbye California..Im going home, to Texas..my Texas home"

    Something I just wrote. This dudes song reminds me of where I am moving soon.

  12. Brandi Weber


  13. Justin Crittle

    Absolutely pristine

  14. ZTeam4444

    Yellowstone brought me here too. Love the song and music!

  15. The Devildancer

    It amazes me how morons can give a beautiful song such as this a thumbs down, wow, they just don't have a clue what great music is

  16. Dave Welsh


  17. Kevin Gray

    Yellowstone brought me.

  18. Dark Matter

    No. You aren't the last. Not yet, at least. But we're a dying breed _Tempora mutantur_

  19. Pam Burgess

    Yellowstone T.V.Series brought me here. Good choice!

  20. Bob Stein

    Unfortunately, this audio is mono.

  21. c mac

    I used to hate comments like this show/ commercial brought me here but i think its great. It reaches so many more ppl. Marketing genius technic really.... and it doesn't make the artist a sell out imo

  22. Keith Erwin

    Awesome song!! Ending Song for the Hit Series Yellowstone on this episode 7-18-19

  23. Alipit Habawel

    just seeing how many came here cuz of Yellowstone...

  24. Vast0ne

    Just WOW.. heard it on Yellowstone TV show on Paramount Network and was blown away

  25. Nancy H

    Main stream radio is junk..
    Pandora !! American Radio & Bob Schneider Radio play him all the time

  26. Becky Sabala

    Yellowstone brought me here so happy 😀

    Nancy H

    Love his sound ! Discovered him a couple years ago. His poetry is so soulful !

    patrick gichane

    Me too, just now

    lando lavado

    Season 2, episode 4

  27. Tired Marine

    I’m here because of Yellowstone, best show on now!

    Jason Worthen

    Same here, and I agree!

    Kimberly Davis

    Me too!

    Tired Marine

    Jason Worthen I saw it was renewed for a season 3

    Magnus Bai

    that's the reason for my visit too. thoughtful lyrics!

    John Harford

    Small world

  28. Jamie Vaughn

    Yellowstone brought me here.

  29. Big Boi

    Yellowstone comments coming. hehehe

  30. Bonnie Gerike

    The depth of this artist takes my breath away... More than not his lyrics resonate on such an emotional level, brings tears to my eyes.

  31. Mr. Jazzbo

    I used to sing this song to myself during difficult days in jail..

  32. adam glover

    Man this song hits home...I grew up in a small town in SC and my old man played in bands for 30 years. He was primarily a drummer and his and now my biggest pet peeve is playing in a bar and people clapping off beat (on the 1 and 3) ha...that along with everything else rings true with me.

  33. Nathan Thomas

    This guy...mastered the art of fingerpicking. Reminds me of my dad. A skill I have tried to pick up but neglected to do when my old man was still around. Listening to him takes me back to when I thought it was all in front of me. Love it!

  34. BBK III

    Just great! JI has been at it for many years now, through DBT, 400 Unit, lots of stuff, and all really good. A very specially talented musician and artist. (Hope he's also a decent guy - donno. Heard he was a total jerk in the old days)

  35. Calnon Hardy

    Radio deserted us 30 years ago. Thank God for the Internet and " Americana " music. There is so much real talent out there. You just gotta' look for it. Jason is my very favorite artist that has emerged in the last five or six years. Check out Sturgill Simpson. I am an older guy, child of the sixties, but two of my all time favorites who were carrying the torch and should have received much more recognition are Steve Young and Gary Stewart, both since departed but their music lives on. Check'em out. You won't be sorry.

