Jarren Benton - The Shooter Lyrics

I don't fuck with you or your town
Voices in my head going wild
Push me to my edge and I die
Y'all gon' test me or not, y'all gon' test me or not

[Jarren Benton:]
Fuck 'em all, fuck 'em all
I hear them talking in the halls
They making fun of all my flaws
I feel so alone and lost
God I hate this fucking school, who made these fucking rules
Swear that this ain't cool, and all this fucking pressure what is there to prove
And I am so confused, and I am finna lose it
I might flip and OOHH!
Probably hurt someone
Plus the shit that I get from my mom back at home makes the perfect storm
Only thing to bring calm is the percs I'm on
Hide the way that I feel play the perfect son
When she sleep I take cash out her purse and run and go buy drugs everything just to blow up numb
Now it's back up to school with the jocks I don't get it
Pretentious bitches mind your business
I hear your whispers and your disses
They call me weird bitch I'm a misfit
The homie just passed away
And I can't do class today
I'd rather get smashed astray
From this place stuck in hell all these bastards fake
One more kid call me weird I'ma bash his face
All this pain, I might turn to a basket case
I don't fit in so our peers can hate
Where the fuck is the God I just ask for faith
These voices in my head, they force me to the edge
And I am not prepared to make it through the day
To many tears i've shed, these stresses got me scared
It's best if I was dead
My dad ask about my day, I lie and say it was great
He don't know all the shit I take, I just suppress then get high then I drift away
I lock myself in my room catch a wave of the tune, of my favorite rapper then I gaze at the moon
I dreamt tomorrow shifted, day was a doom
Pray I'm left alone and maybe shit'll be cool man
But fuck it, uh
I sit here sad for what
Sick of being here mad as fuck, I steal the gun from my dad then I pack it up
Off to school with the tool, I don't brag or bluff
Fuck around they don't know that the strap is tucked
This for all of the times that they laughed at us
I pull out the gun out the bag, think I've had enough
I tell 'em

I don't fuck with you or your town
Voices in my head going wild
Push me to my edge and I die
Y'all gon' test me or not, y'all gon' test me or not

Pull up on a kid one time and I drop ya like an 808
Pull up on a kid one time and I drop ya like an 808
Pull up on a kid one time and I drop ya like an 808
Pull up on a kid one time and I drop ya like an 808

I don't fuck with you or your town
Voices in my head going wild
Push me to my edge and I die
Y'all gon' test me or not, y'all gon' test me or not

Pull up on a kid one time and I drop ya like an 808
Pull up on a kid one time and I drop ya like an 808
Pull up on a kid one time and I drop ya like an 808
Pull up on a kid one time and I drop ya like an 808

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Jarren Benton The Shooter Comments
  1. Young Richard

    Love this song on god dope as message loll z💎🔥💯💯

  2. Rap god

    Thank you deep

  3. James Isaac

    You should make a music video of this song I would love it and how many other people might love it too I love this song

  4. DevilKey

    Why there's school shootings? Societal influences mold people, ignore them, and then wonder how they got that way. Guns are the problem? Na the behavior ppl champion or punish is the problem. How ppl leave kids who don't fit the mold, play a sport well, or aren't socially skilled to get beat up by the system is the problem. They don't want to accept their system is garbage and won't take accountability for their involvement in it because shiting on "losers" is fun enough to chance they might be a shooter one day.

  5. grant robison

    Yuck fou really needs more recognition

  6. GetfuzzyCX o

    how the fuck does this song only have 50k views??? people asleep.... jarren ererrrer erererere rrrererer benton <3

  7. Brandon Ohara

    Another fire track JB
    Jb the man

  8. Hank

    Still waiting for the music video

  9. Stuart Kevin van Blerk

    Fuck Jarren this shit hit me! But what should I have expected! Much respect from a long-time fan!

  10. humanitiestheproblem

    And every so often, when he decides to...he uses his powers for others.

  11. OBEYwalker

    God damn Jarren, you always got the serious song that hits like a ton of bricks. If you relate to this shit like me, think shit over, get some help. Shooting shit up is easy, but that isn't gonna help you or spread awareness. Fuck the haters but kill them with success, I believe in ya'll.

  12. Hank

    I wish I could not relate to this song back than :(

  13. OBEYwalker

    You always gotta hit hard with that one really serious song per album and I live it man. Versatile artist. To all the young people listening to this, high school is some bullshit it all gets better afterwards. Stay strong be you and the rewards will come.

    Shuur Monsters

    "it gets better afterwards"
    Not even fucking close to true in my case.

    I mean, uh, great platitude!


