Jasmine Thompson - Someone's Somebody Lyrics


I can't control ya
Even though I want to
And you know it's torture
'Cause you brought someone new
And I can't ignore ya
Even though I'm trying to
I might need a doctor
So nervous next to you

Hell and hello
Yeah, those two words
Are oh so close
Oh baby, can you tell?
That I feel pain
I can't let go

I won't let you be someone's somebody
Can't see you with no one else
No, nobody, hmm-hmm
Someone's somebody
Should tell you that you can't leave this party
With her


And I got some feelings
While you're holding hands right now
Now that I was healing
'Til you both came around
Don't you call her baby
Boy, you better watch your mouth
'Cause it's too soon, way too soon to say it

Hell and hello
Yeah, those two words
Are oh so close
Oh baby, can you tell?
That I feel pain
I can't let go

I won't let you be someone's somebody
Can't see you with no one else
No, nobody, hmm-hmm
Someone's somebody
Should tell you that you can't leave this party
With her


I bet you don't know how it feels to be me right now
And I bet you don't know what it's like to be talked about
Here, try and get some closure, have composure and be poised
It is hard to watch you leave 'cause I can't let you be...

Someone's somebody
Can't see you with no one else
No, nobody but me
Someone's somebody
Should tell you that you can't leave this party
With her

No, no, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, not today
Oh, no, hmm-hmm
Oh, no, hmm-hmm

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Jasmine Thompson Someone's Somebody Comments
  1. Helga Szabady

    Excellent! Thank You Jasmine :-)

  2. Money Razor

    such a beautiful song, gets ya through the good times and the bad

  3. Vovo er-gitano

    I do not know what this feeling is^* just feel I know you before
    But will I meet you someday? Can you understand what I mean*
    @amine_ll_w7 instgram from tunien

  4. Guy Shirra

    I'll keep saying it - GET A BAND!

  5. The Love Of Nikki

    I got this song from Planet Fitness. They have it on their playlist. Beautiful song. Beautiful voice

  6. Elspeth Cockroft


  7. Tanya Srivastava

    Love your voice...❤

  8. Stormy Mangham

    you da bess!

  9. A Chipatella

    I’m pretty sure she’s one of the most underrated singers of all time❣️

  10. Karina Corona Pliego

    Make vídeo

  11. Karina Corona Pliego

    You're beatiful

  12. FlamePetal


  13. Miranda Dove

    Hi! Can you cover Shadows, by Sabrina Carpenter, please?

    And, yes I know I have asked this a lot, but I really want you to cover it!

  14. Ladislaw de Aruanda

    Jusk keep bringing 'em songs, babe!

    Need always more from you.

  15. ForestOfAshes

    This song is just a summary of how I feel about my crush...

  16. Heron Myer

    Just steal the person, it's easy. You are not entitled to somebody just because you were there first.

  17. Warisha Aziz

    I have a crush on a a guy and my friend likes him too GAH

  18. Josphat Musyoki

    Sounds like selena gomez

  19. Tatum Hughes

    I love this song so much! Love you Jasmine and I hope you are having a nice day! :D

  20. 64 Frandship Rawwk

    Wow. Listening to my third repeat and loving it more each time. Yeah, it's like that with Jasmine's songs! :) I must confess though; although a tear welled up as the words hit home, they didn't actually fall until I had to stop in the middle of linking it to Christina Grimmie. I still catch myself mentally tagging songs I'd love to hear her version of, alone or in collaboration with the original artists, and it still hurts realizing it's only just a dream...

  21. Nowshad N

    loving this!

  22. Alexandra Driggs

    You have the most beautiful voice I've ever heard, even better than some big celeberties.

  23. Cet

    *Hello Jasmine* ..I like your music! Would you please cover this track!? "Abstract feat. Blulake & Johnny Koch - L.A. Vibes" pls pls pls 🖐😍😙✌😅 (and can you make a track with Nese & Kayler Kahle!?) <3<3<3

  24. Roselyn Brana


  25. Kalim Salim

    Wooooow 👏👏👏

  26. Jaimehr55

    I love this song! <3

  27. luluzila

    i love the rithem and lycris

  28. Ahmad Azwar Anas


  29. raja karthik

    it is one of the best song heard

  30. Anett Veréb

    I don't understand this in people. If Selena or anybody "famous" would released this song, it would have millions of views.
    It's soo good, and soooo underrated.

    Tatum Hughes

    Well said.

  31. Naomi Akemi

    Huh. Exactly how I feel. .,.

  32. Leo Quozhah

    Why are you still not a popular singer?
    I hope soon everything will happen

  33. Robyn L


  34. ahsw x

    love this song 💓

  35. rin omi

    i wish i have a voice like yours so i can sing for mom and dad.. it's so soothing ❤

  36. Chloe Minker

    toi pour moi et moi pour toi pour toujours

  37. Αφροδίτη Λαγγιώτη

    it deserves more views....

