Jason Chen - Snowflake Lyrics

[Verse 1]
It gets a little colder
All the leaves are gone
And it feels like it's freezing cold
Right down to the bone

I really wanna see you
I Wanna let you know
On this snowy christmas day
baby I'm coming home

I don't need no presents
You are all that I need

Snowflakes fall in the winter
But you're the one to catch my eye
You light up the sky when you shimmer
Outshine the snowy white

If I could pull you out of the sky
On this Christmas day
In my eyes
You're the only snowflake

[Verse 2]
It gets a little sweeter
When I see your face
This year we're making
Memories that can't be erased

Waiting for you to join me
Under the mistletoe
It finally feels like it's christmas
(any)Where you are is my home

All I want for Christmas this year
Is to be with you, hold you close
You are one in a million
You're my only snowflake

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Jason Chen Snowflake Comments

    Marry Christmas Jason Chen


    Cool songs marry Christmas 🎄

  3. Kookies Creamie

    Still one of the favourite Christmas song!!!!!

  4. Ashish Sajwan

    Anyone who will still hear this song in 2050 ? 🥰


    MEE I always listen to his songs every year!

  5. Blyss Ya

    Almost Christmas in 2019 and I've come back to this song ❤❤



  6. Fayth

    It's that time of year again where's everyone?!? 2019

  7. Dell2535

    2019 😁😁



  9. May Chitchainanukul

    🎁🎉 Sorry 👌 🙏 ✌️

  10. Voldemort’s Mom

    I comeback to this song every winter ❄️

  11. Nabi Byun

    What have I been doing? Why am I only discover Jason Chen now? Gosh!!! Your songs are lit!!! I'm so in love with your song 😍

  12. Kookie's Creamie

    Old but gold

  13. Endi xox

    2018 anyone? 😂

  14. Angelica Dawag

    2018!! Its a very nice song i really like the songs of jason 😍 i hope i can see you in future 😢

  15. fezzamond -

    So under-rated this song was my fav christmas song when i was 14

  16. Sebastian Kluge

    Only september, but already start listing <3

  17. Renata dos santos dos santos soares

    Sua música e linda 💖👫💖👫💖👫💖👫💖👫💖👫💖

    Renata dos santos dos santos soares

    As letras das músicas são perfeitas 💟💟💟👏👏

  18. Theresia Fenty

    Know this song from someone. Deff love this song right after i first heard it ! On repeat now <3

  19. Novaxav GT

    who 2019 here ?

  20. Kori On'nanoko

    Merry Christmas!! Hope you can have a happy life forever and hope you for many fans!! Ps love you!! :D

  21. Samina

    Interesting that the Grove was not so crowded to shoot the film! but where is the merry go round at?

  22. Yuuif H

    Amo esta canción 😍

  23. Savännah Turley

    Getting some Best Friends vibes..

  24. Carmen Ramirez

    Every year, this is what I play on repeat during Christmas time. Can't believe it's been five years since it was released.

  25. CyBerNiX9

    My Xmas song, every year since I found this song

  26. Muhd_Haziq

    Can u share what the piano keys are??i really want to learn it😁😁

  27. IshidaEmiko

    This one will always be one of my favorite christmas songs

  28. Noyumie 911

    This was one of our favorite songs, now it makes me sad...how this is song is only a memory. :'(

  29. bony khoisnam

    i love jason

  30. Marleigh Adap

    Im watching this because of chaelisa

  31. Lyndon Triston


  32. Joy Pooh

    Love it

  33. Infinity00

    2017 anyone?

  34. Michelle Fisher

    This song..... I love it! Also I love Best Friend! It's really good!

  35. Rey Angi

    I remember my past special person. . .

  36. Ah Ling

    less than 1 month to the christmas and still love this song ♡

  37. mysterious Luna

    love this song!

  38. Marry Wilds

    doea anyone know the chords please help me

  39. eviie uwu

    i.. love.. this song I even watch it in 2016

  40. Tatiana Holtz

    Love this song! Really enjoy this song the most, his other songs are just as amazing!!

  41. Dougie Kiernan

    A guitar that makes piano sounds. Seems legit

  42. ShroudedKamerin

    Why can't I stop listening to your music?

  43. Kaye Alejo

    Love this song!!

  44. Lawrence Salacup

    you know you like someone when your feeling are confusing just towards that person


    +Lawrence Salacup mhm i know that i get it all the time and i got it atm

  45. Janice Ji

    such a pretty song (;

  46. Alexandria Chapman

    I love this song!

