Jars Of Clay - Mirrors & Smoke Lyrics

I'm feeling older than my years
I'm feeling pain inside my chest
It's love that keeps me silent
It's my silence that you detest
Rivers flow into the oceans
And oceans never fill
I want to kiss your lips, but I know I never will

Love's a hard decision to risk impending choke
But love will keep you wishing
And my heart will keep me broke

I blew flowers, gave you candy to even out the guilt
I sent you greeting cards with messages that I could never write
Rivers flow into the oceans
And oceans never fill
I want to let you know me
But I know I never will

Love's a contradiction
Many mirrors and smoke
Love will keep you wishing
My heart will keep me broke

You will always want me
And I'll always want to leave
Even though I cut your wounds
You still deny they're real
Rivers flow into the ocean
Oceans never fill
I want to lay my life down
But I know you never will

Love's a strange condition
With all the doubts it can invoke
You love keeps me wishing
And my heart keeps me broke

Baby, don't you cry, 'cause I got it all figured out
You always make me sad
But that's what true love is all about
Rivers never fill the oceans
But oceans always feel
The waters reaching deep inside them
I guess they always will

Love's a constant mission to a world you never spoke
Love, it keeps you wishing
My heart, it keeps me broke...

Mirrors and Smoke

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Jars Of Clay Mirrors & Smoke Comments
  1. Mining Flame

    I love this song. Plus it tells my love life right now

  2. enrico0094

    Great song... but the lyrics on this video have got quite a few mistakes!

    "I blew flowers" = "I bring you flowers" etc.

  3. FutureFamous95

    Dude. This song reminds me of Johnny Cash. I love this song.

  4. Z2the4

    Aside from "Work" and "Deadman(carry me)" this was the only other good song off of the Good Monsters album

  5. missmiriam13

    This is one of my favorite songs by my favorite band. Thanks for posting!

  6. Dana Renee'

    I like Jars of Clay, but not this song. Love the lyrics, but can't stand the tune/music. I actually like the Leigh parts better.

  7. Isaac Campos

    Nice song, but I don't like the Leigh parts, not saying she's bad though.

  8. cavgurl07

    I love this song!
    God bless you! :)