JASIAH - So You Wanted Trap Metal Lyrics

You fuckin' wanted metal trap so fuck it
Yeah, ayy

You will die
If you can't match the tempo
Of the mosh pit, it's hell
Like fire, just rush
You will die
If you can't match the tempo
Of the mosh pit, just hell
Like fire, just rush, fuck

Run it
Fuckin' run it, bitch

Throw you in the mosh pit, wig split
Throw elbows 'til blood spit
Rage, just submit
Fake ass fuck, you counterfeit
Count ya blessings and get off my dick
Yo' bitch obsessive and she ain't gettin' shit
I can't fall for nothin'
Yo' shit got no substance
Can you survive?
Just make it out alive
No, do not try
This hurts so can't revive (Fuck)

Yeah, fuck
Fuck, ayy
Yeah, fuck it

You will die
If you can't match the tempo
Of the mosh pit, it's hell
Like fire, just rush
You will die
If you can't match the tempo
Of the mosh pit, just hell
Like fire, just rush (Fuck), fuck


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JASIAH So You Wanted Trap Metal Comments
  1. The Struggler


  2. Ig wolf_pack_129

    Metal trap song is demonic🔥

  3. hardline radical conservative

    industrial metal with trap would sound pretty badass

  4. XGI GhOsT

    Cameronazi, $ubjectz, ZillaKami, kamiyada, and Kxng are the Kings of trap metal.

  5. Donald Grieshaber

    Let's hear it😂

  6. Jeremiah Pheasant


    This song was sampled from this song and the lyrics even sound similar, they aren't the same but sound very similar

  7. cRYptic sAD

    Cxruptedmind lmao

  8. NukuNuku

    You better bet your daisy pickin ass i want trap metal

  9. Rawz

    This was uploaded on my birthday let’s go🔥

  10. Casey P

    Nother flash in the pan. More Rawr XD kinda crap

  11. Zotiyac zoltar

    Dosent sound like trap metal its gotta be louder than that.

  12. Malachi Howard

    you just gained another subscriber my dear boy

  13. Jason Weaver

    Why are all these trap metal songs mixed with anime weeb shit all the time? It's *consistent.*

  14. terosman

    Old song but this goes hard

  15. Collin gambill_1200163

    This is trap metal not hardcore

  16. Malachi Howard

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    Boy: no
    Girl: do you even like me?
    Boy: no
    Girl: would you cry if I walked away?
    Boy: no
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    Boy: your not pretty.. your beautiful
    Boy: I don't want to be with you forever... I need to be with you forever
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    *if you don't post this to 5 other videos... you will have bad luck in relationships for the next 10 years

  17. Gabriel Villela

    Heavy metal trap

  18. AyeItsAaron Gonzalez

    This bass hit harder than my dad hitting me with the belt

  19. deondre

    Im sorry this song go hard 🔥

  20. Joshm74

    Dude this song is so fucking good keep em coming

  21. Lorenzo Rodriguez

    Showed this to my wood

    And now it’s fire

  22. E. T.


  23. ask me

    Hell yeah

  24. Walter Bronson

    Still on my playlist.

  25. cancer


  26. ᴅʏɴᴀᴍɪᴛᴇ ᴍᴀɴ

    Throw me in dat moshpit

  27. NoCloutHere

    Finally the white kids let me hang with them

  28. 969 lxrd

    so fucking hard dude i wanted trap metal lol

  29. 8 wing

    69 thumbs down nice

  30. YellowVision

    70 people died because they couldn't match the tempo

  31. David Robert jr

    Dam bro thats pretty awesome

  32. Vyshon •

    I bet I’m the only nascar aloe fan here


    VroLeo •

    Yeah I guess you are



    Vyshon •

    BaconSauce please marry me

  33. countryman2021

    Jasiah is x but in a different form

    Trash Vibes Forever

    incorrect but good try on the humor sir.


    Trash Vibes Forever I know he’s not but I’m insinuating that he’s just like x

  34. WierdAzz Weeaboo

    TBH you could've used all kyuubi moments but I love the way the video goes!!👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  35. VictorKakashi234

    we need this in spotify

  36. Susano Kaz


  37. Bs Productions

    City morgue x jasiah that would be deadly

  38. Fuck Me Sempi?

    I love that his flow matches the sample song

  39. Sandworms From Saturn

    Knocked Loose - Deadringer

  40. Ezcul Sanerell

    Follow https://youtu.be/04_aujxI7dE

  41. Vyshon •

    Auto tune?