  36. Huckleberry Quick

    Liberal whiner

  37. Michael McCauley

    Have had the good fortune to have seen Jason 3 times, and the 4th is coming up next month. I’m an old folkie who has loved Dylan, Prine, Waits, Lightfoot, Van Zandt, Joni, EmmyLou and their art for the last 50-some years. None of them has a thing on Jason Isbell. He is easily the most interesting contemporary artist and poet in the music industry. However, there are others who are attempting to improve the state of Country music out here, but they tend to fall under that all-encompassing umbrella of “Americana”. If you want to here some ungodly songwriting and acoustic performances that will floor you and reinvigorate your hope for our future musical legacy, give a listen to the songs of the following artists: John Moreland, Tyler Childers, Mary Gauthier, Colter Wall, Patty Griffin, Brandi Carlisle, James McMurtry. This is only a partial list, but I’m certain you’ll discover these people have something to say and you’ll enjoy how they say it.

  38. Riley McGill

    If this dude thinks he's the last of people who live for outdoors and last of people with good morals then he is dead wrong. Come to were I live and you'll see a lot of people like that. Seems like he really thinks a lot of himself. Just saying hes not the last person with good morals and living a good country lifestyle. We dont gotta write a song about because we live it every day. I guess he's got a family farm so he's rich as shit

    Scott Russell

    I don't think that's his message at all. I think he's just speaking to the fact that the group of people with that mindset are getting smaller in proportion to the rest of the population. Song writers write songs for people to identify with, and see part of themselves in. From what you just wrote, it sounds like he hit the mark with you, because you sound like you live the way the song speaks to. Mission accomplished.

  39. avery ellis

    Oh my god first time hearing this “everyone’s clapping on the one and three”

  40. George B.

    Just discovered Jason recently. Glad to know the genre is alive and well. This dude is awesome!!!

  41. richard schmidt


  42. Ricky Ferguson

    If you give this song and Jason a thumbs down..u have no heart or soul for music! This man is not only a awesome singer he paints a picture with his voice!

  43. Herald K

    Love this song. Love this performance. Amazing how Jason conveys the words with such a quiet intensity.

  44. quarter_moon and_a_guitar

    All that plus a whammy bar

  45. sammy scotch

    I like the characters in his songs. Very discriptve

  46. Bryce Carver

    "Daddy said the river would always lead me home, but the river can't take me back in time, and Daddy's dead and gone." My dad and I use to go camping on the river all the time. He's been dead for about five years now. This song really hits home.

  47. Rick Roybal

    Like John Prines "In spite of ourselves." Jason is amazing.

  48. Dennis R. Levesque

    Aside from the lyrics, this music sounds just like Rich Mullins - Boy Like Me/Man Like You https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYVCe_8XJX0

  49. carabela125

    I heard this on the radio for the first time tonight (small town radio station)
    The guitar sounded almost like a mandolin.

  50. John Thornton

    Who in Hell would give this a thumbs down?...... Florida Georgia Line fans?

  51. Khalan Wheeler

    Fucking love this

  52. Nomad Jeff

    I've seen Jason twice in venues of 2500-3000 or so. I would love to see him at the Birchmere in Alexandria Va. (500 seats) or maybe the Ramshead in Annapolis ~200 or so. I saw Gregg Allman there about a year before he passed. Saw John Hiatt with Lyle Lovett at the Birchmere and that was wonderful.

  53. The Yankee Fisherman MC

    This sounds like Jon Prine wrote it .

  54. Billie Pierce

    He is the best songwriter and performer out there. He's also funny as heck. Follow him on Twitter...

  55. Kem Sorrell

    As much disdain as I have for Charlie Rose's conduct, this is just to good a performance not to applaud.

  56. Nathan Henfling

    Man the lyrics. Makes you feel tired of the old world.

  57. Jack Kanov Ysac

    "the underground trains all run in reverse...everyone here's clapping on the one and three" holy shit

  58. Tim Irvine

    Like the last of the good red wine or single malt. Never get tired of these songs. Hope you come to Canada soon!

  59. Robert JOSAN

    Wow pretty bad ass looking Guitar

  60. Jake Solyst

    Only Jason Isbell can play a robot as a instrument and make it look modest

  61. walrus105

    I feel so lucky I happened to see him on AXES TV when they were airing the Stagecoach festival a few years ago. I've been following him ever since. One of the greatest poets and musicians of our time.

