Jason Donovan - Oxygen Lyrics

I take each breath as if it is my first
I hold it there so deep inside me
Until I'm fit to burst
I speak each word as if it is your name
I move my lips, I taste the moment
And still it sounds the same
Your hand moves and so does mine
Our hearts beat, our body's keeping time

You are my oxygen I breathe you in
I breathe you out
You are my oxygen you are my love
You are what life's about

I take each breath as if it is my last
You never know what came so slowly
Can leave as oh so fast
I take each step as if it is to you
I hear your voice and feel your presence
In every thing I do
My body sleeps your lips revive
If you where not here what would I do
What would I do

You are my oxygen I breathe you in
I breathe you out
You are my oxygen you are my love
You are what life's about
You are my oxygen, oh yes you are
You are my oxygen you are my love
You are what life's about

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Jason Donovan Oxygen Comments
  1. TheMsiaddict

    Drum, bass, some keyboards and no drum synth = enjoyable.

  2. newvillefan

    This song reminds me of a relationship with an old girlfriend. She was playing his album around the house one day and this song really, really stood out. Everything about the track is outstanding - the melody, lyrics, chord changes, harmonies and beautiful arrangement. I really think this should have been a single.

  3. Girls Love

    Love this

  4. Laura Branigan Argentina

    One of his most outstanding songs ♥ So underrated. A fine pop vocalist.

  5. Perwita Sari

    I also love this song..and always love you jason donovan

  6. Jorgen Frandsen

    Nik Kershaw is a true artist, I love his work...

  7. Jason Donovan Fan


  8. Rouhi habashi

    All songs are nice nicccceeeee

  9. cantforgetyou

    Nice production and song. I love the synths that must pretend to be strings.


    Wrong decision gave him wrong results. And poor old Jason couldn't step from his young self.

  10. Esther Thornton

    This song is amazing

  11. Trelotheo Karak

    "give a good heart" and this one are my favourites!!

  12. Starman

    f. awesome jason, but my god his gourgeous face is gone in his 40s, he was one of the most handsome men in the 80s and 90s, and now he looks so old. maybe the drugs ruined his gourgeous face


    And his mind. Sad.

  13. Irfan Ahmed

    Oh shit old memories are back... 

  14. Tiawamutu

    Nik Kershaw wrote this amazing song <3

  15. Shagi TANK

    tres beau slow superbe

  16. TheMsiaddict

    Still love this song. And the record version is better than the video version.

  17. Maiko Mandangan

    Love this song

  18. TheMsiaddict

    SAW were fool to waste his voice, knowing whatever they did to his records, the kids would still buy his records because they couldn't distinguish good and bad records. They only bought the records because the singer was the gorgeous Jason Donovan.

  19. TheMsiaddict

    There's something special with this song. His floating voice.

  20. Marex Candau

    Im singing this song in my head every time i'm in LOVE!!!

  21. 19krystyna69

    This beautiful,i love it ♥

  22. Cvetelina Ivanova

    @Cvetelina Ivanova :

  23. Cvetelina Ivanova


  24. TheMsiaddict

    It's not available here. Tell me about this /watch?v=3gLF6k8OSJY compares to /watch?v=JffdI5lr7PQ, which one do you like better.

  25. Penny Forde

    @TheMsiaddict Reggae? He's not reggae! I take it you listened to 'Take This Time' lol. Sean Maguire is just as good as Jason Donovan. You like ballad-type tracks I think (?) So look up Sean Maguire 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go'.

  26. TheMsiaddict

    Reggae? I didn't hear it in long time. It's OK. But quite cheesy :D. I think the king of cheesiness is Jason Donovan :D. Well not his 3rd album anyway.

  27. Penny Forde

    @TheMsiaddict Look him up here.

  28. TheMsiaddict

    Who is he?

  29. Penny Forde

    @TheMsiaddict Do you know Sean Maguire, signed to EMI 94-97? I love him lol!

  30. TheMsiaddict

    Thank you, I like his third album and all the songs in it. Can you upload Once in My Life too, please.

  31. Misskanara Na

    Thank you for posting !