  42. Takuya Sekiguchi

    This the best naruto amv.

    Trash Vibes Forever

    aw thanks, its so old tho :/ videos are so much better now.

  43. Smile When you die

    Shit straight 🔥🔥🔥

  44. SKRT

    dope af

  45. GhostStar

    stolen beat

    riley is my mom

    From where??


    @riley is my mom deadringer - knocked loose

    riley is my mom

    @GhostStar ooh shiiit ur right

  46. JusThatNibba

    damnnnn this shit bump

  47. Frog Holding Machine Gun

    Bruh this shit lit 🔥🔥😤😤💯💯

  48. Jack

    This is fucking trash compared to deadringer but its still some of the best modern rap songs iv heard

  49. M80 V1LLAN

    Me: reads title, whispers "telapath"

  50. Wraith

    Who still here?

  51. Jex

    surprised i didn't recognize the knocked loose sample immediately

  52. Byron Serrano

    This made my car shake lol

  53. Zach Schneider

    Holy fucking shit

  54. Bacon Monster

    My favorite part is when it says you will die

  55. Jessica Hutchens

    Also I apologise for speaking out of place

  56. Jessica Hutchens

    Okay so just saying this I know the ones that need to beat defeated will you help me

  57. SpacelyScout 423

    If you from TN like this!!!!

  58. SpacelyScout 423

    Jasiah so 💪💪💪💪💪

  59. Louis Maestro

    Knock loose

  60. _adam_


  61. _adam_

    more of this

  62. comethazine 2.0

    Not a big metal fan, but this shit slap


    No whyyy

  64. Bill Cosby

    Jasiah the type of nigga to walk in a haunted house and scare the monsters

  65. SpacelyScout 423

    If you get time go check out this new video. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
    Make sure to like/comment.


  66. _3nzx_


  67. Glitch FUK

    This sounds like hard-core two step from I set my friends on fire LOLololol

  68. Late Night In Paris

    Hardest drops in rap pt. 12 Brought me here

  69. Christopher Newcomb

    Broly500! Sounds like X more on the low notes while Jasiah has these vocals on the high like X bring the 2 together you'll have X again but sadly only in voice

  70. Christopher Newcomb

    "You will die! If you can't match the tempo" right there all on its on was fire

  71. Spilky

    Johnny if you see this comment, you gay

  72. Assia ABC


  73. Derrell Roach

    THIS GOES TOOO HARD!!!!!🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿

  74. mick•wya

    i want zillakami, jasiah, $not, Scarlxrd, craig xen, and ski

  75. hyde


  76. soundoverdose

    Dude screams identical to the guy from Touche Amore. Good shit

    Post-Rock Society

    I can see the ressemblance

  77. Coffee

    This mans better go viral

    Trash Vibes Forever

    fingers crossed

  78. no name

    He should do a tour

  79. xXTrxshXx

    Y o u w i l l d i e !!!!!!!

  80. Tristian Castro

    This guy is insane

  81. Radiodrip らぢおdりっ

    This is a fff perfect

  82. patton patton


  83. Paiden Fee

    Knocked loose ✌🏻

  84. Tokyo Drip

    Do what we want and collaborate with scarlxrd already please

  85. Alex lmao

    This video is more animated than the show itself.

  86. Tommyvihh


  87. Militated

    When someone pisses you off in GTA ONLINE! *DIE*

  88. xAcid-reaper xx

    You blow up....ha..you blow tf up like i said you would see you around bro

  89. narutooo

    how do you do this edits? witch app do u use

    Trash Vibes Forever

    sony vegas pro


    thanks. maybe i will doing amv's. just for fun :3

  90. Josi Cole

    My neighbors hate me and this song but Idgaf. This gives me life.

  91. knight xI

    Zillakami vibes

  92. Scrap of Flesh


  93. Rico van den krommenacker

    So when is this going to be on Spotify lol

  94. RaZeoniK

    He sounds a bit like X

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    You going to remove his music now? Cause i saw the odd live stream title today(March 11 2019)