Jason Gray - The Best Days Of My Life Lyrics

(The best days, the best days, the best days)

As a boy under the stars
I'd wonder who You are and who I was, I didn't know much
But I knew love was at the center, holding it all together
Filled with the wonder that was always waking
I'd chase it as fast as my bike would take me with my friends
The first time I fell in love, oh what a girl
I could feel the world tremble beneath us with my first kiss
I aimed to make her mine but I missed
Oh, but if my heart hadn't broke in two, I never would've run to You
Where You loved me in my loneliness and I found I was never alone

Every step along the way
I know You'll never leave my side
Whatever the season I can say
These are the best days of my life
(The best days, the best days, the best days)

The next time I fell in love, I walked her down the aisle
Fresh like spring and in a little while
There were tiny people underneath our feet
It was a full time job to make ends meet
It was good but we got so tired walking on a high-wire, through the fire
Trying to hold it together, for better or worse even when it hurt
But in my broken places I discovered how good your grace is
As You picked up the pieces, thank You Jesus for making me whole again

Every step along the way
I know You'll never leave my side
Whatever the season I can say
These are the best days of my life

The best days were when You walked with me and talked with me
They were the best days cause You were here with me
You were here with me

I won't fear my story's end cause the author is my friend
Whatever comes tomorrow, beauty or sorrow
I know when I look back I'll see
That the good times and the hard times were the best times I ever had
Cause You were beside me, above and behind me
Lovingly leading me home

Every step along the way
I know You'll never leave my side
Whatever the season I can say
These are the best days of my life

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Jason Gray The Best Days Of My Life Comments
  1. Best Praise & Worship Songs

    I was here when this was filmed :) I'm in the audience

  2. Jessica Lin Barnett

    Love this song!! Makes me cry though

  3. Kimberly Shaheen

    "I won't fear my story's end cause the author is my friend" Those lyrics gave me chills ❤️

  4. Aarti Kanaujia

    Sir..you have great wonderful and beautiful blessed voice and you sang this song well.. May God almighty Jesus Christ bless you always and forever and thank you..for your all songs

  5. Aarti Kanaujia

    the best song 🌈🌼

  6. Aarti Kanaujia

    best song!

  7. Aarti Kanaujia

    very nice song and music 🎶 sir...well done God bless you 😊😇

  8. O S

    Tremendous heart piercing love song! I lived much of this. God Bless you Jason!
    Thank YOU LORD JESUS for being the GREATEST LOVE of my life! AMAZINGLY You were there with me every step along the long broken paths, even though I never realized! Through all the heart aches & trials You led me eventually straight to YOU God! You will ALWAYS be with me forevermore leading me HOME to finally see You Face to face, of this I'm most sure! Col. 1:27

    Geronimo SoHigh

    100% my favorite singer😭

  9. O S

    What a tremendous heart piercing love song Jason!I lived much of this. Thank YOU JESUS for being the GREATEST LOVE of my life!!!

  10. Remind me of forgiveness

    Wow, he's got a girl already. One he's been seeing for a little over a year?! The divorce was finalized in February of last year. What exactly ended their marriage anyway? A girl new so soon makes me wonder.

    The Self Sufficient Life

    That would be between them and God.


    It was just personal differences. Jason actually was extremely hurt over it, and promised himself that he would not date again, at least for a while. But about three weeks in, he met her while seeking help to recover. He didn't even jump into it at first, it took him a while to embrace anything about it.

    Remind me of forgiveness

    Okay. That is really to bad. I did watch a video the other day about it. I could see he was hurt and now this newer album makes a lot of sense. Knowing what I know now, and hearing his songs now makes me feel bad for him.
    Thank you for telling me narrowpath.

  11. Remind me of forgiveness

    I hope Jason can get back together with his wife someday. I pray there will be forgiveness on both sides.

  12. S G

    Thank you Jesus

  13. Kyle Armijo

    one of the most incredible songs....period

  14. iCameAsARoman

    The best days of my life are behind me. I never thought i would miss my days in high school when it was hard with studying and all that stress that comes with earning a piece of paper that says you've graduated. Now it seems i am slaves to the system. It makes me made when i see people take advantage of a good situation their in because the guy i am would never Lie to get ahead, or cheat on a girlfriend, or simply hurt others. But I struggle to get a girls attention and personally all these man made things, and laws in this world simply SUCK. With the government being like it is towards people it just seems that
    once your "in the system" you are there for good... God cannot simply
    take someone out of the system.. nor can he make it go away....
    Which is why i struggle with my faith.. i want to believe but it just
    seems with all the issues i have and what this world has done to me
    based off man made creations my life is simply shit... All i can say is
    i wish God would give me a restart button or something to make people
    less of ass holes and more forgiving... You break a law now days, your
    fucked.. You do something wrong or make a bad decision and it haunts
    the fucking hell out of you... You take a left instead of a right, and
    youll regret it for the rest of your life...

    Thank you life.. for all that you've given me.. I just want a forever sleep... one that i never wake up from, because in the end, you cannot worry when your sleeping, forever.


    +RilanaWandir and I was just about to go to sleep to haha. Glad you caught me now. I am tired but I'll try to stay awake and reply


    I'm really sorry I didn't answer then. I didn't realize you were on then so I just sent my message and was doing other things after that. I think Whatsapp may be good, going to look into it a little more as possible in the next few days


    Yikes, well, I'm sorry I took such a long while! Hope things are going well.
    If you'd like to talk a bit still, telegram looks the best app.


    On Telegram now.

    joel Moorow

    iCameAsARoman that's right

  15. Mano Imports

    muito linda

  16. Anthony Patterson

    why doesnt this song have a hundred million views? inspiring song. I guess a lot people settle for the popular secular stuff and neglect songs that really feed your spirit. I am going to share this.

  17. no one

    Love this song, Jason Gray!! God bless you.

  18. Linda Molinar

    Beautiful Music I love It

  19. Blumengeschenk

    So schönes Stück. Danke

  20. Connie Davila

    I came here by mistake... but I am glad, I discovered this awesome song!

  21. Yolanda Sunshine

    There's a real anointing in your worship, Jason!!!! The way God inspires you is amazing! the lyrics, their meaning...! Your songs are very DEEP! May God bless you always!!!!! Thank you :-)

  22. Skylene Sakura

    such healing music <3

  23. Amanda Wiederich

    Jason I absolutely Love this album and am praying your genuiness humble honest heart through your music that God truly blesses you 100 fold making whatever he has for you in ministry/music that these would be truly the Best Days of your life and that you would see his Hand and heart heavily on you Be Blessed my Brother much Love Amanda

  24. Perktube1

    Wish that was me