Jason Isbell - Flagship Lyrics

There's a few too many years on this hotel
She used to be a beauty you can tell
The lights down in the lobby they don't shine
They just flicker while the elevator winds
And the couple in the corner of the bar
Have traveled light and clearly traveled far
She's got nothing left to learn about his heart
They're sitting there a thousand miles apart

Baby let's not ever get that way
I'll say whatever words I need to say
I'll throw rocks at your window from the street
And we'll call ourselves the flagship of the fleet

There's a lady shining shoes up by the door
and cowboy boots for seven dollars more
And I remember how you loved to see them shine
So I run upstairs and get a pair of mine
And there's a painting on the wall beside the bed
The watercolor sky at Hilton Head
Then I see you in that summer when we met
And that boy you left in tears in his Corvette

Baby let's not ever get that way
I'll drive you to the ocean every day
We'll stay up in the presidential suite
And call ourselves the flagship of the fleet

You gotta try and keep yourself naive
In spite of all the evidence believed
And volunteer to lose touch with the world
And focus on one solitary girl

Baby let's not live to see it fade
I'll cancel all the plans I've ever made
I'll drive and you can ride in the back seat
And we'll call ourselves the flagship of the fleet

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Jason Isbell Flagship Comments
  1. Guy Choate

    Perhaps the best lyricist since Dylan. Puts on a really great show.

  2. Chas N.

    and this is why Amanda is forever madly in love with him

  3. Terry Hudson

    One of if not my very favorite song ever.

  4. CS004

    This is such an underrated song and performance. It's one of my favorite songs that he sings.

  5. John Tennyson Music

    I don't know how many tears contributed to writing this song but I am contributing tears every time I listen hahah too beautiful!!!!

  6. Adam williams

    The beauty in Isbell’s music makes my heart ache. The range of emotions he elicits in me while he performs can leave me in awe.

  7. Kat Nap ASMR

    Absolutely, beautifully moving <3

  8. rainbow

    the story is just a truth; laced with that intangible magic in their stares

  9. Brandon Webb

    Fuck all 4 of you that gave this a thumbs down.

  10. Brian DeMarco

    I can only hope that one day i will write a song that merely touches the brilliance of this tune

  11. Trent

    Another great song by one of the best living songwriters...

  12. Shawn Pistey

    A true musical genius

  13. Colin Harding

    The way Jason looks at Amanda gives me hope that it isn't all shit.


    ...add to that the way Amanda looks at Jason, too... I love those two.

  14. Jared Green

    Who are the two florida georgia line fans? How can anyone not like this?


    HAHAHAHA! Well said!

    Christopher Genthner

    It's up to 5 now. They probably think their tractor is sexy

  15. betty swollox

    You've gotta learn to keep yourself naïve.in spite of all the evidence ...believe

  16. John Craft

    I am a confirmed, old school, rocker but this artist reaches me. Transcends mere genre.

    Joshua Branum

    First "country" artist I ever fell for. I feel you, man.

  17. Joshua Rosenberg

    Just an incredible talent. Rarely does one find this type of wisdom, self-reflection, and songwriting ability in the same package. I could listen to this all day.

  18. sail49525

    This man keeps me alive...

  19. B. R.

    This dude fucking rocks