  62. Annie Reid

    My favorite one man band!

  63. Chris Young

    You're not, I've got your back

  64. Sally Friedrichs

    Just was introduced to Jason Isbell by my son who was at his concert in Utah last night. He sent me this link and I love this song so will for sure be listening to lots more. I am 83 yrs old, love most all music with a message and words you can understand. Not very much of that in the " new country stuff". Thanks for a great, meaningful song.

  65. Colby Duncan

    This reminds me so much of John Prine, thank you for getting me through this life with your Art.

  66. Jacob Dawson

    1.8% of people that watched this struggle with bad music taste (62 downvotes / 3,300 likes)

  67. Samuel Vogler

    You're not the last, buddy. You're at least second to last.

  68. Craig Houdeshell

    A poet.

  69. justinutube

    Amazing song and performance. Now that I know he's from Arkansas I can't help but see and hear Bill Clinton in him 😊

    Jessica Hart

    Hes actually from Alabama. Lmao.

  70. Robert Shear

    An understated genius at the height of his powers. Proving again that you don't need to shout to be heard :o)

  71. Donald T

    such great talent..................

  72. Southernblueeyes78

    There is no one better right now

  73. Image.Spirit'd Videography

    Jason must've,heard about me.
    The Way iSee things.exactly.exceeds
    All.Beauty in Mindset.Writes.creates

  74. Jessie Tripp Seay

    This guy and Tyler Childers are the best things you never heard!!!

  75. Jack Shaheen

    Love this tune.

  76. Trevor C.

    Who are the 54 soulless assclowns giving Isbell a thumbs down?

    Merv Dove

    Russian bots

  77. Randy Scott

    What is he playing don’t recognize it

  78. Norm Beaudoin

    Come visit us in Canada !!! Owesome !

  79. Robert Lebeck

    Best songwriter around today!!

  80. S/V Sayonara

    what a fantastic song from a fantastic performer.

  81. C. W.

    36 hours to come back down...been there. Never going back.

  82. Troy Alcorn

    Maybe IAM the last of my kind.
    Time will tell

  83. Chris Stout

    great music

  84. 419 Buckeye

    I showed this to my girlfriend with questionable music taste she shed a tear and went back to listening to god awful shit like Florida Georgia line I guess she's scared of the feels

  85. Ken Strohan

    Sweet lyics!!

  86. Eric Blum

    Who is giving thumbs down to this? I am seriously saddened by humanity on a daily basis. Such a beautiful and real song.

  87. Villa*Nova

    Jason’s not the best kept secret anymore. He’s becoming a legend and rightly so. Completely amazing

  88. DavidTransformer

    The future of music is bright

  89. Bls192007 Bls

    Damn you got a nice big dose of Amphetamines bro....bet they’re not laughing now.

  90. Bls192007 Bls

    This reminds me of a John prine song I think?

  91. Kenneth Andes

    Does this remind anyone else of John Prine? I say that as a compliment. Another Isbell masterpiece!

    Sally Friedrichs

    Yes- I hear it too.

  92. Southernblueeyes78

    Amazing Jason

  93. shame game

    Thumbs down this song if you don’t appreciate great music

  94. dirty chitlin

    41 thumbs down, must enjoy their beats on the one's and there's!

  95. Robert Covell

    Sometimes I feel like that. Everybody clapping on the 1 and three, so uncool. Seldom find anybody anybody who understands 2 and 4. Love the guitar. Bet it sounds real good with a slide

  96. Andrew Dehan

    Reminds me so much of John Prine. I love it.

  97. Paul Haas

    Does anyone know what happened to the Drive By Truckers sound in Country? Like so many other groups including Son Volt it gets lumpped into Americana genere. Maybe that's not so bad after all..

  98. cosmictrigger9

    I've finally found a contemporary artist with loads of talent. Similar to Dylan with a new kick - REALLY good!