    @Shuur Monsters Well I'm sorry for your case. Having a shitty attitude about it though rarely makes thing better.

  14. Hank

    This needs to be a music video describes how bogus school is

  15. BiggLynch

    Amazing 🔥

  16. kasova belejka

    is swizzz alive?

  17. rosehilpsuedocide

    this gets me everytime

  18. Kevin Clark

    whatever we are, wtf kinda rap name is that? Love this song though


    thats his birth name. real

  19. Hank

    This needs to be a music video soon

  20. Asenku 11k

    this one's my fav(also note, the cd still dope, i personally just liked mink coat killa more)

  21. SamTheMan

    I just discovered Jarron and I am surprised hes not bigger than this. His music is fire.

  22. Kirby

    Wow, another good song. Not surprised. These main stream nerds should take notes

  23. Ryan Matson

    Best song on the album. Introspective/vulnerable/hurt Jarren is the best.
    JARREN BENTON -Silence
    I wish you would do more shit like that off Slow Motion 1

  24. Isaac Panfilo

    thank you jarren im tearing up right now hearing this for like the 300th time aha. im so glad theres artist like you i appreciate you bro. blessed💯

  25. Michael Andrews

    Lyrically I can and sure many can relate to this song obviously jarrens verses they are just on point and as always jarren still a beast keep it up bruv

  26. Hank

    I can relate back than 2018

  27. forgetfulfunctor1

    Anybody else find it hilarious that he made his shooter character a Hopsin fan? Lmfao jarren crazy


    Haha thats too funny


    Every lil white kids fav rapper is Hop.


    Every lil white kid is also a potential school shooter.


    @TheFakeJMoney inasmuch as u can say horrorcore in general. Like that dude that bumped brotha lynch hung before he killed a bunch of people


    Yo i saw the brotha lynch interview on vlad. Thats fuckin crazy.

  28. Og Hennylow

    Fuck been listening since freebasing with Kevin bacon and a goddamn legend awaits

  29. Fluent Debrese

    Or they prescribed meds

  30. Know Øne

    Started listening on Freebasing with Kevin Bacon....I like the change of perspective from album to album. I don't rate shit on that to 3/5/10 scale cause you like different shit at different points in your day and ultimately your life. All I got to say is this and I hope you read this shit...don't fall off. Don't fall in with the actors, Don't betray your fans by turning your back on everything that made your fans appreciate your music. Don't forget what it's like to struggle....financially/depression/relationship wise. Don't get comfortable. Don't keep your head down either. All bullshit aside, you relatable as hell to me. From Freebasing, till now. Your music has helped me through some crazy shit man. Thanks for doing it.

  31. Meexi

    I wish GUNNA was on this song.

  32. Ridicule Ridic

    Get yo shit together dont be bipolar... just use the double edged sword.

  33. Tom Carter

    Music video for this song please? Love this song <3

  34. Jacob Peters

    Jarren you aren't going to see this. But I have been a fan since 2012. I dont smoke any more but if I ever meet you we getting lit!


    he sees everything

    Jacob Peters

    @rosehilpsuedocide lmao!!!

  35. Man Mason

    Oh thank God, a good song. Dude I actual feel bummed out listening to that dumb new style you on..


    dont listen to it then

  36. Plain Savage

    U low key fell off only liked chewbacca

    Kazuma K.

    Plain Savage better album then slow motion v2


    clean your ears out. this real lyricism is not for everyone.

    Jeremy Hensley

    Dude are you fucking deaf?

  37. Kaixzen

    thank you Jarren you do make a difference youre keeping me going when i have nothing left i love you we all love you you arent alone

  38. Michael Soto

    Damn the og bully, brass knuckle benton shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. Not Kevin Durant

    I’m in love with this song I’ll play it when the day comes

  40. Isaac Lucero

    Flow sounds like XXXTentacion but it's Jarren Mother Fcking Benton!!!!! bangs hard asf🔥🔥

  41. Drumicide

    This is produced by Kato and Nick Mira

  42. Zackary Alder

    Banger! This beat is hard

  43. Raziel Rodriguez

    Best song on the album! Fuckin love this song. Keep your heads up misfits don't let anybody bring you down. The world has a funny way of torturing us to make us stronger. Also I love the feat. Want to hear more from them or him

  44. kid gramps

    That's heat, not feel'n the auto tune....but above all, the song is great despite it being there.


    you'll get used to it

  45. Penny Man


  46. Anthony Keuten

    This is too dope man. The whole album is absolutely amazing

  47. Deirdre Mullan

    Story of my life 🙌😥🔥

  48. Kick Mearney

    Autotune sounds similar too hopsins album.. just a lil

  49. Derrick Yates

    Shits on repeat

  50. Orrlando Azteca

    this needs a sick ass videoooooo!!!