  38. Αφροδίτη Λαγγιώτη

    love this song...😍😍😍

  39. Yasmin Souza

    In love with this song and her voice ❤

  40. xx katarzyna

    I haven't seen such a positive comment section in a really long time <3 <3

  41. Grab Mucc

    Why Jasmine Thompson is so cute?

  42. Duda Magan

    I have just downloaded her whole album

  43. Zarish Fatima

    GUYS! Let's help this song get 50000 thumbs up! let's break it! this needs more recognition

  44. Heyitshonny

    Love it because her voice and This is pretty much my story 😔

  45. * MaisyYourDaisy *

    My mums name is jasmine without the e at the end

  46. katrina

    This is amazing!! 😍 I love your voice 💖💖

  47. Random

    Just a few seconds into that song and I am already in love😉

  48. Saf Opel

    gurl slaay

  49. mała _świnka

    it sounds like Kid in love -Shawn Mendes

  50. тυ νιєנα

    I love this song, I love your voice <3

  51. Mockingbird Copycat

    in exactly one hour I will need a doctor, maybe two doctors, and a nurse, maybe two nurses, or... just one Jasmine T:)

  52. Alexandra Karie

    I want to dance to this song💕

  53. Muhammad Yasin

    Hi Jasmine. love this song. can you say Hi?

  54. Marvin Lewis

    Can't stop listening to this beautiful song :)

  55. Matthew Bodin

    Only thing to me i dont like, the birds aren't moving, It's weird!! Birds flapping wings but not moving...

  56. Chloe Minker

    et moi pour toi mon ange!

  57. Sara Blanko

    i love this song ❤

  58. Chloe Minker

    C toi pour moi!

  59. lara sarkis

    sounds like Jacob Sartorius' love me back

  60. Rachel

    favourite song out of all in the EP.

  61. ver yt

    I love it❤

  62. calysta wijaya

    she's too underrated

  63. MarxMusic

    too talented Jasmine, j'adore

  64. Sydney Berman

    agh this was so good live

  65. Osvaldo Daniel Garcia

    Tu voz me gusta mucho. Te escucho siempre

  66. Teresa Wimmer

    Such an amazing song 😍 can someone tell me the chords for the guitar ?🙊

  67. stärne meiteli

    omg <3 i love it jasmine!!!!!!!

  68. Take A Listen

    nice stuff!

  69. Isaac Alejandro Pazmiño Rivera

    It's pretty nice how she can sing with her perfect voice and the same time express her deep feelings! <3

  70. maja _kurkowska

    I Love u xx

  71. Andy Wu

    Your orignals are awesome!!!!!

  72. Bella Collins

    Jasmine you rock girl. :) Your music is inspiring!! Peace girl

  73. punky88

    Loved it Jasmine!!! Well done

  74. Fabiwalker

    This song is awesome. This kinda reminds me of Ed Sheeran.

  75. nygrrl99

    Hearts are strong until you realize a moment that moves you back. You captured that with this song. I adore this song. Your voice hit so many different notes here. Shine on Jas. 💕Much love - Lina 💕

  76. The Key of Ember

    you and Sabrina Carpenter are going to sound sooooo good together

  77. platinum.skies

    So underrated, I'm so happy I found her from Spotify.

  78. JustMe215

    this song fits my situation so well rite now

  79. I S A B E L L A

    Jasmine is giving me Ed Sheeran vibes rn and I love it

  80. Norrin Radd

    Beautiful 😍.. This song needs a video ASAP! ❤️❤️

  81. Ling Ling

    Love the music in the background
    can someone tell me if there is a video with only the music

  82. Ling Ling

    This Song is amazing

  83. Meta- Human


  84. Mo Twitch

    This should be remixed! It would bang… 💪

  85. Emad

    why isnt this 10 million views yet

  86. Jihoon Park

    This Song is very inspirational it describes about her. And i just LOVE her beutiful stunning voice

  87. Wita Silatama

    love you ^_^

  88. Giuseppe Corrao

    When you make the video

  89. Giuseppe Corrao

    Hi Jasmine are Giuseppe your big fan I love your songs you have a fantastic voice you are the best singer I've ever know to you

  90. Robert Kennedy

    wow, love this one

  91. Maribel Sanchez

    hermosa canción jasmine❤😍

  92. Petra grace

    this is 100 percent beautiful love your voice. how long have you had this you tube channel

  93. Alex Mercer

    beat is icredibly sample-able

  94. ines

    the whole EP is soooo beautiful!!

  95. Ela Me

    Omg i Love your Voice 😍