Jasmine Thompson - Let Myself Try Lyrics

I'm gonna find and I'm not coming back
And all the white lies that I don't understand
All of these walls, well, they're starting to fall

I'm gonna try and I'm not gonna stop
I'll give all I have and I'll take what I've got
And if all of my dreams fall apart at the seams

It's alright 'cause in time I'll be fine
I'm gonna let myself, let myself
Fall once or twice, I won't mind
I'm gonna let myself, let myself
Fail and discover 'cause one way or another
I'll be fine, it's alright in this life
I'm gonna let myself, let myself

If I'm gonna love maybe I'm gonna lose
If I'm gonna touch maybe I'm gonna bruise
'Cause all of these scars, they're all that we are

It's alright 'cause in time I'll be fine
I'm gonna let myself, let myself
Fall once or twice, I won't mind
I'm gonna let myself, let myself
Fail and discover 'cause one way or another
I'll be fine, it's alright in this life
I'm gonna let myself, let myself

Who says perfect can't be little things, little things
I look at you and I see simplicity in front of me
And that's everything

It's alright 'cause in time I'll be fine
I'm gonna let myself, let myself
Fall once or twice, I won't mind
I'm gonna let myself, let myself
Fail and discover 'cause one way or another
I'll be fine, it's alright in this life
I'm gonna let myself, let myself try

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    какой идеальный голос красивый

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    Oct. 2018

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    does anybody know what the chords are for this song?

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    who's watching this in 2018???

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    I feel it.

  12. zama Mellow

    Beautiful ,clever, young,good singer what don't you have Jasmine?

  13. Alejandro Covarrubias

    This guitar guy just have to use a pink cap to seem like Timmy Turner :) Do you think the same?

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    omg 😍😍😍

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    ❤️❤️ amazing voice!

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    you lips are touched my hearts @

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    Оригинал ютубе атлична работает все сетка

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    whose watching it in 2017?

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    😲 I was stunned and couldn't stop listening. Beautiful voice accompanied with a very talented guitarist. Both of you are awesome.

  21. Sofiya_kotik Sofiya

    ты классная))) желаю тебе 15000000000000000000 подписчиков и что б выучила русский язык))) #SashaSpilberg) ^_^ :) )))

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    Happy birthday love ur voice

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    you are mani beautiful😍

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    great voice

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    Your voice is so beautiful



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    lyrics please

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    you should sing in my vains by Andrew Belle

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    i like it

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    soooo underrated

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    Notice the background guys! she's got as many books as me :O

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    Do you have birthday on 11/8 me too <33

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    너무나도 고혹적인 매력의 목소리에 듣고, 듣고, 또 듣게 되네요

  34. Alejandro Molina

    Why she is soo beatiful, talented and smart? 😍😍

  35. Alexis Kaye Palaypay

    Hey Jasmine, I just have one question, would you prefer your hair down or up in a ponytail?

  36. estevan hernandez

    I would love to hear you cover Golden by Ruth B and Listen by Beyoncé.

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    *YTSgold ***** Selected Video* ♕♫♥✿
    Beautiful vocals, I love your voice, shared with love◠‿

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    What an amazing voice you have....it's like i'm in heaven right now

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    😌😊💘💞💕💗❤️i love you

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    so amazing i love your voice its enchanting

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    krásné narozeniny, jsi nejlepší :-)

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    "Its alright, cuz in time... i'll be fine. I'll be fine...."

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    just love this little girl

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    me too 😍

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    Love this song! Soooo great!!
    I wish anyone could give me a chance and listen to my cover.

  47. Diana 222

    I came to this channel because reaction time posted a video of the best girl you tubers that sing and I liked her voice 😜 go check them out

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    i love your voice

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    You have the most beautiful voice on this world!!!!!!😍😭😭😍 why gives anybody a thumbs down???😭

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    What a sweet voice, so beautiful!!...and awesome guitar comping by Mr. Matt LeBlanc !!

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    luv you jass 😍😍

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    so brighteness

  53. Theodoros Polatidis

    how old is she now?

  54. LivinglifeAsShelli

    Does anyone know what she uses to edit her videos and what mic ???

    Martin Marin

    Shelly Campbell a RODE one, not sure but I think its RODE N1TA.

  55. bindhyawatee rai

    Where can find the guitar tutorial for this song? Link please? anyone?

  56. Modern Barbie Family!

    Do human

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    so beautiful with a beautiful voice instant crush :D

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    It's Amazing Voice!!!!

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    Russia - +

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    Jasmine <3

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  63. Thomas VDL

    Do you think guys the covers are copyrighted ???

  64. Balkis

    the guitar at 0:44 sounds AWESOME if u play it at 2x speed!

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    your voice is very amazing I love your voice XD

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    Всем хааай!

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    Oh Jesus, I really love your voice...

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    amazing i wish i had the courage to go to s guitar class and show someone on youtube a song. but i never will.

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    GREAT song :) AWESOME voice :)

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    You have got to go on Britain's Got Talent . Really ! Blues On....

    JuJu Wolfe


  74. Dylan Grobbelaar

    This and all your music is so beautiful. Amazing voice too! You are really talented. Been a fan from the first time I heard you mid 2015! Always stay to true to you! Keep up the great work. Greetings from South Africa :)

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    ur soooo amazin♡

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    Hey jasmine, you're my favourite cover singer... happy birthday, this voice is very amzing!!!!!

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    You're beautiful outwardly and inwardly. Your inner beauty sines through your voice! Exquisite

  78. Jamie Faith

    Beautiful! <3

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    This song is so beautiful!
    I can't stop myself singing with you😊
    ...actually it's the same in all of your covers 😉

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    Wait... wasn't he playing for/with Jessie J during her "Who You Are" era?

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    I love every song that you have sang and covered.. it's worth to hear you

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    How is this Acoustic?

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    She looks like 20 , she sing like 20 , she's like 20... = She born with an Actimel in her hands, confirmed.


    +lichtabsorbieren d Oh sorry, I'm from Spain and I'm not good at English ^.^


    +lichtabsorbieren d Thank you :)!

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    Is it just me or if that guitar player got a slightly different haircut he would look like that guy from the show friends. (Joey Tribbiani character). Very nice rendition both of you.

  91. Stheavenz Dela Cruz

    omg jasmine your voice so perfect ! i really admire you so much and support you. you're my 2nd favorite singer/artist next to melanie martinez ! i hope you'll hit a big success in the future. supporting your cover's since years ago. you look gorgeous here. so perfect <3 love from philippines take care jas :)

  92. Whiskurr

    I keep wondering if your videos have copyright cause I really wanna use them they are so beautiful! Your Voice Is So Perfect!


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