  51. Елена Вагнер

    Супер!!!! Жду клип!!!

  52. Ricky Raffaut

    Best track fuckin love it! Brass knuckle benton and kato 🔥🔥🔥

  53. Stuart Langdon

    I've seen this guy live about three years ago and he absolutely killed it, absolutely amazing artist and mental live show, good too see he's still creating killer tracks/albums with kato!!


    Stuart Langdon yeah I think that shit is timeless, yet I feel he has evolved and it's so dope.


    I still gotta see him live

  54. Kris Hindmarsh

    This album some of his best work for sure damn

  55. Tempas Edax Rerum

    I'll be bumping this when I head to school. (Lemme just add an edit here, I ain't dead ass, I finished HS boi.)

    Travis Ghiloni jr

    Lucky I got 2 more years

  56. Jason M. Brown

    real shit......

  57. PsyOnRebug


  58. Kyle Perry

    And fuck what they saying bout the auto tune part if you feeling you it you feeling fuck what these pussys think they wouldn't step to brass knuckle Benton lol

  59. Tell Me Something

    I love the album

  60. Isaac Panfilo

    i feel like when i heard mental issues, just the shit im going through i guess this helps 👌


    Everyone got their battles, some a lot harder than most. Keep your head up, keep winning, and be the best you possible.

  61. Vincent Mocuta

    jarren underrated

  62. Dylan Paauw


  63. Brendan Ferrell

    I feel like the people who say the Autotune on the hook needs to go is missing the point of having the Autotune there...


    There retards that don't know how music works


    Whats the reason??


    @Mefewe the hook is fire with the autotune

    Brandon Ohara

    I agree the auto-tune sounds pretty good with the hook as long as rappers don't make it a lifestyle and live off of it

  64. Keith Calhoun

    Deep shit, see not everyone just wants "Skitzo Jarren" i honestly have been listening to you since that song and you never disappointed in these last couple years. Respect.

  65. Warrick James

    best track on the album

  66. Anthony Velasco

    School shooter mindsets all around here or what? 😂
    Lmaoo regardless this beat schmack, good shit Jarren

  67. Lorenzo Billy Begay

    😎 Jarren 1 of the illest & realist ✌

  68. zeroblackdeath 13

    I was bullied in middle school so much. What help me was my family, games, and God. He put thoughts in my head that said dont do it, do you want your mom to cry every night. That's how I made it. For those thinking of suicide or doing a school shooting theres help out there.

  69. Joshua Brassard

    First off that hook was hot garbage, secondly fuck Jarren Benton and anybody else who's like schools get shot up because you're all bullies. Like maybe for a second consider the possibility the kid who shot up the school was not the wronged party but actually in the wrong. Fucking crazy thought right?

  70. C- ZA.C

    Love this song

  71. Kyle Perry

    good shit jarren at some one ain't afraid to talk about this shit


    I relate to so much

  73. Ndabal Raph


  74. oracle86_ _

    Jarren always brings the heat 🔥🔥🔊🔊🔥🔥

  75. 24/7 Reppin' 4 da Brain

    Woulda been waay better w out tha auto tune shyt

    Henry Rivet

    24/7 Reppin' 4 da Brain nigga that’s what made it

  76. Brandon Baker

    One of the most under-rated. Y'all sleepin on the real ones. And Get Flint some damn water fr! Jarren Benton is the one that Brought the issue to my attention almost 5 YEARA AGO! It ia the most disgusting issue I habe ever seen and I'm almost embarrased to say I'm an American when talking to foreign people. 😩

  77. Matt Hughes

    Bruh. Fuck that energy.

  78. AVTV94


  79. Billy Brown

    Fuck yeah school shootings

  80. James Conry

    Jarren kills the verse as usual, not really feeling the auto tune personally

    awesome media

    Remy Iced-Out who tf it is it needs to cut off that part.

    J C

    @ Remy Iced-Out Yeah I know. I just think it'd be better if it was done with auto-tune used at all.

    Raziel Rodriguez

    I love the autotune part


    I was that at first. Listen to it again and again and another time


    get used to it

  81. DaBlazinKid

    Without a doubt the best song on the album!

    IlllI IlIll

    DaBlazinKid this & out of the mud

    Nickolas Young

    *just like you

  82. Tyler Pruitt


  83. Nico Mero

    Damn I'll be bumping this in the morning