Jarren Benton - Yuck Fou (Skit) Lyrics

[*door creaking*]

Mr. Benton, how we doing today?

[Jarren Benton:]
Shit I'm doing better than some and worse than others
How are you?

I'm doing fantastic. So what can I help you with?

[Jarren Benton:]
Well shit it sounds a little weird doc but, I'm having the most unusual awkward embarrassing problem with my finger bro

Okay? Well it looks here that the nurse wrote, middle finger patient. So is there something wrong with your middle finger?

[Jarren Benton:]
Yeah. My middle finger is stuck in this upward position and I can't put this motherfucker down

Oh dear. Okay, how the fuck did that happen ok let's take a closer look here. What it's really stuck up there isn't it?

[Jarren Benton:]
Yup and it's fucking embarrassing doc

Hmm, can you try to put it down for me?

[Jarren Benton:]
No, this motherfucker is stuck solid doc

Okay, let-let's try this one more time and this time I want you to really put some force into it. Can you do that for me?

[Jarren Benton:]
I can try bro

[*Jarren grunting*]


[Jarren Benton:]
Man this shit stuck

[Doctor & Jarren:]
Okay let me try to help you I'm just gonna grab your finger (woah hold on) I'm gonna put my hand on your shoulder

[*more grunting*]

Dammit! You know, you're sitting here flicking me off and I can't help but to feel like you're fucking with me. Is that what's going on?

[Jarren Benton:]
Nah nah. Ain't nobody fucking with you bro I ain't got god damn insurance I wouldn't even come in this motherfucker waste my time and money this shits stuck man

Okay, I'm just gonna have to ask you to leave now get the fuck out

[Jarren Benton:]
Leave nigga I'm-I'm-I'm here for-for the fucking problem you want me to leave, c-cause I'm back

No, I'm sorry sir you-you have to leave now get the fuck out

[Jarren Benton:]
We're being fucking irrational bro, my shits stuck. If you want a nigga to go I'll go but uhh, can you prescribe some god damn blue diamonds from the Viagra

No-no get out, go. Have a nice day, goodbye

[Jarren Benton:]
Fuck you nigga. Little fake ass Dr. Ozz

[*door closing*]

[*sighs*] Jesus, fuck that guy

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Jarren Benton Yuck Fou (Skit) Comments
  1. Cheyu Sui


  2. removed videoo lil pump

    anybody else realize he spelled fuck you wrong

  3. Goose

    One of the best skits ever made.

  4. Mathew Dearborn

    Fake as doctor oz. 🤣

  5. Saint Bvambino

    Jarren. U my dawg. Listen to my rap. I love your shit. Always have. U my dawg for real. Inspiration to everything I do.

  6. Fatality Beatz


  7. Ryan Matson

    toooo fucking funny. The doctor is definitely Kato hahahhahaa,

  8. 95gemini 420

    "is it cause im black?" haha

  9. OverstuffedSofa

    "My middle finger won't go down how can I wave"

    Ryan Matson

    -Em hahah


    & this is how I’m supposed to teach kids how to behave?

  10. D Sc

    Fuck that guy lol

  11. Deathking

    You da shit boy

  12. Jason M. Brown

    these guys a crazy af.... ha!

  13. Jimmyhendrix420

    They need to become actors

  14. Young Trauma

    This shit hilarious

  15. Keith Calhoun

    Yuck Fou Dr. Kato!!!
    Probably dont even got a PhD.

  16. Alien Boy

    Lol ima cop this album jist for this skit. Lmao

  17. Nico Mero

    Lookin like a fresh ass Michael Jackson in that outfit.

  18. Geo_AW

    Heat 🖕

  19. Horchata cuh

    Chill bill💀💀

  20. c&l game guys

    Wow kato became a doctor

  21. Elijah Rios

    Lmao definitely

  22. Elijah Rios

    That's Kato son

  23. AVTV94

    Gaaawd damn lets get into this project! *starts listening*

  24. Tell Me Something

    These niggas crazy

  25. Lucas Forand

    New album ????

  26. Dj XLT

    Doc sounds like Kato 😃


    Dj XLT it is lol

    Marshawn Lunch

    Dukesucks r/woosh

  27. Edward Stevenson

    This shit had me cracking tf up


    Oh shitttt

  29. Quinn Williams

    been waiting on this shit fucking fire dawg

  30. Suave The Performer

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  31. Saul Sanchez