  47. minigumdrop AJ

    This song fits Elsa and jack from frozen and rise of the guardians if u ship them, I do XD ❄️❄️❄️

    Jelsa _ Stylinson

    minigumdrop AJ Yes😍😍😍😍😍

  48. Mandie Jones

    i like it

  49. EunRae Aria

    Omg I never knew who wrote this song but I heard the nightcore ver ><

    Thinan Nontawat


  50. homemade inventions

    how to start 2016? Ur gf lefts u listen to this gj...


    awe. ಥ_ಥ

    homemade inventions

    +***//YOSHIMITSU// *** fuck bitches with machetes


    +homemade inventions what is this? 😒

  51. Hoa Dang Panda

    Who is watching this video on this December?


    Hoa Dang Panda november 😜.. christmas is near and this song is everthing ..

  52. Clary Valentine

    ❄️Love this song and my babe ❄️

  53. 111cambodia

    for my dearest kidda! love ya

  54. Carmen La

    So beautiful!!!

  55. Will Wise

    I can never get his songs out of my head!

  56. Francisco Moran

    Still listening now, still am amazing in 2015

  57. Helena Teresa Yang

    Jason, please do more christmas song. please please. your songs are amazing! Good luck for your carrier. 😁

  58. Justin Stoughtenger

    I love this song this is one of mine & my beautiful wife's songs I love u Melissa

  59. Sihirli Böceğim

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯❄️❄️❄️ snowflake

  60. Sihirli Böceğim


  61. フェリペブエノ

    She kinda reminds me of Asa Akira <3

    Taiga Benji

    +フェリペブエノ fucking crying right now oh my god ^^^^^^^^ :L

  62. Abel Ruiz Torres

    gracias por tan hermosa canción Jason Chen

  63. Matthew Leong

    Is it sad that the nightcore version is better than the original? This song is nice and all, but its too damn slow :'D

  64. mtanxm

    Awwwwww... =')

  65. Zaita Xiong

    Wow, what a sweet song for winter days. Someone used this song, as anime music video featuring various couples and so perfect. I could listen to this song all day~

  66. Ya Boi

    Awesome original, Keep it up.

  67. Giraffe Lover

    Even though I don't know the songs he does. whatever song he is singing it is sooooo beautiful

  68. Angela Duong

    In my opinion, the nightcore version is better :/

  69. Emmy Tang

    i think someone at school sang this song as a duet :)

  70. guojian chen

    XD RANDOM!!!
    So Lovley,:)
    I don't know if this is my favorite song the whole world Jason
    But mostly "I Hate Sorry" my most favorite

  71. R MCK

    The New Asian Justin Bieber.

  72. BlackFriday cheyenne

    I can relate to some of your songs like snowflake, hide and seek, best friend but mostly this song. Because it reminds me so much of my favorite character :)

  73. Facundo Nahuel

    con este tema te conocí y la verdad que hasta el día de hoy no dejo de escuchar tus covers y canciones. Soy de Argentina

  74. Devrin T Liife

    can get the chords for this please, want to sing it at my family chrstmas party this year 13 days away

  75. Henry Chen

    Love this song!!! Thank you Jason for giving me a song to play for my crush for this holiday! /\ _ /\
    ~Chesi *^^

  76. Gaoseng Xiong


  77. Dewey Tonge

    what are the chords used here?

  78. its Jun

    The festive mood hit me to replay this song.

  79. bchinth

    Cool com Wallpaper. Where can i get one?

  80. rickyrgh

    I can't believe that for almost two years now since  it was first released and it has yet reach one million views, it is ridiculous something is not right here. It's a great song and it seems like no one likes it - unbelievable.

  81. Luckade Poonnalimpakul

    jason i am wondering that do you actually see every comments of your fan cause i notice that you usually comment back to some. i can imagine that your notification would be bombard. ;O

  82. Jonny Yu

    whoa, what? I never knew that was ally maki!

  83. Chalee Muas

    I listened to this song so many times that I memorized the entire song!

  84. Alexandrina Kurniawan

    youre so talented :) 

  85. jcjane


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    Still loving this song! :3

  87. gabriel basa

    me too i love this song so much

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    Your amazing singer!

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    I can't wait until christmas comes!

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    it been almost two years & i still love this song so much <3

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    Isn't that girl from icarly ._.

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    wondered who [email protected]@!

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    I can't press like enough times :D Love this video!!!

  96. Annia

    My bf and I just broke up recently but this video, I couldn't help but thought of him and the moments we shared and tears come rolling down my cheeks ;'(..